Electric Mini Cooper SE pre-orders are open in the US

The all-electric Mini Cooper SE will go on sale in the US in March, but if you've already made your mind up about getting one, you can stake your claim now. BMW has opened up pre-orders for the first mass-market EV take on the classic car.

EVs outsold manual transmission cars in the US last quarter

While electric vehicles have some way to go before they are as ubiquitous as gas-powered cars, demand is on the rise. So much so, that they outsold manual transmission vehicles in the US last quarter, according to data from research group J.D. Power.

The all-electric Mini Cooper SE will start at $29,900

BMW has revealed the all-electric Mini Cooper SE will start at $29,900, less than the $35,000 estimate the automaker gave when it unveiled the vehicle in July. The car, which is the first broadly available Mini Cooper EV (following a concept model),...

Amazon plans to hit Paris climate change goals 10 years early

Jeff Bezos has announced Amazon will sign up to a climate pledge with the aim of meeting the United Nations Paris Agreement climate goals 10 years early. He said Amazon will hit emission reduction targets, report its emissions regularly and carry out...