Minimalistic style meets comfort in these pet-friendly furniture designs!

No matter how rough a day you’ve had, just returning back home to your beloved pet is sure to brighten up the remainder of your day! And what keeps your pet bright and happy? That’s right, a couple of comfy spaces curated especially for them to just chill out and have a ball. Product designer Onurhan Demir has created a collection of premium furniture items for your little furry babies, called Weelywally. Weelywally consists of a selection of minimal wooden pieces with a metal or fabric patterned detail for your pets, ranging from little houses to an elevated feeder! Though they all maintain different functionalities, they share a very simple yet modern appeal. With an almost Japanese style philosophy, these pieces will complement any home with their organic and wooden aesthetic. Created from natural wood,  coated with pet-friendly varnish, and using 100% cotton the entire collection is completely safe for your furry buddies, and devoid of any sharp edges for them to hurt themselves with!

Designer: Onurhan Demir

One of my favorites is ‘Oslo’. A handy side table that can accommodate books, lamps, magazines, and all your tidbits, while functioning as a little resting space for your pet. The house-shaped opening provides a nifty entrance for your pet, allowing them to cuddle up in Oslo with a couple of fluffy pillows. A perfect snooze session is guaranteed!

Second in the collection is ‘Odense’, a mini sofa for your pet to sprawl in and have a power nap. Crafted from natural wood and stainless lightweight aluminum, the seating arrangement consists of ample space, so your pet can relax on the premium-quality cushions with a fiber ball filling, in comfort.

Up next is Toscana, a classically simple food feeder for your pet, suitable for dogs as well as cats. Available in a variety of sizes, it consists of a food and water bowl with an accompanying platform. The entire set up has been created from walnut wood, and feeds your pet in style!

And last but not least is their collection of mini houses which has my complete heart! The collection comprises of three cottage-like structures perfectly sized for your pets! Sydney, Volendam, and Wien host a slanted roof, with a triangular metallic structure, the mini houses resemble the home icon on our desktops! Combining cloth, metal, and wood, the mini houses are a fresh change from the boring old pet homes! Sydney boasts a complete aluminum body with a slanted wooden entrance, maintaining a stark and sleek aura. Using wooden rods and slatted structure, each of these pet homes can be easily dismantled for flat storage. The last mini house Wien features a completely natural wood structure with a cotton rooftop flourished with prints! With different print options in a variety of colors,  you can add a pop of fun to your pet’s trusted retreat.

Turn your dog’s dreaded bath time into treat time with this slow feeder!

If you own a dog, you know the commotion and flurry that follows when you mention the words ‘Bath time’. You only catch a glimpse of your furry friend, before they begin jolting for their lives. Something about pets in general and baths simply does not mesh. Daniel Lentz and Tom Zipprian grew up having similar struggles with their pets, and hence their creation the ‘Aquapaw Slow Treater’. The ingenious product is a slow feeder for treats, which aims to persuade your puppy/adult dog to get into the shower or bathtub, and most importantly to make sure they stay there.

Designers: Daniel Lentz & Tom Zipprian

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So how does the Slow Treater work? Simply lather the feeder with your pet’s favorite treat. Peanut butter, pate, meat mince, their preferred canned dog food, and smeared cream or cottage cheese are a few examples of the food you could coat the feeder with.

Once their treat is in place, stick the feeder onto any smooth surface and let it do it’s magic! Your pet will be instantly attracted to the curious little item filled with a yummy snack. Equipped with rubber nubs, these nubs will slow down their licking and extend how long it takes for them to slurp up the treat. Made from 100% FDA grade silicone, the feeder is totally safe for the usage of your pets. Amped with suction cups, wings and tabs, the Slow Treater can be easily placed and removed from any surface.

The treater is completely dishwasher friendly, so it can be cleaned without much effort on your part. It is also freezable, so you can fill it up with your chosen treat and pop it into the freezer. Freezing the treat ensures that it lasts longer when your doggo finally gets to it.

The innovative slow feeder isn’t limited to bath time only, it can be used when you’re brushing your canine buddy or cleaning their ears, cutting their nails, basically, any health and hygiene-related task that they may abhor. Tried and tested, the Aquapaw Slow Treater is the ultimate bath time distraction!

