Hardgraft’s clever leather case turns into a 3D stand for your headphones!

The difference between a regular headphone case and Hardgraft’s ingenious case/stand is quite simply just a fold-line! The flat leather case transforms right into a 3D docking platform for your headphones just by simply creating a crease in the base.

The case is entirely made from leather, and features a wool-felt inner layer to protect your headphones. A zip lets you secure your precious B&O Play headphones within the case, while a clever diamond-shaped base turns the flat case into a three dimensional one, allowing you to perfectly rest your headphones on it in a way that’s equal parts aesthetic, functional, and sheer genius! Just like all of Hardgraft’s fine products, the Peak Headphone Case/Stand is made out of high-end top-grain leather from Tuscany and 100% wool-felt from Germany.

Designer: Hardgraft for Bang & Olufsen

A Home for Your Headphones

From the makers of the ingenious Slate Mobile AirDesk and its big brother SlatePro comes the latest in creative storage. Take it from us, these guys know organization! ! It’s called the Beats by Dre Station and, as you might’ve guessed from the name, it’s the perfect place to keep your precious cans! Crafted from a single sheet of bamboo, it pairs perfectly with your desktop and even has a place to dock your iPhone or iPod. Get it here!

Designer: iSkelter

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