Automotive-inspired product designs that are a must have for every car lover!

Automotive Designs are iconic for a reason. Starting with the Jaguar E-type, the most beautiful car ever made, the Elton John approved Lamborghini Mura, the Volkswagen Beetle – lovingly named the bug, the Porsche 911 – probably the most recognized sports car in the world to the latest trendsetting Tesla Cybertruck, every automotive aficionado will be able to tell each of these cars from their silhouette itself. We know it’s almost impossible for all of us to own these cars but why should that keep us away from expressing our love for them? Every product in this collection pays homage to an iconic automotive brand, allowing you to uphold your favorite while having it double up as functional pieces of product design in your space. In the words of Lighting McQueen, its Ka-Chow time!

The Tesla G (that’s what designer Prokop Strnka calls it) concept is basically an outdoor lawn-trimming Roomba. It runs autonomously, driving in lines around your garden, trimming the grass but avoiding your prize rose shrubbery or your microgreens nursery. The lawnmower relies on a version of Tesla’s autopilot algorithm to actively scan and sense its environments as it drives through tall grass. Sensors on the mower can help detect the difference between grass and plants, and can actively map out your lawn so the mower doesn’t end up crossing over the cobblestone onto the road, or your neighbor’s property. The mower runs on solar power, but when it’s low on juice and it’s relatively dark out, it scoots over to its wireless-charging hub to quickly juice up its battery.

The VW Fridge (an actual fridge!) comes as a collaboration between European appliance giant Gorenje and none other than Volkswagen whom we know too well. The fridge (a part of Gorenje’s Retro Edition) outwardly is a perfect homage to the surfer/hippie era with its front facade instantly reminding us of the VW Bulli or the Microbus that took the world by storm in the 50-60s. Using the delicious color palette that VW relied on, the fridge comes even with the chrome trims, the unmistakable VW logo, and a silhouette that does a brilliant job of juxtaposing a winning aesthetic from automotive history onto a kitchen appliance.

For an automotive enthusiast, anything even remotely car-related deserves a place in their home, and this table certainly earns its right to become the centerpiece! Based around an original 20-inch forged aluminum rim from the pinnacle of the automotive world, Ferrari, the Velocita table by Alan Liu of Mobellio stylishly captures the speed and drama of the iconic brand. A thin sheet of advanced tempered glass, that allows the wheel to be viewed from all angles, rests upon the beautiful and elegantly shaped wooden frame, where its elongated form artistically portrays the speed and power that the Italian supercars are renowned for. To balance out this wonderfully crafted piece of furniture, a brake disc sits on an additional platform, which adds to the visual interest of the product!

A speaker for all the Porsche aficionados is here! Porsche Design created the 911 speaker that not only looks like the original exhaust pipes of the iconic Porsche 911 GT3 but is made from them! The high-performance sports car has been an ultimate crowd-pleaser since 1963. Its rear-mounted flat-six engine and titanium central tailpipes are the car’s most celebrated features. So, of course, Porsche Design utilized the pipes to make the super sleek 911 speaker, with an aluminum housing to support them.

The Espresso Veloce Royale 01 by Super Veloce literally makes the richest cup of coffee ever. Where else would you find a V12 engine being used to brew espresso? Or rather, a V12 engine crafted from real 18-carat white gold, diamonds, thermoset gold leaf carbon fiber, and two stunning royal purple amethyst gems. Clearly made for refined tastes (and refined wallets too), the limited edition coffee maker is the latest in Super Veloce’s outrageous engine inspired coffee maker arsenal, and to be honest, it outdoes the rest.

The Porsche 911 Writing Desk by 3 GJB 17 gives you one more reason and opportunity to correct those commoners who pronounce it “Porsh” by telling them it is, in fact, “Por-shuh”… Made from original Porsche 911 body parts, coated in Arctic Silver automotive paint, and finished with Custom Made American Walnut attachments that complement the car’s contours beautifully, the 911 Writing Desk takes the iconic car’s rear end, converting its boot hood into a writing surface that doubles up as a cabinet for storing your stationery (using a spring-loaded hinge that lifts the boot lid up)

Most look at the 1964 Porsche 911 and go “Wow, what a classic”… Designer Minseop Woo looked at the 911 and got inspired to design furniture! The Stool 911 captures the most iconic hood detail of the vintage Porsche, with the way the stool’s front legs arch upwards, mimicking the headlamps of the 911 coupe. When compared in side-view, the details look virtually identical, however, one is a classic automobile, and the other is a seating device! The Stool 911 doesn’t fail to impress as a chair either. It features an easy to carry design that’s also stackable, making it a winner chair, as well as an ode to a legendary car!

