Kimberley Kampers introduces rugged Kube camping trailer built for off-road expeditions in luxury

We love introducing the Yanko community with campers that are built for downsized living on the road without compromising basic comforts and security. If luxury is also on offer it’s the cake with a red cherry on top when it comes to exploring unknown terrain. Kimberley Kampers has been doing this for the last three decades in the land down under, satisfying adventurers with their family-size camping trailers that look way ahead of their time.

Now, the Australian company has introduced the Kube, an off-road capable teardrop camper boasting a luxurious quotient for two people. It comes with an expandable pull-out kitchen, compact refrigerator, king-size bed and a chassis protected by underpinnings. Looking more like a concept design, the camper is available to buy for a starting price tag of $44,675.

Designer: Kimberley Kampers

The company calls it the Kube, but it is more rectangular-shaped than its namesake.  It has a round-nosed front for a spacious two-person layout, a flat roofline, and a vertical rear to comply with the size compliances. The 5.2-meter-long camper trailer is at its core a blend of Kruiser line’s smooth composite construction and the DNA of the closed Karavan model. Owners can tag this teardrop camper to their high-performance vehicles and head confidently to any inhospitable terrain. The absence of a tailgate galley means you have more interior space to fit a large bed. An overhead skylight and large windows on all sides give the owners 270-degree views when parked for the day.

As I said, luxury is not dry in here with a front cabin having a full-width console loaded with a mini bar, cubbies, drawers, top shelf surface, and a 85-L freezer. Standing upright for getting dressed/undressed is not a problem either, thanks to the floor space between the bed and console. Extra storage space is provided in the form of overhead cabinets wrapping around the bed section. There’s also space in the drawer below the bed foot.

Behind this section is the concealed slide-out kitchen that can be pulled out of the left rear corner. The sturdy stainless steel unit opens up in multiple directions to reveal the storage drawers, sink, dual-burner stove, compartments and prep area. Buyers can also opt for the stainless steel table that can be hooked to the kitchen unit. This whole section is positioned under the awning to dine in the shade if the sun is beating down or inclement weather conditions prevail.

The kitchen setup comes with a faucet fed by cold water and hot water from a Webasto diesel water heater. This very system feeds the shower too and users can opt for the shower/toilet tent as well. Essential fittings include a 200-Ah lithium battery, 120-L fresh water tank, and a 450-L UniPod front storage box. Optional fittings like the 70-L secondary fresh tank, heating, air conditioning, solar charging, and satellite internet prep can also fitted.

For now, Kimberley Kampers will be selling the Kube camping trailer in the country with plans to sell it in the US as well. They’ve now revealed any details but considering they have US distribution in place for other models, the Kube should be coming any time soon.


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Land Cruiser-based Infanta 4×4 Inkunzi camper takes off-roading fun to the extreme

Based on the Toyota Land Cruiser chassis, the Infanta 4×4 Inkunzi camper is a South African camper cruiser designed for off-grid living with an impressive design to showcase. It looks like a random ride on the unbeaten paths when closed, but the moment you open its wings (slides and pullouts) you have a camper most delightful to see and use.

For the love of adventurers at the park or campsite, the Inkunzi, which translates to bull in Zolo, is fitted with an electric pop-up roof and has big windows in canvas covers to keep the interior both airy and fresh. The roof lifts at the push of a button, while the passenger side of the camper has five hatches, one of which houses the kitchen and the other the bed.

Designer: Infanta 4X4

The Infanta 4×4 Inkunzi camper cruiser is designed to share the “same personality traits of a bull,” from where it gets its name. “Stubborn, strong-willed” in equal measures; the camper, molded from composite aerospace pre-impregnated fiber, weighs 644 kg when packed with all the accessories, and has a body measuring 9.8-foot-long. With all the versatile sliding and folding antics, the Inkunzi is effortless to setup, and takes only two minutes

The space within the camper is more focused on space utilization while all the things like the shower, kitchen and even the bedroom are designed to open outwards. The bed is placed in the front bedroom cabin that slides out from the main body and is provided with a headboard and storage cubies. Infanta uses the standing height space on the entry for dressing, while its slide-out kitchen on the passenger side spans almost the entire length of the camper.

