This Tesla Origami concept is the sci-fi blend of Cybertruck and NASA rover!

Origami is more than just an intriguing form of art, it’s a scientific methodology that forms shapes of the most aesthetic nature while being structurally strong. That was the inspiration for transportation design student Jaeheon Lee from the Chung Ang University, South Korea to create the Tesla Origami concept car that breaks the barriers of automotive design as far as form and function are concerned. Adapting the elements of Tesla’s Cybertruck frame, SpaceX’s Mars colonizing dreams, and NASA’s Mars rover – the concept design is straight out of a sci-fi future.

Retaining the cardinal points for the overall structural design of the vehicle, Lee envisions it to be a renewable energy powered car – again having origami-inspired solar panels on the rear that expand to harness the sun’s energy when the vehicle is parked. Set sometime in the distant future where we will be able to freely scout the surface of planets in our solar system, the Tesla Origami concept car comes with a reinforced exoskeleton body for rigidity and airless tires to adapt to the terrain. The ultra-sharp design of this futuristic concept is well balanced with the fat tires, giving the four-wheeler a distinct appeal that’s truly unmatchable.

Another standout feature of the Tesla Origami is the deformable front and back panels that make it ideal for camping since luggage and tents can be hauled in the extra space. The interior is as futuristic as the exterior with four-way facing lounge seats and display panels. Minimal charter of the vehicle is reflected in the all-glass body panel covering the top section of the car, lending it a cool aura. It has to be said that Lee has put a lot of thought into conceptualizing this concept, and the result is absolutely stunning!

Designer: Jaeheon Lee



This Cybertruck-inspired Tesla Modular rover was designed for exploration missions on Mars!

Humans’ desire to set foot on another planet – even make it their home is not distant as visionaries like Elon Musk are headstrong about their goal of colonizing Mars in the next few decades. More than a pipedream, the foundation has been laid by NASA’s unmanned missions to the red planet – the freshest one being the landing of the Mars Perseverance rover. While rovers scout the planet’s surface for signs of water and other intricate details for future missions, here on planet earth, imaginative designers are letting loose their creative bits to show us what the future could be like.

This bug-like rover that looks like the big daddy of the compact Mars rovers that we have seen over the years is, in fact, a waste disposal vehicle for the harsh terrain of the red planet. Called the D25 Modular Rover, the design comes to the courtesy of Joshua Kotter, who has reimagined the shape and function of a vehicle to make it look like its tailormade for the jarred landscape and severe weather conditions of Mars. The three-part vehicle is made of the modular platform chassis that’s electrically driven, has a cabin crew module, and the main waste disposal module. While the first and second are a given surety on the vehicle, the waste disposal module can be swapped with other customizable modules depending on the need.

Joshua gives the modular rover a very upbeat character that’s bold with the NASA, Tesla, and SpaceX branding. The Cybertruck-like sharp aesthetic is apparent in the rover as it is made to scale abrasive terrain commonly found on the planet. The module could also be readied for any reconnaissance missions should an alien species decide to have the first rights on the planet. Who knows what the uncertain future holds for humanity as we are bound to encounter other life forms in the galaxy and our universe eventually. The D25 Modular Rover looks prepared for that eventuality!

Designer: Joshua Kotter

The Tesla Model B is an electric bike concept that’s futuristic on the inside and out

While you might think this two-wheeler has the Tesla connection, it doesn’t. The brainchild of two transportation designers, Drake Nolte and Jack Donald Morris, this conceptual bike design imagines a decade down the line, the state of personal commuting amidst dense California traffic in the year 2030. Taking the best from both worlds; the two-wheelers and cars – the concept dubbed ‘Tesla Model C’ is a rare combination of road safety, driving comfort, compact size, and driving dynamics!

The duo put a lot of thought into designing the bike concept with a driver sitting position adopted from the four-wheelers. The steering column of the revolutionary ride extends out horizontally like that of an F1 car in handlebar-like form for superior grip at all times. The motorbike aesthetics are evident in the shape of the rear swing-arm and the two wheels’ positioning. Perhaps, the most exciting bit of the design is the flexibility in the parked position, which allows the driver to comfortably get out of the Tesla Model C and decreases the vehicle’s footprint for parked spaces. Now, isn’t that ingenious or what!

Another design genius of the ride is the door that stays firmly in place when driving, protecting the rider. As soon as the Tesla Model C comes to a stop, the door opens up and stabilizes the bike, and protects the rider’s legs when stopping between cars. The bike is powered by electric motors concealed on the front, and peculiar scope right in line with the driver’s vision keeps things ultra-focused while driving. Indeed this bike design shows what concepts of the future can be like and the possibilities to make things even better than before when it comes to commuting!

Designer: Drake Nolte and Jack Donald Morris

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This futuristic luxury camper comes with HEPA filters + pet bed for a unique glamping experience!

Whenever I go camping, usually on the walk over from my tent to the campsite’s outhouse, all it takes is the sight of a luxe RV trailer to convince me of investing in one for my next trip. While the unique, sweaty joy that follows waking up in a cozy – if not sweltering hot – tent is irreplaceable, there’s a regal comfort to an RV’s rugged and homelike nature that always seems to outshine the old camping tent. There’s a new RV pulling into the campsite from the team behind Bowlus Road Chief, known as the world’s first aluminum travel trailer, and it’s the debut of their latest luxury RV, the Terra Firma.

For most, RVs are so beloved because they offer the thrill of traveling off-the-grid while catering to the convenience of modern-day amenities like running water and filtered air. Boasting that and so much more, the Terra Firma tailgates Bowlus Road Chief’s Endless Highways Performance Edition, complete with the same 26-foot length body, reflective chrome exterior, in-floor heating system, and large lithium iron phosphate battery pack that allows for a week’s worth of off-grid traveling. On the inside, Terra Firma brings the elegance equal to that found in private jets and newer Tesla models equipped with plenty of high-tech features that meet the needs of even your furry travel companions.

In addition to smart technology that takes care of your doggo, Terra Firma features HEPA Air Filters with UVC to ensure you and your party are always breathing clean air no matter where the road takes you. The team at Bowlus Road Chief was sure to also include an embedded water filtration system that utilizes carbon filters through a two-stage filtration process, assuring travelers that they can look forward to clean, fresh drinking water after each hike. GPS tracking also runs through Terra Firma, allowing travelers to share their RV’s location and trip status with chosen users for an extra sense of security.

Lastly, whether you’d like to bring your cat or dog along for the trip, Terra Firma includes a built-in, personalized pet bed, along with pull-out food and water bowls. If your pup is ever too tired to join you at your side for a good hike, with Pet-Flex remote temperature monitoring, you can head up the mountain assured that sure your pets are safe and happy. Terra Firma is spacious enough to provide plenty of storage options, a tuckaway dog bed, and a master bedroom situated in the iconic curved end of the cabin, so let’s just ditch the tent already.

Designer: Bowlus Road Chief

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