Created as a concept by designer Yonghwan Kim, the Audi Hear is a set of truly wireless earbuds designed for the car aficionado. They come in a super compact design that sit neatly within the ear, displaying the Audi branding to passers-by. What’s more, is that they even come with a rather dashing looking charging dock that takes direct inspiration from a car’s form. Wouldn’t it be pretty amazing if you could use these to authenticate your car, using voice commands to get it to start, stop, or seamlessly shift into self-driving mode??

The Barista Beetle is a Volkswagen inspired coffee machine designed by Jarim Koo. Klaus Bischoff – Volkswagen’s Head of Design – describes the brand’s design philosophy in 3 words: “Simple, sophisticated, and different.” Koo has undoubtedly adopted this philosophy across the Barista Beetle. Koo has embodied the brand’s unique image and identity here that is synonymous with the VW Beetle. Smartly detailed, the Barista Beetle has subtle design choices like; the embodiment of the lid and the body, connected without a break in curvature or the chrome bezels on the dials which add a timeless element to this carefully thought out the semantic fusion between motor and machine.

The 901 Collection watch by Etienne Melaerts carries 52 years of Porsche’s iconic automotive legacy within its metal construction. Made from salvaged parts of the Porsche 911 series, and featuring many subtle references to the car’s iconic design, the 901 Collection pays a fitting tribute to Porsche’s timeless vehicles by breathing new life into it. Not only does it reduce waste by recycling material, but it also ensures that a legendary classic isn’t put to rest in a junkyard… keeping Porsche’s spirit running for essentially another lifetime. The design of the watch balances itself between capturing the vintage/undying spirit of the Porsche automobile, but also at the same time being a beautiful state of the art watch. Each watch dial is unique, showcasing the grain pattern of the refurbished metal taken from the car. Each and every detail tips a hat to Porsche’s design language, be it from the dashboard to the rims, to the seat trim detail, to even the Porsche font that features on the numbers on the dial.

Waterproof as well as dustproof, the Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker by Yubin Choi and Ilhyun Kwon is guaranteed to stand sturdy and stout in any situation. Shaped like the front end of a Jeep, it possesses an imposing and rugged appearance. Boasting an aluminum frame, the speaker is surrounded by a hardy bumper, which provides full protection to the product against major elements including dust, sand, and splashes. Two round headlamps, imitating the headlights of the Jeep, hold integrated LED lights that can light up even the darkest of paths, ensuring that the users can venture into the outdoors comfortably. The clips at the top of the product allow it to be easily placed or latched onto any clothing item, backpack, or tent. Much like the Jeep wherein it’s individual parts like the doors and the sunroof can be easily removed, parts of the speaker can be replaced if they undergo any damage or scratches.

The Aviatore Veloce is a quarter-scaled recreation of a jet engine… that also makes espresso! Slide open the top, place your coffee grounds and water in their respective areas and power the machine and the Aviatore Veloce uses its high-pressure brewing system to prepare single servings of espresso (or even tea if you swap the coffee grounds for tea leaves). The Aviatore Veloce is even made from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and aluminum bronze to give it its authentic feel. Limited to just 100 pieces, I imagine the Avaitore Veloce is perfect for boardrooms at Boeing and Airbus… for someone who really needs a jet-engine coffee maker to ‘turbocharge’ their morning!

This compact cutlery set fits right into your wallet’s card-holder!

Here’s a thought I had recently regarding the way this virus is reshaping our behavior. The way we interact with people and objects will probably change, long after there’s a vaccine. People won’t want to shake your hand if you so much as clear your throat. There’s going to be a pretty visible effort to not hold onto handles on buses and subways unless you’re wearing gloves. This may probably extend to cutlery too, where people may eventually just choose to carry their own cutlery around with them, rather than opting for disposable cutlery, or for cutlery that’s been used by other people.

It looks like that thought didn’t cross just my mind, because the guys at Cold4ged Creations are actually looking to enter the production cycle for their compact cutlery – Forkanife. The Forkanife is a card-sized cutlery set that fits right into your wallet. The set comes with a recycled-plastic case that holds the two foldable instruments inside. Once you’re ready to eat, just pop the instruments out of their case and fold them outwards and you have yourself a rigid fork that’s good for everything from stiff steaks to mushy potatoes, and a serrated knife that can cut through veggies and meats with relative ease.

