Cats are so smart that they’ve now got their own board-games

All you need to entertain a dog is a stick… A cat, on the other hand, needs something more advanced, like a state-of-the-art laser light. Cats are pretty smart animals. They’re alert, nimble, and have absolutely zero interest for boring toys like chew-sticks or balls. Cats need stimulation, entertainment, and something that’s more of a challenge… which is why the guys at the Cheerble Technology Co. designed a literal board-game for them.

Designed to constantly pique a cat’s curiosity, the Cheerble is a board-and-ball combination that is to cats what pinball is to humans. It features a hyperactive vibrating ball that darts around a board, while your cat constantly follows it as a predator follows its prey. At the heart of the Cheerble board game is its ball, a durable ping-pong ball-shaped device with a synthetic fiber coating that almost looks like an abstract mouse. The ball, with built-in motors and lights, can be set to one of three active settings, causing it to dart around chaotically, grabbing a cat’s attention in the process. Paired along with the ball is the Cheerble board, which comes in two variants, both with corrugated cardboard bases – the same material used to make cat-scratching posts. Owners get to choose between Pool-type boards, which turn your cats into poolmasters, working the table and trying to pot the 8-Ball, and between the Maze-type, which features actual obstacles, and a secondary distracting toy to truly keep your feline friends constantly engaged.

The Cheerble ball comes made from durable PolyCarbonate plastic, which is more than tough enough to take on bounces, drops, and occasional scratching and chewing by the cat. The ball can be activated using the standalone button on its surface, while a MicroUSB on the other end lets you replenish the Cheerble’s battery. Designed by the same people who gave us the Wickedbone, an interactive toy for dogs, the Cheerble board isn’t just an IoT toy for cats… it occupies and engages them, yes, but at the same time, it gives them their daily dose of exercise, while keeping those predator instincts sharper than ever, unlike the claws, which get worked against the scratchable base of the Cheerble board!

Designer: Cheerble

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Cheerble Board Game – All-in-one Interactive Toy for Cats

The 3-in-1 (Cheerble Ball, Playboard and Scratch Pad) toy is a great place for the cat to play, exercise, scratch and nap. Setting it up is faster than any meow. Simply push the button on the ball to adapt it to your cat’s energy level.

Inspired by the feedback of their previous project backers, the latest findings in feline psychology and years of experience in developing smart pet toys, the Cheerble Board Game has been designed to satisfy cats’ natural instincts, ensure endless hours of play and help them overcome boredom and loneliness when their cat parents are away.

Cheerble Ball

The tiny Cheerble Ball has synthetic fiber cover and cool LED lights on it. It’s specially designed to please the paws and sight.

With its automatic obstacle avoidance system, the ball never gets stuck in the holes of the Playboard or other tight spots. After one-hour of recharging it’s ready to play with your cat again!

Charging Cheerble Ball is super-easy, with its Micro USB charging cable, to plug into a USB power socket.

Cheerble Scratch Pad

With the built-in Scratch Pad, your cat can not only satisfy their scratching instincts but also keep their claws in shape. Cat parents no longer have to do it themselves!

Cheerble Playboard

Place the lightweight and portable Cheerble Playboard in any corner of the house for unlimited fun in a limited space.

Chasing the Cheerble Ball on the Playboard and tantalizing the wand with its feather pom satisfies any hunting instincts.

Customize the Cheerble Board Game

Pool type.

Maze type.

Super Easy Setup

Push the button to choose between normal, gentle or active modes.

Click Here to Buy Now: $33 $49 (35% off). Hurry, only 7/284 left! Raised over $160,000.

Say goodbye to travel anxiety with this innovative pet carrier!

We are all itching to travel again but we know that travel will be changed forever post this pandemic. The bright side is that we have the opportunity to change the way we have been doing things and make them better. While we are on the subject of making the transit easier and safer, let’s not forget that travel is not easy on our pets at all. They get stressed and confused which leads them to fall ill, and it leaves the owners in a constant state of concern which doesn’t make traveling a pleasant experience. The Air Cage was designed specifically to make the journey easier on the pets and their owners so that everyone can enjoy an emotional turbulence-free flight!

