Bejeweled Indian Bridal Sneaker concept is an exquisite fusion of sneaker design and traditional culture

Inspired by Indian bridalwear, the ‘Indian Bridal Sneaker’ bridges the gap between traditional garb and modern fashion, creating a sneaker that’s uniquely beautiful and complementary to a bride’s clothes yet equally comfortable.

An Indian wedding isn’t a low-key affair. Spread over days (sometimes even weeks), the wedding happens amidst great fanfare with loads of events, food, people, decor, and most importantly, garments designed to make the lucky couple look like royalty. This approach, however, comes at a price, especially for the bride. Any bridal lehenga worth its salt is an incredibly heavy and uncomfortable garment. As stunning as it looks, it’s equally difficult to wear over long periods of time, given the layers, fabrics, details, etc. In an effort to make it easy to walk around in such garb, modern brides have rejected high heels and ornate footwear for more comfortable and flexible sneakers. While the sneakers don’t particularly match up to the ornate fabric-work on the bridal lehenga, designer Ishan Verma decided to give the sneaker a fitting upgrade to allow it to match the lehenga’s dazzling design, while still being comfortable enough for the bride to stand and walk around in.

Designer: Ishan Verma

A closer look at the sneaker’s design shows how incredibly detailed it is. Designed to match the showstopping appeal of a bridal lehenga, the sneaker uses the same lehenga fabric along with a few special ornate leather trims. The overall color scheme follows a classic maroon/gold palette often seen with Indian bridalwear, and the golden ‘zari-work’ (metallic embroidery) and sequin-work on the shoes are beyond exquisite, allowing the sneakers to be a deserving part of the bridal ensemble. The Indian Bridal Sneaker concept is just a concept for now, but I can only imagine this industry picking up in the future!

The traditional bridalwear-inspired sneaker design also won first place at Adobe Substance 3D Designer’s The Great Shoecase Contest.

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Batman X Fossil Watch

I’ll be honest, it’s a little refreshing to see some Batman merchandise that ISN’T a LEGO Batmobile. Meet the latest official Batman drip, courtesy of the franchise’s collaboration with Fossil. The two watches released as a part of the Batman x Fossil collection are based on the theme of the Dark Knight and one of his nemeses, The Riddler.

Designer: Fossil

The Batman watch is a dark timepiece with a certain brutish mystique that’s typical of Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego. It comes in an all-black design and a 43mm stainless steel case, sporting an automatic movement within a 10ATM water-resistant design, a date-window on the watch-face, and glowing markings and Batman’s insignia on the front face. The watch comes equipped with a silicone strap, but ships with two more interchangeable straps in the box set, and costs $300 for the entire kit.

The second timepiece in the kit, however, isn’t as highly equipped as the first – makes sense considering how much gear and tech Batman carries around with him. The Riddler watch is far simpler in build, but makes up for that with its intricate watch face, covered with question marks that are molded right into the dial. The Batman logo is retained, although in signature Riddler fashion, is vandalized with a question mark right over the logo. While the Batman watch had a date window at the 6 o’clock position, the Riddler watch as a 6-hour spinning subeye. The watch sports a quartz movement within the 44mm case that’s just 5ATM water-resistant and is finished with a svelte leather strap.

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Windeler is a modular multitool that you can custom-build with EDC of your choice

In a lot of ways, Windeler is to EDC what LEGO is to toys, or what Dominos is to pizza. Not entirely sure what I mean? Well, go to any store or website and buy a multitool army knife and it comes pre-built with its own tools. You can’t choose the tools you want, the way you choose toppings on a pizza. However, Windeler isn’t a regular multitool – it’s an ecosystem, like LEGO. Designed so you can snap multiple tools together, Windeler lets you build your own EDC multitool based on what you need.

Designer: Douglas Windeler

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Want to carry a pocket knife today but not tomorrow? Windeler lets you simply plug-in or plug-out modules so that you can swap out that pocket knife for, say a small pair of scissors, or a flathead screwdriver. Instead of leaving you with a fixed set of tools (out of which you probably end up using just 1-2 tools you actually need), Windeler lets you build, customize, and rebuild your EDC, so you carry only the stuff you need, and not the stuff you don’t.

