This winter villa was designed to immerse you in the snowy Russian landscape & luxurious interiors!

I love cabins and I love snow so this luxurious winter cabin in a Russian forest seems just the place to stay socially distant, cozy, and enjoy the sweeping landscape while skiing! Shomali Design Studio is one of our favorites when it comes to designing luxurious retreats in nature because they always draw inspiration from the natural setting for the form, materials, and aesthetic which only enhances the design.

“We tried to use a solid and simple form to make a powerful and safe feeling. On the other hand, making harmony with the surrounding by extending the sloping roof to the ground was our main goal. In the end, the futuristic and modern form was born during this process. Also, it is an inner space at the front door.

On the contrary to a solid and cold exterior, we have a fluid and warm interior. On the interior, in order to have a cozy feeling, there are warm colors and different floor materials. On the other hand, the low-level conventional area brings down the viewer’s eye level and presents different points of view to the outside,” says the designer duo who heads the Iranian architectural studio.

The conceptual home may look broody on the outside but the bold-colored interiors add the much-needed visual warmth especially considering the environment it is set in. Unlike most luxury villas, this is primarily a one-level floor layout and the floor organically curves halfway to provide an elevated platform for the bed which separates the sleeping area.

The angular structure also has beautiful panoramic windows that immerses you in the scenic landscape while keeping the frostbites away. I am already dreaming about spending an extended weekend here curled up with my favorite book and a bottomless cup of hot coffee!

Designer: Shomali Design Studio

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