This off-road trailer upgrades your adventure experience without compromising on comfort or luxury

We’ve seen countless off-roading trailers in the past, but the Bruder EXP-8 all set to be released next month is a level higher than the rest. The travel trailer is built for the hardcore explorers who stop at nothing and appreciate the comfy interiors.

The best thing being, this off-road trailer brings a degree of luxury and comfort while doing all the hard work in unforgettable terrain. This is the Australian company’s biggest and the best-designed trailer yet. It brings a spacious interior, self-sufficient power capabilities and the ability to go long range without much hassle. The EXP-8 is based on the predecessor EXP-6 with the added weather-proof all-season promise and the complete off-grip capability. Some things from the EXP-6 have been omitted to bring a more robust design to the fore. There’s no pop-up roof, the outdoor side kitchen is missing and the washroom is now relocated to the front section. The trailer gets a full-sized kitchen (with a 12-bottle wine rack) and a dining room to the opposite side. It will be able to comfortably accommodate four people and with customization, six people can also fit in.

On the outside, the EXP-8 is a fortress with an insulated body and a waterproof chassis.  To take on any demanding terrain, the off-road trailer has an independent moving suspension system aided by the big 37-inch mud-terrain wheels. This means a stable ride inside, even though you’ll be treading the most demanding scalable landscape on the face of the planet. The rig will have its own water purifications system and a 1,600-W solar energy array on the roof connected to a 2.5kWh battery pack for electricity needs. For backup, there is a 5,000-W inverter as well. According to Bruder, the trailer will also have a reverse-osmosis system to purify water from natural sources, so that hardcore explorers never ever run out of drinking water.

Bruder EXP-8 is going to be launched in October, and at that time more details about its power-packed features are going to be revealed. Although you can expect to tow it on the back of your Land Cruiser to explore the not-so-common regions of the world. That said, the trailer is speculated to cost around $177,000 – a crazy amount for which you can get an off-roader camper van or truck!

Designer: Bruder


This self-propelled trailer for e-bikes and bicycles reinvents last mile delivery

Meet the precariously named Trailerduck, a self-propelled electric trailer that follows the towing vehicle for practical and safe last-mile transportation ideal for urban spaces.

Electric two-wheelers have gained popularity in the last couple of years owing to the increasing traffic in urban spaces and the awareness among users of the impact of fuel-powered vehicles for daily commute. Cargo hauling is one thing that’s a functional use of e-bikes these days for tasks such as transporting groceries or hauling handyman items to a remote location. But e-bike trailers and cargo e-bikes have certain limitations such as maneuverability, payload capacity limits, and overall ease of use.

German startup DroidDrive wants to brush off all the reasons that make users shy away from such trailers with the Trailerduck. This electric-powered cargo trailer is a great option for urban deliveries as it syncs its speed and direction of propulsion with the bicycle or e-bike that’s towing it. This way the four-wheeled trailer is able to haul much more cargo than the current conventional options. In a way, it is a standalone trailer that in the coming years may not even require a towing vehicle to do the job.

Trailerduck is embedded with a system-specific drawbar that has sensors to detect the motion and direction of the bike to accelerate, brake, or make a sharp turn. This allows the bike or bicycle, in particular, to not take the load of pulling the trailer – rather just guide it along to the next destination. The 1-meter wide trailer is capable of carrying a maximum payload of 300 kg, and its size permits travel in bike lanes and highways as well.

DroidDrive is ready to bring this innovative cargo-hauling trailer to the streets in the fourth quarter of 2022 as they are taking pre-orders for Trailerduck. The smart mini trailer will also be available for a monthly rent of approximately $590 – ideal for particular tasks where suck a machine is required.

Even better, the company is currently developing a Ducktrain system that’ll be a platoon of five such Duck trailers. Each of these individual trailers employ LiDAR system to track the vehicle sans any physical link. In around three years’ time, these trailers will get autonomous last-mile transport capability to travel to their destination on their own, safely.