The Forkanife was created initially as a response to the fact that 6 million tonnes of plastic cutlery get dumped in the oceans each year. The foldable, portable kit was created to support the growing Bring Your Own Cutlery movement, but the virus and its ability to linger on objects may just end up pushing people to adopt practices that aren’t just safer for the oceans, but are safer for themselves too. At just 3.3mm thin, the Forkanife doesn’t just fit into wallets, it fits right into card-holders too, occupying the space of no more than two credit cards. The stainless-steel construction of the fork and knife make it exceptionally easy to clean, and the fact that the entire unit weighs just 53 grams makes carrying the Forkanife around with you beyond convenient… especially given that the Forkanife even comes with an optional RFID-blocking metal-case to carry it around with your cards!

Designer: Col4ged Creations

Unleash the force with products designed to fulfill every Star Wars fan’s dream!

Once a day, every year, we officially have the right to geek out over Star Wars and showcase our nerdy self starting with breakfast at Admiral Ackbar’s Snack Bar, sipping on your R2 -Decaf and binge-watching the series in the order of your choosing – be it chronological, as per the release, Ernst Rister order or the Machete order for the prequel haters (I arguably fall in this category and I totally support it!) To be honest, we rarely need a chance to show off our love for Star Wars, wouldn’t it be cool if we could make this series a part of our life with usable functionality to boot! This collection is designed to highlight selectively designed products that merge functionality, fantasy, and support you with the force when you need it!

Designed taking inspiration from Star Wars’ Imperial Tie Fighters, Kenneth Cobonpue’s armchair literally turns conceptual interstellar aircraft design into furniture design! The chair comes with a welded aluminum pipe frame, with woven polyethylene cord to give it its appearance of an Imperial Tie Fighter jet. The chair’s design is slightly modified for comfort and stability, but to a large degree, it resembles the jet, with its large, hexagonal wings that also double up as armrests/legs, and a body at the center which forms the chair’s seat and backrest. Available in black as well as off-white, the chairs are quite literally a spitting image of those jets, and make a great addition to any Star Wars fan’s living space!

The Alhazen lamp is a play on the Lightsaber and uses acrylic optics to disperse light, much like most lightsaber toys and prototypes do. Designed by Saif Faisal who wanted a lamp that was both cool and practical at the same time, the Alhazen takes the lightsaber and changes a few key details to make it look like a prop from Star Wars, but also have a character of its own. The lamp is made from a wooden base that holds the lighting element, and the lighting element itself, comprising a handle, a hollow acrylic tube with an LED-strip, and an acrylic plug that sits on the top. Switch the LEDs on and the frosted acrylic diffuses them, while its edge-lighting properties allow it to glow from top to bottom like a lightsaber does.

The Samsung X Star Wars POWERbot VR7000 robot vacuum is by far the coolest one to date. These nifty little vacuums come in a choice of either a Stormtrooper or Darth Vader façade. I think you’ll be opting for the Darth Vader version though – with built-in Bluetooth connectivity and an onboard speaker system, it seems like a clear winner here. Boasting a suction power of 10 watts, these vacuums really do have the force, but not the one you’re thinking of, the POWERbot has CycloneForce technology, really sucking up anything in its path.

Pierre Hardy’s Vibe Sneakers, for instance, are a perfect embodiment of that aesthetic, with its jagged zebra-esque design that gives the shoes heavy dynamism and contrast, making them absolutely eye-catching and jaw-dropping. Built with a gum sole and a calf-leather upper, the Vibe sneakers from Pierre Hardy are luxury and style wrapped in a singular package. Creating an edgy contrast with the racy geometric stripes, the Vibe’s patterns actually draw inspiration from sound waves, which are translated onto the shoe’s body by pairing leather cuts all the way from the bottom to the very top.

Onnit’s kettlebells that come in rather realistic sculpted cast-iron, modeled using the heads of Darth Vader, The Imperial Stormtrooper, and Boba Fett. The idea behind using masked characters for the kettlebells not only makes for easier molding (imagine how annoyingly detailed a Chewbacca kettlebell would need to be), but also lends a certain gravitas and badass nature to the weights. The kettlebells also weigh in an increasing order of importance, with Boba Fett weighing in at 50 pounds, to the Stormtrooper being 60 pounds, and mister Vader weighing 70 pounds.

How does Vader like his tea? Burning hot! Although he doesn’t complain if it’s Luke-warm either… The Fowndry’s hilarious, quirky kettle pays tribute to one of cinema’s most popular villains. Designed with a silhouette that uncannily resembles Vader’s helmet, the Darth Vader Kettle comes made in Stainless Steel and Plastic, has a 1.7L capacity, and a whistle that the creators describe as being powerful enough to “awaken the Force”! We’re loving every bit of the adaptation, especially the handle that was designed to resemble the grip of Darth Vader’s lightsaber.

You know a fantasy series is truly iconic when a legendary cookware brand deviates from its standard design to dedicate an entire series for it! Take Le Creuset’s line of latest Star Wars equipment makes this is a must-have for every fan. Afterall this is the easiest way to showcase your love for Star Wars and ensure your cookware stands apart from the crowd.

