Genimax HR off-road trailer is versatile enough to wear skis and tow behind a snowmobile

Tiny off-road trailers have their own charm. They provide a quaint way to live a weekend amid the trees out in the wilderness, where your ATV or an off-roading vehicle can go. This adventurous freedom is cut short for some months of the year when the snow blankets the earth. But with the Genimax HR, the fun is never going to be limited, thanks to its ability to wear skis and ride on snow behind your snowmobile.

Given the core functionality, the Genimax HR – an affordable pop-up roof camper – is developed for around-the-year camping. The lightweight body, made from aluminum and rust-resistant, durable composite materials, renders this 375 lbs (170 kg) trailer camper to go places without a fuss. Measuring some 60 inches in width (48 inches on snow), the camper rides on a high-performance independent suspension, which provides handsome ground clearance to enhance its off-road ability and be the skill to ride smoothly on snow.

Designer: Genimax Trailers

Designed specifically as a “ready-to-camp solution to go on an adventure with his little family,” the HR is the brainchild of Genimax Trailers, which has been in business (developing trailer solutions) since 2017. Besides its lightweight construction, the HR is readied for all seasons of the year with high-resistance polyurethane adhesive sealing up the spaces in the roof and walls.

The versatility of this easy-to-configure wilderness camper becomes manifold when riding behind an ATV on the unbeaten paths and/or behind a snowmobile when the adventure takes you on snow. And when you halt, just 2 sliding, lockable drawers, with a capacity of 200 lbs each, make for your facility. For instance, one of the side drawers of the trailer functions as a kitchen. It features a removable stainless-steel countertop alongside a folding built-in sink provided with a 10L water tank and faucet.

To elevate a family’s stay out in the wild, the Genimax HR can comfortably sleep 2 adults, and a child in the option roof tent. The camper becomes even more versatile with optional accessories and features that allow the residents to make the most of their ride. For instance, you can opt for an 80W rooftop solar panel with adjustable tilt or a retractable awning for the side of the trailer. Without the optional accessories, the base model of the Genimax HR starts at CAD 8,495 (approximately $6,200).

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This Eclipse-themed Outdoor Trailer is perfect for the Wanderlust who wants to live on the road

The most recent celestial phenomenon – the solar eclipse – has inspired a lot of things including individuals who traveled hundreds of miles to be left spellbound by the sight of a total solar eclipse on April 8. If you missed it for some reason, you won’t get another chance any time before the next predicted total eclipse to happen in August of 2026.

So, before that happens, Taxa Outdoors, the name behind the Mantis travel trailer, has unveiled a solar eclipse-inspired rendition of the Mantis. The upgraded Mantis travel trailer – Dark Sky Mantis – is sleek in design, and follows a dark color scheme to substantiate its name.

Designer: Taxa Outdoors

Taxa Outdoors has been designing travel trailers for outdoor adventures for years, and their expertise and knowledge are squeezed fully into the Mantis. This is why there is no surprise that the company chose this model to pay ode to the once-in-a-lifetime celestial magic. The resulting Dark Sky Mantis is going to be just like the eclipse itself; it is strictly limited promotional built and will be available only between April 8 and 15, 2024.

The limited-edition Dark Sky Mantis, except for the matte black color and certain exterior graphics, is almost the same as the Mantis travel trailer. To that accord, the trailer is designed for the adventures of off-grid living. It is ready to go wherever you want, following the astronomical phenomenon or just for a drive to a location in the wilderness.

The off-road capable Dark Sky Mantis – in addition to the matte back finish and special graphics on the exterior – has off-roading tires to match the dark color theme of the trailer. On the other hand, the eclipse-inspired trailer has increased ground clearance, axle-less suspension and articulating Lock ‘N’ Roll hitch. Like the OG Mantis, this new model also measures 19 feet long, enough to accommodate four adults in a bed that converts to a dining or lounging space, and an additional convertible bunk bed.

The interior space is enhanced by a pop-up roof, while the people opting for the strictly limited trailer will get a well-laid-out kitchen, equipped with a two-burner stove, cooler, and sink, and a functional bathroom. Taxa Outdoors has not named the price of the Dark Sky Mantis, but we can expect it to cost over $45,750, that Mantis fetches.

