These office desk accessories are all designed to be a mini factory of productivity!

In an imaginary world, I would love if there was a factory of productivity so that we never had those Monday blues or the pressure to finish everything by Friday. Well, that dream is not coming true but perhaps what can boost productivity just as equally is this cute, minimal, tiny Factory Object set which includes everything you need for the perfect office day!

It’s a series of products inspired by the commonality between factories that constantly produce things and employees who do productive work at the desk (as I write, I realize I am very much that employee right now – very meta!). It consists of a humidifier, diffuser, pen holder, charging tray, USB, and a USB splitter.

The humidifier mimics the smoke-emitting factory chimneys. It has a 4-6-8-hour reservation function and a knob to control it. “It also provides more smoke with two cylinders and filters,” elaborated Park. Another set of objects inspired by the smoke pipes in factories are the wireless charger and pens. Two pens rest in a magnet holder attached to a tray that can be used to organize desk supplies. The tray also supports wireless charging! Moving on we have the powerplant-inspired diffuser which is a perfect mini replica of the real structure down to its shape. You can simply turn it off and turn it on with the front button, and enjoy aromatherapy (very much needed anytime you open your inbox) with capsule-type electronic diffusers.

Now to my personal favorite object – the USB trucks and the warehouse USB splitter! “The USB hub is inspired by the commonality of transporting something. It lights up when a USB is detected and supports four ports as well as SD cards,” explains Park. The USB drives are shaped like mini trucks and come with 16GB and 32GB storage capacity. The Factory Object desk set is playful yet sleek and makes being productive a whole lot easier – almost as if it was manufacturing it!

Designer: Jaehong Park

With its absurdly cool sci-fi-inspired design, the GravaStar Sirius Pro may be the sexiest TWS Earbuds ever made

I personally hold Steve Jobs accountable for ruining the word ‘Sleek’. It’s now used to describe every single thing we see, especially in consumer technology, where if it isn’t sleek, it isn’t worth marketing. In a world where everything’s designed to look slim, have plain, flat surfaces, and look quite like an alien designed it, the GravaStar Sirius Pro TWS Earbuds stand out for the fact that they embody a rugged, robust, cool design, while still being compact. The earbuds and their accompanying case have an almost ‘industrial’ coolness to them like they were designed by a sci-fi-driven future. Oh, and if that wasn’t ruggedly cool enough, the case even doubles up as a bottle opener… making these the first headphones to also be able to crack open a brewski. Cool.

Designer: GravaStar

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The fact that they’re designed to look like a prop out of Ghost in the Shell or Fallout isn’t entirely accidental… GravaStar’s known to make some absurdly futuristic products – you should check out their Mars and Venus Bluetooth speakers! The Sirius Pro follows that brand ethos by being unconventionally sci-fi, while serving as pretty great earbuds too. They come with an enhanced bass response, boast Environmental Noise Canceling, and actually have an incredibly low latency of 65ms that’s perfect for gaming. When not in use, they sit inside a rather unconventionally designed case, with a cutout running right through the middle, and a bare-basics cage-like lid that secures the earbuds in place without concealing them.

The hollow cutout in the center of the case breaks the monotony of most TWS earbuds with their monolithic cases. The GravaStar Sirius Pro’s case boasts of a strangely alluring and unusual design, outlining the earbud chamber on the top, and the battery pack and circuitry at the bottom.

The hollow area in the center makes the GravaStar Sirius Pro’s case a perfect fidget toy, while also serving as a rather nifty bottle opener, combining consumer audio tech with a crazy EDC function that a lot of people will appreciate. The fact that your earphones can also open a drink is just something nobody thought they’d need but will almost certainly always keep using.

Once you look past its eye-catching design, the Sirius Pro pack quite a punch as far as the tech specs are considered too. The 7.2mm dynamic drivers sit on a Knowles balanced armature, delivering distortion-free highs along with full lows and mids.

