Spiderman-inspired wearable sanitizer that gives you the great power to remain safe

Take it from your friendly neighborhood heroes (your healthcare workers) that sanitizing your hands and wearing a mask is crucial when you step out. Masks were a fashion accessory even before the pandemic, so everyone adopted wearing it a lot faster than the habit of sanitizing. Most of the time we forget we touched something in shared public places and our hand goes straight to our face – yikes! To make sanitizing easier, especially when we are outdoors, a designer has created this conceptual Spiderman-inspired wearable sanitizer that lets you be a discreet hero without a bodysuit.

The designer wanted to solve the behavioral perception and usage when it came to traditional sanitizer bottles. He wanted to create something that was innovative, ergonomic, easy to carry, and made it hassle-free to sanitize frequently when you go outside. I, for one, do get lazy if I have to constantly remove the bottle from my backpack when I am carrying groceries in my hand and a wearable sanitizer would truly be a blessing. The smartwatch-shaped personal gadget has a refillable container for the sanitizer liquid and will dispense it with a simple press. We can’t wait to see this concept sketched out with more details.

Its shape is simple and unobtrusive if you have to wear it daily. You can mount it on a wristband or even attach to your watch/fitness trackers – the power is literally in your hands, and you already know that with great power comes great responsibility.

Designer: Jithin Jyoth TV

Toast the bacteria off of your smartphones!

We all collectively want to roast this pandemic out of existence, it has truly turned us all into Monica Geller with the constant disinfecting and cleaning things. Our phones are actually dirtier than toilet seats and we obviously use it all the time, so considering the rise of the bacteria we should make sure to also sanitize our phones along with our groceries (what a time to be alive). Combining two of Monica Geller’s favorite things, cooking + cleaning, this neat toaster actually is a smart appliance that disinfects your phone.

This conceptual toaster was designed to make disinfecting your phones a little easier and, honestly, more fun! Instead of the usual wipe down, this turns the task into a small interaction with the product that leaves you with a nice feeling instead of “I have to wipe my phone 25 times a day because there is a pandemic”. It aims to make the interaction between products and people more playful. The toaster also charges your phone while disinfecting it which is a nice way to reduce your screen time, I mean your phone is being “toasted” so you can’t take it out till it’s done! While the concept is still being developed, I assume it uses UV light to disinfect and sanitize the phone while wirelessly charging it.

The physical form is that of a minimal, modern toaster – something we recognize and value. While we are on that topic, we could also have a panini press or grill that does the same job for tablets and laptops! It reminds me of how the fresh plates at a restaurant are always warm and that leaves you with a sense of them being clean. That is the very emotion I gather when I imagine using this smartphone toaster to disinfect and charge my phone. Food and technology are evidently my two favorite things and if they are disinfecting, then its a win-win in this crazy world!

Designer: Lee Sungwook

This ergonomic bottle mixes 5 cleaning liquids to create a custom cleanser for every surface!

If you were to open your cleaning closet, how many bottles would you find? Detergents? Bleach? Softener? Lysol? Not only does it clutter the space but it is also inefficient – have you ever had a Tide bottle fall on you while reaching out to get the soap? I can confirm its not pretty. Also, not everyone or every brand provides refills so all you are doing is going through an endless consumption cycle that is generating more waste. Clean surfaces but not a clean planet. Rena is a conceptual bottle designed to specifically solve the above issue – one bottle fits all!

Rena’s aim was to create an innovative bottle that could be a bank for all the cleaning liquids we needed. It has a reservoir tank and replaceable cartridge that holds concentrated chemicals that are mixed and diluted in specific ratios to clean different surfaces or dispense for laundry. It takes the guesswork out so that your surfaces and clothes are protected from your chemical calculations (let’s be real, ‘one cap’ is not a measurement). The bottle has an ergonomic design and using it is simple – insert the cartridge, fill in the water, select the surface you intend to clean on your Rena mobile app, and via Bluetooth the bottle will collect that data configure a detergent mix based on it. Then all you do is press the trigger and the bottle will dispense the concoction. I can only imagine Monica Geller screaming if she saw this.

Cartridges are created to be refillable to reduce landfill waste and can be customized by the brand. The chemicals are pressurized which makes it easy to move it into the mixing chamber without a pump. The safety mechanism makes sure the chemicals are not dispensed if the cartridge is not inserted in Rena. It also features a DC pump instead of the traditional pump and a 750 ml water tank. And lastly, it is rechargeable so no need to scrimmage through your junk drawers to find spare batteries. The universal detergent bottle makes cleaning more efficient, safe, and easier on the environment. Long road ahead but designs like Rena gives us a good headstart!

Designer: James Lord

This 4-in-1 smart home appliance is the only butler you need

Quarantine has really shown me that I could never be a butler should I ever plan to switch careers, in fact, I could use a butler to manage all the chores as I work from home. This is the part where I fall in love with Mr. Alfred – no, not Batman’s butler but a smart home appliance that serves as a humidifier, dehumidifier, air purifier, and vacuum. I think this confirms that all men are truly not the same!