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Kimberley Kampers introduces rugged Kube camping trailer built for off-road expeditions in luxury

We love introducing the Yanko community with campers that are built for downsized living on the road without compromising basic comforts and security. If luxury is also on offer it’s the cake with a red cherry on top when it comes to exploring unknown terrain. Kimberley Kampers has been doing this for the last three decades in the land down under, satisfying adventurers with their family-size camping trailers that look way ahead of their time.

Now, the Australian company has introduced the Kube, an off-road capable teardrop camper boasting a luxurious quotient for two people. It comes with an expandable pull-out kitchen, compact refrigerator, king-size bed and a chassis protected by underpinnings. Looking more like a concept design, the camper is available to buy for a starting price tag of $44,675.

Designer: Kimberley Kampers

The company calls it the Kube, but it is more rectangular-shaped than its namesake.  It has a round-nosed front for a spacious two-person layout, a flat roofline, and a vertical rear to comply with the size compliances. The 5.2-meter-long camper trailer is at its core a blend of Kruiser line’s smooth composite construction and the DNA of the closed Karavan model. Owners can tag this teardrop camper to their high-performance vehicles and head confidently to any inhospitable terrain. The absence of a tailgate galley means you have more interior space to fit a large bed. An overhead skylight and large windows on all sides give the owners 270-degree views when parked for the day.

As I said, luxury is not dry in here with a front cabin having a full-width console loaded with a mini bar, cubbies, drawers, top shelf surface, and a 85-L freezer. Standing upright for getting dressed/undressed is not a problem either, thanks to the floor space between the bed and console. Extra storage space is provided in the form of overhead cabinets wrapping around the bed section. There’s also space in the drawer below the bed foot.

Behind this section is the concealed slide-out kitchen that can be pulled out of the left rear corner. The sturdy stainless steel unit opens up in multiple directions to reveal the storage drawers, sink, dual-burner stove, compartments and prep area. Buyers can also opt for the stainless steel table that can be hooked to the kitchen unit. This whole section is positioned under the awning to dine in the shade if the sun is beating down or inclement weather conditions prevail.

The kitchen setup comes with a faucet fed by cold water and hot water from a Webasto diesel water heater. This very system feeds the shower too and users can opt for the shower/toilet tent as well. Essential fittings include a 200-Ah lithium battery, 120-L fresh water tank, and a 450-L UniPod front storage box. Optional fittings like the 70-L secondary fresh tank, heating, air conditioning, solar charging, and satellite internet prep can also fitted.

For now, Kimberley Kampers will be selling the Kube camping trailer in the country with plans to sell it in the US as well. They’ve now revealed any details but considering they have US distribution in place for other models, the Kube should be coming any time soon.


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Bring your pet while riding your bike with trailer and backpack in one

For fur parents that have bikes and need to bring their babies with them outside, having somewhere to place their pet safely and conveniently can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately, a lot of pet-related brands have been coming up with different products to make life easier for both the owner and the pet. And we’ll probably be seeing even more innovations as they have realized there is a huge market out there for pet owners willing to spend money on their precious babies.

Designer: Waggin

Waggin is a new pet product company that wants to create products that are “sleek and innovative” and for their hero product they came up with Waggin G1, a pet bike trailer and backpack in one. Initially, the trailer is attached to the backpack so it’s easy to assemble and disassemble and carry it around. At the same time, there is storage space in the backpack so you can put stuff in either for your pet or for yourself. It can fit in snacks and toys for your pet and even a laptop and maybe some books and notebooks that you will need for your outing.

The trailer is easy (and safe) to attach to your bike so both of you can travel in comfort and in style. It uses lightweight materials including a rip proof mesh, performance nylon, and a security D-Ring to securely attach it to your bike. It has two entrances, a sunroof, a padded bed, and a safety clip so your pet will feel right at home even as you’re traveling. It is only able to accommodate small to medium sized pets so you may have to look for alternatives if you have a large fur baby.

The backpack also has padded straps and a backpack pad so you will feel comfortable carrying it around while you’re biking, with the pet trailer trailing at the back. It’s a pretty innovative product that makes it convenient to have daily outings with your dog or cat when you’re feeling bored working from home and your babies need some outdoor activity.

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Camper van with space-saving indoor shower and Starlink internet is designed for extended days on road

Living, Working, and Traveling have a new definition in 2024. Once, all three were separate entities; where you lived wasn’t where you worked, or where you worked you didn’t travel. But with trailers and camper vans, the entire definition is altering. Now, where you live is where you work, and where you work is where you travel. Based out of Cincinnati, Remote Vans has been making this transformation come real since 2021 and it’s reached a new high in 2024 with three new models—Friday, Oasis and Aegis.

