This Scandinavian-inspired caravan designed for a minimal mobile lifestyle gives the ultimate outdoor experience!

Hobby’s new Maxia caravan takes to Scandinavian design to merge the mobile lifestyle with hygge living, creating a caravan that feels a lot like your own private luxury city apartment on wheels.

The mobile lifestyle is all that’s on our minds nowadays. Getting away from the monotony of our routines and hitting the road to drive to our favorite camping spot or even all the way across the country sounds like the holiday we’re all looking for. Riding the tails of their Beachy caravan, Hobby, the world’s largest manufacturer of caravans, released their Scandinavian-inspired Maxia caravan that feels like riding in your very own mobile city apartment.

Maxia’s exterior holds onto the traditional look of a caravan, but smooths out its edges and rounds its windows to give the caravan an elevated, more seasoned look. Maxia’s front window slopes from the caravan’s roof down the curved front facade, lengthening the feel of the interior and offering fuller views of the outdoors through the dual-pane panoramic window. With an aim of transforming their caravans into, “the most beautiful places in the world,” Hobby designed Maxia for hygge-style living, outfitting the interior with comfort and simplicity in mind. Available in two different lengths that inspire two different layouts, Maxia 660 WQM is the longer of the two and accommodates up to four adults with full kitchen and bathroom areas.

The dual-pane panoramic window frames the caravan’s L-shaped kitchen, where you can do everything you might in your home’s kitchen, including stovetop cooking with a gas hob and sink. The kitchen also comes equipped with a 157-L Dometic compressor refrigerator, stainless steel sink, swivel-out corner cabinet, push-lock drawers, and even a multifunctional splashback. Moving from the kitchen to the living area, a U-shaped sofa transforms into a bed come night for supplemental sleeping arrangements and functions as a dining area during the day for meals, hanging out, or working. The living area mainly hosts the caravan’s storage compartments, filling out benches and cabinets with plenty of wardrobe space, seating storage, even a heated coat rack.

Sticking to an open floor plan to allow plenty of movement and living space, the primary sleeping area is tucked away towards the back end of the caravan, only in front of the bathroom, for a little bit more privacy. The bedroom keeps a spacious fixed spring mattress positioned atop a sturdy beechwood bed frame that hosts more storage space underneath, accessible via a Lift-O-Mat that raises the mattress to reveal an under-bed storage area.

In addition to the open-floor layout and Scandinavian-inspired design, Maxia hosts an array of smart appliances and utility fittings to make holidays on the road run that much smoother, including a full electrical system, Truma Combi heater/water heater, 47-L freshwater tank, 23.5-L removable, rollable waste water tank, and Hobby Connect touchscreen- and app-based control and monitoring system.

Designer: Hobby

Hobby held onto a more traditional exterior look for Maxia, smoothing out its edges and lengthening its windows for a more elevated, refined look.

During the day, plenty of natural sunlight pours in through Maxia’s double-pane glass windows. 

The bathroom provides even more storage space and comes complete with a THETFORD rotating toilet.

The sofas and dining benches are plush, yet easy to handle for quick late-night sofa-to-bed transformations. 

The dining area doubles as a workspace and living area during the day to offer plenty of space to unwind and relax. 

This Wearable Anti-Insect Tent Is a Real Product That Exists

The great outdoors: it comes with a lot of bugs. And what if you don’t like those bugs? Enter the WalkingPod Mesh personal anti-insect tent, a wearable fine-gauge mesh tent that prevents pesky bugs from getting too close. Plus it makes you look cool while you’re mowing the lawn or picnicking with your significant other.

Available from Under The Weather, the limited edition (act now!) $90 pod stays in place via backpack-style shoulder straps and an adjustable belt. It also has an elastic waistband to prevent bugs from entering from underneath, and two elastic holes to stick your arms through, making your exposed forearms an all-you-can-eat buffet for mosquitos.

So, did you already buy one? I bet you didn’t, because I already bought them all out of stock. Now I’m reselling them on eBay for twice the price like PS5s, although they’re not exactly selling like the hotcakes I expected them to be. As a matter of fact, I’ve actually had to take a loss on most of them. Also, there’s a 100% chance I forget I’m wearing my WalkingPod and smash a hotdog into the mesh.

[via CNet]

Tiny Tents Let Your Cat Camp Out

Tiny Tents are exactly that: tiny tents with all the features and functionality you’d expect to find in a regular size tent, but measuring only 18″ x 18″ x 12″ when pitched. I mean if you can even consider assembling one of these tiny things as pitching a tent. Maybe just underhand lobbing a tent, or even casually rolling a tent.