Doubling as a backpack, travel carrier and a bed, this is no ordinary pet carrier bag!

Transporting your beloved pet from one location to another can be a handful! Of course, that’s where pet carriers come into the picture. However, not all pet carriers are the most comfortable nor the most efficient medium of transportation. Some can be difficult to carry, whereas others aren’t comfy enough for our pets to snuggle into. Sunghoon Park’s ‘Carrio’ on the other hand is quite versatile and modular as well! At first glance, it may look like an ordinary pet carrier, but once you dwell deeper, it has a bit of a surprise in store for you. At home, Carrio can be used as a bed or a quaint resting spot for your pet, a personal area for your pet to laze around in after a long day of play. When it comes to functioning as a carrier, it provides two modules, owing to two types of straps that can be customized. It can be used as a carrier backpack, slip it onto your shoulders effortlessly and take your pet alongside you wherever you please. Put on the second pair of straps, and it can be used as a travel carrier bag! You can hold it horizontally like a duffle bag, apt for your larger furry friends. Since the carrier also functions as the bed the pets rest in at home, it’s something they grow accustomed to. It begins to feel familiar to them, relieving their stress, and heading out of the house doesn’t seem like an ordeal anymore!

Available in a variety of fun colors from blue to beige, Carrio is a multifunctional and trendy alternative to your usual pet carrier bag. As the owner of two perfect Persian cats myself, this is probably one of the handiest creations I’ve come across!

Designer: Sunghoon Park

Pet and human-friendly multifunctional furniture designs to give you the best of both worlds!

Calling all pet owners/ lovers! Does your heart skip a beat every time you see a pet-friendly piece of furniture as you scroll through your Instagram feed? Are you almost tempted to buy it, only for seeds of doubt to be sowed into your mind a moment later?  Do you begin to wonder will your pet even adjust to it? Will they even come around to using it? What if their initial fascination fades, only for it to rot away in a corner of the house, busy gathering dust? Well, Istanbul based PET-TURE came up with “the idea of creating pet-friendly design products with an architectural design approach.” Instead of creating conventional pet houses, they’ve designed a unique collection of pet furniture that can be used in multiple ways. This ensures comfortable and aesthetic living spaces for your furry friends, but also functional pieces of furniture that you could use as well, so if ever your pet does decide to reject it, there’s still plenty more for you to do with it. Not to mention all their products have been crafted out of warm natural walnut wood with extreme care and precision to pamper your furry buddies.

Designers: Irmak Sekucoglu & Ece Bac of PET-TURE 

‘Cubic’ is another one of PET-TURE’s side table inspired pet-friendly pieces. It is a contemporary home for your pet, with the entrance modeled after the shape of a kitten’s face! But, it also doubles as a coffee table, serving as another neat spot for all your knick-knacks.

‘Corner’ also provides a comfortable space for your pet to laze around in. After an intense play session, they may need their own privacy and the closeted-like feel of Corner gives them just that! Shaped like a side table, the upper section does indeed function like one, allowing you to place your glasses, books, coasters and any other tidbits you may want to add to your living space.

One of my favorite pieces in their collection is ‘Grid’. Grid functions as a comfy resting spot for your pet. With a cozy lounging spot at the bottom and a slanted roof on top, it manages to provide a very homely feel, a safe haven of sorts for your furry friend. The gridded structure at the entrance allows your pet to slither in and out, allowing them to have their own little adventure! On the other hand, the roof also functions as a magazine stand. You can place your magazines on the roof, where they will be supported by an almost inconspicuous shelf.

Last but not least would be their piece ‘Case’. Case comes in two sizes; one for your smaller animal companions, and the other the Case XL for your larger furry friends. Case functions as a portable bed, equipped with wheels at the bottom, it can be easily put away into storage when not in use.

That is another bonus feature that can be found in all PET-TURE products; 4 brake wheels. These wheels allow you to move the products to any spot in your home according to your convenience. Accompanied by an adjustable stopper, you can also immobilize them when needed. PET-TURE believes in their motto of “animal-friendly design” and they have indeed translated that into their products with furniture that is not only friendly to our pets but also to our homes and us!

