EDC that’s no bigger than a dollar coin

When folded down, the Eclipse literally can fit into your coin purse. Circular, and virtually the same size as a coin, the Eclipse can be carried anywhere and everywhere, allowing you to have a blade handy for both outdoor activities as well as indoor applications.

Eclipse’s blade features an inventive deploying technique that has it sliding outwards using parallel linkages. This prevents the blade’s edge from ever coming in contact with your hand, allowing for safe, one-handed deployment. The sheepsfoot blade instantly locks into position via the button-lock on its body. The Eclipse comes made entirely from hardened 440C Stainless Steel (there’s also a limited edition titanium variant), and boasts of classic color schemes like silver (a perfect selection given its coin-shape), and menacing black. A perfect EDC not just for outdoor freaks, but also collectors, the Eclipse, with its uniquely convenient form factor, and awe-inspiring transformation, is quite the must-have!

Designer: Fulcrum Knives








This thumb-sized sewing kit gives you ‘a stitch in time’


Much more professional looking than the disposable sewing kits hotels give you, the Best Made Company’s Brass Capsule Stitcher feels like EDC to fix your garments. Made entirely out of brass, and shaped like a capsule that is no larger than your thumb, the Brass Capsule Stitcher is handy in more ways than one. It fits in your hand, pocket, and bag rather easily, only to be produced at the time of need. The design allows you to store 3 types of threads, and even comes with three different needles (with special stitching-machine-style tips) that you can dock and lock in place. Its cylindrical design comes with its own set of benefits too. Not only is it easy to wrap the thread around the spool, the case lets you store different buttons in it too! What more could you ask for?!

Designer: Best Made Company






This titanium multitool nails the basics


The James Brand was established for the pure reason that there are some problems that involve getting your hands dirty. Some solutions involve having the right tool on you and the Halifax was designed to be a solution to some pretty basic problems. Its simplistic design comes machined from a single titanium billet, and has a design that’s easy to hold, store, and even operate.

The Halifax comes with three rather rudimentary functions that you’re bound to require a tool for. A flathead screwdriver on the front lets you loosen or tighten screws on your gadgets and outdoor equipment, while its solid titanium construction even lets you use it as a scraper, taking tough coatings off surfaces like a knife moving through butter… all without getting a single scratch. Right underneath the tool also lies a bottle-opener with a rather interesting cap-holding design detail that stands out in its chrome finish.

Designer: The James Brand

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The fidget spinner made functional

Striking a perfect balance between work and play, want and need, the Multitool Fidget Spinner is weird in a way that makes us like it. With a ceramic ball-bearing center, the spinner spins with the smoothness you’d expect from high-end fidget toys… but more importantly, around its edge are six spokes with six different multi-tools attached.

With two straight screwdrivers, two Phillips heads, and two Torx tips, the fidget spinner has all you’d need to tinker and fix things… and when you’re not, just keep spinning away!

The fidget spinner comes with a zinc alloy body, while each individual tool-bit is made out of Chromium-vanadium steel and snaps magnetically to the fidget spinner’s body, allowing you to store the heads separately and take them out when you need them, but if you ask me, keeping them magnetically attached to the fidget spinner gives the toy much more character!

Designer: Uncommon Goods

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An immortal titanium pencil for your immortal ideas

It’s been around for almost half a millennium now, and the pencil is still going strong. Even today, the most commonly used ones come with a graphite nib encased in wood, with the exception of the mechanical pencil, a much more recent innovation that allows you to extrude a graphite lead by clicking a button… but no matter how far we progress as a species, the humble pencil is always our go-to for ideating, sketching, scribbling, doodling, and noting. The Magno Ti turns that humble 500-year-old product into something spectacular, that not only celebrates the ubiquity of the pencil, but gives it a makeover that transforms it into a stunning instrument that will live and enchant for another 500 years. With a titanium build, and an eye-catching magnetic deployment for the graphite nib, the Magno Ti is simple, sophisticated, and sublime.

The Magno Ti (named for its magnetic action and titanium build) comes with a cylindrical design, punctuated by a metallic ring/belt that slides up and down its smooth body. Within the metallic ring lies a magnet that helps push the lead out from within the titanium cylinder. Using the invisible magic of magnetism, the ring slides up and down on the outside, while the graphite lead magically moves outwards and inwards from within the cylinder without any contact. Once you’ve extruded the nib to its desired length, twisting the head of the pencil locks the nib in place, so you can sketch without it retracting inwards. The Magno Ti even comes with a sharpener stored at the back end of the pen, allowing you to keep your nib sharpened at all times.

The Magno Ti builds on the success of the Magno, and revisits the avant-garde design with a titanium build, not just to commemorate the success of the Magno, but to also make their pencil indestructible and last centuries, much like how the original pencil itself has resiliently stood the test of time, and like how the ideas one puts down on paper with these pencils often remain immortal too!

Designers: Ashley Hribar-Green & Matthew Aston Cain

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Most multitools overdo it. The Kershaw Pub is just right.

