A LEGO Sony Walkman Sounds Like a Great Idea

Back in the days before streaming, MP3s, and CDs (and dinosaurs still roamed the Earth), all the cool kids had a Sony Walkman. This portable cassette player was a revolution for those wanting to listen to their tunes on the go and sold more than 200 million units by the time Sony stopped production of its cassette-based Walkmans in 2010. Now, thanks to one clever LEGO creator, we could soon be carrying a Walkman again. This 1:1 scale replica is based on the Walkman WM-22, which wasn’t the first Walkman, but it was the first truly affordable model, and it also looks pretty great in this red color with matching LEGO headphones.

Of course, there are two big differences between brick-builder Jerac’s LEGO Walkman and a real Sony Walkman: 1) you have to assemble this one yourself, and 2) the LEGO one doesn’t play music. Of course, it’s possible that if LEGO decides to build this – and Sony decides to play ball with the licensing – that they could come up with a clever way for it to play music. Wouldn’t it be cool if it worked as a digital media player, and the controls actually worked? And to show your significant other that you love them enough to make them a mixtape? Well, I can dream, I suppose. But even if the LEGO Walkman doesn’t play music, I’d still buy one. I mean, look at it. It’s too cool not to.

If you dig the idea of a LEGO Sony Walkman, take a stroll over to the LEGO Ideas site and show your support with a vote. If the project gets enough votes, it could go into production. It’s already got more than 4,000 supporters, and once it hits 10,000 it goes to LEGO’s expert review team for consideration. Cast your votes and let’s see if we can help make it a reality.

[via Gizmodo Japan]

Jaws x TUBBZ Rubber Duckies: For A Bloody Good Bathtime

Because bigger boats aren’t just going to need themselves, Numbskull Design is adding four Jaws characters to their TUBBZ line of rubber duckies. You may recall the previously posted Back to the Future rubber duckies. Or you may not, I know firsthand how hard it is to form new memories when your brain is already full of internet memes and TV jingles.

The new Jaws duckies come in four characters: chief of police Martin Brody, oceanographer Matt Hooper, shark hunter Quint, and Bruce the shark. They’re currently available for pre-order, and expected to ship around October. I particularly like how they made eyeglasses for Brody and Hooper, those were a nice touch.

Am I going to buy all four and then reenact the movie in my bathtub? Yes, plus give myself a big bubble beard and pretend I’m Poseidon, god of the sea. My wife will knock on the bathroom door and ask what all the angry splashing is about, and I’ll have no choice but to tell her a raccoon fell through the attic into the tub.

[via Geeks Are Sexy]

Shadow Fighter Projection Game Allows You to Practice Sparring with a Shadow

The world: it’s full of bullies. And what better way to equip yourself to deal with them than to know how to kick all their asses? Enter the Shadow Fighter gaming system (affiliate link), a projector that allows you to spar against a shadow enemy while brushing up on your offensive and defensive martial arts moves. Fingers crossed they release an expansion pack with nunchucks and throwing stars!

The projector system features four modes of difficulty (easy, intermediate, hard, and practice), and is powered by 5 AA batteries. It emits a green light when you successfully land a hit against your shadowy opponent, a red light when you’re struck, and emits no light at all if you put the batteries in backward.

So, yeah, it looks like a great way to accidentally punch a few more holes in my living room wall. “Well it’s not like we were going to get the security deposit back anyway,” I imagine telling myself while eyeing the fireman’s pole I installed from the upstairs bedroom to the kitchen.

Iron Studios Dungeons & Dragons Tiamat Demi Statue: Literal Fivehead

Iron Studios has a treat for die-hard and deep-pocketed Dungeons & Dragons fans. The figure maker’s 1/20-scale Tiamat Demi statue features the legendary tabletop RPG monster as it was depicted in the franchise’s 1980s cartoon. Naturally, the statue also includes figurines of the cartoon’s six protagonists: Hank, Diana, Shiela, Eric, Presto, and Bobby (and Bobby’s pet Uni).

Each statue is primarily made of polystone that’s been handpainted. It stands at a towering 22″ tall and weighs 40 freaking pounds.

My only gripe with the figure is that you can see the gaps between the pieces if you look closely. But this is probably going on a shelf to be admired far from greasy fingers, that shouldn’t be a big concern. You can pre-order the statue from Iron Studios for $1,400 (USD).

Chibson Placebo Pedal Does Nothing: Air Guitar Essential

Give the guitar nerd in your life the gift of nothing with Chibson USA and Daredevil Pedals’ Placebo Pedal. All of its parts are legit – the knobs, the footswitch, the power indicator light, and the I/O jacks. It’s just that it doesn’t do anything besides give you something to step on.

But the legitimately cool thing about the Placebo Pedal is that you can pay extra to get a DIY PCB kit that will let you turn this useless trinket into an actual fuzz pedal.

Daredevil Pedals sells the Placebo Pedal for $99 (USD), and the pedal plus the DIY PCB kit for $125.

