This packaging design knows the heart of every cheese (lover!)

Okay, I am going to cut straight to the chase…or shall I say let’s cut to the cheese? I apologize in advance for puns, I hope they stink less than blue cheese! This old Amsterdam cheese cover brie-longs with your cheese because it understands the matters of the heart. No, it literally does – this cover is built in a way that it showcases the heart of your cheese and also protects it. The conceptual cheese cover is appropriately named ‘El Corazon’ which translates into ‘the heart’.

The center of the old Amsterdam cheese is usually served as tapas or aperitif (small savory dishes that complement beverages) and therefore deserves to be displayed like the showstopper of the snack bar that it is. The case also prolongs the cheese’s life in the refrigerator while turning into a functional showcase when needed. The goal of designing this cheese cover was to keep it simple yet effective while preserving the contents and also showing them off. The concept was tested with a prototype made using SolidWorks, CAD, and 3D printing, ensuring that your cheese always feels gouda about itself!

Designers: Mike Broekman, Erik Veenstra and Smaac Agency.

One for Cheese Lovers


Cheese is notoriously picky when it comes to being stored, under the wrong conditions it will begin to alter its texture, dry out and deteriorate, or it can even become the home to harmful bacteria. While storing it in a cool environment, such as a fridge is advised, when placed in such a thing, it can be lost and forgotten about. Cupola is here to assist in both the storage and service of cheese, and it does so in a neat way!

Cupola takes the cheese out of the fridge and onto the countertop, where it provides a cool, temperature regulated environment for the cheese to be stored. A small door with a quirky, asymmetrical handle can be found on top of the device, which is ideal for quick access to the cheese! Or alternatively the entire dome can be removed for sharing with a group!

Designer: Taekwon Yeon