Samsung Galaxy Fold review units are already broken

Early Samsung Galaxy Fold adopters might be in for a surprise, judging by some journalists who reported some serious issues with their review units. The Verge's Dieter Bohn claimed a bulge that appeared in the crease of the display broke the screen a...

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Galaxy S10 5G go up for pre-order tomorrow

There's not much new to say about the Galaxy Fold at this point. It's a phone. That folds. It's expensive. And it may or may not have a significant design flaw, depending on how you look at it. The only remaining question was: When can people buy one...

Huawei’s folding phone marks an interesting turning point for Android

As of now, we stand at a rather interesting junction. Samsung, Huawei, Apple. These three companies are the largest manufacturers of phones, and up until now, the leading two were playing catch-up to Apple in terms of innovative design. With Huawei’s Mate X, we can officially say that the two companies have finally moved onto bigger, more different things. Following Samsung’s Galaxy Fold launch, the Mate X is the world’s second-biggest smartphone maker’s attempt at folding phones.

The Mate X features a display that’s slightly different from Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. In the Galaxy Fold, you’ve got a flexible screen that folds inwards, hiding from view when closed. The Mate X does the opposite. The screen bends outwards, splitting into two when the phone is closed. Measuring 6.6″ on the back, 6.38″ on the front, and 8″ in total when unfolded, the phone is essentially a phablet when opened up, and a regular, albeit thick, smartphone when closed. It features a triple Leica camera layout that’s embedded in the phone’s thick side notch (not a bezel notch, but rather a thick spine), a fingerprint sensor embedded in the power button, 8Gb RAM, 512Gb internal storage, a 4,500mAh battery, and also comes with 5G connectivity, something Huawei has positioned itself to be a pioneer in.

I doubt these phones will make a dent in iPhone sales, given that they cost double of what the iPhone costs, but it does raise a significant question. What’s Apple’s next move? And more importantly, are flexible displays even going to catch on?? The burning question in my head remains “how do I put a screen protector or a case on these phones?”

Designer: Huawei

Comparing the Galaxy Fold, the Huawei Mate X and the Royole FlexPai

Over the past few years, new handsets haven't had a lot to distinguish themselves from the competition. We've seen more powerful cameras and larger screens, but the basic design has been a bit stuck. However, in the past week both Samsung and Huawei...