The earbuds also have built-in ENC that help minimize any environmental noise (you know, for more immersive listening and gaming), and do everything you’d expect from a TWS earbud, like accept/reject calls, play/pause music, increase/decrease volume, and summon your phone’s voice assistant. Additionally, the earbuds have in-ear detection too and can be used independently.

The GravaStar Sirius Pro’s case comes made from a tough zinc alloy which makes it damage-proof and scratch-resistant, not only upping the product’s durability, but also allowing that bottle-opener to function immaculately every single time. The earbuds themselves are IPX5 waterproof and along with the charging case, have a battery life of up to 24 hours. As far as colors go, the Sirius Pro do much more than just plain white or black. Taking cues from its gaming inspiration, the Sirius Pro come in 3 colors – war-damaged grey, space grey, and a rather funky neon green. Couple that with the fact that the case even has an LED strip with 6 dynamic RGB lights and you’ve got a pair of earbuds that are undeniably some of the most unconventionally sexy-looking ‘buds on the market. Speaking of bud, someone pass me a beer!

Click here to Buy Now: $79 $129 (38% off). Hurry, only 160/500 left!

These 3D printed needle covers were designed to put children at ease during vaccinations!

Needles can be scary and I am saying that as an adult, so I can only imagine the fear children must feel. Post the pandemic, there is no choice but to face the fear of needles if you want to stay safe. To make it easier for children to conquer their fears, designer James Dickson created playful needle covers that can help make the entire process of getting vaccinations less daunting.

The children’s needle covers aim to reduce the fear of vaccination by hiding the needle within a form that a child is familiar with. Playful forms such as a plane or butterfly are universal, simple, and engaging for children. The medical professional can simply slide the cover over the needle and proceed with the vaccination. This is not just something that is meant for use during the pandemic but can be a continued use to administer medication through needles whenever required. This could brighten the day for many children who are patients in hospitals and have to stay for a while or even generally for those in the pediatric ward. Needle covers like these make the experience and atmosphere a little less dreary in all clinics and hospitals.

“For the prototyping of the Children’s Needle Covers, I opted for 3D printing with spray paint applied to give the desired color. This is not a final product but a prototype to show the intended form, function, and aesthetics of the Needle Covers,” says Dickson. He started with hand sketches, then moved onto creating small cardboard prototypes, followed by digital 3D modelling. After the CAD was finalized the design was 3D printed and spray painted. Medical professionals can even offer the cover to the child to take back home as a memento and after safely disposing the syringe. I vote for Dickson to create Avengers-themed needle covers next!

Designer: James Dickson




This turntable design pays homage to the retro feeling with minimal aesthetics and modern tech!

When you think turntables in 2021, you get a flashback of vintage visuals and it is not something you might associate with modern music listening. Well, meet RMV – a turntable designed to blend the retro and modern vibe, hence the initials! By combining the past turntable and modern technology, RMV brings the past and the present together in a naturally harmonious manner.

“RMW” is a product that allows people to feel both analog and digital sensibilities unique to turntable. RMW can enjoy music using mediums such as mobile phones, headsets and speakers that users use using Bluetooth principles. It is not heavier than traditional turntable in form, and it is designed to suit the interior by pursuing spatiality and morphological sophistication with minimal design. We selected the color of the product, black and white, which are not widely divided between men and women of all ages. In addition, we selected black and white colors to make it basic and most harmonious for interior design.

Product button: To help users approach the product quickly, conveniently, and familiarly, and to quickly understand the product, we used a direct UI on the buttons of the product. Also, I added orange for white and red for black to highlight the product that may look a bit plain. Unusual features: Turntable was enjoyable to watch LPs spin. In order to add joy and freshness to the user, RMW incorporates digital into the existing turntable’s tonearm movement method, giving a little more digital feel than conventional analog, allowing analog and digital feel to harmonize. Back button: We added a back button for users who want to use more functions and get to know more about the turntable. You can enjoy the turntable with more functions using the button on the back.