Your gadgets and your favorite series should go hand in hand. The Cable Guy’s Darth Vader stands at a full eight inches high with his hands out in front of him, ready to receive your device. Simply rest your smartphone on the forearms. When you do so, this Darth Vader dock will ensure that your important electronics stay securely in place. You can use it to hold your phone while you watch a show, or you can simply keep it up off your desk with this Darth Vader phone dock. What’s better than having Darth Vader on hold with your gadgets while you work your way to them!

The X-Wing Knife Block has a way of making your knives look menacingly futuristic. With the ability to dock 5 knives, the X-Wing inspired block takes knife blades and uses them as laser-turrets. Can it knock enemy spaceships out of the sky? No, but it can julienne vegetables, pretty well!

The BB-8 Coffee Mug is the perfect mug to kick off any day. What better way to showcase your love for this adorable bot while sipping your coffee and gathering some force on the days you need the boost to keep you working!

How does this small candle burn for 40 hours? It uses a spiral-shaped wick!

I’m not even going to take the trouble of opening Wikipedia to see how long candles have been around, but it’s safe to say that in the thousands of years that it’s existed, the candle’s basic format hasn’t really changed much. (Oh, and I finally caved and googled it – candles have been around since 3000 BC)

The candle is simply a wax column with a wick running through it. Burn the wick and the wax controls the speed at which it burns. The candle really never needed a modern-day redesign, probably because we run our lamps on electricity now… but Todd Nelson’s clever idea allows one single candle to last almost two days while burning continuously – a massive upgrade considering most candles with the same amount of wax don’t burn more than 5-7 hours. Needless to say, if Todd Nelson was alive a thousand years ago, he’d be a pretty rich and famous entrepreneur.

Nelson’s candle-hack is simple. Increase the length of the wick and you end up increasing the timeline of the candle. The Spiral Light Candles come with a wraparound wick that forms a spiral around the periphery of the candle. Light it and the spiral wick burns for 3 hours as it slowly depletes ‘around’ the candle, rather than through it. Where Nelson’s ingenuity really ‘shines through’ is in the Spiral Light candle’s hollow design. You see, as the candle burns, the wax that melts collects in its hollow center. Once the spiral wick’s completely burnt through, you’re actually left with a brand new candle that’s created from the wax that melted and collected in the center! This new candle has a built-in wood wick that burns for a stunning 40 hours, allowing one single candle to shine on for two whole days… and giving you essentially two candles within one.

Nelson was awarded a patent for his spiral-wicked ‘self-filling’ candle, and went from producing them in his garage to shifting to a larger manufacturing facility located in Lakeland, Minnesota. The candles are still hand-manufactured by Nelson and his family and employees, and come in three sizes across a variety of natural fragrances… but what’s fundamental is still the fact that the candles make a pretty radical improvement on a design that has barely changed in nearly 5000 years. With its spiral wick and hollow center, the Spiral Light Candles have the ability to reincarnate into a second candle once burned through. It’s equal parts innovative, long-lasting, and sustainable. Not to mention it probably smells pretty great too!

Designer: Todd Nelson

Click Here to Buy Now: 3 for $45 $59 ($14 off). Hurry, only 5/300 left!

Spiral Light Candles: A Candle Reinvented from the Ground Up

The Spiral Light Candles have a unique, patented, two-candles-in-one design that started with the idea that you could create a candle without the wasted wax left over from burning traditional candles.

The idea is simple. Move the wick from the center of the candle out to the outer edge. Now you’re burning the side of the candle that normally ends up in the garbage. As the candle burns, the sides flow into the middle leaving you with a cozy, wood wick candle at the end.

Features & Benefits

Unique Design. Spiral Light’s unique design burns in a circle for the first three hours, filing in its hollow core. This is their “Party Trick!”

Long Burning Time. When the hollow center is completely filled and the spiral portion burns out, you’re left with a wood wick candle that you can enjoy for over 40 hours. That’s the “Real” candle.

Clean Burning. What’s the recipe for a clean burning candle? It’s a highly refined, food-grade, edible wax perfectly matched to the right sized, 100% cotton wick. It is phthalate-free scent oils mixed with vegetable-based colorants finished off with a locally sourced, softwood wick.

Great Scents. The team works with some of the best scent companies in the United States to bring you great smelling candles without the nasty chemicals.

Handcrafted in the U.S.A. All made in the United States from raw materials sourced right here in the U.S. While they been able to modify their equipment to help pour their candles faster, everyone of their candles is still hand-manufactured by their family and employees in their facility in Minnesota.

