Han Solo Carbonite Coffin Coffee Table: Only from IKEA Cloud City

The latest collectible from Awe Me’s Super Fan Builds is a coffee table based on Han Solo’s carbonite block. Because the metallic block could’ve been Han’s coffin if he wasn’t reanimated, Super Fan Builds built the table using an actual wooden coffin as its base.

han_solo_carbonite_coffin_coffee_table_super_fan_builds_1zoom in

Super Fan Builds built the morbid table for Ray Choi. Ray is a member of the 501st Legion, the world famous group of Star Wars cosplayers that use their talents and costumes to participate in charitable events. As the icing on this cold death cake, Super Fan Builds put Ray’s face on Han’s frozen body and gave him a Han Solo costume.

This is one of the few presents that’s equally appropriate for someone you love and someone you hate.

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Deal Of The Day: Wireless Bluetooth Cloud Buds For $25!


Last time we wrote about the Wireless Bluetooth Cloud Buds from TOCC Electronics, you guys went nuts and bought them in droves. And why not? They’re cool earbuds that require no wires to connect to your smartphone or tablet, and they cost a ridiculously low $25!

The Bluetooth Cloud Buds offer a truly hands-free listening experience, so you’ll never miss a beat. With up to 30-feet of crystal-clear Bluetooth connectivity, you can hit the treadmill to your favorite jams, or take a call while prepping dinner—and best of all, kiss tangled wires goodbye.

– Lightweight, wireless construction
– Noise-canceling outer shell
– Convenient built-in microphone and remote
– Optional ear hooks to secure on your ears
– Multiple sizes of gelled ear buds & caps for max comfort

Normally they’re $109! But as mentioned a couple of times already, they’ve been massively discounted to $25!


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Wine Glass With Straw: A Sippy Cup For Adults


They’re selling these Oenophilia Porto Sippers with an integrated straw as being better for ports and liqueurs, allowing “your hand to warm the spirits as you sip through the stem.” But let’s not kid anyone: there’s something childishly cool about getting hammered by drinking alcohol through a straw; these are sippy cups for adults. And since it’s a “wine glass”, you can totally pretend you’re being classy. A set of 4 will set you back $40.


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