ARMS Gets Dr. Coyle

The Nintendo Switch released a novel update for Arms this day in time. Thus a new warrior will be arriving on the game’s platform. She is called Dr. Coyle and she is a radical scientist. Dr. Coyle is...

ICYMI: UPS delivery drones and fashion’s robo-photo booth

Today on In Case You Missed It: We explore UPS' plans to deploy hordes of delivery drones and the robots are coming to replace fashion photographers — body shaming not included. And just in case you've been too busy to keep an eye on your R...

Hair Havoc No More with Dr. Marder Scalp Therapy

Winter weather, and the subsequent use of indoor heat to stay warm, can have an extreme drying effect on the skin—and this most certainly includes the scalp. For those who already suffer from...

First Red Dragon 6K footage shown, boasts three more stops DR (video)

First Red Dragon footage shown from 6K source, boasts three more stops DR video

After a considerable delay from its slated late 2012 release date, the 6K Red Dragon sensor is finally ready -- and it seems to have been worth the wait. The first test footage (after the break) has come from cinematographer and Red booster Mark Toia, who stress-tested it in difficult conditions like high contrast daylight and dark night scenes. Afterwards, he said the camera has three more f-stops of dynamic range than the MX-equipped Epic and thinks the new sensor brings the "best highlight falloff I've ever seen from any digital camera," including Sony's $65,000 CineAlta F65 4K model. Though Red put on a show of upgrading Epic and Epic-X cameras with Dragon earlier this spring, the company recently said that deliveries would start in September. Meanwhile, Dragon equipped cameras are in the hands of other notable DPs and directors too, like Peter Jackson, Michael Bay and Darius Woski -- meaning you can likely expect a deluge of Dragon eye-candy over the coming weeks.

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