“Windeler tools are designed to be used individually, and carried as a Stak”, says Douglas Windeler, who began working on the ecosystem in 2020 with his debut Kickstarter campaign. Now, he hopes to expand the ecosystem to include even more tools, so that new backers have variety, and existing Windeler owners have the option to add to their existing collection.

Once you buy a set of Windeler tools, you can connect together to form a ‘Stak’, thanks to a special POLNETIK™ magnetic connector that lets tools conveniently snap to one another, giving you the ability to carry as little or as many tools as you want or need. The tools aren’t haphazardly designed either – they’re all equipped with a Stak-appropriate form factor so at the end of the day you’ve still got a sleek, monolithic multitool that slips right into your pocket or bag. To use a tool, simply rotate it outwards and the magnet disengages, giving you an individual tool that’s easy to grip (thanks to Windeler tools’ key-shaped design).

PL01 – Windeler Pliers

MINIM™ LC200N + Ti

MINIM™ LC200N + G10

SC01 – Scissors

The Windeler STOW™

Back in 2020 when Douglas first debuted the Windeler ecosystem, it contained popular multitool instruments like flathead and Philips-head screwdrivers, hex-bits, box-cutters, bottle openers, and even a pocket comb. Now, the collection even includes a foldable pocket knife, safety scissors, and a compact folding plier. All of Windeler’s tools (both the old and new ones) are designed to be robust and corrosion-resistant (even in saltwater). The majority of Windeler’s tools are made from Plasma-hardened Titanium alloy, and the pocket knife uses LC200N blade steel for the blade, and an option between titanium or G10 fiberglass for the handle. The POLNETIK™ magnetic connectors employ N52 Neodymium Magnets encased in stainless steel, and are then press-fitted into the tools to create a glue-free, screw-free homogenous design that highlights minimalism and sensibility.

Windeler’s newest tool expansion Stak includes the MINIM – a non-locking, UK carry-legal folding knife, the SC01 – a pair of tiny safety scissors, and the PL01 – a folding plier that’s small enough to carry in your pocket, yet handy enough to be useful anywhere and everywhere. The entire set also comes with a Cordura case that neatly wraps around your tools. You can grab the latest expansion Stak through their Kickstarter campaign, and if you want the legacy Staks from 2020, they’re all available on Windeler’s website.

Click Here to Buy Now: $217 $255 (15% off). Hurry, only 4/255 left! Raised over $170,000.

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‘Father of the year’ builds a stunning Rolls-Royce Boat Tail replica out of wood for his son to drive

And the father of the year award goes to…

While buying a HIGHLY limited edition $28 million dollar luxury car isn’t in everyone’s realm of capabilities, a Vietnamese dad decided to just take matters into his own hands and build a miniature working replica of the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail from scratch. Meet Trương Văn Đạo, father and sole proprietor of ND Woodworking Art, a wood workshop and YouTube channel that captures Văn Đạo in action as he builds out miniature replicas of the world’s most sought-after automobiles. Last year, Văn Đạo built out a mini-sized Lamborghini Sian out of wood, complete with butterfly doors and an electric power train. This time around, he decided to step things up a notch and build what’s touted as quite literally the most expensive street-legal car on the market today. Văn Đạo’s replica of the Boat Tail doesn’t just scale the grand tourer down… it comes with opening doors, functional headlights/taillights, and actual driving capabilities (no, it doesn’t come with a V12 like the original)… but the cherry on the cake? Well, the rear butterfly trunk which opens to reveal a set of glasses, some juice-boxes, and a place to dock an umbrella as you sip on orange juice while seated behind the luxury car!

The video at the top documents the second half of the two-part video series covering Văn Đạo’s build process. It’s remarkable how he builds the entire car from scratch, not even relying on any sort of existing toy car chassis or even any material other than wood. Văn Đạo starts by putting together large wooden pieces together that make up the overall mass of the car before carving away at it with a chainsaw to get it to somewhat resemble the original. It’s fair to assume that the process takes months, especially given that Văn Đạo also has a day job at Google.

