Samsung’s Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Buds are on sale for $624

Amazon has dropped the price of its Samsung Galaxy bundle to $624. The package includes a Galaxy S10 (unlocked with 128 GB in Prism black), Galaxy Buds and a $50 Amazon gift card. Valued at $1,078, the bundle has most recently been on sale for $850....

Gift cards and subscriptions to give as last-minute gifts

Sometimes it's better to pick out a gift for someone yourself and other times it's a good idea to let that picky loved one choose their own. (And if you've waited this long to buy gifts, that might be your easiest course of action.) This is where gif...

Gyft and its guilt-free gift cards now available on Android

Gyft and its guiltfree gift cards head to Android today

Gift cards sure are convenient, but who likes futzing with all those useless, environmentally-unfriendly plastic rectangles? Certainly not us, which is why we dig free iOS application Gyft, an application that not only aggregates our gift cards, but allows us to buy and gift others with gift cards from a variety of major retailers (Gap and Sephora, among many others). And today, our Android-inclined brethren can get on board the Gyft train, as its headed to the Google Play store. To incentivize your use of the free app, Gyft's doling out $10 in free cards, so head over to the Google Play store and snag your free money.

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Variable iTunes gift cards hit retailers just in time for holiday shopping

Variable iTunes gift cards available just in time for holiday shopping

Instead of combing through the gift card aisle for just the right iTunes denomination, you'll soon be able to get one of these newly released variable gift cards. Just bring the card to the cashier, pick an amount between $15 and $500, and it'll get validated for that amount. The Cupertino company has offered variable pricing for regular Apple Store gift cards for awhile now, but iTunes cards had previously only been available in $15, $25, $50 and $100 options. These cards should also be compatible with an iTunes 11 feature that lets you redeem gift cards by scanning the code with your computer's camera. We're not sure which third-party retailers are offering these just yet, but it sounds like a decent last-minute impulse gift for your iOS-loving pals.

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Skype launches gift cards, lets parents drop hints to distant kids

Skype launches gift cards, lets parents drop hints to distant kids

Many empty-nester parents would like nothing more than to hear from their kids every now and then. For them, Skype's new gift cards might be the perfect not-so-subtle clue: both digital and physical cards are going on sale today that offer $10 or more in credit, either for the company's time-honored VoIP calling or (if need be) some Skype WiFi at the airport. Only online versions are customizable, although Americans who want something tangible can swing by the Microsoft Store, OfficeMax or Target. Skype's already brought prepaid credit to Mexico and the UK, but the cards should be more than welcome gift options for anyone who would otherwise have to spring for a prepaid phone card -- just be prepared for more heart-to-heart chats than usual if you're on the receiving end.

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