UK “Cops” Use Dalek to Scare People into Isolating

When it comes to scary monsters from science fiction, Doctor Who’s Daleks rank high on the list. These soulless robotic aliens go around the universe, exterminating all those who stand in their way. So what better way to get people to stay inside of their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, then to bring a Dalek to their doorsteps?

Somewhere in the UK, somebody programmed a Dalek to drive around a neighborhood and proclaim “ALL HUMANS MUST KEEP INDOORS. ALL HUMANS WILL SELF ISOLATE. BY ORDER OF THE DALEKS.” If that doesn’t get you to shelter in place, nothing will. Except maybe some weeping angels hanging outside your front door.

While I was hoping this was done by an actual police department, the stunt actually appeared on the Sandford Police twitter feed. And if you don’t know who the Sandford Police are, you need to stop what you’re doing, and go stream Hot Fuzz right now.

[via Reddit]

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This TARDIS Teapot and Mug Are Shinier on the Outside

Doctor Who fans have a huge selection of merchandise to choose from, so if you’re going to add to your collection, it better be something unique. I’ve seen lots of TARDISes before (or is it TARDI?), and even seen a TARDIS teapot. But this is definitely the first time I’ve seen such a delightfully shiny TARDIS teapot.

Plus Toynk’s TARDIS teapot comes with a matching TARDIS mug to go with it. Imagine heading out through space and time with your companion as you sip tea from a tiny police call box. The ceramic tea set is perfect for any Whovian.

If you’re ready for a delightful mug of tea to go with your Jammie Dodgers, you can grab this set for $64.99 over at Toynk. Surely, filling the TARDIS with searing hot tea won’t do anything strange to the space-time continuum.

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This TARDIS Mug Holds a Whopping 64 Ounces of Coffee

Check out this jumbo-sized 64 oz. TARDIS Mug. It’s round rather than square which is much better for coffee sipping. Looks odd at first, but the more I see it, the more I like it. Does it hold more coffee inside than it appears? I have no idea, but I’m going to have fun finding out.

Yes, there are many Doctor Who TARDIS Mugs out there and you probably have several of them in your collection, so why not add this one too? Besides, it’s cool because it’s round and huge. This piece of officially-licensed Doctor Who merchandise will take your morning coffee to the next relative dimension in space. There’s no better way to wake up. Hey, the show is now “woke” and so are you.

It’s my opinion that the TARDIS should only ever have one companion and that’s coffee. Best companion you can have. It doesn’t talk, it wakes you up and it is actually helpful during an adventure. Yep, just give me a sonic screwdriver and a cup of Joe, and I’ll save the universe every time.

Sadly this mug can’t materialize itself from the table to the sink, or from the cabinet to your hand, but it’s still pretty awesome. You can grab one today from ThinkGeek for $24.99.