The Bouquet coffee dripper looks like a pretty vase, but is not one!

Inspired by the beauty of a bouquet of flowers, designer Jeong Kim has envisioned the Bouquet coffee dripper. Technically, it’s just a coffee pot, with a dripper that scrunches up to look like a vase. The rubber pad around the pot acts like insulation, so that you can hold the hot pot and pour out your brewed coffee.

Aesthetically, it is a beautiful design, that hopes to make us stop and smell the roses… or freshly brewed coffee, as the case may be!

Designers: Jeong Kim & Weekend-works

It consists of a pot and a dripper just like other coffee drippers. The step inside the spout of the pot allows dripper to maintain a horizontal angle.

Functional yet eccentric, the furniture designed by Michael Beitz will give you some food for thought!

We have all looked at functionality to understand the form of the design, but sometimes you have to look beyond it, this is exactly the emotion I feel after browsing through designer Michael Beitz’s sculptural furniture designs. Simple benches get elevated to become interesting form factors under this designer’s guidance. Adding twists and extensions, each of these sculptural pieces evokes joy. Be it a bench that curves in on itself to give you an alcove, extending the lines to make the design one with the building or even having a pair of eyes watch from our space on our favorite armchair, each of his designs will amaze you, make you smile and leave you with some food for thought in your mind.

A bench that adds a touch of functionality with humor to any building exterior.

These twisted benches give a playful twist to any ordinary space while creating an alcove to give you a space where you can catch up with your friends.

We all know those times we have tried to nod off on a bench. Well, Michael Beitz has designed this bench with an in-built pillow shaped nook to rest your head for those tough days.

Facing internal turmoil? Head down to this bench that curves in on itself to give you some peace and quiet while keeping the prying eyes away from you.

This knotted table is for those awkward dinner conversations you don’t want to have.

This collection will have you totally prepared for anything you wish to evade!

A little weird chair to end this collection, the Mates armchair will eye you while you eye the TV. A pair for you and your best mate in life!

Cork-based product designs that show why this sustainable material is trending!

Cork is a wonderful material that we usually associate with wine stoppers, but these designers have revised the way we see cork completely! Did you know why cork is a truly sustainable material? This is because cork is made from the bark of the Quercus suber, or the cork oak. These gentle giant trees usually live for 300 years from which the bark of the tree is extracted, leaving the tree unharmed! With the wave of sustainable designs taking steam, more and more designers are looking at cork to create flooring, walls, furniture, tableware, clothing, even NASA uses it for the isolation of their space shuttles. The industry is coming to realize that cork is a very resistant waterproof material and of course eco-friendly since its extraction doesn’t harm trees as the barks just grow back. Our curation today brings to forefront this humble material and its genius applications!

The main body of the stove is composed of steel with cork profiles placed and fixed to its structure. These profiles are separated from the steel structure to prevent the cork from darkening over time. The cork material also does double-duty as a security layer, allowing users to safely touch and feel the woodstove by INNGAGE.

At the base of the  Jasper Wool Eco Chukka shoe by Brian Linton is the sleek and supportive midsole that is ReCork Recycled Cork; the naturally cushioning and lightweight material lends itself to this application and is quite possibly the most sustainable material for the job! This has been accompanied by an array of environmentally conscious materials; from the Natural Rice Rubber that’s used for the tread, through to the Foam insole that is made using Algae!

OAK OAK is a children’s chair with storage space for toys and books etc. The chair consists of two parts, an oak frame, and a cork seat. When you remove the lid from the seat you get access to the storage compartment. The box consists of smaller parts that are assembled like a puzzle and held in place by the frame and is designed by Morten Husum Nielsen.

It’s the aesthetics of these power tools by Lukas Salley that really make them stand out from their competitors; the high contrasting colors that make up the body are then softened by the natural, untouched finish of the cork, which has been used on the handles to offer comfort.