Air Cage was created to ensure your pet’s safety and ease your mind when you’re traveling with them. The concept was designed to be a rent-as-you-go service but it can also be opened to buying. You get your carrier in advance so your pet can familiarize themselves with it and have lesser anxiety during the flight. On the day of departure, your pet will be comfortable in the Air Cage which you can then handover to the attendants without any worry because you will be able to monitor your pet throughout the journey thanks to an in-built device. Apart from the real-time camera monitor, the carrier has many features to keep your pet comfortable – a water bottle, a pet bowl, and a bowel pad too!

The exterior of the carrier it a hard case designed for the maximum safety of your pet during rough flights. The development process took your pet’s behavior into account before landing on the shape, material, and size for the Air Cage. A handle was added so that you can move the carrier around easily if your pet weighs over 5 kgs. Make travel great again (for all humans and pets!).

Designer: Su Yeon Lee and Fountain Studio

This modular cat home is customized for your pet’s lifetime happiness

Browsing through Pinterest for your dream homes is so 2019, in 2020 we are browsing through pet homes and I am not ‘kitten’ when I say that cats certainly have cooler options than we ever will. They don’t pay rent and that is always going to be the coolest part but the pet homes are truly taking an artistic turn and I don’t mind having this modern cat home that is specifically customized for your feline friend’s happiness to last a lifetime! The design has been mindful of 3 elements – the space, the cat, and the person. Space is shared between the cat and the owner and this pet product works in the favor of that symbiotic relationship – all the cat’s needs are met and the owner’s interior space/style remains undisturbed.

The designer has imagined everything your pet needs to live their best life possible and included it in the details of this modular cat house. Every traditional shape and element has been reimagined to add a fresh perspective. The scratching board, for example, has been created to evoke an emotional response from the cat and make it a pleasant experience not bound by the stereotypical forms but still meeting the behavioral need to dig/scratch. Play around with the shape and structure, create something that works for you and your pet and if your pet gets bored easily, just switch up the arrangement and voila, a whole new apartment! The scratch pads can be set up in various different ways to increase the playing area while still being a practical element. “It is a balance between new and old. I have used our most common materials and structures in life to design new design styles, extend the life cycle of products, reduce product costs from another angle, and strengthen the relationship between brands and users by expanding product forms and functions,” says the designer.

It uses a familiar frame structure and it is flexible to the owner’s space and the cat’s demands – it also works for multiple cats! Sisal balls and corrugated paper complete the structure and encourage cats to behave as they would in their natural element, the choice of materials makes them more comfortable and the earthy tones bring a zen energy to the environment it is in. It integrates the human-cat-space elements into one pet product which is more entertaining, useful, and cost-effective because it serves multiple purposes. The cat house is adaptable and expandable to suit your flexible lifestyle. Add soft cushions, some toys, a litter box and you have a beautiful cat home with a minimal aesthetic that will fit your style and space!

Designer: He Yuhui

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This automatic dog feeder customizes portion sizes based on your pet’s body composition

 Its quarantine and I am sure I am not the only one binge-snacking while binge-watching TV. I am also not the best influence on my dog because when I get my midnight cookie and he looks at me with puppy eyes, I give him a treat too. I feel guilty after eating out of boredom and follow up with some exercises at home, so while I plank those cookies away my dog cannot do that. And since we are in lockdown, I can’t take him out for his usual long runs….so he may come out of this pandemic a little chubby and it made me wonder if there are pet feeding devices that can change portions after assessing your pet’s health.

Its 2020, anything can happen and here we have ‘In The Dog’ which is an automatic feeder that analyses your dog’s body composition before every meal. Usually, I take my dog for his routine check-up every quarter and their diets may need to be altered from time to time, especially if they are growing puppies and a feeding device like this is very handy for pet owners. If your dog has health issues then this automatic pet feeder can help. It is hard to gauge how much food is right for your dog because they can’t tell you (and honestly, even if they could tell you they would never say no to food) so having a pet feeder that can take the guesswork out and keep your dog rightly fed is amazing!

The form of the feeder is modern and sleek, it has been designed to fit with all interior styles. Unlike the usual pet bowl that is chipping off, this doesn’t look like an eyesore in the room. The front has a camera and an LED light. It also includes a metal tread plate to check your pet’s health. It comes with an app for your smartphone which reports on your dog’s body composition and recommends the portion sizes, once you authorize the automatic pet feeder will dispense the food. It is a seamless way to keep a log of their daily diet which is insightful data for any vet during check-ups. Now my dog may come out of quarantine in the same shape as he was but I need a refrigerator that can do the same for me!