Designer: DroidDrive

The Canoo Anyroad creates a unique hybrid between a city car, sports-recreational vehicle, and a modern pickup truck

Calling the Anyroad a traditional pickup truck wouldn’t really be accurate, given its proportions and its designs, but it seems like the most sensible thing to call it. What IS the Canoo Anyroad, though? Well, it’s got elements of a city car, a pickup, a recreational vehicle, and an ATV. In short, it’s the perfect vehicle for living in a city apartment, a suburban home, or even the great outdoors.

The Canoo Anyroad’s real purpose lies in its name. Of course, one could just throw the word Truck into the name and call it a day, but the Anyroad really sort of blurs the lines between the different car categories. It comes with an incredibly minimalist design (in signature Canoo style) and even boasts of those iconic + shaped headlights and taillights (there’s a clever detail within them too that I’ll talk about later). The automobile exists in two parts (as visible in the image below) that separate into a car on the front, and a collapsible tent at the back. The car runs independently and comes with a bed that’s much shorter than the ones found on traditional pickup trucks. However, plug the folding tent-unit in and the Canoo Anyroad is complete; ready to be driven anywhere for a weekend getaway.

The Anyroad’s design balances the need to be in the outdoors along with the need to have a normal car that can still be driven around in the city. For the latter, the tent unit can be unplugged, while the two-seater truck’s sufficiently modern aesthetic makes it look like quite a natural on the city streets.

The tent-half can be set up either as a mobile shelter attached to the back of the car, or as a separate detached entity, made stable thanks to a fold-out stand. The tent itself is pretty easy to set up, as it expands almost like a bellow would to provide ample space for two people. There’s a small ladder to help people climb up into the shelter, and a tabletop surface on the opposite side, for storing your camping equipment or acting as a table for your meals. Storage panels on either side of the tent offer extra space to stash items like your luggage, medical kits, and other outdoor paraphernalia.

The headlight remains the Canoo Anyroad’s most impressive detail. While it serves its original purpose – of being a road-illuminating light for the car (and its branding element), the Anyroad’s headlights have a secondary purpose too. They detach from the car’s front, becoming portable lights that can then be used as torches/flashlights, or even floor lamps, thanks to a built-in tripod that lets the light stand erect. Conceptually, it’s an incredibly interesting concept, and just goes to show how committed the Anyroad is towards being the ideal vehicle for outdoor travel and recreational camping.

The Anyroad is the brainchild of automotive designer Jerrick Chow. Its existence is summed up by two words “Tranquility Always”, as it aims at providing a tranquil oasis, or a getaway from the chaos of a city’s bustling life. Canoo’s current line-up features a lifestyle vehicle, a pickup truck, and a delivery van. All of them cater to either city life, or outdoor off-road living, but not both. The Anyroad concept aims at bridging that gap, while utilizing Canoo’s advanced electric platform to power the vehicle.

Designer: Jerrick Chow

The Canoo Anyroad is a fan-made concept and has no relation to the Canoo brand. The use of the Canoo name and its brand elements are purely for representational purposes.

This trailer gives the traditional bean design an upgrade for more comfortable off-road adventures!

How many of us this year have felt the need to just pack up and live off-the-grid thanks to our new remote lifestyles? Well, I found you something that will make your dreams come true – meet Black Bean! This teardrop trailer is a limited edition design by a USA-based company and they have upgraded the traditional trailers for a comfortable off-road adventure.

The project takes shape as an upgraded gateway cabin covering more of the users’ demands than the previous series. This travel trailer provides more functionality including higher ground clearance, galley accessibility, more electrical power, and plenty of storage while offering a cozy interior design. Despite its name, the model comes in different colors, including light and basalt gray, white, olive green, black, or any custom color.

‘Blank Bean’ by bean trailer provides a very similar cabinet design to the previous trailers, but more capability for those who desire all-terrain adventures. The new model includes a bigger stove that slides in and out, a larger fridge with an ice-maker option, more countertop space, and a deeper sink with a set-in cutting board. Meanwhile, cooking outside is possible as the stove can be rotated and covered by the back door.

As for the interior, according to the customer’s request for more ‘warmth’, the designers have added some laminate options. A ceiling slat option clads the entire roof adding extra coziness to the cabin. Here, the designers attached more storage space including large upper drawers, as well as a surrounding cushion option, to facilitate the users’ accommodation.