The tents, which are available in alpine green and sky blue over at REI, retail for $20 with standard features that include two zipper side doors with zipper mesh windows, a removable rainfly, tarpaulin floor, interior stash pockets “for stowing really tiny accessories,” a mesh stargazer roof, plastic tent poles with elastic connection for easy setup, and a whopping 2.25 square feet of floor space.

Obviously, the tent makes a great pet bed for small dogs, cats, and hedgehogs, or the perfect camping accessory for the action figures I still play with. I tell my wife they’re actually extremely valuable collectibles, but she knows. She knows.

Toy Football/Plane Hybrid Can Be Thrown Over 100 Yards

This is the Mad Fly Sports Raptor Football, a toy football/plane hybrid that can be thrown over 100 yards. So maybe for once when my brother tells me to go long, he’ll actually mean it. The toy does require a unique throw (read: not a football spiral) for the creation of maximum lift and distance though, so there is a learning curve involved.

The $50 toy, available on Amazon (affiliate link), is advertised as the world’s farthest-flying football, with ‘football’ clearly being defined very loosely here, because that is much less a ball and way more a plane. But did that stop me from starting an online petition demanding the NFL make it their new official ball? It did not.

Obviously, the ball still requires a decent arm to be able to throw it over 100 yards. With my sad arm, you’d probably have a hard time distinguishing if a throw was actually a throw or just an accidental drop. Hey, it’s not my fault Santa never brought me a Bowflex. Granted I’ve never asked for one either, but still.

[via Dude I Want That]

Muzen Wild Mini Bluetooth Speaker Review: Small But Mighty Good

There are countless Bluetooth speakers to choose from these days, so if audio companies want people to take notice, you have to do something pretty different. The Muzen Wild Mini speaker is just that. Measuring about 3″ high x 2.25″ wide x 1.375″ deep, this ultra-compact speaker is small enough to carry in the palm of your hand, but this tiny speaker punches way above its class in build and sound quality.

The Wild Mini comes packaged in a sturdy plastic case that’s substantially larger than the speaker itself. The rugged, foam-lined case is a nice touch but given the speaker’s own rugged look and feel, I’m not sure I’ll ever be putting it back in its packaging.

The speaker is the true star of the show, featuring a high-quality body made from high-density zinc alloy, and a design inspired by military radios. With the exception of a couple of trim pieces and buttons, everything on the Wild Mini is made from metal. Combined with the weight of a battery that can last up to six hours at full volume, the little speaker feels incredibly substantial and weighs in at over half a pound.

Despite being a pre-production model, my review unit feels really well built, with no gaps or rattly bits. The 5-watt amplifier and speaker produce a surprisingly big sound, without discernible distortion even at high volume levels. Physics prevent a speaker this small from ever producing booming bass, but it handles low end admirably for its size, and mids and highs are clean and pleasing to the ear. Overall sound quality is much better than I expected for a speaker this small, and I think the metal enclosure and rubber feet help to eliminate unwanted vibrations.

Every detail of the Wild Mini’s case and controls are smartly designed and engineered. There’s a satisfyingly clicky knurled metal thumbwheel for adjusting volume, a spring-loaded flip switch for powering the unit on and off and Bluetooth pairing, and a pushbutton surrounded by a bi-directional ring for pausing and changing tracks.

A MicroUSB charging connector hides beneath a hinged door that keeps moisture out. The speaker enclosure is IPX5-rated, which means it’s water-resistant, so it’s fine if it gets rained on or splashed at the beach, but you don’t want to submerge it.

In addition to its above par audio capabilities, the Wild Mini serves double duty as a flashlight. There are three modes – high, low, and SOS. It’s not an exceptionally bright light even at its highest setting, but it does provide enough light to guide your way on a pitch-black trail, or to find your keys in the dark. Plus, it can be operated at the same time as your music plays. The speaker’s case also has an “n”-shaped loop on its top, which lets you lash it to a backpack or belt loop with a piece of paracord or a small carabiner clip.

I absolutely love this little speaker. It’s got a unique look, is built really well and sounds very good considering its size. You can pre-order the Muzen Wild Mini Bluetooth speaker now over on Kickstarter. While the MSRP for the speaker is $99, there are still a number of Super Early Bird and Early Bird deals available, priced at $69 and $79, respectively.

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