Senators ask the FCC to limit 5G auction to protect weather forecasts

In March, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) began auctioning blocks of the 24 GHz spectrum, which could be used to implement future 5G networks. Shortly afterward, the US Navy released a memo warning that 5G in the 24 GHz band could interfe...

Facebook’s outgoing security chief sent a damning company-wide memo

Facebook's outgoing security chief, Alex Stamos, sent a damning internal memo just days after the Cambridge Analytica scandal came to light, urging the company to "intentionally not collect data where possible, and to keep it only as long as we are u...

Memos and More Case

As useful as our smartphones are for reminders, calendar management and other organization, sometimes it’s still just better to write things down! That’s the inspiration behind the MemoCase. Built-in to it’s surprisingly slim shell is a small space perfect for keeping note paper and a small pen. Not just for notes, the discrete container makes a great hiding spot for money, cards or photos too. The “door” is also perfectly placed to prop up your phone when open.18 Genius!

Designer: Kate Zhang

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