The trailer has a newly designed fender with a stand-on capability, serving also as a step to reach the roof, where one can put a pop-up tent for extra sleeping space. Moreover, ‘black bean’ consists of a propane tank, a 68-liter fresh water tank, and an outdoor shower system with a water heater. A curved light leaf solar panel over the front window contributes additional backup in terms of charging up the batteries while protecting the windows from stones and debris.

Designer: Bean Trailer

Airstream’s Pottery Barn Travel Trailer is here to elevate your outdoor glamping experience!

When Pottery Barn and Airstream join forces to create a travel trailer experience, it is bound to be remarkable. Airstream has long been associated with staycations and camping experiences; however, the pandemic has brought on a wave of wanderlust, and the influx of glamping culture means the humble RV was due for a luxury revamp just about now! Named the Pottery Barn Special Edition Trailer, this design showcases “casual sophistication” and is meant for adventure addicts who fancy the style and luxury of living life king-size. According to Marta Benson, President of Pottery Barn, “We were as excited as our customers to see how we could apply Pottery Barn’s design expertise to Airstream’s live anywhere mentality, and we couldn’t be more excited about the results.”

A study conducted by the RV Industry Association (RVIA) reveals that RV ownership has increased by more than 62 percent in the past two decades. The Pacific Coast Highway inspires this special edition and is based on the Airstream’s 28-foot International model. The trailer is built for couples and solo travelers as it features queen or twin bed sleeping configurations. In addition to that, the airy interior space can accommodate up to 4 guests in the rest of the cabin. The interiors of the travel trailer are draped in Pottery Barn’s matte-black pull-down faucet, a stainless-steel flat apron sink, and solid walnut cutting board sink cover. Pottery Barn influences everywhere, right from the 16-piece Mason Stoneware Dinnerware Set, solid oak dinette table inspired by their Benchwright Dining Collection, to the couch with custom cushions inspired by Pottery Barn’s Big Sur Collection the bedroom’s single queen/two twin beds enveloped in Belgian Flax linens.

On the outside, the Airstream gets an outdoor folding table joined to the exterior and armchair set. It is shaded by the specially designed pull-out awning, making it an ideal spot for evening meals. According to Airstream President and CEO Bob Wheeler, Pottery Barn has an eye for comfortable, functional beauty, and they’ve applied their prowess to the Airstream lifestyle perfectly. The travel trailer weighs 7,600 pounds, so you’ll need to hook it on to a full-size truck or a powerful SUV to tow it around for your road trips. Eager buyers can get the Airstream Pottery Barn Special Edition Travel Trailer at a starting price tag of $145,500 via dealers all across the U.S.

Designer: Airstream and Pottery Barn

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This retro-styled aluminized fiberglass camper makes this design lightweight, corrosion-resistant and last a lifetime!

If you have been struggling with wood and steel campers that have a short lifespan and are heavy to drag behind your vehicle, spare a thought for the 17-ft recreational travel trailer by Cortes Campers. These camper enthusiasts are toying with modern, lightweight aerospace materials and have molded aluminized fiberglass for the construction of their camper that is packed with all amenities and is featherweight to tow around behind your EV. Touted to be “approximately 50-percent lighter, much stronger, and smarter” compared to present-day campers, the 17-ft RV travel trailer is a true four-season trailer capable of handling everything your throw at it. Streamlined for weekend getaways and long vacations alike, the Cortes Campers trailer is immune to rust and corrosion and is immensely convenient to drive on the road in comparison to traditional campers.

Cortes Campers manufactures retro-styled trailers using patent-pending biaxial aluminized fiberglass, carbon fiber and finishes them with marine-grade Gelcoat. In addition to their feathery weight, these travel trailers are extremely durable, robust, well-insulated and long-lasting. Since the camper lacks a wooden interior, one could count it out for being grungy, but your thought is instantly altered at the first look of the glossy interiors. The camper is not short on facilities either, it comes equipped with a double or twin bed for ease of sleeping people of all age groups – at the end of the trailer is a dining area equipped with a carbon fiber/Kevlar table, which transforms into a bed.