[via Boing Boing]


Soul of Animal GX Go Kitten Super Robot Action Figure: Sweded Voltron

Taiwanese toy shop Bid Toys won toymaker of the year in my books with its Soul of Animal GX Go Kitten, a parody of the OG Voltron that replaces the Lion Force with cats and boxes. As an olive branch to competitors, the action figure can’t disassemble into separate cats and boxes. Otherwise, all other toymakers would’ve had to shut down and think about what they’re even doing with their lives.

The 7″-tall action figure has articulated arms and wings, and its head can also be twisted to reveal a henohenomoheji.

Those feet cats have to be named 2020 and 2021. You can pre-order the Soul of Animal GX GOo Kitten from BigBadToyStore for $80 (USD). Curiously, the online store mentions that this figure is “[p]art of the Soul of Animal line.” What’s next? A crocodile Mazinger Z? A fennec fox Getter Robo? The possibilities are, well, they’re not endless, but they’re fun to think about.


Hobbit Hole Inspired Children’s Playhouse

Hobbit Holes: everybody wants to live in one. That, or an Ewok village treehouse. And while building your own Hobbit hole home might be out of the question right now on account of adult responsibilities, maybe you can live vicariously through your children with this $1,000 Discovery Nature Play Hideaway from Plum. I can already imagine myself trying to contort my body into it when I think the neighbors aren’t looking.

Not to be confused with these previously seen Hobbit Holes, the playhouse measures 78″ long, 51″ wide, and x 49″ tall when assembled, and has it all: a fabric door covering, wooden letterbox, a curved roof with artificial turf (and liner for adding real turf), screen window that can be painted, a functional bamboo gutter system and planter, exterior arts & crafts/prep table, and bamboo wind chime, making the whole thing significantly nicer than my apartment.

Pretty cool, right? Unfortunately, like so many things designed for children, it’s a shame they don’t make an adult-size version as well. I mean this thing is legitimately Hobbit-sized. Because Hobbits are small. Smurfs too, but they’re even smaller. This would be like a mansion to Smurfs, but a lot of lower back pain and a trip to the chiropractor for me.

[via TheGreenHead]

Shelby Destroyer Foam Disc Launcher Fires 6 Disks/Second: Move Over, NERF

Look out, NERF, there’s a new weaponized foam launcher in town in the form of the Shelby Destroyer foam disc blaster. The gun is capable of firing six foam discs per second with a 120 round capacity, with both semi-automatic and fully-automatic capabilities. I can already close my eyes and imagine my wife yelling at me to stop playing in the house and go outside.

Currently an already-funded Indiegogo campaign, the Shelby Destroyer isn’t cheap, selling for around $217 through the crowdfunding site, with an estimated retail price of $315. The toy weapons, which remind me of Mass Effect assault rifles, are advertised as “faster, more accurate, and more powerful” than anything else on the market, and they sure as heck better be for that price.

The blasters fire at approximately 160FPS, have 4-color LEDs on the sides for identifying your teammates and displaying battery life, and include removable, rechargeable lithium batteries with an external charging base. They have adjustable power settings for accurate long-range sniping, or spray-and-pray up close shooting. They also have a rail system on top for mounting a scope or laser sight, because apparently there’s no such thing as taking foam disc battles with your friends too seriously. Now, did you remember to bring the flashbangs and smoke grenades?

[via DudeIWantThat]

This Creepy LEGO Technic Vehicle Is Coming to Get You

The brainchild of imaginative LEGO builder Yoshihito Isogawa, this is the Creepy Vehicle, assembled entirely out of LEGO and LEGO Technic pieces. The vehicle rolls forward thanks to a LEGO Power Functions motor, constantly opening and closing its toothed aperture in the process. It kind of reminds me of the Demogorgon from Stranger Things. But is it the creepiest vehicle I’ve seen? Not by a long shot.

Just replace those plastic LEGO teeth with some metal blades and you’ve just created what can only be described as ‘Not a chance of ever being produced as an official LEGO set.’ And that’s probably for the best.

The movement of the opening and closing aperture reminds me of a camera shutter. Is that what Yoshihito was going for? I assume that, or a really fancy hot dog slicer. Me? I still slice hot dogs the old-fashioned way: asking my wife nicely while holding my hand up to remind her what happened the last time I tried to do it myself.

Giant Wall-Mounted Risk Game: World Domination on an Epic Scale

Board games: some people take them a lot more seriously than other people. And for those hardcore board gamers, the WS Game Company has created this Giant Wall Edition of Risk. And giant it is, with a framed board that measures 56″ x 42″ and weighs a very respectable 36-pounds. I can already close my eyes and imagine it falling off the wall due to improper hanging on my part.

Available from the Pottery barn for $999, the game includes enough magnetic troops for up to six players. Of course, buying this giant edition of Risk is also going to pose a real-life risk when my wife finds out how much I spent on it. She doesn’t even like playing Risk, she’s more of a Clue or Battleship gal and beats me every game.

My legs are already getting tired just thinking about having to stand and play an entire game of Risk. That game takes hours. No, if I’m going to stand and play a game that game is going to be Twister, and even then I’m not going to be standing for long before I fall and sprain or break something.