Situated directly behind the cabin area, the fold-down kitchen has a two-stove burner, dishware, cookware, and utensils. Other kitchen compartments feature a 90-L fridge, shelves for storage, a collapsible basin, and a second worktop. An outdoor shower enclosed by drop-down curtains draws water from an onboard 120-L water tank connected to a 220V water heater.

Since the stout Inkunzi is made for off-roading, it comes with a 105-Ah battery, Victron charger and battery monitor, and an option to include an inverter and solar panels. The camper starts at R524 000, roughly $28,000 (without the truck), and has the option to add a 270-degree awning for additional usable outdoor space.

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This off-road caravan pops, slides and swings out in all direction to accommodate six on an off-grid expedition

Off-roading caravans to negotiate rugged terrains and setting up camp under the starry sky have become a common sight these days. This is the finest way for families, travelers, and overlanders to create lasting memories on the road. When there is demand, the suppliers are available in plenty. Amid the range of all-terrain camping trailers then, Berg Off-Road has been designing options that are “crafted to exceed expectation.”

To that accord, the Berg Off-Road has an exciting range of off-road caravans for groups of friends or family members to enjoy the thrill of adventures while keeping things simple and straightforward. For the latest offering called CX6 the builder has gone a little overboard and designed a camper solution that pops, slides, swings out to create space for up to six people to sleep and live in harmony.

Designer: Berg Off-Road

Achieving all the antics, the CX6 is constructed from honeycomb fiberglass built over a ladder frame chassis. It weighs about a ton and measures approximately 2m wide, 5.3m long, and 2.2mm high. What’s a pleasure with this off-road caravan is the space for a full-size king pull-out bed with a reading light and bedside USB ports. The space still has room for four more single beds that slide out from underneath.

If that’s not enough for space utilization, the caravan has a full bathroom with a toilet, washbasin, and shower hiding behind the pull-out kitchen packed within its lightweight, compact body. The fully-equipped pull-out kitchen has a fridge, freezer, two-burner gas stove, storage, and prep space. Berg Off-Road has annex tents connected to the caravan through awnings extended with 4 detachable sides that create room to sleep more people.

Making things interesting for adventure off the road and possibly off the grid is the 1000W inverter, 150-L fresh water tank with pump, and 14-L gas/electric water heater onboard the CX6. Alongside, the builder provides solar panels to keep the battery charged and consequently the air conditioning and LED interior lighting powered up after the sun goes down. If you love spending time outdoors and require a ride that can cater to all the needs of your family or group of friends, spending upward of approximately $28,000 for the CX6 should not be a bad deal.


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Tufport’s ultra-utilitarian Overlanding camper fits full and mid-sized 4x4s with ease

Tufport has just entered the trending overlanding market with a stunning iteration that looks robust enough for the beaten paths and adverse weather conditions. This rugged off-road-ready mobile home dubbed The Sea to Sky model, is tailored for adventurers who like things minimal, yet full-proof for extended trips.

As soon as you step inside, everything is ultra-utilitarian and modular to make maximum use of space. The Canada-based manufacturer has a strong product when we stack it against the likes of TruckHouse, Scout Campers, or the Hilux conversion by Direct Cars. For Overlanding pick-up owners, all these options and this new one by Tufport are the best recommended all-in-one solutions when we talk of slide-in truck bed campers.

Designer: Tufport

This first-ever model in the Overlander truck camper series is crafted out of a lightweight one-piece composite fiberglass construction to put minimum stress on your pick-up or 4×4’s engine. Going by Tufport’s industrial strength standards, the rig is designed to be ultra-watertight. It fits easily with most full-size and mid-size trucks with a 6.5’ box, so compatibility should not be an issue. Interior space and headroom are nothing to worry about as it has a height of 65” and an interior width of 72”, good enough for tall individuals as well.