Attachment method: The size of the turntable is larger than users think. Many users feel uncomfortable because it takes up a lot of space when placed on a table or something. To solve this problem, RMV was designed to attach to the wall, and it was also made using screws and bolts and stickers. In order to maintain the simplicity of the design intention of the product, I designed the holder and the product information. It is kept simple by selecting and marking the necessary product information without being noticeable.

Designers: Sang Keun Kim, Kyung Jun Lee and Cheon Ryong Choi



This planter made from porecelain, organic waste & carbon actively reduces greenhouse gas emissions!

As we transition out of a health crisis, we can’t rest because we still have to deal with the climate crisis. There is worldwide anxiety about climate change and we are already seeing its disastrous effects.  Many conscious consumers are embracing sustainable lifestyles and the idea of carbon tech which simply means ways to turn excess CO2 into everyday products. One such innovative design is the Potted Carbon planter which looks like a simple off-white stone speckled with black but is an innovative design with a new material that reduces carbon emissions!

The Potted Carbon planters are made from porcelain mixed with organic waste that has been diverted from landfills. Landfills were accounted for about 15% of the U.S.’s annual methane emissions in 2019, so diverting some of that waste could help make a dent in emissions while also showcasing the possibilities of the new material that can be used for things beyond pottery. This new base material is called OurCarbon™. California-based company, Bioforcetech, has developed a technology to sanitize carbon and lock it into place for thousands of years. They developed the material as a soil amendment, material additive, filter, and colorant so it can be used in multiple ways.

So how does the pot trap carbon? Well, when porcelain and OurCarbon™ are fired together in a kiln they become inseparable. Another secret ingredient is grit which is wasted silica that’s seen as a nuisance in the waste management industry. During firing, grit melts into a glass-like material, which solidifies as it cools, and works as the binder that sticks porcelain and OurCarbon™ together making it into a solid material that is then molded into a planter. OurCarbon™ partnered with Sum Studio and Oakland-based design studio Break to design the Potted Carbon planters and are looking to expand the use for the new material so that they can scale the impact on reducing carbon emissions.

You can fit a six-inch nursery pot snugly into the handmade Potted Carbon planter. You can also upsize the container for your four-inch nursery plant and give it space to grow. Each planter comes with DEN sustainable soil which is locally sourced, synthetic-free, peat-free soil ingredients shipped to you carbon neutrally in biodegradable packaging. The planter features a flat vertical face with indentations on opposite sides as a subtle homage to the handles on ancient pots. The indentations let you suspend a nursery pot on the rim without fully potting it, leaving room for drainage underneath.

Designer: OurCarbon, Sum Studio and Break



This futuristic superyacht doubles up as a floating seaport for other boats & costs $300 million!

Remember that swan-shaped megayacht that was costing $500,000,000 to make? Well, Lazzarini Design Studio is here to wow us again with this 328-foot long (100-meter) superyacht that also doubles up as a private seaport for smaller boats! Elegantly named ‘Saturnia’, this conceptual superyacht is designed to be made entirely with dry carbon fiber structures that will make it 50% lighter than similar-sized vessels and push the top speed up to 30 knots!

the main body of saturnia subdivides into five floors plus the top antenna area. the vessel can be configured into different layouts, accommodating between 10 and 20 guest suites and 20 crew members.

Lazzarini’s concept features an all-around walkable deck area and openings on both sides that lift up to reveal a private port for tenders. tenders with up to 1.5 meters of draft can moor inside the private port or be easily loaded while the yacht is navigating.

the upper part of the openings extend into glass-bottomed decks. inside the centrally-located private port, large sliding windows maximize connection to the outside. meanwhile, the side openings can extend from the upper deck into glass-bottomed lounge areas.

designed with hybrid propulsion, the yacht utilizes twin side diesel engines and a central electronic water jet system, which can push the yacht with zero emissions. Lazzarini Design Studio estimates that the saturnia superyacht concept could be built for $300,000,000 USD in about 30 months.

tenders with up to 1.5 meters of draft can moor inside the private port or be easily loaded while the yacht is navigating. the personal port. tenders with up to 1.5 meters of draft can moor inside the private port or be easily loaded while the yacht is navigating

Designer: Lazzarini Design Studio

Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Jeff Besoz need to get their hands on this space-friendly luggage!

