A Pocket Knife that Works like Panther-claws

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The way Caswell’s Morphing Karambit knife opens and closes is a thing of sheer beauty. It uses a parallel motion linkage, as opposed to a single-point swivel. The result is a knife where the blade can slide outwards even as your palm is wrapped around the handle. The action is swift, decisive, and the blade doesn’t even have to touch your palm or fingers as it slides outwards and in. It also makes the Morphing Karambit incredibly hypnotic to look at (especially in slow motion!).

The Karambit’s award-winning design comes from asking a basic question. How can you deploy a pocket knife’s blade while your fingers are securely wrapped around the handle? The same goes for when you’re closing the blade. With regular pocket knives, the blade essentially needs to travel through your fingers, because its path was defined by its single-pivot design. The resulting Morphing Karambit does a 180 (clever wordplay intended) on the default mechanism, opting for a linkage that causes the blade to move in and out innovatively, through the front of the knife. Using a parallel motion linkage, the blade slides out like the claw of a ferocious jungle cat, clicking satisfyingly as it locks in its open position, and casually returning to its retracted position when you’re done using it.

The Karambit’s curved blade design lends itself to a lot of activities, from cutting to shearing and shredding (coming originally from 11th century Indonesia, where it was used for hunting and agriculture). Made from Steel with a Tungsten DLC coating, the Karambit is unexpectedly efficient, and can be used not only for everyday tasks and outdoor activities, but even in emergencies, cutting through paracords, seatbelts, tough clothing, medical packages, etc. With just five precisely machined parts, fasteners, and a zero-profile titanium pocket clip, the Karambit’s elegant design fits well into the hand as well as comfortably into pockets, making it ideal EDC for passionate hobbyists, outdoor wanderers, safety personnel, and first responders alike!

Designer: Joe Caswell

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Seamless, Intuitive Blade Deployment. No need to remove fingers from the tool to allow blade to pass.

User Safety is Enhanced because fingers do not cross a rotational path of a blade while the tool is grasped for use. [While safety is enhanced with this design, it should NOT be construed that conventional designs, made and used properly, are “unsafe.”]

– Convenient, Discrete “Zero-Profile” titanium pocket clip allows secure, deep-pocket carry without sacrificing accessibility. It does not create discomfort while the knife is grasped for use. It is much less likely to snag upon or damage objects encountered in close quarters compared with a conventional protruding pocket clip.


– Elegant Design including just FIVE principle parts, plus fasteners (and pocket clip). It is compact, rugged and optimized for use under demanding conditions.


–  Versatile. The MKV2 may be safely grasped and deployed in different ways to accommodate the present task.


100% MANUAL. MKV2 is NOT an automatic or assisted-opening knife! As such, it is generally legal to possess and carry anywhere a 2.5-inch locking folding knife is allowed. *Always know your local restrictions concerning pocket knives.






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EDC for bartenders!


Described by Gearpatrol as the Swiss Army Knife of bartending, the Rabbit Compact Bar Tools kit literally fits your bartending tools of trade into your pocket. Open up the black case and you’ve got six stainless steel tools on the inside. Comprising a strainer, citrus zester, bottle opener, stirring stick, jigger, and bar knife, the Compact Bar Tools are probably all you’ll need aside from a cocktail shaker to make some of your crazy cocktails and amazing aperitifs. The tools come made from durable and food safe stainless steel and can be cleaned by simply handwashing. They also come in a nice black plastic caddy that not only lets you carry them around in your pocket, it doubles up as a measuring cup/jigger too! Ingenious, I say!

Designer: Rabbit Wine


These carabiner clips are made from a single titanium piece


It took Jeb Cheng quite a bit of trial and error (as you can see here), but after dozens of prototypes, he ultimately arrived at the perfect design for a single-piece carabiner made from titanium. A series of slanted cuts, spaced apart to provide a balance between flexibility and rigidity without breaking apart, are placed in the arm of the carabiner. A little pressure allows it to slide backwards (the cuts only give it flexibility in a single direction), giving you enough space to slip your keys in. Release the pin/arm and it reverts to its original position.

The FLEX TK6 Titanium Keychain comes in two variants, a slightly larger one with two movable arms, and a smaller, single arm variant. Machined from a single block of titanium, before being given a scratch-resistant coating, the FLEX TK6 will probably last forever, outliving keys and traditional locking systems; but so what if it’s 2050 and you’re unlocking your doors with Siri or biometrics… You can use the TK6 then to tie together the rest of your EDC!

Designer: Jeb Cheng (Inspirs Design)












A Swiss Army Tactical… Watch?


Victorinox’s I.N.O.X. watch was made to be as hardy and as unbeatable as the Swiss Army company’s most famous offering… the Swiss Army Knife. The I.N.O.X. Carbon Limited Edition comes with a design very fitting for Victorinox. A chiseled, rugged body and a woven paracord strap give the watch a touch persona, only to be reinforced by the fact that the watch is actually crafted from carbon that’s 50% lighter and five times more resistant than steel. According to Victorinox, this is the only Swiss watch to withstand 130 extreme endurance homologation tests, including a space-test. The design makes use of a bright orange that isn’t only reminiscent of the NASA space suits and the exceptional engineering of the Golden Gate Bridge, but also the color used to prevent danger and keep you safe. Additionally, the watch also comes with an extra protective bumper that has its own inbuilt USB flashlight, making it the perfect combination of high-performance engineering, Swiss precision, and an adventure-ready outlook!

Designer: Victorinox

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It’s knife to meat you!