Classy and space-conscious, Volto is a dual-container spicer designed by Mireia Rius that takes inspiration from an hourglass. The containers come with their own cork-stops with an angular cut along the base that allows you to ‘open or close’ the containers. Just rotate the cork to expose or cover the shaker’s holes and you’re good to go!

Bouchon Stools by Domitalia is a lovable piece that marries the dynamic duo of cork and steel in a timeless fashion. Charming and versatile, Bouchon’s natural cork seat sits atop an industrial steel base that is offered in Bar and Counter heights as well as a selection of finishes.

Students at Industrial Design of Konstfack Sofia Almqvist and Carl Cyrén have developed a bicycle saddle made of natural cork material. Such a beautiful ode to nature draws us to ride more often, and so we are connecting with the environment by integrating Eco-friendly elements in everyday details.

Message in a bottle USB Drive by Saburo Sakata lets you capture a lot of memories in this tiny little bottle or just keep your pen drive’s safe when not in use!

KORK, created by Twodesigners proposes to start from the simple and usual cork and realize a family of objects based on the connection between different elements. Every combination has its own identity as well on a visual level as on a functional level. Every piece is composed of a metal hooping in which two elements enter and combine.

Inspired by basic shapes and the interaction among them, Tarro by Studio Diario tries to revalue the beauty of simplicity. It is a family of containers where the shape and material of each part are strictly defined by its function. Each product is unique, pottery and cork-wood pieces are hand-made using the technique of lathe. The cork lid provides sealing, and the handle is made out of wood for more pleasant contact.

This sustainable in-flight meal tray is partially edible and wholly eco-friendly!

Travel is deeply integrated into all our lives. Whatever may be the purpose (business or pleasure), we do tend to find ourselves on flight journeys. Irrespective of whether it is a 9-hour long international flight or maybe an hour-long domestic one, what remains constant is the amount of in-flight waste that is generated. Each year almost 5.7 million tonnes of cabin waste is estimated to be generated on passenger flights, ranging from single-use plastic to earphones, food waste and amenity kits.

Leading travel and transport design studio PriestmanGoode decided to take matters into their own hands. For the past 20 years, they have been at the forefront of aviation design, working with the world’s leading airlines and aircraft manufacturers. Jo Rowan, Associate Strategy Director at PriestmanGoode says “Design is about using creative thinking and problem solving to look at how we can make things better, how to minimize resources and waste, and how we can encourage change in consumer behavior.” And hence came about their brainchild; a line of eco-friendly and sustainable in-flights product as a part of their new exhibition at London’s Design Museum called ‘Get Onboard: Reduce. Reuse. Rethink’. It’s also worth mentioning the entire collection has a pretty minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing appeal!

Designer: PriestmanGoode

This eco-friendly in-flight meal tray is here to “eliminate plastic waste, and replace like for like.”

Their green inflight meal service has completely transformed the conventional meal tray we are so used to receiving on a flight. “We’ve used a wide range of materials for our design concepts,” says Rowan. And they’ve kept their word. Each element is either partially edible, reusable, soluble or biodegradable. They’ve ditched plastic meal trays for partially edible ones made from coffee grains and husks mixed with a lignin binder. The miscellaneous food containers that fit into the tray have been made from wheat bran. Banana leaf or algae have been combined with rice husk to create lids for side dishes like salad. Whereas a wafer has been used as a dessert lid, hence the materials symbolically reflect the food. Instead of having several pieces of single-use cutlery, the handy ‘spork’- a combination of a fork and spoon- made from coconut wood has been adopted. The usual plastic containers for milk or sauces have been abandoned in exchange for edible pods created from soluble seaweed.

The biodegradable water flask allows for repeated and short term usage!

PriestmanGoode went one step further and came up with an alternative to plastic water bottles! They designed water flasks made from cork and compostable bioplastic. The reusable bottle can be used on a short term basis, such as the duration of your vacation! It can also comfortably fit in the front seat pocket of a plane. According to them “the idea was to address the impulse buy at airports, and create a bottle that once used, can be commercially composted.”