Space tourism is currently a race and a status symbol amongst billionaires but it won’t be long before it becomes the next big travel trend…of course, the ticket costs will be out of this world for most of us, but we can still get the appropriate luggage and daydream! Astroneer is luggage designed keeping in mind the possibility of space travel becoming a popular ‘exotic’ destination in the future. Even if you aren’t going to space, the way bags are handled at the airport might make this NASA-level luggage an investment worth considering.

Travelling in zero gravity at insanely fast speeds already induces so many changes in our bodies despite training and protective suits – can you imagine what would happen to the belongings in your bag? Exoplanet exploration requires luggage that can survive with you. “We didn’t want future travellers to carry a crumpled carrier, with harsh conditions, rugged terrain and differential atmospheric pressure,” said the designer duo and made sure that Astroneer is modular and has no volume constraints – once again, something we on Earth could also use. Astroneer comes with bags of different sizes that can all compactly be packed into one unit. It also has increased liquidity in the environment with the suspension of wheels so that you don’t have to carry your bags even though they might be lighter in outer space, roll with it…literally. The CMF is carefully chosen for the concept to provide visibility in an environment where it is difficult to check the contents inside by giving electric signals to the glass which lets you adjust the transparency of the luggage – this might just be my most favorite feature yet. It also has internal environmental controls to protect your belongings!

So while Richard Branson went to space, he certainly missed out on having the coolest suitcase at baggage claim. Maybe by the time its our turn to take off, we can get an Astroneer in custom colors!

Designers: JooHyung Park and Sunjin Baek


This modern apartment has a suspended glass cabin which is goals for cat lovers and their pets!

Cats and humans have different needs and both love personal space – so can these two spaces coexist without compromise? InDot Design created a whole modern apartment that revolves around a glass ‘cat cabin’ which is seamlessly integrated into modern interior aesthetics. No more eye-sore cat trees that don’t fit in with your style! The team broke the previous form of partition walls and placed glass boxes in the space to form a spatial field. You can watch your cats while they watch you and both can still have defined boundaries. The cat cabin is like a floating glass box with a circular iron tube as the main support which also serves as a playful element for your pets.

The CMF of glass, wood, and black accents has been maintained with the cat cabin as well as the house so it all looks like one homogenous, open space. The aesthetics are warm, linear, and clean. “On the plane configuration, the living room and study are open, the yellow block at the rear is the cat house, and the red wall is the workspace of the hostess. Use a couch combined with the cat house; we put a glass suspended space in the space so that the layers overlap. The space also has a different sense of penetration,” explains the team.

The suspended cat cabin is measured in size and a viewing platform is deliberately opened in the window to face the views while the ceiling and side of the box are designed with solid wood grilles which are both light and breathable. It extends from the entrance porch cabinet to the living room cabinet. The open behind the sofa is the study room. The seam on the side of the desk is a space where you can move around. Open the wall of the study room and the guest room to form a back-shaped moving line. It is a field of light and shadow, and it has also become a fuzzy zone of the game of life. This apartment is interior design goal for cat parents, but it is the ultimate cool home for cats

Designer: Zheng Minghui Armin Cheng

This micro resort in remote Finland is made from three prefab tiny timber cabins!

How many people wish they had their own little retreat? Studio Puisto has developed a new, modular accommodation that it believes would make it easier for people to open a small, sustainable resort anywhere.