The three Remote Vans variants are built on Mercedes Sprinter chassis with “power, comfort and connectivity” at the forefront. Born at the company’s new 30,000-square-foot production facility, all of the Friday, Oasis and Aegis are designed and fabricated in the factory except for slight metalwork carried out by a local vendor. While power comes from the Sprinter, comfort is ensured by the Remote Vans’ experience in Class B motorhomes, and connectivity is provided with Starlink high-speed internet. All of it is powered by a massive power bank, which can either juice up electrically or using a 190 watts solar panels.

Designer: Remote Vans

Remote Vans is making inroads in the RV market now with some customized features that should put it in a different league from its competitors. For instance, the new Friday, Oasis and Aegis arrive with a company-built shower pan (recirculating and collapsible shower system), freshwater tank and other befitting features like Espar hydronic water and air heating system to make camping for extended time fun in them.

The new power bank – comprising a 16.8-kWh 51-V Lithionics battery and a 3,000W inverter – onboard these Remote Vans models comes with 60 percent more storage than in the previous models. It takes care of the power needs of an efficient 48-volt air conditioner that can run for days on portable energy. All three variants with features onboard are ideal for both small and grand expeditions but the base model Friday lacks some premium features like a suspension kit, long-range fuel tanks, and an option for additional solar panels that Oasis and Aegis do.

Friday, starting at $205,000 and includes a kitchen, queen bed, 90-degree swing seat, internal shower, portable toilet, roof rack, and awning. On the entry, you have a comfortable and warm living space, saturated with a legless bed, a scratch-proof kitchen, an overhead shelf, and lightweight upper cabinets. The kitchen comprising a countertop, induction cooktop, microwave, minimalist drawers, sink, and fridge is easily accessible from inside or outside of the van.

The queen-size Bascule Bed is designed to folds-up during the day to provide 17.4 sqft of unobstructed garage space beneath when required, while the interesting swivel seats and fold-out swivel table make possible multiple, remote workstation setups or dining possibilities on the go. The base essentials of the Friday remain the same for Oasis and Aegis, while some additional features spike up the price for the latter two camper vans.

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Light, comfortable, and overly versatile Dropy teardrop trailer has compact foldout kitchen

Teardrop trailers have, arguably, taken the camping world by storm. The industry is flooded with small, mini, and micro trailers with their customization options to fit user desires and requirements. Offering extreme overlanding comfort with a sleeping area and functional galley kitchen in the rear, these lightweight trailers in addition to being exciting and fun are also comfortable and glamorous.

Following the lead arrives Dropy, a light, compact, comfortable and overly versatile teardrop trailer designed and developed by Barcelona-based Drop Campers. While on the exterior, the squared-off Dropy is just an ordinary trailer, it reveals some exciting new ways to keep it simple with an interesting layout.

Designer: Drop Campers

The variation of the Dropy lies in its kitchen, which basically comprises a fold-down traction board at the back alongside a small slide-out to hold a petite stove. This interesting convertible makeover, which is starkly compact in comparison with the rear galley kitchen, leaves more room in the sleeping quarter for the inhabitants to explore. The folding table can double as a work desk or a casual table when you want to just sit and relax outside of your camping trailer.

Always ready for what you throw at it, the Dropy has been designed to travel on tar, gravel, and unbeaten trails without much fuss courtesy of its welded galvanized steel chassis comprising a torsion bar axle and choice of leaf spring or independent suspension. Within its aluminum composite, birch body, black Line-X cabin, insulated with Kaiflex closed-cell rubber, you can experience an unforgettable living space featuring a double mattress, overhead cabinets, and some drawers and shelves for storage.

The interior of the Dropy trailer is well-lit with a skylight, and boat side doors with sliding windows. The camper is more of a shell otherwise starting at €21,500 (approximately $23,500). It is the la carte options that scale up the price and the utility of the Dropy. To that accord, Drop Campers offers a range of options depending on the Crossover (all-road), SUV (all-terrain), or Offroad variant you go for. This includes the choice of 110W rooftop solar panels, lithium battery, hot air heating system, outdoor water tank with road shower, refrigerator, Primus 2-burner gas stove, indoor hanging hammock for kids or pets, bike rack for 2 bicycles, ski and surfboard carriers, side-mounted dresser and outdoor bathroom/toilet, and more.