Designers: AB Rh+ Yang, Gyu Hyung Han and Seokmin Jang


This geometric pet house will ease your separation anxiety

Dog houses are can be too high-end looking or too casual and either way, they draw attention in the room. If you are someone who wants to always be able to see their pets and are equally particular about your interior design aesthetic, then the Casano dog house was made for you!

Casano has a light and airy feel that extends to the room it is placed in, especially if you have a smaller apartment then it is a well-designed alternative to the traditional bulky dog house. It gives your pet a natural territorial separation while blending in seamlessly with your interior settings. It is created with a simple black iron frame that adds minimal elegance to your existing decor. The choice of using an iron frame for the build was so that the upkeep and care can be minimal. The floorboard is made of 15 mm thick laminated maple lumber – you can add a cushion to match the color scheme and for a little extra comfort.

The geometric visuals of the Casano make it stand out from the out pet houses in the market. Pets will have a feeling of “my space” where they can wind down and have some distance from the people in the house while the owners can put their separation anxiety at rest because they will still be able to see their best friend.

Casano is a winner of the iF Design Award for the year 2020.

Designer: Kazutoshi Miura of Miuka Design

Animal psychology governs the design of this smart pet water dispenser

Have you ever walked into someone’s house or office and they have this cool showpiece with a water fountain? I am talking about those mini zen gardens or crazy shapes that have constant flowing water – it always catches your attention if you see it. That same behavior works for pets too actually, they are more attracted to flowing water than a stagnant water bowl and this award-winning smart pet water dispenser does exactly that!

The PetX smart pet water dispenser designed by Beijing Kitten&Puppy Technology Co. was one of the iF Design Awards 2020 winners and rightfully so – they used the simplest animal behavioral psychology pattern and applied it to a product that worked for pets. Instead of a regular water bowl, this smart water dispenser provides clean running water for pets anytime. Flowing water is better for your pet’s health as still water has a higher chance of becoming contaminated and leading to things like urinary tract infections. Your pets are likely to drink more water due to the innovative and inviting mechanism.

The brand has a patented water flow structure designed for keeping the water clean by filtering impurities and keeping the volume below 30dB. The form of the product has a 7° slope which works universally i.e. pets with different face shapes will be able to comfortably drink water and you won’t have to buy separate bowls for multiple pets. The PetX water dispenser offers access to the IoT and has a voice control feature as well. The water frequency can be automatically switched for day and nighttime use and in case of a power failure, the water tray will still store 100 ml so your pets can remain hydrated. You’ve reached the end of this article and this is a reminder for you and your pet to drink some water.

The PetX smart water dispenser is a winner of the iF Design Award for the year 2020.

Designer: Beijing Kitten&Puppy Technology Co.

This portable dry room keeps your home and pets hygienic during quarantine

Quarantining with pets has its pros and cons, it is emotionally comforting to have your pet around during these hard times but it is also a task to switch their entire routine indoors especially if you have a dog. The isolation is an adjustment for every living being and we all have to find hacks around what used to be ‘normal life’. I have a dog and every time I gave him a bath, I would take him out for a quick walk so the sun would dry his coat and warm him up. Being under lockdown means I cannot step out often but I still have to bathe and dry my dog and would prefer if my apartment didn’t end up smelling like wet fur…you know what I mean! Enter – Cozypet Dryroom and by the end of this, you are going to want one in a human size, trust me.

If you have a small to medium pet (yes, even a Malamute is a puppy but let’s be real for a second), then Cozypet Dryroom is exactly what you need for rainy days and quarantine days. It is a quick and efficient way to dry your pet after bath time. The appliance has a cylindrical design which lets the air from the twin fans flow effectively and evenly. Most of us believe that letting our pets air-dry indoors is not an issue, but in fact, it is not healthy for you or your pet. Keeping the fan or air conditioning on when your pets’ coats are still damp can make them fall sick and also leave an unpleasant smell in the house. The Cozypet Dryroom solves these issues by 1) being fast 2) maintaining hygiene and 3) being gentle when compared to a using a blow dryer (I know some of you geniuses must have thought of that alternative).