Coming onto the utilitarian aspect, there are plenty of storage cabinets, a couch that transforms into a twin bed, over cab sleeping area, and a galley kitchen with a counter and vertical pantry section. There’s nothing on the inside (accessible via the rear door) that you’ll find out of place or unnecessary in the Sea to Sky camper. The windows on the camper are tinted and screened to let in natural light for a more airy feel. Along with this, the roof vent keeps the interiors well-ventilated.

To give the owners more freedom for customization as per their liking, Tufport will be offering the hard shell as a blank canvas. If someone desires to have a four-season ready rig at the time of delivery, they can choose the optional OEM add-ons, including sinks, induction cooktops, heaters, or refrigerators. Along with this serious off-roaders can also get the camper fitted with a roof rack (to mount, gear, kayaks, or skis), solar panel array for off-grid living, and extendable awning to have complete freedom.

The Sea to Sky Overlander will officially release the rig as Overland Expo Mountain West, and hopefully, the pricing will also be revealed. Just for reference, the Adventure slide-in shell model comes at a price tag of $9,495, so the Overlander camper one should be priced more than this version given its well-outfitted interiors and extra features. Interested adventure lovers can take the initial leap with a $1,000 deposit to secure the waitlist spot.

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This compact ATV hauling trailer is ultimate companion for your ice fishing escapades

There are different kinds of people with varied adventure/recreation demands. Trailer builders have been trying to cater to all the distinct needs through teardrops – compact trailers – for Overlanding expeditions, beaches, and campsites. Now leaping onto ice, Minnesota-based Eveland’s Inc has built the IcePro, a compact, lightweight toy hauling mobile house that you can take ice fishing.

Designed for ice anglers with the will to own a toy hauling fish house, the IcePro features a boxy profile that is based on an aluminum frame. A neon blue line divides the top white and bottom black color fiberglass exterior that renders the tiny trailer lightweight to tow behind an ATV. And to our surprise, the ATV is parked within the IcePro itself, when you’re not occupying it over a frozen lake.

Designer: IcePro Trailers

Inside the winterized fiberglass exterior, the IcePro has a well-insulated molded plastic interior that is comfortable and remains warm throughout your adventure on ice. This convenience is provided in 17 feet by 6.5 feet boxy structure, which is 6.8 feet high and apt to haul up to 1,200 lbs payload.

Envisioned to keep you comfy in harsh weather, the IcePro is priced at $24,995. With a dedicated garage – behind its double rear doors – for storing your ATV, the trailer can be easily towed by the ATV when you are ready to venture out. Once you reach the frozen ice, you can use the winch tire system to lower the IcePro down to the ice level so the occupant(s) can drill a hole in the ice from one of the (several) Catch Cover fishing holes and lower the fishing rods to begin with the business.

Since the IcePro isn’t meant to be a house on wheels; it has a minimalistic layout with overhead storage, large cabinets, and four Bluetooth speakers. It can be customized with an optional pair of swivel captain’s chairs, a generator, a fish finder system from Garmin, certain portable kitchen appliances, and an inflatable mattress. If you want to be on the ice, angling your heart’s content, the IcePro is a toy hauler you need. And I wish the ATV came complimentary with it!

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FIAT unveils bold Panda concepts dressed as a pick-up, SUV, camper, fastback and city car

At the Geneva Auto Show FIAT has revealed its plans to launch a Panda-based vehicle every year until the year 2027. The initiative kicked off at the show with the reveal of five concept cars in line with this vision of a next-generation Panda family that’ll grow bigger with time.