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SylvanSport GOAT lightweight off-road trailer can haul bikes, ATVs, and sleep up to four

Overlanding adventures demand fully ruggedized camping trailers that can take whatever the dusty and bumpy roads have to throw at them. SylvanSport did the most spectacular, for the purpose, in the Go Camper, which won numerous accolades, including the title of the “Coolest. Camper. Ever,” by National Geographic. Now, to build on the Go Camper’s off-road capabilities, the outdoor adventure goods company from North Carolina has launched the all-new GOAT.

GOAT, the Go All Terrain trailer, is a lightweight, rugged off-roader that can haul your gear, bikes, and more alongside, giving you an on-site option to pitch your tent and sleep four in comfort. If you have been on the hunt for a compact trailer for camping and hauling, your search will end at the really impactful GOAT, which is towable by anything between a Subaru Wilderness, JEEP, or a Toyota Tacoma and the like.

Designer: SylvanSport

GO All-Terrain with 1,200 lbs dry weight is designed for carrying up to 950lb payload. Its custom exterior powder-coated aluminum frame makes the lightweight trailer a more refined living space with greater versatility than the Go Camper. The GOAT has a 7-foot long, 4-foot wide, and 1.4-foot high versatile cargo area, which can double as a toy hauler for your motorbike or an ATV, if you may. Additionally, the rack system allows you to carry rooftop baskets, kayak carriers, and cargo containers safely.

When you are on the unbeaten path, you want your trailer to perform without a hiccup. To that end, the new SylvanSport’s trailer comes with all-terrain tires cushioned by Timbren HD Axle-Less suspension system, a comfortable 18 inches underbody clearance (with a spare tire hooked on the side to the aluminum body), and a very impressive 42 degrees departure angle. An optional off-read hitch makes it ready for any terrain, while the storage box on the front of the trailer gives 9 cubic feet of additional waterproof storage space.

The real magic of the GOAT is not its hauling capacity, it’s the living quarters it offers for on-the-go comfort. The canopy – ripstop nylon waterproof tent – pulls down from the trailer’s roof, attaches to the frame securely, and can be set up in under 10 minutes by two people, as seen in the promo video.

The roomy trailer is pretty impressive with 6 foot 5 inches of headroom in the center. You have a pull-down table, hooked to the front, for dining and working, while two separate (80 x 30 inch) beds flank it on both (left and right) sides. You have windows on the sides with see-through and privacy layers, and by using two table panels attached to the side beds, you get a king and a half size bed. The GOAT is available for preorder in Stealth Grey and Venture Green colorways. Its base price starts at $18,495. You can prebook now and delivery is expected to begin in April 2024.

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This compact ATV hauling trailer is ultimate companion for your ice fishing escapades

There are different kinds of people with varied adventure/recreation demands. Trailer builders have been trying to cater to all the distinct needs through teardrops – compact trailers – for Overlanding expeditions, beaches, and campsites. Now leaping onto ice, Minnesota-based Eveland’s Inc has built the IcePro, a compact, lightweight toy hauling mobile house that you can take ice fishing.

Designed for ice anglers with the will to own a toy hauling fish house, the IcePro features a boxy profile that is based on an aluminum frame. A neon blue line divides the top white and bottom black color fiberglass exterior that renders the tiny trailer lightweight to tow behind an ATV. And to our surprise, the ATV is parked within the IcePro itself, when you’re not occupying it over a frozen lake.

Designer: IcePro Trailers

Inside the winterized fiberglass exterior, the IcePro has a well-insulated molded plastic interior that is comfortable and remains warm throughout your adventure on ice. This convenience is provided in 17 feet by 6.5 feet boxy structure, which is 6.8 feet high and apt to haul up to 1,200 lbs payload.

Envisioned to keep you comfy in harsh weather, the IcePro is priced at $24,995. With a dedicated garage – behind its double rear doors – for storing your ATV, the trailer can be easily towed by the ATV when you are ready to venture out. Once you reach the frozen ice, you can use the winch tire system to lower the IcePro down to the ice level so the occupant(s) can drill a hole in the ice from one of the (several) Catch Cover fishing holes and lower the fishing rods to begin with the business.