The Kershaw Pub is a knife first and foremost, but it’s a multitool too. Its unique design makes you notice the knife aspect of it first, before you grasp that it’s more than just a knife, and that’s worth appreciating. Designed with a blade and a swiveling sheath, the Kershaw Pub (yes, it’s built to be the perfect pub EDC) reveals a bottle-opener comes with a rather rustic yet beautiful looking sheepsfoot blade with a stone-washed finish at one end, and a bottle opener and screw-driver at the other. The blade comes with a loop at its opposite end that hides within the sheath when open, and when closed, exposes itself and can be used as a carabiner clip.

The handle for the blade comes in an anodized aluminum finish in black as well as blue, but if you’re an enthusiast, there’s a carbon-fiber variant too! Small yet incredibly versatile, like most multitools, the Kershaw Pub may have been designed for your local watering hole, but you’re probably going to carry it everywhere with you!

Designer: Kershaw Knives

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An armor that lets your lighter’s fire keep burning everywhere

Just like every blade needs a sheath to protect it from the elements, the PyroVault is, as its name suggests, an exoskeleton for your lighter. Designed to let you take your lighter to places you’d carry your EDC, the PyroVault allows your lighter to be weatherproof and even waterproof, making it perfect for inclement weather, or camping outdoors. An incredibly resilient polymer outer body can withstand heat, water, snow, dust, and comes with an O-Ring that seals the lighter when closed, turning it waterproof. The O-Ring seal also prevents vapor leakage, letting your lighter last longer.

Designed and manufactured in USA, the Pyrovault accepts standard Zippo-style lighter inserts including both fluid and butane torch models, turning classy lighters into rugged firestarters that can withstand any sort of conditions you may expect outdoors… and it even comes with a MOLLE/PALS compatible clip that you can use to fasten the Pyrovault to your pocket, jacket, or even backpack.

Designer: Thyrm

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The magic knife blade that only retracts when you want it to

Crazy youtube maker ‘Giaco Whatever’ may best be known for his liquid nitrogen powered nerf gun or metal sharpie, but his latest creation is just as remarkable. Powered by what Giacomo refers to as ‘witchcraft’, his Maker Blade comes with a unique sliding design that’s actuated from inside the handle… and no matter how hard you press against the blade, it doesn’t retract until you tug on the slider inside to pull the blade back in.

The Maker Utility Knife comes crafted from aerospace grade materials with a stainless steel core and ceramic blades and is made from Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM, but not the other kind), which is far more accurate than traditional CNC milling. The deployment mechanism is a thing of wonder, as it works completely from the inside, by inserting your finger or thumb into the slider ring and pushing forwards or backwards. The mechanism uses no springs, and from the images, doesn’t have a locking position and trigger, unlike other blades. Without these, the blade still manages to stay in place, not retracting back even as much as a millimeter even when impacted upon. However, slide your finger into the ring and pull back and the blade retracts with a buttery smoothness that’s equal parts beautiful and baffling. Available in silver and black variants, the Maker Utility Knife comes with an incredibly slim profile and pocket-friendly size, a pocket clip and is completely waterproof. Click the link below to grab one for yourself and honestly help me figure out how the blade retraction works. Meanwhile, I’ll be waiting for my own Maker Utility Knife to ship!

Designer: Giacomo Di Muro

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A desk knife that dares to be different


Inspired by the Japanese Kiridashi, but with a design that looks nothing like the original, the Craighill Desk Knife is daringly unique, so much so that it looks like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Just over five inches long and slightly thicker than a half inch, Craighill’s Desk Knife has the proportions of a chunky metal pen, but comes with truncations on its sides to reveal a Kiridashi-style blade where the two truncations taper off. This makes the Desk Knife an absolute treat to hold, as it fits beautifully into one’s grip, and even to maneuver, making for a handy, and suave looking letter opener, box cutter, or scalpel-style paper cutter. Graceful, tasteful, and practical, the Craighill Desk Knife looks and feels remarkably unique, with a design that’s oh-so-simple but equally breath-taking!

Designer: Craighill

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An EDC to maintain your EDCs


Even the best blades lose their shine after months of use, which is why CRKT’s Knife Maintenance Tool is such a heaven sent. Made to accompany your favorite EDC knife, the Knife Maintenance Tool is small enough to fit right into your pocket, strapped to your keychain.

The Glass-reinforced nylon body holds a T6 and T8 Torx screwdriver, a bottle-opener, and most importantly, a knife sharpener and honing edge. A perfect companion to your outdoor knife, the Knife Maintenance Tool gets to work when your trusty EDC’s blade goes dull, allowing you to restore it to its past glory, thanks to the tungsten-carbide sharpening edge and the ceramic honing edge. A useful accessory to your EDC kit, the Maintenance Tool from the mind of Tom Stokes not only empowers your knives, but gives you the added advantage of having Torx screwdrivers, a flat-head screwdriver, and a bottle opener always handy!

Designer: Stokes Design for CRKT

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