Take A POV Ride Around This 224-Foot Long LEGO Roller Coaster

Giving the roller coaster that was 2020 a run for its money, enjoy this GoPro’s point-of-view ride along the 68-meter (224-foot) roller coaster constructed by Akiyuki Brick Channel. Could you imagine if this had existed in Honey I Shrunk The Kids? Those kids would have never even wanted to be returned to normal size.

Traveling at a speed of 0.38-meters/second (1.2-feet/second), the roller coaster cart pulls itself along the track, which includes cranks, corkscrews, somersaults, stairs, wall rides, and bridges. I particularly liked the parts where the track was moved to allow the cart to continue on its way instead of crashing, like at 1:58 (track moves down) and 2:14 (seen below, LEGO Mustang pushes the track into place). I only wish I could ride this in real life.

After the POV ride, there’s some additional footage of how the roller coaster cart moves, and how each unique element of the roller coaster track works. It really is a marvel of ingenuity, and I wish I had the time and money to build something similar. But mostly the money, because then I’d be rich.

Oddbody Furbies Are Either Adorably Weird or Straight-up Nightmare Fuel

Furbies have always been a little creepy to me – perhaps it’s that I’ve seen what they look like on the inside that did it, or maybe it’s just their hypnotic eyeballs. Either way, they’re already pretty weird looking straight from the toy factory. But toy modder Plushie Couture thinks they can do better.

These guys make what they call “Oddbody” Furbies. In other words, these are toys with the faces of Furbies but grafted onto the bodies of other toys. If you liked Sid’s mutant toys from Toy Story, then these should be right up your alley. In fact, they made an Oddbody version of Woody, a Furby Woody if you will.

Other bizarro Oddbody mods include the Stay-Puft Marshmally Furby, the Lost in Space Furby Robot, Furby Barbie, and Furby Boombox among others. I recommend browsing the entire Plushie Couture Etsy shop to see what kind of Furby surgery they’ve been up to lately. Prices for the Oddbody Furbies start around $72.50, but that’s a small price to pay for something that’s sure to leave a long-lasting impression in your brain.

[via CreepBay]

An Automated LEGO Gift-Wrapping Machine: Move Over, Gift Bags

Because wrapping gifts is hard work but building incredibly complicated LEGO machines is a piece of cake, YouTubers TheBrickWall constructed this ‘LEGO Wrapping Factory,’ an automated gift wrapping station built entirely out of LEGO. The machine is capable of scanning a package to determine its dimensions, then cut, wrap and tape the gift in a manner that can only be described as way better than I could ever do.

It’s hard for me to even fathom the amount of ingenuity that goes into a LEGO build like this. I mean I can barely follow the instructions that come with a regular LEGO set, and this doesn’t even come with instructions – you have to figure the whole thing out on your own. For reference, the last time I built a piece of IKEA furniture I had a handful of bolts and an extra leg left over at the end.

Sure, you could build a complicated LEGO machine to do all your gift wrapping for you, or you could wrap presents the same way I’ve been doing for years: kindly asking your mom to do it for you. And if she’s unavailable there’s always plan B: keeping the gift for yourself.

[via Laughing Squid]

LEGO to Produce a Sonic the Hedgehog Playset: Start Saving Your Gold Rings

Because dreams occasionally do come true, a Sonic The Hedgehog themed LEGO playset originally proposed by LEGO Ideas user toastergrl (aka 24-year old Viv Grannell) has garnered the necessary 10,000 supporters on the website and approval by LEGO to become an actual product. Wow, 10-year old me is so excited right now! Also: current me.

LEGO is still finalizing the set’s design, although I hope it’s as close to Viv’s original “Green Hill Zone” submission as possible because that looks like a fun playset. Just not to step on – especially not Doctor Robotnik’s drill hands. My toes curled in pain just thinking about it.