Since the IcePro isn’t meant to be a house on wheels; it has a minimalistic layout with overhead storage, large cabinets, and four Bluetooth speakers. It can be customized with an optional pair of swivel captain’s chairs, a generator, a fish finder system from Garmin, certain portable kitchen appliances, and an inflatable mattress. If you want to be on the ice, angling your heart’s content, the IcePro is a toy hauler you need. And I wish the ATV came complimentary with it!

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2024 Bon Voyage Trailer is LG’s foray into designing intelligent life solutions

LG has been a force to reckon with at CES 2024. Especially with the amazing set of TVs it has brought to Vegas. This includes the show-stopper 77-inch wireless, transparent OLED TV that lets you use it as a décor item you can peep beyond, when you’re not enjoying your regular dose of entertainment on it.

Of course, new speakers, TVs and other forms of consumer tech are expected from the South Korean tech company. What is really not a given is a micro-housing solution for adventurers. But that’s what LG Labs, the company’s marketing division for innovative products – has on exhibit at CES in the form of 2024 Bon Voyage camping trailer.

Designer: LG Labs

The Bon Voyage trailer is, frankly then, LG’s foray into designing intelligent life solutions for the masses. This trailer is based on the bigger tiny living solution – with the same name – released back at the Wanderlust Korea 2023. It was a duplex home built with 20sq meter of living space comprising diagonal corridors and ergonomic stairs.

The idea behind creation of the Bon Voyage was to understand the trends in housing culture and to gauge what people wanted. Through the received feedback, LG Labs has now scaled down the Bon Voyage – showing off at CES – into the size of the towable trailer which can be trailed behind your electric vehicle.

Designed as a cozy personal space on the road, the new Bon Voyage trailer is 7 feet high, 6.6 feet wide, and over 12 feet long. In this little space, LG has managed to stuff a range of furniture, storage, and a bed. It makes the living space well-lighted with the use of large glass windows and a side entry.

The basic construction is done with the use of low-carbon steel materials presumably, and it features a flatter roof for limited headspace. With the sleeping space tucked toward the front, the tailgate has a functional kitchen stocked up with an electric stove, water purifier, and refrigerator. From how things appear, there is no bathroom, but we would like to believe LG has a portable toilet and a section for bathing within. The battery-powered Bon Voyage trailer doesn’t have a price or availability going its way at the time of writing, but the battery-powered camping solution, should be apt for off-grid tours with an option solar panel set-up.

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Cybertruck-inspired Cyberdrop trailer would make bike packing more adventurous and fun

A Canadian cyclist has designed and developed an e-bike trailer that he calls the Cyberdrop. Inspired by the angular design of the Tesla Cybertruck, the trailer, to tow behind an electric bike, is everything a Cybertruck isn’t. Like the Cybertruck is designed to make pickup camping a breeze, the Cyberdrop, still a prototype, will make bike-packing a comfortable journey and effortless activity when it is available for production.

When you venture out into the great outdoors on a bike, you tag along your camping tent. Everything is fine until you install and uninstall the canvas and pitch it again without fail, night after night. The Cyberdrop hitches up an interesting contraption behind your bike to save you the setup and repacking woes, instead giving you a permanent structure with basic amenities so no matter where the day takes you, you have a comfortable place to stretch your legs and rewind for the next day’s adventure.

Designer: Cyberdrop

Given the fact that bike packing is a huge industry, there is insignificant attention paid to making adventures with an e-bike comforting in comparison to a car or pickup. One reason that comes to mind could probably be the kind of energy a bike and rider must generate to get the towing trailer going.

Cyberdrop is not just about its look and Cybertruck inspiration. It’s a camping solution that has been thoroughly thought out even to a position where the bike’s two motors are further assisted for power by the third one installed on the wheel hub of the Cyberdrop. So, you can decide how much or how little to pedal while negotiating moderate hills or gunning for the bigger climbs. The motors, onboard electricals, cabin lights, and vent fan are powered by a built-in 9.5-kW lithium battery or the rooftop solar panel option.

For stability and compactness, the Cyberdrop features an aluminum frame, covered with neoprene to avert condensation, and a good 8 feet of living space. The bed stretches most of the construction, which includes nifty storage spaces, and height enough to allow a user to sit, change clothes, or cook comfortably. On the roll, the Cyberdrop offers a 130-mile range and is likely to retail for approximately $6,500.

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