The luxurious yet nostalgic retro travel trailers are also equipped with a kitchen featuring a full-sized refrigerator, microwave, oven, a cooktop and a sink, and has a bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower. The trailer also comes fitted with HDTV, heating and cooling solutions and water tanks for fresh and gray water. The luxurious 17-ft travel trailer has lot of storage space, windows, and customers can choose from palette Gelcoat color finishes. Each of these trailers can be customized and shipped in 6-8 weeks from order from the company’s manufacturing facility in Cleveland, Ohio. If you are interested, the aluminized fiberglass version of the travel trailer starts at $47,950.

Designer: Cortes Campers

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This portable treehouse trailer hooks onto a bike, making it the ultimate solo outdoor escapade!

Talk about a treehouse and the first thing that comes to mind is a wooden structure erected around a solid tree. Then shift your thought towards a camper that is towed behind a vehicle. Combine these both in their smallest form possible and you get this portable treehouse. The unique creation christened Tree Trailer by Henry K. Wein, a design student at the Design Academy Eindhoven, is a house on wheels like none other. The one-man treehouse can be towed behind a bicycle or a motorcycle, and when the time comes to set camp, simply mount it on a solid tree branch with the trunk acting as the other support. When mounted to a tree, it makes me think about the idea of vertical camping – wherein tents are pitched hanging from vertical cliffs!

Henry created this amazing DIY camper from repurposed parts – such as the cladding made out of a salvaged house blind. The rest of it is made from wood and a supporting metal beam. For an airy feeling (for claustrophobic people) the portable treehouse comes with opening windows on the sides and a fixed glass window on top. While on the inside there is only enough space to toss and turn during sleep, it is far better than setting camp on the ground. Remember those times when on a camping trip the bugs and insects were a nightmare during sleep.

The DIY is worth all the appreciation and Henry will surely improve it in the future to make it more durable and worthy of long adventure trips. Probably having a pop-up style camper addition would be great, and the front section could be closed off securely to avoid dust or other things entering the sleeping area. That said, the Tree Trailer portable treehouse takes you much closer to nature – whether it be on the road or enjoying pristine views on a hilltop. Just imagine hanging from a tree – with nothing but you and the elements!

Designer: Henry K. Wein

This panoramic windowed teardrop camper brings in tranquil views for nomadic adventurers

Camper trailers aim to get nature lovers closer to their eternal happiness by interacting with nature in its primary form. Recent motorhomescampervans, and even horse trailers have evolved from a simple carriage to an aesthetic and functional powerhouse. Teardrop trailers also edge towards that trend, but the Panorama Shelter by Kip Caravans takes things even further. The purpose-built trailer for nature-obsessed nomads has big panoramic windows on each side to bask in the grandeur of natural settings – to wherever the road takes you. The design is a concept prototype stage –developed by Kip in close quarters with the designer Karel Bodegom, the Netherlands Bureau for Tourism and Conventions (NBTC), and a number of Dutch suppliers.

The large windows of Panorama Shelter blur the divide between the cozy inside and the tranquil outside. Windows make up the chunk of the sidewalls, a skylight brings in ample sunlight during the noon, the big front door is majorly glass, and the side facing the vehicle too has a huge panoramic window. For times when you need total privacy, there are integrated blackout and roller screens. The pop-up roof can be pushed up a little to let in ambient sounds. The teardrop comes with a flexible kitchen for indoor and outdoor cooking and a sink faucet that also functions as an outdoor shower. An induction cooktop too draws power from an onboard 240-V power outlet and a mini-fridge to store all the eatables. The stow-away portable toilet suffices the daily needs for an extended trip.

This camper is built for two people’s adventurous life on the road. It has a dual-bench front dinette that doubles as a bed and can be folded up to create space for hauling bicycles when needed. Additionally, the teardrop camper makes good use of available space in the form of little storage compartments. To top it all, Panorama Shelter’s awning expands the usable living space – plus it is very easy to set up or remove.

Designer: Kip Caravans

This compact camper with inflatable awning doubles the usable private space for outdoor enthusiasts!

