This AI-enabled phone case has detachable display that prioritizes and manages your notifications!

A smartphone case that lets you focus on work at hand without being worried about missing any important notifications.

Smartphones are like a second skin to us as they constantly keep beaming notifications (more than 100 in a day on average) that can adversely affect productivity and focus levels. It is like, we get sucked into using our phones even when we don’t intend to. More often than not users rarely toggle their phone notifications – to filter out the ones that are not important. This calls for a perfect opportunity to develop a gadget that can prioritize notifications on the phone and over time learn how the user interacts with these notifications to only beam the important ones on priority.

Meet Noa, a detachable phone case that comes with an AI-enabled e-ink screen to learn the user’s response to particular notifications. What I find the most intuitive about Noa’s design is the fact that it can be detached right off the case whenever needed. This in a way physically segregates you from your phone’s inviting notifications to prevent any untimely disruptions without worrying about missing out on what matters to you the most. It can also be used as a kickstand to set up a notifications center and have the phone out of sight.


Noa has an e-ink display that is gentle on the eyes and it seamlessly slides into the phone case housing near the bottom courtesy of the strong magnets. The gadget connects to the phone’s OS and intelligently ascertains whether a notification requires immediate attention or can be kept aside to be checked later on. To be precise, Noa sends the right notifications at the right time. The smart software of this accessory constantly tracks user behavior to get better over time and determines the display position of notifications in the interface.

It can also send quick replies thanks to the Quick Reply AI, which comes with Summarization AI to organize longer notification messages and automatic scheduling based on the important times and dates in the user’s calendar. Noa is in a true sense a gadget that does the hard work for the user without missing out on vital notifications that matter the most.

Designer: Darren Wells


This Xiaomi Smartphone perfectly matches their “Alive” philosophy with its minimal form

When one looks back at the evolution of smartphones, we’ve come a long way in terms of hardware and design. Right from the walkie-talkie-like design to the current day bezel-less form factor. Talk of the hardware – and it has been a technological revolution – literally bringing the computing power of a PC to the handheld gadget. According to Statista, the number of smartphone users worldwide has crossed three billion and is estimated to grow by several hundred million in the next few years. That’s approximately 35 percent of the total world population who have access to this ground-breaking piece of technology. While tech giants are exploring the realms of foldable and retractable smartphone designs, simplicity is something that suffices our daily needs.

Industrial designer Yifan Hu has come up with the Xiaomi Mi phone of the future inspired by the brand’s latest venture into the “Alive” branding identity announced in March 2021. The new dynamic logo designed by a world-renowned designer, professor of Musashino Art University, and the President of the Nippon Design Center (NDC), Kenya HARA. The contoured corners of the logo are created using superellipse mathematical formula are aesthetically pleasing, and so is the smartphone concept designed by Yifan. This Mi phone results from the perfect balance between a square and circle shape – the very essence of Xiaomi’s brand identity going forward.

The phone follows the “Alive” philosophy to the core to signifying a profoundly active life. Have a closer look at the rounded body frame and the contoured camera module housing. Even the phone profile toggling button carries the same theme for visual uniformity. The device is pretty thin and looks ergonomically balanced to hold for the feel-good factor. Quite aptly, the new “Alive” themed logo on the back perfectly matches the overall design of the concept smartphone. Yifan imagines the device in wantable colors, including coral green, see blue, peppy orange, off white, and grey. So, would you want one of these phones in the palm of your hand? I surely would not mind having one – the current designs have got so monotonous, haven’t they?

Designer: Yifan Hu

The retro phone gets a modern day office redesign that Michael Scott won’t throw away!

Do you still have your phonebook? You will need it with this redesign of the classic retro office phone by Martin Poon!

We use retro products all the time to create an aesthetic, and while the “90’s vibe” has become more of a photography filter, we love to see designers breathing life back into some of our favorite nostalgic items. Not long also we knew phone numbers by heart and had an address book, this simplified desktop phone brings back all of the good memories without any of the bad UI! The new/old phone has debossed buttons that won’t wear out like the silkscreen print, soft ear pads, and a single-piece keypad that makes it easier to clean – no crumbs! We love talking about the good old days but certainly don’t remember contact numbers like we used to so this phone comes with a cloud contact list that lets you reminisce without feeling old. The most futuristic (and probably extremely important) thing about it is that it comes with USB ports to charges other devices. So now your phone or iPhone will never be at 1% again.

This design invokes nostalgia, memories you have kept for your memory box – some of them have such a strong emotional value attached to their design making it a worthy addition to every desk!

Designer: Martin Poon

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Finally, a book designed to help you stop doomscrolling on your phone

A quick Google Trends search will show you that the first instance of the term ‘Doomscrolling’ dates back to April 2020. The word was coined at the starting of the global lockdown following the pandemic, to mean “the act of consuming a large quantity of negative online news, typically without pause, to the detriment of the mental health of the person consuming it.”

It’s no secret that smartphones are designed to be addictive and bad for your mental health. Couple this with lockdowns, confinement, and isolation, and you’ve got a pretty bad combination on your hands… quite literally on your hands! Goodbye Phone, Hello World was published to help take that device from out of your hands and give you back control of your happiness and overall mental health. The book, which combines beautiful illustrations and bite-sized pieces of text (for an easy transition), is filled with ‘ideas, wit, and wisdom to help you break away from technology and get back to living’. Within its covers lie 60 different exercises to help you find happiness, inner peace, and break away from the addictive activity that is staring at your phone. Yes, I get the irony behind you probably reading this on your phone..!

Author: Paul Greenberg

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