In the process, Văn Đạo also assembles the car’s powertrain, which fits in the rear of the car, right below the drink-holding trunk. Unlike the Boat Tail, this tiny replica uses a battery-powered motor instead of a V12 – the result is a car that gracefully drives through streets instead of setting speed records. To finish off, he uses various tools from sanding machines to hole-saw bits to make all the details from the holes for the headlights to the slots for the windshield, doors, and other details to fit in. The car uses different grades of wood, from a lighter wood for the body and interiors to darker woods for details like the grilles, parts of the dashboard, and even the Spirit of Ecstasy statuette that sits on the hood of the car! The entire vehicle gets a layer of lacquer once it’s ready to show the world.

Once meticulously assembled, the video ends with the father taking his son for a spin in the newly fabricated vehicle, and even stopping in a corner to bust out the drink caddy fitted into the back of the car. The father and son then share a glass of orange juice together, making memories that will undoubtedly be more valuable than a $28 million car can ever be!

Designer: ND Woodworking Art

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Meet Eilik, a feisty little AI robot that lives on your desk like a tiny Tamagotchi with a personality

Sure, we’re years away from getting our own JARVIS, but the Eilik is a step in that direction. With a personality that’s less like Stark’s AI and more like Baby Groot, the little robot stands obediently on your desk, letting you interact with it through voice commands and touch. Modeled with an aesthetic that’s highly reminiscent of Eve from Wall-E, the tiny bot responds, reacts, and engages back with you, giving you a little tabletop companion to make your day just a wee bit stress-free.

Designer: Shaw Yeung

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Instead of being a robot that prides itself on intelligence, efficiency, and accuracy, Eilik highlights an area that most robots often ignore – emotional intelligence. With its emotive personality, Eilik makes sure work never feels boring. Just like a Tamagotchi, the little robot demands attention, scowls when it doesn’t get any, and smiles when you tickle it or pat it on the head. It responds positively to rubs and pats, and gets annoyed when you flick at it. Lift Eilik off the ground and it gets scared of heights, and the best way to pacify it is to either calm it down by rubbing its head, back, or belly, or giving it food – in the form of magnetic little food replicas that attach to its movable arms.

Responds to touch.

Sensitive to quake.

Afraid of heights.

Eilik responds using its hands, head, and a dynamic display for a face. With highly expressive eyes that tell you how it’s feeling, Eilik even makes emotion-appropriate sounds and noises, sort of like an electronic pet that purrs on its own or mimics what you say like a physical Talking Tom. If left alone, Eilik will entertain itself (and you too), although you can even pair two Eiliks together and they’ll play with each other and occasionally even have adorable tussles and toddler-esque fights. Pair multiple Eiliks together and they literally form a tiny army that sings and dances in unison, like your own personal minions. Yes, they even sing Christmas carols!


The importance of Eilik, however, lies beyond its toy-like nature. It isn’t just another AI-powered tabletop pet, but rather, hopes to be the first step towards having real-life robot assistants in the future. Eilik relieves stress the way a pet would, but it also helps with work by acting as an alarm clock, a stopwatch, or a Pomodoro timer, with future updates adding even more functionality to your tabletop bot-buddy.

On the hardware front, Eilik is built with pretty sophisticated internals. The robot uses a proprietary EM3 servo motor that allows the hands to be more flexible and dexterous. In fact, the hands act as controls for the robot’s screen brightness and volume, allowing you to simply adjust them by lifting the hands up or down. A slew of sensors within the robot allows it to detect voices, touch, impact/shock, and even if it’s being elevated, and the robot effectively communicates using its dynamic face unit, speakers, and even a vibration motor that provides haptic feedback similar to an animal reacting to being petted.

Each Eilik comes as a standalone unit that stands at 5.2-inches tall, and ships with a manual, Eilik’s software, as well as a USB-C cord for charging it as well as connecting it to a PC to configure the bot. If your desk’s lacking a little panache and personality, Eilik’s available for a Kickstarter-special price of $99, with the little robo-buddy shipping in April 2022.

Click Here to Buy Now: $109 $149 (27% off). Hurry, only 1378/3000 left! Raised over $600,000.

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These winter-clothes are so advanced, they come with their own temperature-adjusting thermostat

We’ve got advanced heating systems in our homes and cars… now we’ve got them in our clothes. Meet the Quanta Vici, a collection of smart winter-wear that actually heats up to the exact temperature you choose!