The advent of recreational vehicles has brought a new dimension to the old-school camping setup. Such camper trailers literally bring the comfort, convenience, and luxury of your cozy home to the wheels – and every new design amazes me. The Bailey Discovery D4-2 Camper Trailer is one such creation, tailored for adventure enthusiasts who can’t help but satiate their wanderlust – exploring the untrodden trails. The USP of this camper trailer is its inflatable awning which creates almost double the private space you need for your escapades under the star-studded nights.

On the inside, D4-2 is equipped with all the amenities and a fully furnished interior. Enough to suffice the needs of a couple on their long road trip – with the odd guest coming along the way for a couple of days. The big windows on all sides and the skylight fills the interiors with enough sunlight for a calming feel. The lounge area includes two couches and a fold-down table. In the kitchen, you’ll get an oven/grill combo appliance, a drop-down worktop extension, and a sink. On the opposite side, there is a mini-fridge with space underneath to store food and beverages. You also get the convenience of a shoes and clothes closet along with a separate area for cabinet storage. Of course, there is a good-sized bathroom too!

Coming on to the USP of the camper trailer – the inflatable awning dubbed Discovery Air Awning is made from weather-resistant fabric has a curved wraparound shape that encapsulates one side of the caravan. So that it feels like a separate space, there are removable front and side doors. Also, you get the large overdoor skylights with zip-up curtains to lounge in the outdoors while being protected from the elements or bugs and mosquitoes. What’s more, we can attach an optional inner sleeping tent that accommodates two adults. The awning is very easy to pitch, and when not needed, it can be wrapped up and securely attached to the side of the camper.

The Discovery D4-2 Camper Trailer is designed intuitively on the inside, and the inflatable awning further increases its value three-folds. The extra private space virtually makes you feel at home, and the airy feeling will make you spend a couple of nights more under the starry sky than you actually planned!

Designer: Lady Bailey Carvans

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This convenient off-road family camper with full-sized tailgate kitchen is here for your outdoor escapism!

In these unprecedented times, one thing that has really fallen into perspective is the importance of family. Add to this the bonding and learning that comes with traveling, and you instantly want to set out on a family camping trip. Times aren’t such that you can go out on a traditional campsite and pitch, social distancing norms are to be followed, plus you want your family to be safe. This is where a camping trailer makes all the sense. When it comes to picking up a trailer, the aesthetics are of umpteen importance followed by the convenience it presents both on the treacherous trails and when parked.

Filling both shoes just well is the Kerfton Camper Trailer designed for Kerfton Australia by Argentinian designer Raul Gonzalez Podesta. Conceived to be functional and look great at the same time, the camping trailer is way past the drawing boards. A full-scale polystyrene foam model of the trailer has been created to understand the shape, styling and feel before it can be conveniently ready for the market.

The most interesting aspect of the Kerfton trailer is that you get everything from living to sleeping and dining onboard, without any tent pitching woes. The camping trailer is fashioned with a full-sized kitchen that can be accessed from the tailgate and be stored back into the camper’s living area when on the road. The kitchen is ready for use the moment it’s flung open in position with all plumbing and gas requirements taken care of. The kitchen features a cooktop, storage, prep area, a small fridge, and a removable stainless steel sink to facilitate drainage.

A good trailer design is futile if it doesn’t meet convenience. Kerfton takes care of convenience which is important when camping with your family. While the kitchen is accessible without erecting the tent, the latter is required by the night to ensure sleeping arrangement or when living area is to be accessed to reach for the storage, spacious enough to store a chemical toilet and camping gear. Setting up Kerfton is effortless, so while one person is preparing the meal when you arrive at the camp, the other can unfold the living area and set up the awning (if the personal area requires extension).

Kerfton Camper Trailer is fitted with a queen-sized bed and two large seating areas on either side that can double as kids’ bed by the night time. The effortless interior setup means the entire family of up to four members can sleep comfortably without the need for stretcher beds or inflatable mattresses. With its tires and ground clearance, the trailer can tag behind any off-road truck and be driven on paths less traveled. And when you happen to venture into the cold countryside, the camper is equipped with a heater to keep your family cozy!

Designer: Raul Gonzalez Podesta for Kerfton