Mr. Alfred is a conceptual smart air-management system that looks like an elegant bar cart – the gold rails add a retro finish while the muted grey body gives it rich yet subtle aesthetic. Instead of having four home appliances, you can just have one that does it all while saving space and upgrading your interior game. Mr. Alfred is designed to provide solutions for healthy air in your space by sensing the quality. It is precise and targeted at keeping your space clean. The sleek appliance is made of six important parts – the main body which is responsible to store and charge the detachable parts, a drone that monitors the space, a robot vacuum, an air purifier, humidifier, and dehumidifier. Fun fact: the three air-management parts rest on the robot vacuum that makes them portable.

The rails of the main body help with putting the air-purifier, humidifier, and dehumidifier on the robot vacuum when being used. After the job is done, all parts return to the main body to be stored and recharged. Mr. Alfred also includes a cleaning tool kit with brushes and sprays. The physical form of a trolley was used to match the image of a butler. The wheels make it easy to move around the house and the minimal style lets it become a beautiful furniture piece when not in use. Mr. Alfred has been an iconic butler forever and now it lives in the form of this smart concept design…now only if it also had a feature to shine a symbol in the sky.

Designer: Dawn BYSJ, S-W K, Ki-Beom Hwang, Dong-Jun and Citrine H

This modern minimal CD Player will make your CD collection the next big thing!

I think CDs are the new vinyl records just like playlists are the new mixtapes. While vinyl records will always be classic, the millennials will have a more nostalgic connection with CDs. I still have my collection and even though it wasn’t too far back in time, having walkmans or CD players in your laptops seems like something from a different lifetime. I don’t want to throw away my collection, it means a lot to me, so I am going to look for CD player like this conceptual CDend instead and tell future generations how you had to simply choose from 12 tracks.

CDend is a CD player that also serves as a modern bookend…or a CD end (make the connection?). Most of us have the habit of starting the day with our favorite morning playlist, well, this gives you just a little bit more – its the difference between brewing your cup of coffee with fresh beans vs pressing a button on a Keurig. The flat CD player is attached to a JBL tube-like speaker which can be charged with a UDB cord. The control buttons are on top of the CD slot and the CD slides in and out from the side opening. The form of the device is modern and minimal, it fits into any setting of your home and elevates the corner it is put in. It’s sleek and to be honest, it doesn’t look like a CD player at all which means it won’t stick out visually in your space.

We probably won’t throw out our CD collections because of the emotional value, but something like CDend could revive the CD culture and blow it up again! CDs bring back so many memories and a device like CDend will be our personal time capsule.

Designer: 250 Design

This conceptual rollable tv solves the one issue with other rollable TVs

Rollable TVs are not new, they definitely make our walls look cleaner but you know what they still continue to do like their traditional predecessors? Occupy shelf space. I have lived in New York and let me tell you – if anything requires you to buy more furniture to support it, it’s not going to work because we don’t have space. What I could have really used during my time in the Big Apple would have been this small innovative solution, the conceptual Rollean TV that is built into a shelf BOOM! Rollable TV? Shelf? This shape-shifting appliance plays a double “roll”.

Unlike the retail industry scam of ‘built-in shelf’ bras, the Rollean TV has been truly designed on the idealogy of a built-in-shelf. This is genius for a couple of reasons, the first being you don’t have to spend more money on getting furniture to support your TV and second being the TV is actually able to support your things which would otherwise be strewn all over the place (like car keys, house keys, the keys to your future). This rollable TV concept blends with your interiors, it is minimal and sleek, unlike the usual TV stands. You simply roll out the screen when you watch to binge Netflix and slide it back to turn it into a table – ninja skills!

You can lean it against a wall and roll the screen down or if you have existing furniture but don’t like the bulkiness of your TV, simply rest it on the shelf and pull the screen up, no bending required. When not being used, only a part of the TV remains exposed and shows the time which means its not just a table, it is a smart table that will fit within any interior setting. Its unobtrusive, modern, and space-saving, almost like it was made for urban dwellers who are craving for a flexible lifestyle and space (pun intended!).

Designer: Joonhyuk Hong

This modern Korean rice cooker’s touch control panel is also a clock

Comfort food is essential right now and carbs top that list for me! Rice is a pantry staple and one of the quickest things you can cook. And the best part is that rice goes with everything – it truly does. Rice cookers are the silent heroes of our kitchen and this conceptual Cuchen rice cooker is giving the clunky appliance a modern makeover.

This futuristic rice cooker won’t need to be hidden away in a cabinet – it is minimal, sleek, and designed to fit your smart home. It has a concaved round shape that rests on a metal base with a touch-enabled user interface on the side. The control panel is in a slightly depressed circular mold that separates it from the rest of the device – this was intentionally created so that when the rice cooker is off, the panel blends in seamlessly, and when it is turned on it is clearly defined for the user. The soothing visuals of the rice cooker are further elevated by a dimly glowing clock that appears in the place of the control panel.

