Google Maps’ AR adds navigation hints to the real world

Google Maps has made navigating unfamiliar cities on foot much easier than the days of pulling out a paper map — but it's not perfect. The blue dot that signifies where you are standing can vary wildly from your actual position because GPS is b...

One week with Microsoft Cortana

"Never mind it. Never mind," I cursed, looking down on the poorly formed monstrosity that gazed back at me with a singular pulsing eye. No, not at me -- through me. This was not my trusty Google Assistant, with whom I shared a deep logistical and day...

The After Math: OK, let’s try that again

There are just some weeks we'd love to Groundhog Day our way through and try again to get right. Ben Affleck knows what I'm talking about. There was Apple's snoozefest on Monday that debuted smaller versions of the same stuff you already own. A Texas...

Google Maps Now Helps Users to Avoid Waiting Lines

On Tuesday Google released a new feature which will allow users to search for the least busy cafes and restaurants. The next time someone is in a rush they might want to consult with Google first....

DIY Pip-Boy 3000 Map: Explorer Perk

Redditor themcv put together a Pip-Boy 3000A replica for a lucky friend. Based on selectnone’s RasPipBoy user interface, themcv’s replica can show your location on Google Maps and do a couple of other things, all in the classic green monochrome graphics of the Fallout item.

pip_boy_3000_map_by_themcv_1zoom in

The replica’s case is a 3D printed one from Nakamura Shop, the screen is from Adafruit’s 3.5″ 320×240 TV and the brain is of course a Raspberry Pi running on the aforementioned UI. It’s not quite finished though. As you can see there are no buttons or knobs on it yet.

PipBoy 3000a

It’s also not entirely portable. It’s meant to be worn with a Vault 101 jumpsuit that has room for the Raspberry Pi and batteries, which are both wired to the rest of the electronics inside the Pip-Boy case.

If smartwatches were as cool as this I would’ve bought one by now.

[via Reddit]

Apple to Bring Transit Directions to iOS 9 Maps

The company is looking to bring built in Transit directions to its Maps app. This new feature will be available once Apple releases iOS 9. Back in 2012 when Apple stopped using Google Maps and...