In Three Different Sizes

– Large: 4″ x 6″, Spiral Candle burns for 3-hours, Wood Wick burns for 40-hours
– Medium: 4″ x 4″, Spiral Candle burns for 2-hours, Wood Wick burns for 30-hours
– Small: 3″ x 3″, Spiral Candle burns for 1-hours, Wood Wick burns for 20-hours

Click Here to Buy Now: 3 for $45 $59 ($14 off). Hurry, only 5/300 left!

This Japanese kettle’s detailed design will leave you wondering “real or render?”

Japanese culture has so many little practices that exude a sense of calm. My most favorite thing (besides enjoying a soulful bowl of ramen which I think is a form of meditation) is enjoying a warm cup of tea. There is nothing that can soothe you like a freshly brewed cup of tea and during these complex times I am definitely seeing an increase in the number of cups on my table so I started looking for a kettle and I came across the Seramikku.

When I saw it, I fell in love with the design of the kettle – it was a perfect balance of archetypal Japanese forms and minimalistic modern details. Its shape and texture are inspired by ‘Uwade kyusu’ which is one of the more traditional Japanese teapots known for their distinctive, almost floating, handles that hover on top of the lid. The designer has envisioned the Seramikku to be made from ceramic and iron with an electric heating base. Sadly, it is not for sale because it is concept design which a part of a Render Weekly challenge – yes, I had to look at it thrice because the detailing was so realistic that I wanted to believe I had stumbled upon my future favorite teapot.

I am going to go and brew myself a cup of Jasmine tea to recover from being in love with a design and then heartbroken by the lifelike render.

Designer: Shail Iyer

Meet the unnecessary designs that have taken the internet by storm: Part 3

It’s April first, aka April Fool’s Day! While we are acutely aware of how COVID-19 pandemic has us safely quarantined in our homes for the near future, we can’t help but worry over this nightmare and hope for some relief. So much so that many of us (including me) lost sight of the fact that its April’s Fools Day, the day traditionally filled with light-hearted pranks. Today we decided to push the gloomy news aside and bring to you some well-designed entertaining products that according to their designer and creator are completely unnecessary, but are sure to bring some well-deserved laughter and brighten up your day! Meet Matt Benedetto, the designer running the Instagram page Unnecessary Inventions whose inventions have taken the internet by storm!

They say two is better than one but in this case, one is more than enough to take on both of your pockets. We are talking about the Solo Stash™, a uni-pocket that stretches across the back of your jeans, providing a huge space to store all things extra. Now only if we could store this lot and sit down comfortably…

Even after the COVID-19 dies down a bit, we are going to require self-discipline and prevention techniques that ensure we don’t revive the pandemic. Built following the CDC guidelines, the Pandemic Prevention Utility Belt™ comes with spandex connected strings that won’t let your hands touch your face! The utility belt comes with 2 spare ‘hands’, one for shaking hands with the people you meet so you don’t seem disrespectful while the other hand comes with an attached sleeve for you to sneeze into! Lastly, two hand-washing pockets are attached at the front of this multi-functional gadget to keep your hands washed and clean at all times.

For the days when you are too cold to flip people off but just have to, because how else would you display your feelings for them, you have the Flippin’ Mittens™! Designed to keep your fingers warm and your opinions public, this mitten arrives with a very specific middle-finger cutout that can be flexed to flip people off without losing the warm sanctuary of your mittens.

Do you know those moments in life when you need to have a nugget to keep you going? This necklace is for all the breakfast, pre-lunch, post-lunch or whatever-ungodly-hour times the cravings strike. Whenever the chicken nugget fervor rises, the Nuggie Necklace™ is here to rescue you. If you ask me, I would take this over a Batmobile any day, unless the Batmobile has a nugget compartment!

Summer is almost here and who wants to waste all that time rubbing deodorant on our armpits? Well, now you don’t have to! The Dual-Odorant™ comes equipped with two deodorant sticks (go with the same fragrance or you can even mix them up for fun) that lets you get minty-fresh pits in half the time!

Stylishly transparent, the Transpari Pockets™ permanently solves the lifelong question – which pant has my wallet and keys?! Providing guaranteed 100% transparent plastic and durability, this hottest piece from the fashion runaways is the perfect mix of functionality and a certain, umm…shall we say, aesthetic quality!

This state-of-the-art Offensive Snowball Maker™ has you prepped for the upcoming winter. In fact, we are so impressed by it, we might just take it out with us to the beach and make sand structures of this perfectly sculpted middle-finger shaped mold. Who would dare to anyone kick my sandcastle now (evil laughter)!