Usually, at pet care centers, the dry rooms are larger but if you are living in an apartment or do not use pet care centers all the time, then having this compact device will save you a lot of personal resources especially if you have multiple pets to care for (time, energy, money, and space to be exact). The design is sleek and minimal so it can fit with any interior style and won’t take up more than a small corner. Unlike traditional boxy pet dry rooms, the Cozypet brings a refreshing new shape to your home. Its form is like a stool so it doesn’t stick out in your space and blends with the furniture. With the clear door, it almost looks like your furry friend’s personal sauna room. To me, it looks like a cozy nook that gets your pet all warm and ready to cuddle – I truly wish they make one for people too!

Designer: Ryan Kim, Yeaji Hong, and Ffon Creatives.

Layer Design’s feline-friendly furniture is every cat lover’s delight!

Once upon a time, I would proudly call myself a dog person. Not just a dog person, but an anti-cat person, as I never quite understood the appeal of having a cat, until I got two of them as my cats-in-law! Cats are smart intelligent companions and as per studies, roughly 42.7 million people are cat-owners in the USA alone, with the millennials owning up a huge chunk of them. Frankly, that does make sense to me. The world is getting smaller yet people are more lonely each day, with these furry pals coming to their rescue! So yes, cats are adorable and we will do almost anything to make these felines love us back. Keeping in mind our wish to give only the best for our cats, LAYER Design by Benjamin Hubert has created products for the New York-based start-up Cat Person, an entire brand dedicated to bringing cat-friendly furniture for every cat lover!

Starting with the absolute basics, Cat Person brings you two innovative designs to make you and your cat happy! Meet Canopy Bed, a unique 3-in-1 design that makes life easier for your cat and you. The Canopy Bed comes with a playful and colorful base that is easy to show off for the cat owner, matching with today’s modern interiors. But the real show-stealer is the detachable canopy – you can remove it, fold it to create a soft wall or if your pet is feeling shy or wants their own space, the canopy literally forms a tent above their head! This multipurpose design allows each cat owner and cat to experiment with different settings using the same product and change things as needed. After all, we all know how moody the human can be! The detachable form of the canopy also makes it easier to clean and folds flat for storage. LAYER’s design experience shines through here in their use of soft geometric forms in colorful variants that invite cats and their owners alike.

The second product launched in this range is the Mesa Bowl – a modular feeding station that ensures your cat need not bend uncomfortably to access their food. The focus here is on the modularity of the product. The brand believes each cat has its own style and the Mesa Bowl is designed to allow you to work the product to suit your cat. The Mesa Bowl consists of three parts – the main bowl to hold the food, a sculptural stand that elevates the food for your cat and a tray that holds the entire piece together as well as catching any accidental spills. Every individual piece is made using durable non-BPA plastic and the shallow nature of the bowl accommodates the cat’s facial profile, letting them eat without agitating their whiskers and keeping them free of “whisker fatigue”.

From the time you get a little kitten into your home and hearts till they turn into the cat that will ultimately rule your heart, both of these products are designed to grow with your cats. These products form the basis of your connection with your cat, from playful, colorful designs to modularity, LAYER’s attention to detail will make this exciting journey comfortable for you as you both find your way. What more can the human ask for!

Designer: LAYER Design for Cat Person

The Canopy Bed

Canopy Bed is a simple yet inspired 3-in-1 cat bed that responds to feline behaviors. Most cats will sleep up to 17 hours each day, with kittens and older cats napping for even longer.

Canopy Bed

Canopy Bed is made from a durable recycled PET felt material and can be adapted to different napping situation throughout the day.

There are three options for configuration of the canopy to fit a cat’s mood – whether they want to hide away, feel protected, or lounge openly.

The circular footprint of the memory foam cushion snugly accommodates the naturally curved sleeping position of a cat, and the durable felted PET material can withstand cat “kneading” and scratching behavior.

Canopy Bed is available in three different colorways: Jungle, Tundra, and Savanna.

The Mesa Bowl

Mesa Bowl is a modular cat feeding station that offers a comfortable setting for cats to feed from, celebrating their uniquely feline character.

Mesa Bowl

The rounded bowl, made from durable non-BPA plastic, sits atop a sculptural stand, avoiding the need for cats to crouch or hunch.

The elegant arrangement of the food bowl and stand takes its design cues from premium homewares, offering an easy-to-clean and durable product that cat persons are proud to display in their homes.

The feeding station “grows” with the cat as the bowl can be used directly on the tray for a kitten or on the stand for adult cats.