Sustainability aside PriestmanGoode’s meal tray is also partially edible (in case anyone is feeling a little adventurous)

As an over-enthusiastic traveler myself, I’ve never really considered the extent to which my/our traveling patterns could be affecting the Earth. I think in today’s day and age the concept of being ‘a responsible traveler’ is gaining immense momentum. Though PriestmanGoode’s latest initiative is still a concept, their dream is to have these sustainable, partially edible meal trays (not to forget the cute canteen-style water flasks) being handed out to us!

This five-piece mess kit is practically everything you need to dine outdoors

Made from 90% natural materials, the UCO Bamboo Elements Mess Kit is a non-plastic outdoor meal kit that can take you all the way from cutting and prepping your food, to eating your meal. The 5-piece kit contains practically everything you’d need to prepare and enjoy a meal outdoors, apart from your ingredients!

The Mess Kit’s innovative design leaves nothing to chance. The main vessel holds your food, while two handles on the vessel let you grip it as you’re eating, useful if you don’t have a table around you. It even has its own gasket-lined lid to tightly pack the food inside, preventing leaks while you’re traveling. The cutlery set comes with a spoon and knife combination, and a separate fork, giving you the freedom to eat any sort of food, either with the spoon and fork, or the knife and fork. The cutlery pieces slide into each other to keep them together, but can slide in backwards to turn into a long-handled stirring tool that you can use while cooking food!

The entire set comes together thanks to a silicone cord that loops through a special eyelet in the cutlery, holding the entire set together, making it easy to travel either by stashing on your backpack, or looping around a carabiner clip on the outside of your bag too!

Designer: UCO Gear

Meet Steasy, the smart lunchbox that heats your food up with steam

Anyone who’s worked with chocolate knows that you don’t melt chocolate by throwing it into a pan over a flame. You’ll burn the chocolate by causing it to cook. What you want to do is heat the chocolate without cooking it, which is why you use a double boiler. Heating chocolate, or any food for that matter, with steam is tonnes more effective. Heat distributes uniformly, rather than being concentrated to one area, and more importantly, you can warm your food up without altering its taste… and that’s precisely what the Steasy does.

The Steasy is an electric lunchbox that uses steam to heat your food up. Designed to be incredibly sleek and streamlined, Steasy occupies the same footprint as your regular tiffinbox would, but it does something your food-holding piece of Tupperware cannot. Steasy has primarily three parts. A base for holding water, a metal container for holding (and heating up) your food that nests right into the base, and a lid that seals the box shut.

With an integrated battery that can heat your food up for 15 minutes, Steasy gives you the satisfaction of steaming hot lunch that tastes fresh and great. The steam heats the content of your lunchbox evenly (without cooking it), allowing it to taste as good as it did when you prepared it. The box comes with the ability to fast-charge, and even has its own mobile-app that you can use to activate the Steasy’s heating function 15 minutes before your lunch break, so you can skip the queue for the office microwave and literally open your tiffin-box to some incredibly tasty, hot, home-cooked food!

Designer: Steasy

Wonderfully muted wooden products designed to add trendiness to your space

Wood has been and remains one of the primary materials we use for products in our everyday life.  What has changed over the years is our treatment of the wood! Moving away from the loud, heavy antique furniture designs, modern-day technologies have brought us wood for the refined taste. This collection has been specifically curated to address this modern version of wood as we see it in the uber-trendy minimalism and Japanese inspired trend. Just like the wooden peg used to hold the cushion in place in the design above to the knife made from 97% wood and only 3% alloyed carbon steel, this collection will bring unique and modern wooden objects to your everyday life.

During the day, the NightLanding lamp gives the visual impression of a detailed 3D city map. At night, the lamp comes to life, illuminating a fabulous city light view.