For those who don’t know, the Panda is FIAT’s minicar that’s been in production ever since 2011. The vehicle comes in a basic hatchback form and a much tougher Panda Cross version that’s called the Panda Cross. For the future, FIAT wants to expand the basic body styles to the pickup, campervan, SUV and coupe crossover with the Panda concepts that’ll eventually take shape as production cars. The concepts in question for the global market here are all based on the platform by Stellantis, the parent company.

Designer: FIAT

At the time of writing, FIAT hasn’t given any insight into the technical details but has confirmed that all these variants will be bigger than the original Panda. Also, they’ve confirmed that the production version (sometime in the future) of these concepts will come with the option of gas, hybrid or electric powertrain. Other than that, around 80 percent of the components will be common to all the versions. So let’s have a look at all of them in detail right away.

City Car Concept

As clear from the name, the City Car will be a glimpse into the general direction of the brand in the future. This one is similar to the Panda in more ways than not. There are eye-candy square doors and peculiar pink tires (inspired by the Barbie, maybe). The car is inspired by the iconic Lingotto building in Turin known for its rooftop test track. Reminiscences of the structure are apparent in the design of the concept including things like the structural lightness, overall bright theme and the space optimization on the inside. Talking of the interiors, they are made from sustainable materials including bamboo and recycled plastics.


Pick-Up Concept

FIAT already has a foothold in the Brazilian pickup market in the form of the Strada. The second concept wants to build on the success by inculcating fun and functionality with this concept. The perfect amalgam of a pick-up with the functionality of an LCV and the comfort of an SUV, the vehicle is fit for urban lifestyle. For people who like an outdoorsy lifestyle, the FIAT pickup concept sets the tone for the future.

Fastback Concept

This concept is an ode to the success of FIAT Fastback in Brazil and the FIAT Tipo in the Middle East and Africa. Created on the same modular platform and bearing a very sporty look, the Fastback concept builds on the sustainable commitment of the brand without compromising on the performance quotient. This comes courtesy of the aerodynamic performance for lower fuel consumption.

SUV Concept

This is a more muscular version of the Panda resulting in a more spacious interior for a family to ride in comfort. On those lines, the car is loaded with all that a family would desire in a performance SUV. Top that off with the safety, versatility and attractive design of the concept and FIAT lovers will have enough reason not to go elsewhere.

Camper Concept

Lastly, FIAT has created the ultimate all-terrain vehicle that brings adventure seekers close to nature without much fuzz. According to FIAT, the concept pays homage to “Fun-ctionality” of the 80s Panda. It has the versatility of a regular car for urban commutes and the toughness of an SUV to go adventuring anytime, anywhere.

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VW-inspired 10-ft towable camper pop-up roof increases standing headroom to 6 feet 4 inches

There are many hugely popular campervan base models around the world, but one that essentially overshadows them all, and has camping enthusiasts styling their own creations around it, is the Volkswagen van. VW-inspired campers have their takers in plenty thereof Type 2 founders, Hearth Gardella and Ryan Schassen, have created a VW-themed pop-up camping trailer from aircraft steel construction in a compact form factor that is faster to build.

The RV builders based in Woodburn, Oregon, Type 2, is hoping to create a sizable inroad in the expensive and heavier tow-campers with their T2.3 which thrives on its “lightweight, affordable, and timeless design.” Currently available for preorder for a non-refundable $1,000 deposit, T2.3 comes in three different variants with one classic pop-up roof that enhances the internal standing headroom to 6 feet 4 inches.

Designer: Type 2

Modeled after the 1940s Volkswagen bus, the T2.3’s design replaces fiberglass construction with aero-grade steel panels. This keeps the camper lightweight and adds to its durability. With the use of steel panels, the camper with its pop-up roof is faster to manufacture and fairly easy to tow behind a small electric vehicle.