Don’t you just hate it when you want to listen to your music with only one AirPod but the sound stops the moment you remove the unwanted earbud? Worry not, the ExtraEar Pod™ is here to hold onto the extra earbud while you single-handedly (I mean ear-ly) listen to your favorite tunes!

This invention might just become a real-life bestseller! Meet the Crapper Concealer™- your best buddy for those days you know you will let out some obnoxiously smelly fumes and don’t want to be recognized by your neighbors in the adjoining stalls by your uniquely fabulous shoes. Just enter the loo, put on your Crapper Concealers and happily go about making the space unfit for human occupation!

Have you been poked in the eye or lost your noodles, dumpling, or food in general to chopsticks manhandling? The Handy Chops™ are here to save your morsel! These hand-shaped chopsticks carry all the style of the chopsticks without requiring any kung-fu ability to take the food to your mouth. Now conveniently eat with hands, albeit not you own.

If you’re interested in more unnecessary yet intriguing designs like these, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this series!

Kitchen appliances designed to help budding home cooks!

The unprecedented present situation has all of donning our Masterchef hats! Be it a craving, lack of food delivery or your favorite restaurant shutting down, we are currently in a crisis mode with many food lovers picking up the spatula for the first time ever to meet their food goals. Social Media has provided us with a lot of tutorials for easy cooking but none of them make the task of approaching a fiery stove and facing the reality of burning our fingers any easier. So what is a foodie to do? Worry not, we have brought to you a collection of kitchen appliances that will make cooking time a fun time, and more importantly, a safe session for the new and the experienced chef alike. So go ahead and don your hats and share your culinary treat with the rest of the world, virtually, of course!

Made from heat-resistant and food-safe plastic, the Egguins by Peleg Design is an innovative way to store, boil, or serve eggs. The hollow penguin shape allows you to slide eggs (both small and large) into it, completing it visually and making it look like a flock of Emperor Penguins ready to dash right into the water – the visual metaphor of connecting the egg, the bird, and the water is just perfect! The uniform placement of the eggs also ensures they are cooked evenly, perfect for every new cook. Whoever said cooking cannot be fun.

The Ordine by Adriano Design features two hob units that are mounted on a central power hub on the wall. Elevated neatly out of the way, the user must simply grab one or both hobs off the wall and set the desired temperature to activate. Save that precious counter space.

Pretend to knock out some blues solos while you’re chopping up your greens because Etsy seller Dave Stencil of CuttingBoredom created some really cool looking wooden chopping boards inspired by two of rock music’s most iconic guitars, the Fender Stratocaster and the Gibson Les Paul. Available in Cherry, Mahogany, and Walnut, these cutting boards come made to perfection with wooden inlays that make them look just like the real deal. Perfect for classic rock lovers and healthy culinary aficionados.

Cooking for the first time can be scary – all that playing with fire literally! The last thing you need is splatters and spills to clean up after. This is where the Frywall comes into play. Fix Frywall around your pan and it always stays on guard, protecting your stovetop even when you stir with a spoon or flip with a spatula. Yet it lets steam escape, so proteins sear without getting soggy. You get the freedom of an open pan, with a lot less mess. And just roll it and store it when not in use! Now experiment fearlessly in the kitchen!

The true pleasure of cooking comes when you can pay attention to every detail, creating that perfect bite of food. And who better than the Japanese to embody that attention to detail? Mimicking a waffle maker, the Mitsubishi Bread Oven looks like it’s come straight out of the ’80s with its retro-esque veneer brown look. Built with a sealed thermal-insulated structure, it can toast your bread without releasing any moisture, ensuring the bread is soft, fluffy and far from being dry. The metal box is equipped with two plates that can go up to temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Mitsubishi designed the oven ensuring only one slice of bread could be cooked in one go, but slam-dunking it by guaranteeing that slice would be the best toast we ever have.

Unlike traditional 4-burner systems, the Cookacross by Zaviè Design Studio features a grid of multiple gas outlets with independent valves that shut on/off instantaneously. The smart system automatically detects the size of the pot or pan placed on the surface and turns on the individual gas outlets beneath it. This not only prevents waste but ensures the evenest heat distribution of any stovetop solution. Of course, users can also pull up the COOKACROSS app on their smartphone and reduce the number or the heating level with a simple swipe or touch.

Supporting you in your eating-clean-habit is the Mizzle by Gökhan Çetinkaya & Deniz İbanoğlu, a smart aeroponic kitchen appliance that helps you grow microgreens. This smart cultivator comes with three compartments, one for the germination process (a little dark and humid place), and two for the growth and harvesting process. What I like about the design is that it not only grows the greens for you efficiently but also makes the cultivation process engaging and exciting for the user. You can track the progress via an app on the mobile and also get alerts with regards to water levels in the tank. The app also helps you with recipes that make you use the microgreens. Added bonus – get fresh veggies for cooking without stepping out of your home. Social Distancing is achieved!