Meet SKID, the Wooden Chef Knife made from 97% wood and 3% high alloyed carbon steel by LIGNUM  

Koda Light Float is a waterfront house on pontoons, attached to the shore. It is a space-efficient movable house created by Kodasema 

SIXtematic BELLE is a 2 in 1 make up stand  & writing desk by Sixay Furniture 

The RCK (Retro Compact Keyboard), where modern technologies and retro styling collide and create a nostalgic piece of kit by Azio Corp 

North hanger table or the Bookhanger Table is a wooden desk specifically designed for reading books and easily hang those are halfway read by the Korean Studio B.U.S. Architecture 

The Woodieful Chair is a minimal and multifunctional furniture design made of high-quality beech wood by Klavdija Jarc 

Royal System® Workstation consists of wall-mounted wooden rails, shelves with hangers and cabinets, drawers, and desks, which can be customized in multiple individual combinations designed in 1948 by legendary Danish designer and manufacturer Poul Cadovius available  now through Skandium 

Wooden Grater designed by The Kitchen Shop 

Sliabh is series of a sculptural chest of drawers and sideboard built-in solid Oak by John Lee 

The Pocket Chair comes with a leather pocket built right into the side of the chair that can be used for either storing tools and equipment by Kewey Loke 

Game of Thrones-inspired spoons will bring elegance and drama to your dinner table

Oh, Game of Thrones, whatever our take on the faults of the final season, one thing remains, we can’t ignore the series or the impact it had on our lives with hours of discussions, theories and lets not even get started on the number of inspired souvenirs I own! But all that is pushed aside with just one look at these elaborately crafted spoons, designed in collaboration between HBO and Magnum as a part of their limited-edition collection, with each design representing the houses that played a part in the show in an iconic manner. From the gleaming red and gold Lannister-worthy engraving to the stark fierceness of the northerners, each of these spoons completely defines the characteristics that made this series such an epic exercise in storytelling.

Designers: André Toledo, Lucas Somariva, Jaime Ludeña Díaz & Sazky TM for Magnum & HBO

The Stark-inspired spoon is as prickly as those stoic northern men! The blue and silver colors run through this design with the dire wolf carving guarding the owner of the spoon. Now, if only this was a valyrian steel sword.

Red and gold shine through this lion-engraved creation that perfectly showcases everything a Lannister has to offer! Also, with a spoon this royal, you will surely have no debts left to pay.

For the House that has been defined by fire and madness running through its veins, this awe-inspiring spoon for the House Targaryen displays their iconic three-headed dragon, guaranteeing the respect and admiration of its followers to the one that holds the throne, or in this case, the spoon!

What Is Dead May Never Die. And if it does, bring it back with this Kracken-bearing spoon designed for the worthy rulers of the House Greyjoy. This spoon would be awesome comeback if we ever hear the words, unleash the Kraken!

Below: The Making

Innovative tableware designs that turn eating into an experience: Part 2

Spoons, forks, dishes… these are some classic designs that have remained standard ever since their invention. Or so we thought until we came across these innovative tableware designs! From a teapot that keeps your tea warm while you have those long conversations, an ergonomically efficient spice grinder to flowing plates that add a moment of zen to your table, these designs, when used, are sure to set your table apart to an extent where your cutlery ends up being the focus over the food! Check out our Part 1 of this collection to spice up your dinner table even more!