Measuring 9 feet 6 inches long and 5 feet wide, the camper weighs under 980 lbs in all three options (detailed below). Outfitted with three windows on each side, and a single door toward the back half, the camper has a liftgate hatch. For more space inside comprising a convertible U-shaped sofa, an expandable kitchen counter, and a rear window seat (in the entry-level Sleeper model), the T2.3’s entire roof rises above.

Adding an outdoor shower system and 1-gallon electric hot water heater to the Sleeper and we have the T2.3 Sleeper Plus. The most exciting option is the Kitchenette model. The rear window seat here is removed to accommodate a full L-shaped kitchen complete with a dining table, induction cooktop, and stainless-steel sink. Of course, the change in features makes for a change in the pricing structure as well. The Sleeper model starts at $29,950, the Sleeper Plus scales the figure to $35,000, while the one with a kitchenette will set you back $39,000.


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Experience True Van-Life Luxury with this Tailor-Made Camping Box for All Your Needs

Campervans have their own set of advantages, but it’s a fixed construction you cannot choose to part with when you want to use the vehicle for everyday street life. This shortcoming may have given birth to the idea of slide-in camping solutions that convert the vans into campers when the wilderness calls. Over the years, with the transforming needs of adventurers, these camping solutions have evolved so much so that a company in Austria has now designed a full-proof camping box to fit at the back of your vehicle and leave you wanting nothing more.

Built with the notion of bringing real-life luxury to the road, the CampBoks slide-in camping solution comprises a fully equipped slide-out kitchen, foldable bed, sliding dining with a cantilevered bench and table, outdoor shower, and an optional, portable toilet. With all these amenities, the CampBoks can transform any ordinary van into a capable camper for wherever your adventure may take you.

Designer: CampBoks

The comprehensive camping box slides onto the seat rails of, or can be fitted into, a range of vehicles such as the Ford Transit, VW Transporter, Mercedes V-Class, Renault Trafic and the like. The versatile Camboks kit, with all its versatility, adds some weight to the back of your vehicle: It weighs 140 kg, which is more than the ordinary options on the market. But the features you get with this one, I’m sure we won’t mind the extra few kilos.

The traditional camper slide-in can keep the weight in measure since they come with limited facilities such as a bed and perhaps a kitchen. The CamBoks adds to these customary features with outdoor dining, a compact work table, and a full-fledged kitchen and fits snugly in a midsize van.

The CampBoks is designed and manufactured entirely in Austria with three compartmentalizations. The driver-side section comprises a slide-out kitchen provided with a single-burner Primus gas stove, small worktable, 15-L refrigerator box, and sink with a faucet that using an attachment can double as an outdoor shower.  The compartment in the middle has a sliding table which is provided with two benches – sliding out – from the two main sections on either side of the table. In the passenger side section, CampBoks provides a slide-out with three Euroboxes you can use for bulk storage.

Toward the inside, you have a folding A-frame bed, which folds in to form a sofa on either side (toward the inside of the vehicle and the tailgate). By the night, it can lay flat to transform into a full-size bed for a couple. You get under-bed storage plus two 12-L fresh water canisters slipped in underneath. Alongside the comfy bed (useable in seating position as well) you get a side-mounted swivel table that can be your additional dining or work desk, depending on your mood and weather. With all its features and an additional option to include a dry separating toilet, the CampBoks starts at approximately $7,000.

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Hunting blind specialist designs HitchHiker, an affordable way to go camping around the year

Pickup campers, trailers, and pop-up tents all have one thing in common; they persuade an enthusiast to step out of their driving seat over into the camper of choice filled with most essential amenities for a few days on the road. In the list of exceptional options popping up by the day, a hunting blind manufacturer is putting the tried and tested high density EPE foam material into creating the HitchHiker.

HitchHiker is what its name portrays; a tiny camping solution that rides on the back of your truck or trailer to give you a well-insulated, ultra-lightweight sleeping pod to curl into when the sun goes down. This pick-up camper, as you would have realized, is not the usual one to hitch behind your truck, in fact, the 190-pound fully insulated, hard-walled bare-bones sleeper camper is made to be carried along for an overlanding experience.

