This Life-Size Bubo the Owl Figure from Clash of the Titans is Kraken Battle Ready

Everyone needs a faithful companion, and Perseus really lucked out in Clash of the Titans when Athena refused Zeus’s request to send the hero her own pet owl, instead offering a brass-and-iron version of Bubo she had Hephaestus construct. Sure the mechanical Bubo was clumsy, but he came through in the end, and I think we can all agree the end is the most important part to come through in.

Bubo is one of legendary visual effects creator Ray Harryhausen’s most beloved creatures, given life in the movie using Ray’s own ‘Dynamation’ form of stop-motion model animation. Available for pre-order from the BigBadToyStore for the godly sum of $250, this 30-cm Bubo replica was faithfully recreated from the model used in the movie. Unlike the model in the film, though, this Bubo is made of soft vinyl, featuring eight points of articulation for posing how you see fit. I see fit to pose him on my shoulder and pretend I’m a steampunk pirate. Yarrrrr!

Will I be buying one myself? Unfortunately, I don’t have the $250 required, but I will be crafting my own Bubo out of Progresso soup cans and parts I can scavenge from the hot water heater. Sure all the cold showers will suck this winter, but can you really put a price on owning your own poorly constructed mechanical owl friend?

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Baby Yoda Bounty Hunter Figure: The Force Is Strong with This One

Inspired by the Beskar armor worn by Boba Fett and other Mandalorians, artist Sean Viloria created this custom 1/2-scale ‘Grogu Fett’ figure decked out in bounty hunter gear, clearly ready to bring a target in warm, or cold. The figure measures approximately 18″ tall and comes complete with a helmet that covers his pointy ears, and a tank of frog eggs on his back in the event he gets hungry and wants a snack.

Grogu Fett was handmade by Sean using clay, vintage toy parts, fabric, leather, and acrylic paint. His accessories include a lightsaber bow with Beskar arrows, spear and blaster, cape and cloak, lightsaber hilts from fallen enemies, mythosaur buckle, mudhorn signet on his shoulder, and the LED-lit egg chamber on his back. Impressive work!

Grogu really did make those frog eggs look good, didn’t he? I’ve never had frog eggs before. Or frog legs. I guess I’m not too experienced in the amphibian culinary arts. Or reptilian. Although one time when I was a kid my dad told me and my brother he was grilling rattlesnake until we refused to eat it, then he admitted they were just steak kabobs. Talk about trust issues.

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Squid Game Funko Pop Figures Given the Green Light

With the phenomenal success of Netflix’s Squid Game, it was only a short matter of time until the inevitable tidal wave of merchandise hit shores. Well, now it’s here, and Funko is releasing six characters from the series in their Funko Pop! style figurines to rake in some of that money. It’s like Funko just broke open their own Squid Game piggy bank!

Available individually for $11 or as a $66 six character set from Entertainment Earth, the figures include Seong Gi-Hun (Player 456), Oh Il-nam (Player 001), Abdul Ali (Player 199), Kang Sae-byeok (Player 067), Cho Sang-Woo (Player 218), and a circle masked worker. Will they also release square and triangle masked workers and Front Man and VIP figures? If there’s money to be made, I can almost guarantee it.

Did you know Squid Game’s creator/director Hwang Dong-hyuk shopped around a script for a Squid Game movie for ten years before Netflix showed an interest in turning it into a series? Ten years! I wish I’d gotten ahold of it first. I mean, sure, it would have been filmed with next to no budget with sets made almost entirely from cardboard, but still, ketchup can pass for real blood if your camera is crappy enough.

The Thumby Is the World’s Smallest Game Boy

The whole point of game systems like the Nintendo Game Boy was to make them small enough to carry in your pocket and play on the go. But what if you’ve got really tiny pockets?.. or really tiny fingers? Then you need the Thumby!

Created by TinyCircuits, the Thumby is by all accounts the world’s smallest handheld gaming system. It measures just 1.2″ x 0.7″ x 0.3″ and packs a Raspberry Pi RP2040 processor, 2MB of onboard storage, and a tiny 72×40 OLED screen. It’s also got a really small D-Pad and two buttons, but there’s no way I’d be able to push the right ones with my ape-like digits.

It comes pre-loaded with five retro-inspired games so you can start playing right away, but it’s also fully programmable. Connect the Thumby’s Micro USB port to your computer, and you can create your own custom games using MicroPython or the Arduino IDE. Plus, it’s built on an Open Source platform, which means modding and tweaking are encouraged. TinyCircuits also made it so you can play head-to-head by connecting two Thumbys with a link cable.

Best of all, Thumby won’t break the bank. You can pre-order a Thumby on Kickstarter now for just $19 for the classic grey color or $24 in a color case.


AT-AT Aquarium Looks Like Hoth After Global Warming

When you think of AT-ATs, you think of these giant mechanical beasts stomping along the snowy surface of Hoth. But what would happen if the Empire’s war machines ran on fossil fuels and their CO2 emissions, resulting in a greenhouse effect? It might end up looking something like this aquarium scene created by Carly Thompson.

