Walking aid for the elderly comes with a box for carrying their furry friends

Humans seem to be wired to be social animals, and that is sometimes a difficult problem for certain people. Loneliness affects everyone, but the pain can become more acute for people who are more advanced in age and who find it hard to develop new relationships because of limits to their mobility. Pets have become a solution for some of the elderly folk, but that, too, comes with its own puzzles to solve. People advanced in age are often advised to still go outside as long as they are able to, but they are hesitant to leave their furry friends at home as well. Solving multiple related problems can be a daunting task, but this walker concept pulls it off in a way that is both simple and effective.

Designer: Feng Chang

There are definitely plenty of walking aid designs, some even serving multiple functions. Some are just a step above crutches that you have to lift to move forward, while others come with wheels that increase mobility at the expense of some stability. Some come with small seats for the user, and others have baskets to hold their things. This particular walker concept combines some of these to present a more agile yet safe aid that has room for your pet when you go out.

The most conspicuous part of this walker is the large box that serves as your pet’s mobile home. You can simply slide the door on top to let the little furry friend in or out, or you can keep it close so that they don’t jump out suddenly. Of course, there are vents that allow the pet to breathe easily while comfortably confined in there.

The walking aid itself has a few aspects that help it rise about common designs. The handle, for example, travels in almost all directions, giving the user the freedom to grip it any way they prefer. There’s a brake button underneath the handlebar that will prevent the user from falling over or sliding. The front wheels also have LED lights above them that can be recharged via a USB-C slot on the opposite side, offering additional safety, especially in darker areas.

This walking aid concept hits two birds with one well-designed stone to help make elderly lives a bit more enjoyable and meaningful. It offers a convenient way for them to bring their beloved pets with them for a walk while also providing mobility and safety for themselves. And while the walker is primarily designed for very old people, anyone with limited mobility and a small pet can still benefit from this idea, at least if it ever becomes a real product.

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This sensor-laden intelligent walking companion is the future of canes and walkers for elderly care

Most of us take mobility for granted and it really comes as a shock when the movement is compromised due to common conditions such as arthritis, old age, or even accidents that affect the body joints and eventually the freedom of moving around comfortably. Traditional walkers, canes and crutches have come to our rescue for years but with the use of technology, a design team has conceived an intelligent walking companion designed to do a lot more than simply assist with mobility.

Looking at the archetypical canes and walkers through “a futuristic lens” the Stride Senze is born, which basically transforms the traditional walking assistants into a smart walking companion for the elderly and other mobility challenged. Doing a little more than just helping the elderly walk, this new cane, with a self-balancing mechanism can ensure safety by simply anticipating the user’s movements and helping them walk comfortably.

Designer: Designer: NextOfKin Creatives and Rodney Loh

Over the years, canes, considered the longest-serving mobility assistants, have transformed from wooden sticks to more ably designed, lightweight metal and aluminum options. But the stress of walking with a stick that adds to discomfort in the elderly’s wrist and forearms has not really been addressed to the ability it should have been. Now the very modern and artistic Stride Senze visions to empower the elderly carrying their walking companion without shame!

Designed in single support (stick-like) and walker modes, the Stride Senze empowers safe and comfortable mobility for elders. The self-balancing technology ensures the stick is always at the user’s access – next to the bed or in the bathroom – and can be used effortlessly. The robot companion of sort, the Stride Senze is embedded with sensors to learn the user’s moves and detect and prevent falls. The multiple sensors onboard instantly send out alter to family or caretakers in case of an accident or when a fall’s detected.

What really stands out for me is the extra thrust that the ball-like base of the Stride Senze can generate to assist the elderly get up from the commode or bed effortlessly. Being more than a regular cane, this sensor-laden device also helps scan the surroundings to help navigate the user safely within the house or bathroom even in low light conditions.

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