Designer: Tusca Outdoors

Pennsylvania-based mobile shelter manufacturer, Tusca Outdoors, has designed the simple HitchHiker with one motive: to let the enthusiasts retire in it after a long day’s drive. The camper doesn’t intend to include a kitchen or a washing setup or a pop-out skylight – it ideally is an all-weather enclosed camper with a lockable single entry. Owning to its bare-bone construction and single-point simplicity, it is very affordably priced at $2,750.

The construction is ultra-insulated. The company notes it can be heated with body heat even in sub-zero temperatures. Even though it has an electric port on the outside, you can use it to connect an electric or propane heater. For the adventurer, the HitchHiker then does function as a teardrop camper in all four seasons. Measuring 90-inch by 58-inch, the camper is ultra-compact and can fit onto the bed of a 5×8 utility trailer. It can be secured on the pick-up bed with accompanying 2-inch ratchet straps.

As far as features of the HitchHiker interior go, it is made to accommodate a full-size bed (available separately), which can sleep up to two adults comfortably. To ensure the interior is fresh and lighted, the HitchHiker has been fashioned with screened windows on both sides and even has small vents to maintain ventilation when the windows are closed.

What really makes this portable camping pod a good company is the convenience with which you can haul it. With two people, you can pick and set it up on the truck bed or trailer. And when you want to use it as a toy hauler, HitchHiker can be used on a larger trailer (larger than a 5×8). You can station the camper right in front and have the ATV or a bike behind it. IF the HitchHiker gets you excited, Tusca is showing it at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Plan a trip this week!

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With single-piece fiberglass shell, Bean Stock 2.0 is most capable ultralightweight off-road teardrop trailer

Teardrop trailers have their own drive and dwelling convenience on the road. This is distinguishable from other forms of camping solutions for their size, weight, and price. There are a number of lightweight teardrop trailers adventurers have been using to their advantage but not many have the grit to go off the paved roads with equal expediency. Presenting a light and robust solution for the needs is the new Bean Stock 2.0.

Designed by Bean Trailers, founded in 2016 by Mark and Brian, who have been designing trailers with durability and minimalism in mind, the Bean Stock 2.0 is another rugged and lightweight teardrop trailer that can take the habitants to pretty much anywhere they desire.

Designer: Ben Trailers

I said there are three primary advantages that teardrop trailers carry over the other camping rigs, and the Bean Stock 2.0 fits the bill with its fiberglass body that renders the tiny trailer lightweight at 1,175 lbs. The construction ensures the trailer is fundamentally affordable in its stock variant yet its ruggedness makes it a capable off-roader. How is that possible is discussed further in the article.

The teardrop has a one-piece fiberglass shell with composite honeycomb side walls, while the former is not customary, the latter is a prerequisite in Bean Trailers’ models. Bean Stock 2.0 given the solid, lightweight design is built for the toughest and roughest trails. To that accord, the structure is slimmer and capable of being towed behind any small SUVs like the Subaru Forester, Ford Escape and similar.

The stock model of Bean Stock 2.0 is off-road ready with 2,000-pound HD suspension and 15-inch wheels. But it is the customizable option that allows    3,500-pound suspension and bigger tires with more ground clearance that add to the off-track capability. All the features are nothing without the interiors you want to be in after a long day’s drive. The Stock 2.0 is equally fashioned inside also, which absolutely revolves around the 60-inch x 80-inch queen-sized mattress facing a wide window filling the living space with natural light during the day, the warm-tone recessed lighting keeps the ambiance lifted after the sun goes down.

For all its wonderful features and interesting design, the Bean Stock 2.0 is available in a choice of 18 different colors. The entry-level variant of the rugged teardrop trailer starts at $15,999 and the customizable option with all add-ons onboard spikes the price to over the $20,000 mark.

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