Tea for two is an easy-to-use tea set with 2 spouts on a pivoting base to keep the tea and conversation flowing by Mark Huang

The Ortwo models itself on the hand-grippers that we use to increase our gripping strength, giving you a new, single-handed way to crush pepper, salt, or other spices by Dreamfarm 

Doubloom is a darling spice canister set that adds a decorative touch to your kitchen by Wanki Kim 

The Pick-Up Lid lets you grab a pinch of seasoning from the glass receptacle without making any contact with the food by Nendo for Daikin

The storm tray from 24d-studio Design&Architecture 

Inspired by ever-shifting dunes, The Foundry by Tinkah set out to develop a material that tames the characteristics of desert sand into a moldable medium 

Folding Tableware by Zhou Buyi is stacked up from top to bottom, flowing with aesthetic feeling. Lines are made up of 1:2:3 ratios, in geometric progression 

This Cutlery Design has utensils made from black matte steel and inset into wood handling by Saad Syed (emrgnce)

The Outlery Cutlery is a three-part kit that screws on in a jiffy and can be used on the go. Easy to clean and maintain, just carry a box on you, wherever you go by Outlery 

This family of products designed for Virgin Atlantic consists of everything from the cutlery through to the cupholders, with every single element of the experience receiving a new lease of life by Youmeus Design 

Teapot designed by Jose Carlos 

Someone invented this travel-safe decanter to carry your spirits with you on holidays!

I’m assuming there’s a big enough niche for people who like carrying their preferred poison with them wherever they go. I won’t lie, I’ve tried carrying bottles around on flights and they’re an intensely stressful experience. Thankfully I’ve never been the recipient of shoddy cargo-handling and my bottles have always come out intact, but that luck doesn’t extend to everyone. If a bottle is breakable, chances are it will break, so it’s best you be prepared with a product like the Travel Decanter, a glass decanter housed in a secure, double-walled low-tolerance stainless steel casing, designed specifically to withstand the physical toll of traveling.

The Travel Decanter was built for two things. Travel, and taste-preservation. A specially-crafted hand-blown decanter holds 500ml of whatever you pour into it, be it a special spirit, or a cocktail of choice. Unlike metal or polymer-based containers, the glass decanter doesn’t alter the taste of the drink within. The result is a truly well-preserved libation that doesn’t have any plastic-y taste or metallic notes. A wide neck on the decanter allows you to easily pour drinks into it, and even add a few ice-cubes of your own, while a stainless steel stopper with a silicone seal ensures your liquids are preserved in a spill-proof, air-tight environment. The decanter then slides into a double-walled stainless steel outer casing that keeps your drink chilled as well as protected from accidental bumps and spills courtesy the butter-fingers that handle our luggage at the airport. The stainless-steel casing screws together to stay securely shut, and opens at the middle to transform into two tumblers to drink from. In fact, there’s even 2oz indicator inside the glass so you know how much to pour, and a subtle design at the base of each tumbler around the rim, for easy gripping. When assembled, the Travel Decanter measures a mere 8.5 inches in height and 3.5 inches in width, slipping easily into suitcases, or even in the bottle-pouch of backpacks.

Calling the Travel Decanter a thermos or a flask would be like calling an iPad a computer. You’d be right in a strictly literal sense, but you’d also lose a lot in translation, because in many ways, the Travel Decanter is a very new category. Its job is preservation no doubt, but for a specific liquid and a scenario that surely demands a product (I don’t have statistics on how many bottles of alcohol break inside suitcases but I imagine it’s enough to be a headache). Ultimately the Travel Decanter helps you carry your favorite spirits with you, especially on business trips where you’d much rather sip on your own alcohol than rely on those incredibly expensive hotel room minibars, or on road-trips and picnics outside the city.

Designer: Kegan McDaniel

Click Here to Buy Now: $44 $60 (26% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $330,000.

The Travel Decanter: Preserve Your Whiskey, Cocktails, and Wine

A 500 ml hand blown decanter, encased in 2 stainless steel double wall tumblers – designed to preserve your spirits during travel.

The Travel Decanter Drop Test

The double-wall stainless steel shell not only insulates remarkably, it provides impact and shock resistance. Above is a real-life video dropping the Travel Decanter directly onto concrete. It demonstrates the durability, and protection it provides to the borosilicate glass decanter.

Click Here to Buy Now: $44 $60 (26% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $330,000.