Mesa Bowl is available in three colourways: Jungle, Tundra, and Savanna.

“With Cat Person, we saw an opportunity to disrupt a market underserved by good design with a collection of products to connect with a new generation of cat owners. The collection is based on extensive research into cat and cat owner behaviors to find new insights that have driven innovative features. The resulting collection not only meets the specific needs of domestic cats, but also seamlessly integrates into the home life of owners and offers an opportunity for them to celebrate their feline friends.” says Benjamin Hubert, Founder LAYER.

A modular cat tree for when your pet is also your co-worker!

Okay, we can all agree there is never enough cat content (barring ‘Cats’ the movie) and we always want to give our pets everything ‘they’ (read: we) dream of. I know people who would buy furniture for their cat than actually getting a coffee table for themselves. And now that we all are spending more time at home with our cats, the territory that was usually theirs for half the day is now a shared space. Your pet is also your co-worker now so it is important to keep them occupied while you focus on work and since most of us live in shared apartments or small flats, it is important that we don’t buy a cat palace but invest in a more space-saving structure like Catssup.

This particular piece of cat furniture is extremely easy to set-up and seamlessly integrates with your current home setting minus the bulkiness of a conventional cat tree. In 2020, it is all about how modular the product is and that applies to pet furniture too. With Catssup you can create a DIY jungle gym by simply clamping the different parts onto existing furniture and changing the set-up whenever ‘you’ (read: your cat) need. The best part is that it doesn’t require any floor space so if you want to lie down and WFH – you absolutely can with the extra room!

The Catssup set includes a Dot Step, a Sleeping Pill, a Space Ball, a Cloud Lounge and a Climbing Tower – I would just like to say that I strongly believe human furniture should also have fun labels like this and maybe we would be more invested in it. The Dot Step is a circular attachment that lets your pet explore vertical places with the Cloud Lounge and Sleeping Pill are resting attachments. The Space Ball and Climbing tower are play pieces to keep your cat entertained, especially during virtual meetings. All you have to do is screw and clamp for rearranging the pieces suited to different functions. The C-clamp is adjustable so it will fit horizontal boards/surfaces easily.

Pet furniture > human furniture.

Designer: Catssup.

Samsung’s robot dog concept lacks puppy eyes but still chases balls!

We are in 2020 and so far it has been one crisis after another. What truly gives me hope is the time I spend with my dog. It is a moment away from the chaos and I often wonder if my dog knows what is happening around us? Do our pets have a sixth sense for disasters as they do for our emotions? Dogs are one of the most intelligent domestic companions to have and our furry friends truly form an inexplicable bond with us. Which leads me to this – what is the future of robot dogs?

Devoid of real feelings but with advancing AI, they will surely be smarter and more efficient. Dog bots will probably be a hybrid of a smart pet and a household assistant, I imagine features like security cameras for the eyes while still being sweet enough to bring you your newspaper and waking you up in the morning. Dog bots may have the benefit of being low maintenance, they won’t require mandatory walks on days when you’re sick or make you panic if you forget leaving their food out during emergencies. And as you can guess, they definitely won’t be troublesome during bath time.

So for the future, it actually sounds like a practical option because AI will be able to mimic a dog’s behavior closely but what about our conditioned behavior towards dogs? This conceptual Samsung dog bot replaces the dog’s features with a screen, so instead of a confused head tilt the face aka screen of the robot will show you a question mark. If the tech giants are to make a robot dog, using a screen as an interactive interface will save a lot more material than using plastic-like materials to replicate the real build of your pet. With the rapid rate at which AI is growing and the conceptual renders show, the dog bot will be able to chase balls and give you a leaping welcome when it senses your arrival. It is interesting how the design is so futuristic and yet when you look at it, you can tell it was made to resemble a dog. You may not even have noticed that the ‘tail’ is missing and yet our brains have evolved to associate emotion with robots.

For most of us, our dogs are considered family. The strong bond teaches us a lot about our own emotions, caring for another in all times, communicating without an actual language and the invincible power of puppy eyes! While technology can make robots so realistic that we start questioning what is real, something like a dog placing his head on your lap can never be replicated by a bot right? Let’s take a pawse (see what I did there?) and think about what life will be like if Samsung were to make a robot dog like this one.

Designer: Gaetano De Cicco