Hardgraft’s clever leather case turns into a 3D stand for your headphones!

The difference between a regular headphone case and Hardgraft’s ingenious case/stand is quite simply just a fold-line! The flat leather case transforms right into a 3D docking platform for your headphones just by simply creating a crease in the base.

The case is entirely made from leather, and features a wool-felt inner layer to protect your headphones. A zip lets you secure your precious B&O Play headphones within the case, while a clever diamond-shaped base turns the flat case into a three dimensional one, allowing you to perfectly rest your headphones on it in a way that’s equal parts aesthetic, functional, and sheer genius! Just like all of Hardgraft’s fine products, the Peak Headphone Case/Stand is made out of high-end top-grain leather from Tuscany and 100% wool-felt from Germany.

Designer: Hardgraft for Bang & Olufsen

The Hardgraft Leather Camera Bag is the most dapper way to carry around your DSLR

Sitting at the junction of style and security, Hardgraft’s chestnut-colored Frame Camera Bag comes with an all-leather exterior and a protective padded melange grey wool interior. Its universal size makes it ideal for all kinds of SLRs, and a padded divider even gives you ample storage for additional lenses and other accessories.

The Frame Camera Bag’s all leather construction truly gives it a distinct appeal, with its unified design made entirely from that chestnut brown Italian tanned leather. The bag comes with an adjustable leather strap and even sports a reverse nylon zipped pocket on the side for any other belongings you may have on you. SO much better than those basic canvas bags people keep carrying their cameras around in.

Designer: Hardgraft

There’s a simple joy in the way this wallet/card-holder opens up like an accordion!

Rather appropriately named the Ta-Da!, this card-holder from hardgraft is all about joyous fanfare! Constructed around a simple idea with simple materials, the Ta-Da!’s design is a pretty neat example of the end-product being greater than the sum of its parts. It opens up much like an accordion-styled folder, revealing space for seven cards that you can slide right into its slim, simple leather slot-system. When you open the case out though, the cards fan out, equidistant from each other, making them easy to access and pretty fun to look at too. Storage for 7 cards gives you enough space for payment cards, membership cards, and access cards that you may need to carry around with you on a day-to-day basis. If you’re looking to stash some cash too, the Ta-Da! comes with a neat little slot on its front to store a few banknotes. Ultimately, everything is secured by an elastic band that wraps around the wallet, giving it the appeal of a mini-Moleskine. Take the elastic off and the wallet instantly opens up to reveal your seven cards… Ta-Da!!

Designer: hardgraft