The Blanka was designed to be a miniature cleaver. Its design follows the cleaver’s big blade form, but the entire knife just about fits in your palm, making it look cute, but incredibly capable. The Blanka has a blade made out of VG-10 Japanese steel, along with a handle cut in a glass-reinforced resin material. The blade has two cutting edges, along with a Japanese-style tanto tip, allowing you to use the front edge of the blade as a cutting edge as well. This makes the Blanka extremely versatile as you can grip it in any fashion, exerting a downward, upward, or even forward motion. The semi-circular cut permeates both the blade and the grip, giving you a nice place to rest your index finger as you work the blade.

The knife comes with its own lanyard hole as well as a leather sheath that you can suspend from your belt hoop or even slip into your pocket. With a blade that is sharp on all edges, the Blanka is perfect for cutting, chopping, slicing, and piercing. So don’t really go by its toyish size!

Designer: JHO Knives

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Chess is now a “card” game!


Never thought you could put a chess set in your back-pocket, right? I mean, sure you could download a chess app, but where’s the fun in tapping at a screen as opposed to actually moving chess pieces? Innovo’s card chess set was literally designed to fit a game of tactile chess into your wallet! The 3D printed card-shaped, card-sized design comes with everything you need, from a board to all 32 chess pieces. Just snap the pieces right off their support structures (you differentiate the black and white players by the holed and non-holed pieces) and plug them right into the board. The board doesn’t come with the checkered pattern but it does have a grid made on it, so your gameplay won’t really get affected. It even comes with additional slots outside the board to dock pieces that have been eliminated from the game.

The Card Chess Set is great for carrying around and using in what I can only assume is an unexpected chess-based-emergency… or just showing off, to be honest! My only gripe is that you don’t really have any place to keep the chess pieces after your first game, since you’ve snapped them off their support structures. Anyone got any solutions?? Let us know!

Designer: Kiriakos Christodoulou (Innovo Design)






Who knew cards could be this versatile?!

You don’t need to have your bicycle fall apart on the highway for you to realize you could do with a compact multi-tool on you. However, that moment sparked something in Alexander Barak. The result of it was the Tag Supra, a card-shaped, card-sized piece of metal that managed to fit as many as 14 tools into one singular form.

Made out of titanium, the Supra manages to stay thin enough to fit into your wallet. When closed, it takes the shape of a card that you can slide into most wallets, and when opened, can be used as a plier. It even comes with its own stainless steel blade, wire cutter, bottle opener, five metric wrenches, Phillips/Allen/Hex head screwdrivers, and to bring a touch of modernity to it all, a USB drive too!

Its titanium construction allows it to be incredibly thin and surprisingly light (weighing just close to 60gms), letting you carry it anywhere without even realizing you’ve got a toolbox on you. Plus, I’m just absolutely digging that insane petroleum rainbow finish!

Designer: Alexander Barak

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This knife is hole-some and wholesome

The best way to describe the CRKT Daktyl is probably to say “futuristic alien design meets minimalism”. The Daktyl takes on a very distinct aesthetic, much like most of CRKT’s tools (take the Snap Lock Knife for example). However, what instantly captures one’s eye is its bare-basic language, with focus going to the circular element in the middle. The circle isn’t just a visual element but is pretty useful too. Built with a carabiner clip and a bottle opening edge, the Daktyl can be suspended from your backpack strap or your belt loop by the ‘O’ element.

The Daktyl’s blade and handle are in a lot of ways similar to the Snap Lock. The blade opens sideways as opposed to most switchblade knives, and comes with a locking and unlocking clip. Close the blade and it sits perfectly inside the hollowed handle, with its sharp edge hidden away. Open the blade out and you’ve got a pretty marvelous looking knife with an eye-catching ‘O’ element in the middle and a wonderfully light looking hollow handle. Designed by Tom Hitchcock for the Columbia River Knife and Tool company, the Daktyl weighs and incredibly light 2.4 ounces and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Designers: Tom Hitchcock & CRKT (Columbia River Knife & Tool).

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Creative Crustacean Contraptions!


There are a handful of companies that make products playful, exciting, and emotive. Kikkerland is easily one of them. It has an inventive style, and its products are designed to be lovable!

Take for instance the Crab. Most people look at Swiss Knives and see multi-tools, but not Kikkerland! The Crab puts a visual twist on the multi-tool, transforming it entirely into a crustacean in a way that seems almost natural, and something you’d expect from a child’s mind.

The Crab comes with a beechwood body and 6 multitools, comprising a pair of scissors, a bottle opener, a 3/16 flat head screwdriver, a can opener, a mini knife, and a rope saw. Fold them up to make the multi-tool look compact, like a meditating crab. The minute you need a helping hand (or claw), unfold the crab’s many arms and it’ll show you just how useful it is!

Designer: Kikkerland

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The forever-futuristic knife

There’s something timeless about the CRKT Snap Lock Knife. For starters, looking at it, you probably wouldn’t have figured that this knife was in production as early as 2004 (it won the Most Innovative Knife Award at the Blade Show). It looks incredibly cutting edge (clever wordplay?) even today, for a knife design that’s turning 14 this year. CRKT’s reissue of this legendary blade means more people can own it and be charmed by its awe-inspiring design that comes with a pretty nifty looking cam mechanism that allows the blade to rotate on a completely different axis as compared to switchblades/folding-blades. The mechanism demands the knife have a hollow handle that allows it to look just stunning when opened AND when closed, while making sure that the knife itself remains lightweight (weighing just 2.56 ounces). As a result, when closed, the sharp edge of the blade is completely concealed and out of harm’s way. What’s more, the knife’s design even integrates a money clip into the product. Made in 2004… Desirable forever after.

Designers: Ed Van Hoy & CRKT (Columbia River Knife & Tool).

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