Created by designers and engineers who’ve worked across companies like Ralph Lauren, BMW, and Adidas, the Quanta Vici line of gloves and socks presents the most cutting-edge technology in winter clothing. The smart fabric used in the apparel is deceptively thin and breathable too, yet the smart yarn comes with the ability to warm up to a temperature of your choice, helping you stay toasty even when you’re out in the snow.

Designer: Adrien Beyk of Quanta Vici

Click Here to Buy Now: $174 $269 (extra $15 off with coupon code “YANKODESIGN”). Hurry, sale ends Dec 15th.

With the ability to comfortably warm up to a wonderful 130F, Quanta Vici’s gloves and socks help perfectly cap off any winterwear outfit, ensuring that your extremities don’t end up feeling cold while your body feels warm. The apparel is app-controlled, charges via USB-C, and has a battery life of anywhere between 6 and 50 hours. Additionally, the gloves come with capacitive touch-sensitivity, which allows you to use your phone with the gloves on (you won’t be able to use the fingerprint unlock, obviously), while the socks have compression ribbing, anti-blister cushions, and arch support to make them comfortable over long hours. Both the gloves and socks are designed with a ventilation mesh too, to promote breathability and comfort over prolonged wearing, and are designed to be anti-slip too.

The Quanta Vici’s magnum opus remains its ability to let you choose your own temperature. Unlike traditional winter clothes, where you have to layer up if you’re feeling cold, or take off layers when you’re feeling warm, Quanta Vici’s confident answer to that problem is, “there’s an app for that”. The apparel’s Smart Heat function is powered by a temperature sensor and regulator embedded within the garment that lets you precisely choose the temperature you want your gloves and socks heated to, with evenly distributed heating. The companion smartphone app even remembers your favorite temperature presets, so you don’t need to set them over and over every time, and if that wasn’t advanced enough, it even lets you control the temperature using voice commands!

The electronics sit in a small tracker-sized device over your wrist. For inclement weather like blizzards, the electronic module’s rated to be IP67 waterproof, and the fact that it’s tracker-sized isn’t really a coincidence because it comes with tracking abilities too, letting you know if you’ve lost your smart gloves or if they’ve been stolen!

The Quanta Vici demonstrates a rather interesting shift in the world of fashion, and how fashion and tech can collide to solve problems better. Call me old-fashioned, but the words “voice-controlled thermostat gloves with anti-theft” sound sufficiently fancy to me. Aside from that, the Quanta Vici are sleek, breathable, comfortable, non-slip, and tech-friendly too, making them quite an all-round winner in our books. The Quanta Vici are perfect for all sorts of outdoor use, although they absolutely shine in winter sports like skiing. They’re designed to be safe and comfortable for everyone, especially people with health issues affected by cold temperatures, i.e., Raynaud’s Disease and Arthritis. Currently running as much as a 30% discount, the gloves and socks are available as individual pairs or bundled together. They come in a choice between 2 sizes too, and ship with a 1-year guarantee.

Click Here to Buy Now: $174 $269 (extra $15 off with coupon code “YANKODESIGN”). Hurry, sale ends Dec 15th.

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These sustainable lamps are made from coffee and orange peels!

Lamps have the ability to truly turn up the vibes in a space when they are done right and Obscure fits neatly in that category. In fact, it elevates the lighting game because it is also 100% sustainable, cold-compostable, and zero-waste! The collection of lampshades manifests nature’s genius and demonstrates an intelligent, material-driven approach to eco-friendly design.

The handmade collection is created by a London-based biotech and biomanufacturing startup. It represents the close-knit collaboration between ‘maker’ and ‘matter’. The matter, Orb or organic refuse bio-compound, influences the maker whilst the maker prescribes the matter with geometry. As the matter conforms to the maker’s prescription, the maker’s geometry inspires the matter to bend and flow as it pleases.

Obscure is made of 100% coffee chaff and orange peel. The company behind it constantly showcases the potential of bio-manufacturing of natural materials and regularly uses excess resources/wastes and byproducts in their design to reduce the use of plastics. Orb is a combination of food and agricultural bioproducts with a plant-based binder.