After receiving a model AT-AT as a Christmas gift, she decided to incorporate the Imperial Walker into a small fish tank. She says the scene was inspired by the Kashyyk level of Jedi Fallen Order, and Endor from Return of the Jedi. But to me, it looks like Hoth after the polar ice caps have melted, raising the sea levels, and flooding the land as surface temperatures increased above freezing. The AT-AT has definitely seen better days, now that it has moss growing out of it, but it sure makes a nice home for the red cherry shrimp and Ramshorn snails who have taken up residence here.

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Display Your LEGO Minifigs in a Giant Minifig

Do you or your kids like to collect LEGO minifigures? You could leave them scattered around the room where you could step on one, or the dog could try to eat them, or you could store and display them in a more appropriate place. This oversize wood minifig display is perfect for organizing and showing off your favorite LEGO figures.

The $36 wall display is made by Alabama Etsy shop JEMWorXCo using premium 1/2″ baltic birch wood and holds up to 19 figures. Each of its little cutouts is just the right size to hold a minifig along with accessories like their tiny hats, though I’m guessing the sombrero on my Mariachi Maraca Man Minifigure won’t fit.

The only thing better would be if they made a huge version that held the 200+ minifigs I have littering my basement, but I guess I could just buy a dozen of these, and that would look pretty awesome too.

LEGO Expert Turns NES Kit into a Game Boy Transformer

As a fan of classic video games and LEGO bricks, I was pretty stoked when they released the official LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System in 2020. The 2600+ piece set lets you build a detailed model of an NES along with a TV set, a game cartridge, and a gamepad. Now, one inventive LEGO builder has figured out how to reconfigure the kit into a completely different Nintendo system – a Game Boy. But this isn’t just any Game Boy – this is the Game Boy ROBO.

The Moko Brick Laboratory specializes in making transforming robots out of LEGO parts. Their latest build used some of the numerous parts from the LEGO NES to create this awesome Game Boy that can turn into a robot. Sure, the Transformers had cars and cassette tape players that could turn into robots, but they never had a Game Boy. Now, all we need is for Nintendo to develop a way to make one of these that is actually playable, and they’d sell millions. Can you imagine playing Super Mario Bros. or Tetris on this thing?

Check out the full build video for the Game Boy ROBO below:

I love how this guy wears white gloves while working on his LEGO builds. Parents, I suggest that you make your kids do the same so they don’t get chocolate and Cheetos dust all over the bricks like they usually do.

LEGO Ideas Motorized Johnny 5 Is Alive!

Short Circuit is one of those classic movies that every self-respecting geek should see at some point in their lives. After all, the star of the show is Number 5, aka Johnny 5, a charming and inquisitive robot who craves input and understanding from the human world. It’s kind of like the pre-cursor to CHAPPiE, with its main character being a killer military robot who ends up finding its human side. If you love Johnny 5 too, you’ll want to vote for this fan-submitted LEGO design based on the movie robot.

This LEGO Johnny 5 model was designed by RJ BrickBuilds and features a motorized drivetrain using LEGO Powered Up motors. In addition, Johnny’s body, arms, head, and laser module can all be controlled using the Powered Up app. You can also pose his eyebrows, though you’ll need to do that manually. Just don’t ever try to disassemble him!

The model consists of 2,711 pieces, measures an impressive 23.2″ tall, and tips the scales at 6.24 pounds. You can show your support for the LEGO Johnny 5 kit by voting on the LEGO Ideas website. Hopefully, he’ll get enough votes to be considered for production by the LEGO powers-that-be.

NECA 1989 Batman Grapnel Launcher: Ever Dance with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight?

When Tim Burton’s Batman came out in 1989, I thought it was the best version of Batman yet. Michael Keaton made a great Bruce Wayne, Jack Nicholson was an awesome Joker, and Burton’s dark vision of Gotham was a fresh take compared to the campy 1960s Batman I grew up with on TV. Plus, a soundtrack by Danny Elfman, with songs by Prince? C’mon. The movie had lots of quotable lines, too, like Joker’s “Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?” Well, in the case of Batman’s Grapnel Launcher, the answer is NECA, who is now making a screen-accurate replica of the Dark Knight’s handy gadget.

The plastic Grapnel Launcher toy can launch its shiny gold grappling hook and makes sound effects and would look great as part of your Batman cosplay. Ixnine posted an unboxing and demo video which shows off its basic functionality:

It looks really cool, and for just $15 I think it’s a steal. But given its flimsy string attachment, I wouldn’t recommend using this to scale buildings or to wrap up criminals and toss them off of catwalks. At the moment, these are hard to find, but if you poke around your local Target or Best Buy store, you might be able to find one.

[via Toy People]

If Animals Were Made from Bread

Bread was meant to be eaten, right? Well, what if your bread had four legs and was kind of adorable? Would you become gluten-free right then and there? I might think twice, but probably not. These wacky toys are based on the concept of “Living bread.” The design for the quadruped bread started as a collection of handmade wool-felted creations by Atelier Hatena.

Apparently, the idea was so popular that they decided to make a series of less expensive bread “Gashopon” – which are the kinds of cheap collectibles you might find in toy capsule vending machines in Japan. The plastic toy series includes toast, pretzel, croissant, dinner roll, French, and pineapple bread, and every single one of them looks good enough to spread butter and jam on right now. They’re going to be available this November for ¥300 each – that’s about $2.75 a piece. But I’m hungry right now! Fortunately for the living bread, I’m on a low-carb diet, or else these things would be toast.

[via Toy People]