Now that you have chopped the onions, time to get rid of the smell. Molecules from the food you’re working with (sulfur, in the case of garlic) stick to our hands and don’t wash away with water. In fact on contact, water turns the sulfur into sulfuric acid, only increasing the stench instead of washing it away. Stainless Steel, like the one used to make the Rub-Away soap by Amco, pulls off the sulfur molecules from your hands, so a quick wash with a steel soap not only physically cleans your hands, it removes odors on a molecular level. And it never gets over!

The Kitchen Multi-Tool by Gentlemen’s Hardware is built so that you can take your culinary talents with you wherever you are. The size of any regular multi-tool, the Kitchen Multi-Tool comes jam-packed with 12 very specific, very handy day-to-day kitchen tools that will bring a certain flair and flavor to all your culinary experiments – in quarantine and outdoors!

There’s something simple and beautiful about this chopping board with a storage box designed by Dewel. It ticks all the boxes of good product design, solving problems without creating new ones. You slice your veggies or any other food that needs slicing and then either store the sliced bits in the container and use it to directly empty contents into your cooking vessel, or use the board for peeling and store all the leftovers and peels in the container, which then empties itself into the waste bin.


COFFEEJACK comes from Ashley Hribar-Green & Matthew Aston Cain who have set out to shrink the coffee machine to a form factor so small, you might as well carry it around everywhere you go along with the rest of your belongings. The COFFEEJACK works with any coffee-grind, enabling you to have your favorite espresso anywhere you go. Just add your coffee grind to the lower chamber and COFFEEJACK’s in-built tamper will level the grounds and pack them tightly. Open out the pump and pour hot water into the upper chamber and you’re ready to go! The espresso maker’s manual pump matches the high-pressure output of most coffee machines, giving you an espresso that is as deliciously thick and even has that layer of flavor-packed crema on top, just like the one your barista makes with professional equipment. Who needs Starbucks anymore? Not just quarantine, this goes into our apocalypse survival kit!

Designed by Savin Dimov and Altino Alex, Bubble is a food tracker that monitors our food consumption, in an attempt to encourage a healthier lifestyle and to reduce food wastage. With people hoarding everything from toilet paper to groceries, it is imperative that we don’t waste all the food stored, because what a shame that would be! Bubble identifies and tracks all the items within. It directly sends updates to your smartphone, so you’re always aware of what’s in your kitchen! You can track which food products you consume the most, and what you consume the least. Bubble ensures all the storage data is at the tip of your fingers, so you can shop and live mindfully, without creating any unnecessary wastage of food.

Space saving products designed for the tiny millennial homes!

Our homes may be small or big, but there are things that have to be a part of every home. They are simply irreplaceable. Take for example a ladder, a couch, or even a dishwasher – each of these traditional products are essential but take up space that we just can’t afford to spare with the new-age tiny homes. Well, these products are here to ride to your rescue. Each design here takes a non-traditional and space-saving approach to transform products for the modern millennial era!

Created by designer Ekaterina Shchetina, Fluidity serves a double function. A comely white dish rack by day, the multipurpose dish rack has an alter ego; it serves as a planter, or to be precise there are two built-in planters on its sides. Fluidity is designed in such a way that the run-off water from the freshly washed dishes trickles down to the roots of the plants, irrigating and nourishing them.

The Y hanger by Monoco is a beautiful example of how materials can be manipulated to create a folding object. Using the tension in the thread to hold the shape of the hanger, the subtleness of this product is inherently Japanese.

The Tadafusa Factory Showroom, created by Yusuke Seki, uses a minimal shelving patter that has us falling in love. Primarily created to display the hand-forged precision knives made by this renowned manufacturer, I can truly imagine this setting in a home, creating shelf space when needed or doubling up as a textural backdrop to accent any room.

Simple and functional, the Daily Roller created by George and Willy is a wall-mounted solution for all those who love to take notes/ scribble as well as brainstorm on paper! Roll it up when not in use, tear and save the ideas you need. Who needs a table anymore?

Practically a hallmark of simplicity and effectiveness, the Sho by Pan Biwei is made of literally two parts – a frame and a mattress. However, it can exist in three states. As a bed (with the mattress used as-is), as a comfortable chair, and as a reclining lounge chair.

The folding corner ladder by Company And Company allows us to have an essential product to be a part of our home in a restricted space. With its folding design, the ladder goes down to a quarter of its space, letting you store the ladder conveniently when not in use.