The team is also working to address several planetary challenges at once – the climate crisis, waste crisis, and social injustice – through their work. They apply principles of biomimetics, or systematically applying the ecological laws of nature, to create products and manufacturing approaches that innovate across the entire manufacturing life cycle. And, therefore, to create ethically-sourced and locally-fabricated high-performance sustainable products.

“There has never been a more critical time to be doing the work we do at Biohm,” said Ehab Sayed, founder and director of innovation at Biohm. “Recent events have emphasized how our economies and systems are flawed and unsustainable, and that we need to immediately implement radical and regenerative biotechnologies delivered through equitable and compassionate business models to make leaps in the fight against the climate crisis.”

Designer: Biohm

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Earth Black Box is an indestructible recorder built by scientists to record climate change & civilization

This giant steel box sitting on a remote outcrop in Tasmania is an indestructible tool designed to outlive us all while recording every action and inaction towards climate change that affects our civilization…and it has already started recording! The Earth Black Box is similar to the black boxes that are designed to survive airplane crashes and provide investigators valuable data on what led to the disaster — except on a planetary scale so whoever finds it has access to all the data that led to our eventual downfall. Slipping into an existential crisis? The only way to combat that is dramatically changing the way we live and work towards sustainability on all accounts.

It is a 10-meter x 4-meter x 3-meter steel monolith located in Tasmania which was chosen for its geopolitical and geological stability, ahead of other candidates like Malta, Norway, and Qatar. The idea is that the Tasmanian site can cradle the black box for the benefit of a future civilization, should catastrophic climate change cause our downfall as we are currently on track for as much as 2.7 C of warming this century. The project is completely non-commercial and the guiding design principle is functionality, according to Jim Curtis from Clemenger BBDO.

The box will be made from 7.5-centimeter-thick steel, cantilevered off the granite, and will be filled with a mass of storage drives and have internet connectivity, all powered by solar panels on the structure’s roof. It will also include batteries that will provide backup power storage according to Jonathan Kneebone, co-founder of artistic collective the Glue Society that is a part of the project along with the researchers at the University of Tasmania.

When the sun is shining, the black box will be downloading scientific data and an algorithm will be gleaning climate-change-related material from the internet. It will collect measurements of land and sea temperatures, ocean acidification, atmospheric CO2, species extinction, land-use changes, as well as things like human population, military spending and energy consumption. It will collect contextual data such as newspaper headlines, social media posts, and news from key events like Conference of the Parties (COP) climate change meetings.

The black box will record backward as well as forward in time, to document how we got to where we are — pulling any available historical climate change data off the internet. And although construction of the housing structure itself will only begin early next year, the hard drives have already begun recording, beginning with the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow in November this year. Using compression and archiving, the developers estimate there will be enough capacity to store data for the next 30 to 50 years.

In the meantime, the team is investigating ways to expand that capacity and more long-term storage methods including inscribing to “steel plates”. It will enable the box to be far more efficient with how each tier of storage is used and make it possible to store data for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Gaining access to the box’s interior through its three-inch-thick steel casing will already require some ingenuity. “The idea is if the Earth does crash as a result of climate change, this indestructible recording device will be there for whoever’s left to learn from that,” says Curtis.

The developers presume whoever is capable of that will also be able to interpret basic symbols. “We are exploring the possibility of including an electronic reader that stays within the box and will be activated upon exposure to sunlight, also reactivating the box if it has entered a long-term dormant state as a result of a catastrophe.” It is not the first of its kind, we already have a doomsday vault full of seeds to restart agriculture and even a meteor-safe vault for Oreo recipes…you know, just in case you are craving a cookie post-apocalypse.

Designer: Earth Black Box


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The world’s first floating city designed by BIG & backed by UN can withstand Category 5 hurricans!

OCEANIX, an ambitious floating architecture concept envisioned to be built off the South Korean coast by BIGBjarke Ingel‘s design group. It was first revealed in 2019 and now has received the green light from UN-Habitat and the Metropolitan City of Busan to begin construction. The futuristic sustainable city can also withstand category 5 hurricanes!

