The Paper Shredder Just Got A Welcomed Re-Design

Paper shredders have unfortunately found themselves falling into the category of ‘over-designed’ and ‘unnecessarily complicated’ products, with their often visually-complicated aesthetics jarring with their surroundings and their functionality getting lost beneath the unwanted functions. This is the exact issue that the team at Blond Design Studio identified, and their answer to the problem is Aperture.

Aperture is an intriguing product, where functionality and simplicity have been at the forefront of the design. Just two buttons are present on the device, these being auto and reverse, making operation straightforward and hassle-free. A viewing window is absent from the clean, uninterrupted form, as this has instead been replaced with a viewing hole on the top of the device, meaning that the user does not have to awkwardly bend down to check the paper contents.

The primary drive behind the fuss-free aesthetic was to create a product which can be integrated into a range of interior styles and sceneries… without standing out like a sore thumb!

Designer: Blond Design Studio

During their research they noticed that most paper shredders had a power cable which exits from the top of the product, as this is where the components are located. However, this cable position causes complications in terms of positioning, not to mention; it is aesthetically unpleasant. Due to this, they created a cable channel on the inside of the casing and relocated the power cable to the bottom of the product.

In additional to the white CMF direction, supplementary colour pallets have been inspired by the woods used to make paper.

Should grooming products be ergonomic? Or Sleek?


Blond’s Extrusion electric shaver may be the very opposite of ergonomic, but it does follow a design movement that we’ve subconsciously made peace with. Phones today have made a rather successful transition from being the curvy, hand-friendly gadgets that Nokia made in the 90s and 00s, to being slabs that have so little design in them, they’re physically and even characteristically two dimensional. However, the human perception has shifted too, and any product that has mass and curves is now perceived as un-sleek and undesirable.

The Extrusion Shaver tries to use that perception to its favor by ditching the design language set by current shavers and their over-stylized-in-the-name-of-ergonomic-design forms for something that’s sleek, and easy on the eyes. The Extrusion Shaver doesn’t look uncomfortable to hold… but it does look clean (which goes hand-in-hand with what it does to your face), and it definitely looks sophisticated (another hand-in-hand characteristic trait). It looks simple but still retains its high-end image rather wonderfully, with its premium looking matte metal finish and its wireless charging dock… but more importantly, it also looks refreshingly different!

Designer: Blond Design Studio