Protect Your AirPods with This Sweet Leather Case

You spent $160 on a pair of Apple AirPods… you might as well protect them, right? Why not do that in swanky style with this Leather AirPod Case? You may have thought you would have to succumb to the plain white Apple aesthetic with your AirPods but, boy, were you mistaken.

Made from vegetable-tanned European leather and hand-wrapped for a perfect fit around your AirPod charger, this handy little case will protect your buds from dirt, dust, and drops and it’ll look great doing it. Plus, it offers easy access to the Lightning charging port so you can power up without removing the case. These cases come in black, red, or brown and classic or pebble leather styling.

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Make Awesome Graphic Designs Without Any Experience Using PixTeller Pro

You don’t need a bunch of schooling or a Photoshop tutorial to create awesome designs. All you need is the platform that TechCrunch says “makes designers (almost) obsolete.” PixTeller Pro is based entirely online so you can access its fully customizable 74,000 pre-made designs, 1.5 million photos, and 100,000 shapes from anywhere.

Whether you’re looking to make a flyer, promote a product, or building a brand, PixTeller gives you the easy-to-use tools to make remarkable designs for websites, social media, print, and virtually any other medium. Their library is continually growing with more design assets that make it easy for people with no design or technical expertise to create compelling designs fast.

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Learn About Big Data with This Comprehensive Training Bundle

The Big Data boom has brought countless job opportunities, and one of those could be yours. Learn everything you need to know with The Big Data Hadoop and Spark Master Bundle. That may be a mouthful, but tools like Hadoop and Apache Spark are essential to efficiently working with massive quantities of data.

This bundle of six courses can help you grow your development and systems administrative skills and enhance your resume, plus it’s only $79 in the Technabob Shop.

Say Goodbye to Frayed Cables Forever with the Syncwire UNBREAKcable

If you’re a tech user, you’ve likely experienced your fair share of frayed cables and broken wires. Say goodbye to flimsy wires with the Syncwire UNBREAKcable.

This cable has definitely earned its “UNBREAKcable” moniker. This heavy-duty, hardy cable is equipped with a tinplate interior, TPE jacket exterior, and wrapped internal wires. Not even the 30,000 90-degree bends they tested this thing with can fray this cable. That’s why you won’t experience any friction or fraying, as the cable is roughly 30 times stronger than traditional ones.

Charge your devices without ever having to deal with snags and frayed fires. The Syncwire UNBREAKcable is available in Lightning, MicroUSB, and USB-C versions in the Technabob Shop, with prices ranging from $8.99 to $10.99 – a 33% to 42% savings.

Magnetic Cable Packs Lightning, MicroUSB and USB-C Tips

Here’s one cord to rule them all. This Magnetic 3-in-1 Charging Cable works with Apple Lightning, micro USB, and USB-C connections on the same cable. Moreover, the nylon-braided material is tough enough to withstand years of being stepped on and tossed in backpacks – you won’t notice the same wear-and-tear you’d see on other cables.

Keep an eye on the charging process with the LED indicator light, which lets you know when the charge is done. The interchangeable magnetic tips make it easy to switch between devices, and help provide a secure connection to your devices. Try the Magnetic 3-in-1 Charging Cable – it’s on sale for just $12.99 in the Technabob Shop.

Learn How to Hack for the Good Guys

Have you ever wanted to learn how to hack computers — for the good guys? As a white hat hacker, that’s exactly what you’d be doing. And you can learn all the skills you’ll need for a career in ethical hacking from the Super-sized Ethical Hacking Bundle.

With this series of online courses, you’ll learn how to get into the minds of hackers and anticipate possible attacks before they happen. To get hands-on experience, you’ll go through simulations that walk you through how attacks are performed, and how they can be prevented. Master real-life attack defenses and learn about information security requirements that will come in handy on the job in any technical position. In all, there are nine courses, covering many of the cyber security that will make your systems stronger and less susceptible to the real bad guys.

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Learn to Make Your Own Video Games with This Great E-Learning Deal

Do you want to create your own video games? Well, its easier than it sounds with a little training. The Zero to Hero Game Developer Bundle will teach you how to use the popular Unity and Unreal engines to create games from the comfort of your desk.

You’ll gain hands-on experience creating a first-person shooter game of your own – think Call of Duty or DOOM. You’ll also learn how to work with Blender, a 3D modeling tool which will help you create cool 3D assets for your games. There are also courses in Python, and Swift 3 for developing iOS games.

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Pocket-sized Gadget Records Audio and Doubles as a Flash Drive

Despite its unusual brand name this gadget could prove really useful. The Uqique USB Recorder is a travel-friendly recorder that’s perfect for capturing audio on the go. This handy pocket-sized device makes it easy to record lectures in class if you’re a student, or capture an interview if you’re a journalist, and you can enjoy superb audio quality that amplifies voice and minimizes background noise.

It also plays audio files allowing you to have a portable music player with you at all times – without draining the battery on your smartphone. And when you need to bring important files with you to a meeting? It functions as an 8GB flash drive, too.

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Learn White Hat Hacking Skills and Pay What You Want

Learn how to protect your network, hardware, and software security by learning how hackers work. This online training package includes lessons on the principles of hacking and identifying vulnerabilities, so you can improve the security of your applications and environment.

This 55-hour bundle (valued at over $1500) includes eight useful courses that will get you up to speed on ethical hacking strategies and skills. You’ll learn how to hack wi-fi networks using different tactics for different situations. You’ll find out how to break through anti-virus programs and firewalls, so that you’ll be able to protect a network against attack. You’ll also dive into the best practices that network security professionals regularly use to keep their systems secure.

Elevate your skills and prove your knowledge to future employers. Check out the Certified White Hat Hacker Bundle. Technabob Shop, and pay only what you want for the entire package.

These Lightweight, Minimalistic Ear Buds Are Perfect for the Gym or Your Commute

Looking for some great wireless headphones that really live up to their promise? Check out the Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth Earbuds, which offer lots of features for not a lot of money.

These stand out with their simple design, CVC noise cancellation, and high-quality sound performance. These uncluttered buds aren’t bogged down with complex buttons and a fancy design. They play for up to 3 hours per charge, and the included wireless charging case can keep your buds juiced up multiple times while you’re on the go, for added convenience.

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