It was envisioned to fit in any interior style and give you another reason to cook rice. I imagine the concept design to also include features like voice control or syncing with your phone so that you don’t have to physically be present other than when you’re ready to eat. Rice cookers aren’t usually looked at smart or modern devices, but Cuchen makes you want to show yours off! And if its dishwasher safe, we have a winner.

Designer: Joonhyuk Hong

This Star Wars G-Shock concept watch has come just in time for May 4th!

Brace yourselves, coming May 4th jokes are. Alright, I promise I’ll keep it minimal because it is ‘time’ to talk about this conceptual Star Wars edition G-Shock. Brazilian designer Vinicius Gasparete has given all us fans the collectible watch of our dreams, or maybe this is what lightsabers look like in 2020? Let’s be real, no one can keep a track of time in quarantine so a watch is truly mightier than a saber right now.

Gasparete designed this incredible G-Shock as a part of a challenge in the course he was taking at the Vida de Motion School. The concept is well-aligned with the global brand known for its sporty, masculine aesthetic built on its ethos of ‘absolute toughness’. But it pays equal homage to the details and elements of the Star Wars universe. This G-Shock balances both sides with a mastery that makes you believe that it is powered by the force (and maybe it is?).

The red and black combination is both subtle and bold. It is a must-have for every Jedi so they can know what time the Force is about to awaken. G-Shock, you’ve been looking in Alderaan (read: all the wrong) places for inspiration – this is the next watch you should create!

Designer: Vinicius Gasparete

Face Mask designed for a surreal future where wearing PPE is humanity’s new norm

Whether we like it or not, masks are the new normal at least for the foreseeable future. It is now a universal guideline that everyone has to wear a mask when they step out. Designers, architects, fashion brands all over the world are using their software, laser cutters and 3D printers to make mask production faster (mass-k production, get it?) to fight shortages. New York-based designer Joe Doucet envisions the face shield creatively and takes it from being a symbol of our toughest days to a seamless part of our everyday fashion. When asked what influenced him to create the conceptual face shield, it was this question – how do we encourage the mass adoption of an unwanted necessity?

Due to the longterm effects of COVID-19 on our lives, the way we dress and interact will evolve. Till a vaccine is available globally, we will be governed by the laws of social distancing, and wearing PPE is crucial for our safety and of those around us. Studies show that visors & face shields are more effective than surgical masks but happen to be uncomfortable and obtrusive-looking. The ability to adapt and evolve are also the pillars of good design, so Doucet has designed a face shield that people will actually want to wear instead of feeling awkward or conscious about it. Just like everyone, Doucet is also in quarantine and has been learning new 3D design tools, he says “I modeled these in Fusion 360 and rendered in Blender, no photoshoots happening these days.”

The conceptual PPE features a curved form that is see-through and integrates the darker lens of sunglasses. The arms of the visor-sunglass are more comfortable than traditional masks. It covers your eyes as well which is important and not something we get out of the usual face masks. Doucet reimagines the existing face shield to be more minimal and visually appealing so that the product can be accepted into our lives faster. He wanted to make the face shield look more friendly and less alien-looking so that it encourages us to adapt and evolve with how our world is changing while being safe. “It is hoped that improving the basic face shield design will encourage far greater uptake of its usage and help everyone adjust to the “new normal” that awaits us,” says Doucet.

Designer: Joe Doucet

This futuristic Volkswagen DJ-inspired car’s roof lets music lovers display their beats

We love concept designs here, in fact, Yanko Design started out with a passion for concepts! And concept cars always catch my attention because they give you a glimpse of the kind of future we always see in movies. Or even the Jetsons which was a futuristic cartoon (does anyone remember?) that showed compact flying cars and that’s what I first thought of when I saw IRIS, a conceptual Volkswagen electric car. It may not fly but it instantly tells you that it was made for a sustainable future.

The interesting thing about IRIS is that designer Arturo Tedeschi used tools like DJs do with instruments and samplers. “IRIS is the output of a cross over between algorithmic design, virtual reality, and videogames,” says Tedeschi. I can see the DJ aesthetic with the neon lights and it works – crank up the volume and you’ve got yourself a show on the road. The project beautifully merges unlimited potentials of algorithmic modeling to create freeform shapes rendered in real-time with realistic materials featuring the famous game-engine. “The light gradient is created by moving the hand controllers like a magic wand and the wheel rims are generated trough a vortex animation of fluid material,” says the team while explaining their design and development process.

This two-seater has been envisioned to be an electric car with a futuristic aesthetic that balances smooth curves and angular elements. You can truly see the designers’ process while they tried to put their thoughts on paper through hand-drawn sketches, reality control (MindeskVR), algorithmic modeling, and finally rendering – the team is not shy to show it all and inspire more designers to take things up a notch! IRIS was modeled to fit the Volkswagen range and the team had the honor of digitally presenting it to Volkswagen at the ‘Future Technology for Car Design’ event held this month.

Designers: Arturo Tedeschi and Maurizio Degni

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