The best implementation of product design is when the product simplifies an everyday woe. The Wood Yarn Bowl by Twig and Horn saves your wool from running off the edge of the sofa and unraveling all over the place while making an interesting storage solution!

Winner of the iF Student Design Award 2016, Kevin Choi’s Wall-Mountable Oven can be easily mounted upon any kitchen in the wall. Its dome-like structure creates an ergonomic form that is easy to access and operate. To be honest it almost reminds me of a Stormtrooper for some reason!

Minimalist Waste Bin by Grace Youngeun Lee utilizes form rather than a mechanism to control the closing and opening of your bin. Simply place your foot on the extension and have it open up for you, no need to move the lid or to hold it while disposing of the garbage.

Loose cords lying about the house is one of my major sources of annoyance. While we wait for the world to go cord-free, the Dryerhair by Sam Hecht + Kim Colin (of Industrial Facility) offers a pretty neat solution for cable management. Use the hairdryer as needed, and once done, the cord along with the plug fits into the back of your hairdryer’s form. As we said, pretty neat!

Toasher by Lin Shuo De utilizes a method of interaction that has been lifted from another kitchen appliance, the toaster. The dirty items are lowered into the stainless steel tank, where an ultrasonic transducer agitates the dirt and separates it from the dishes. Add-ons elevate Toasher’s functionality even further; with the modular peg-board that can be attached to the rear of the unit, to expanding the amount of storage that it can hold and allowing it to be used as an item of furniture as well as just a kitchen appliance!

This versatile cooker is a hotplate, a slow cooker and baking tray!

Every new multifunctional cooker is like an updated Jarvis…who remembers Mark 42? Multifunctional cookers keep getting better and they are time-saving heroes for those who juggle jobs and manage their homes alone. Gone are the days of bulky cookers that only made rice and took up half of your shelf space (maybe the whole counter if you live in New York) and it is the era of compact kitchen devices that do it all so all you have to do is enjoy the food.

The Deawoo cooker has a minimal design with maximum function – it has 4 temperature settings, 1 pot, and 3 different trays that you can insert depending on what you are trying to cook. It can go from making sunny side up eggs to a whole chicken in broth. The cooker’s size doesn’t match the potential it has to make your life easier in the kitchen. The device is made with aluminum and polypropylene which is the least toxic plastic in the market and is widely popular because of its heat resistant properties. It also includes an aluminum heating tray and a stainless steel pot along with different cooking trays.

If you see this multifunctional cooker in someone’s kitchen, you will believe they are an adult who has their life together – it just looks so sleek and hi-tech!

Designer: VCGO Design

The thermal resistant material is used in the outer case, especially the top handle and side bars so you never have to worry about finding mittens or a dishcloth.

It works on the basic principle of a hot plate with aluminum and electrical rods integrated into its compact lunchbox form making it different from the conventionally round hot plates with one function.

There is a choice between 3 trays all having a unique purpose – you can toast bread on the ridges, cook eggs on the flat one, bake muffins in the round molds or get creative with the one that has different shapes especially if you have kids.

It also can be used as a slow cooker with the stainless steel pot and the timer + temperature control settings. You can make easy soups and full chicken dinners without having to monitor it. While it looks nothing like your usual hot plate, you can still use it as one by removing the tray and revealing the aluminum plate underneath – don’t throw away your other pans just yet!

Cup Noodles made eco-friendly with this 100% paper packaging design!

Who doesn’t love a cup of steamy instant noodles? And who hates the fact that the container is so toxic? Low-quality plastic and harmful polystyrene make the cup that holds your noodles – and we all know what happens when heat and plastic mix. The packaging is not only bad for the environment but can leave minuscule toxic residue in your noodles which can be dangerous for your health, especially if you consume them often as these particles build up in your system over time.

A study shows that in 2018 alone 103 billion packets of instant noodles were sold worldwide. The global demand for it is soaring because it is easy to cook, saves time and is budget-friendly which makes it extremely popular among young people. You can imagine the waste produced by 103 billion packets and cups so we as a society must strive to create a sustainable future by tackling the packaging challenges of one of the world’s biggest industries.

Fortunately, we have an answer – 100% paper noodle packaging created by Australian student Emily Enrica. Her design is called Paper Noodle which will stick in your memory because it is so easy. Her packaging is made from paper pulp which is 100% biodegradable, recyclable, microwave safe and FDA tested food safe. The design of the box is ergonomic which makes it comfortable to hold even when the contents inside are hot. The belly band of the box is made of debossed paper pulp too. It comes with a cover label that keeps the noodles sealed. Even the spoon is made of paper pulp further reducing waste. Now that is a cup of noodles – serves you and the environment!

Designer: Emily Enrica