Given the rising sea levels, fast growing coastal cities have resorted to expanding into the ocean by creating new land using sand which causes harm to the existing marine ecosystem only to be partially submerged a few years later. BIG came up with a better solution with OCEANIX as it introduces a modular design system with net-zero energy that allows people to live sustainably and safely. The cities are made up of 2-hectare, 300-resident neighborhoods which then connect to form 1,650-person villages including systems like underwater farming and greenhouses to make it as self-sufficient as possible!

“Sustainable floating cities are a part of the arsenal of climate adaptation strategies available to us. Instead of fighting with water, let us learn to live in harmony with it. We look forward to developing climate adaptation and nature-based solutions through the floating city concept, and Busan is the ideal choice to deploy the prototype,” said Maimunah Mohd Sharif, UN-Habitat Executive Director.

Inhabitants can easily walk around or take a boat to navigate between the floating communities which will include residences as well as a public square, art installations, marketplaces, sports clubs, schools, and more. It is also designed to be able to withstand natural disasters such as tsunamis and hurricanes. All structures will be under seven stories in height to create a low center of gravity, and platforms are built of locally sourced materials like fast-growing bamboo that has six times the tensile strength of steel, a negative carbon footprint, and can be grown in the neighborhoods themselves!

“9 out of 10 of the world’s largest cities will be exposed to rising seas by 2050. The sea is our fate – It may also be our future,” said BIG founder Bjarke Ingels who has time an again pushed the boundaries of architecture and design by bringing impossible concepts to life. OCEANIX is trailblazing a new industry with blue technologies that meet humanity’s shelter, energy, water and food needs without killing marine ecosystems. It is made to grow, adapt and tranform organically over time with humans and the climate while balancing the needs of both!

Designer: BIG

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These sustainable sneakers are made from fruit waste!

Sneaker culture is technically a part of fast fashion which contributes largely to the mounting waste problem. But if you can find a cool pair that is sustainably designed right down to its packaging, like the Hana sneakers then we’re all here for it! Designed by Italian sneaker brand ID.EIGHT, not only is this paid unisex and cruelty-free but it is made from materials that are by-products of the food industry and are counted as waste – apple skin and hearts, grape skin, seeds, and pineapple leaves!

Since the textile industry is the second most polluting in the world and intensive farming is a plague for the planet, the brand chose to produce the sneakers in Italy using only ecological and cruelty-free materials. Inspired by the 90s with references to the navy look, the sustainable shoes express the ironic and dynamic style of ID.EIGHT. The contrast between the upper in white recycled polyester and the AppleSkin details in shades of red and blue create a mix of contemporary and light colors.

They use four materials derived from apples, grapes, seeds, and pineapples. Piñatex , made with the waste leaves of pineapple grown in the Philippines; Vegea , obtained from the bio-polymerization of marc in Italy; AppleSkin , obtained from the bio-polymerization of apple peels and cores always in Italy. It features lycra and recycled mesh for inserts on the upper, sole, laces, and the label is also made of recycled materials.

The pineapple industry produces around 40,000 tons of leaves every year and is considered a waste material they are usually left to rot or burn. Today it is possible to recover them to create a biodegradable and cruelty-free material. With 480 leaves (16 pineapple plants) it is possible to obtain 1 square meter of material.

Over 7 million tons of marc are discarded every year by the wine sector, an unacceptable waste

Stalks, skins, and grape seeds are part of the “marc”, the residue of the grape juice extraction process. Today it is a strong, sustainable and flexible material. 310 million new plastics are produced and placed on the market every year, and only 9% of this is recycled which is why they chose to use recycled plastic for some components of the sneakers, such as the laces, the label, and the ribbon. The sole is also made up of 30% recycled rubber!

“In recent years, the amount of agri-food waste used to make sustainable products has gone from 0 to over 30 tons per month. A great resource is used to produce, for example, the ‘paper’ used for handkerchiefs and kitchen rolls, and the material we use for our sneakers,” adds the team. Even the packaging is sustainable, it is made with recycled cardboard and the shipping bags are made from at least 80% recycled polyethylene and are 100% recyclable. You will also find a ball of earth and seeds covered with clay – plant in a pot or throw in a gray area of ​​your city to spread some flower power!

Designer: ID.EIGHT

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