The Helsinki-based architecture firm designed its new, prefab units in collaboration with nature tourism entrepreneur Kari Vainio and installed the first prototype in the forest of Hyvinkää, Finland. One U-shaped, 1,205-square-foot Uni Villa, as the design is called, consists of two studio units along with a larger suite. Each unit comes with a keyless check-in system and readymade furniture. Uni means “dream” in Finnish; as such, Studio Puisto wants other aspiring hospitality entrepreneurs to be able to realize their dreams of running their own micro-resorts.

This first Uni Villa is tucked into Kytäjä Golf, which won the title of Best in Finland in 2020. Two courses designed by Canadian golf course architect Thomas McBroom are set in an unusual natural forest and lake environment. Kytäjä Golf is only 45 minutes from the Helsinki airport.

The prefabricated, U-shaped blocks can be delivered via standard truck and are designed to sit on a compact foundation. The dark exteriors feature cross-laminated timber to blend into the forested areas. “The cladding is treated with a breathable and ecological dark oil stain that creates uniformity with the environment,” architect Sami Logren told Dwell. The designers created distinctly different looks for the suite versus the studios. The suites are furnished in dark wood and earthy textiles, while studio décor is much lighter in color. Both borrow their palettes from the natural world, with neutral furniture and gray, stone-like bathroom tiles.

Indeed, the architects strove for comfort and accessibility to nature while blending in with the forested surroundings. “Sustainability and a low environmental impact are key values in our design process,” Logren said. “These values correlate with the current state of how people want to connect with nature to gain calm.”

Designer: Studio Puisto

A wearable multitool EDC shaped like a ring, so you can carry an entire toolkit on your finger

“It sort of looks like Green Lantern’s ring, and gives you all sorts of superpowers too.”

Meet the Tool Ring, a finger-worn EDC that can do everything from open bottles and boxes to tighten screws, and even sign documents while you’re at it. The uniquely shaped ring comes with space to dock various hex-shape bits, making it possibly the smallest toolkit in the world.

Designer: Vanik Piliguian of Carbn Design

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The Tool Ring is exactly the kind of product you get from someone like Vanik Piliguian, an Industrial Designer born in a family of jewelers. Made from titanium the ring acts as a holder for the Tool Ring’s ecosystem of hex-bits, which include a Philips-head screwdriver, a ballpoint pen, a box-cutter, and a flashlight. Independently, the ring sits comfortably on your finger and even has a unique appearance that is also capable of being used as a mini pry tool for opening lids.

The Tool Ring’s design is characterized by the three hexagonal slots integrated into its form. These slots allow you to slide in the Tool Ring’s hex-bits (although you can use other standard PH2 hex-bits too) and use the ring as an instrument of your choice. The top slot offers the most functionality, allowing you to do things like twist screws, point the flashlight, or even cut open boxes with a fair deal of dexterity.

The slots on the side are perfect for storing bits that aren’t in use, and the way they’re positioned aligns them up with your finger, so they don’t obstruct your hand’s movements. To ensure that the Tool Ring holds onto the bits securely while you use them, the slots come with rubber inserts, providing extra friction so the bits don’t slip off while in use.

The ring’s design brilliantly intersects the aesthetic appeal of jewelry and the functionality of multitools. Its titanium construction makes it reliably robust, and the edges of the ring are rounded off for added comfort, thanks to a round of machine tumbling to remove any burrs. It comes in a polished or a satin finish, and a bunch of anodized colors too – purple, blue, gold, and a personal favorite rainbow finish that just emphasizes the ring’s jewelry background.

Talk about form, function, and fashion! You can either get the ring with a single hex bit (and pair it with your existing PH2 toolkit), or grab the entire set including the ring and 4 bits for an early bird price of $65. This includes the box-cutting knife bit, a ballpoint pen bit, and a water-resistant 10-lumen flashlight bit.

Click Here to Buy Now: $35 $60 (41% off). Hurry, only 5/40 left!