The remarkable simplicity of a fishbowl that lets you change the water without evicting the fish

You know one of those ‘kick myself for not having thought of it first’ ideas? This is a prime example. The function of the Harbour fishbowl is explained in one simple image above. The fishbowl comes with a smaller volume attached to its side. When you want to change the water, tip the bowl over so that the water gently spills out. The water level should gradually recede and the fish should find itself inside the smaller volume in the fishbowl. Now simply pour fresh water in and you’re done. That’s it! The fish doesn’t need to be trapped, baited, and pulled out of its bowl and put into a glass or plastic bag while you change the water in its fishbowl. It simply has its own safe space to reside in while you change the water in the bowl every week or so. So simple, so sensible.

The Harbour Fishbowl is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2019.

Designers: Ma Xiaoqi & Ma Zhe

A pet-friendly sofa made just for you and your ‘Pawfect’ buddy!

Well, first things first, I’m an avid pet lover and I own two fluffy Persian cats myself. So, the thought of having a space I can share with my furry friends fills me up with excitement! Though the “Dog House Sofa” by Seungji Mun seems to be targeted specifically at canines (as is implied in its name) I do believe it could be a comfortable lounging spot for any species of pets. The inspiration behind the Dog House Sofa is pretty noble. In an attempt to raise awareness about the ever-increasing number of abandoned dogs, Seungji created the Dog House Sofa “to enhance the harmony between humans and their pets”.

The sofa is the first design for the pet furniture brand “mpup”. Created out of solid wood ash and fabric upholstery, the sofa can seat two people. The entire piece is draped in neutral shades of beige and mocha, so no jarring colors to alarm your pet!  The wooden armrest also doubles as a cozy hideaway for your pets. It’s a private section where they can laze around, with an opening in the armrest, allowing them to sneakily cuddle up to you! Such a design enables the two of you to interact but also provides sufficient personal space, without your pet destroying your beloved upholstery (for a change).

“This Dog House Sofa is a tool to communicate and share feelings between human and pet,” says Mun. “Combining the sofa and dog house delivers [a] new space of communication between human and pet.” The South Korean designer is no newcomer to pet-friendly furniture, but we must say with his Dog House Sofa he’s really tackled the problem of spending sufficient quality time with our ‘pawfect’ buddies!

Designer: Seungji Mun 

K100 gives an extra set of eyes for the K9 Dog squad

Dog squads have been helping the police force for a long time now, however refinements in their functioning have not been very significant. Hoping to give this a boost is the K100, K9 Dog & Police Communication System by Lu Zheng and Pontus Edman

Essentially, this two-way device sets up a camera on the back of the canine and provides a live feed to the receiving display that is strapped onto the forearm of the K9 officer. It aims to give a better view of what the lead police dog is seeing, when it is in the forefront.

It also allows the trainer to communicate with the dog, which can be helpful in stressful situations.

Designers: Lu Zheng, Pontus Edman & in collaboration with FLIR.


“When we visited the K9 Police force, it became clear that they had the interest and need for better equipment. Still using the whistle, paper maps, compasses supported by simple GPS-tools and com-radios,” Zheng told Yanko Design.

“Whistle works well over short distances but couldn’t be used over larger areas. The GPS-tool provides the live position of the dog, nothing more. They were talking about how to remove unnecessary processes in the workflow to give them the freedom and mobility they would need to execute their duties.”


“We built over 20 prototypes with different materials to test the best way for the product to fit on user and dog. The prodoucts are compact and all element are integrated in the backpack and monitor on the arm. All parts were milled for 3D printed, 72 different parts come together and made the final prototype.”

Final – Police & K9 Dog Communication

The K100 is an office-to-dog solution that allows police office to see the position and a live camera feed of both natural and infrared imaging from the dogs perspective.

A stabilized camera unit is mounted on the dog. The unti also has vibrations control and voice-commmand speaker to give the office a certain communication with the dog in a free-running situation over larger areas.

The K9 office on the other hand carries a controller which all datas collected by unit on the dog are displayed.