Did you watch the Sonic The Hedgehog movie that came out last year? I liked it. And apparently so did enough other people for Paramount to decide to make a sequel, currently set for release April 8th, 2022. Race you to the theater! Get it? Because Sonic runs so fast. I know, with gems like that I’m surprised they didn’t hire me to write it.

[via Polygon]

A LEGO Jeopardy! Kinetic Sculpture Built in Tribute to Alex Trebek

We all pay our respects in our own way, and LEGO builder and YouTuber Douglas Hughes decided to construct this kinetic Jeopardy! sculpture in honor of the late, great Alex Trebek. Featuring contestants Ken Jennings (most wins), Brad Rutter (most money won), and James Holzhauer (most records), the figures move and buzz in, complete with light effects. I’ll take Best Gameshow Host Of All Time for $1,000, Alex.

The methods of how Douglas was able to achieve the desired movement from the characters with minimal moving parts is pretty clever, which he shows at the end of the video, and discusses in detail in his build diary available on Bricknerd. I wish I had that sort of ingenuity, but I’m just happy if I remember to put my socks on before my shoes.

A fitting tribute to Trebek for sure. Me? I’ll pay my respects to Alex the only way I know how: continuing to yell completely wrong answers at the television from 7:00 to 7:30 PM nightly.

[via Boing Boing]

3D-Printed Dagger, Axe, and Crossbow D&D Dice Storage Boxes Are a Critical Hit

What do you carry your gaming dice around in? I use a Ziploc bag, but now my dice smell like a tuna salad sandwich because reducing, reusing, and recycling is one of my passions. But maybe you’re fancy, maybe you require one of these dagger, axe, or crossbow dice storage boxes from Etsy shop GamePLA. That’s cool, but I do plan on using my rogue character to steal it after your adventuring party sets up camp one night.

Available in a variety of colors and finishes, the 3D-printed boxes range in price from $34 to $40 depending on options and hold a complete set of seven tabletop gaming dice. Obviously, they make the perfect dice carrier to let the rest of your tabletop gaming group know that you came to play, NOT play around.

The dagger and axe both have sheaths to hold the dice in place during transport, while the crossbow model’s bolt actually does the job. That’s a clever design. And you know how I feel about clever designs: I get angry at myself I didn’t come up with them first. Same goes for inventing Star Wars and Amazon.

Voltron Castle of Lions PC Case Mod: Activate Interlock!

There are good ideas, and then there are great ideas. And modder Robdp82 building a gaming PC (mostly emulation with some light e-gaming) into a 1984 Voltron Castle of Lions playset transcends even a great idea, and we can only hope when aliens finally visit earth this is the first thing they see so they don’t just immediately death-ray us all.

Photos by Robd82

The computer is powered on by opening the jaws of the Black Lion emerging from the front of the castle to access the power button. The entire PC is built into the middle of the castle, with a wing that opens on each side. The wing on the left opens to expose the Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red Lion M.2 SSD cards and Yeston RX550 GPU, and the right side opens to reveal the Gigabyte H370N motherboard (with onboard Black Lion M.2 SDD) and two Corsair Dominator 8GB RAM sticks. The Dominator RAM was chosen specifically “for the ability to individually address the lights for the colors of Voltron (RGBY) and went with pink for the 5th color to represent Princess Allura.” Now that’s dedication to a build!

What a glorious computer. And to think I still use the same Dell Dimension desktop I got in college back in 2006. Granted I only use it as a footrest, but still. The wired mouse also makes a great doorstop. Reduce, reuse, recycle – that’s my motto. Captain Planet even sent me an ‘Honorary Planeteer’ sticker last Earth Day.

[Robd82’s Voltron PC Project via Kotaku]

The WOWCube Is a Rubik’s Cube-like Gaming System with 24 Screens

What do you get when you combine a Rubik’s Cube with mobile gaming capabilities? The WOWCube Entertainment System, a $250 gaming platform with 8 processors powering 24 individual screens that allows players to twist, tap, shake, and tilt the unit to play games and solve puzzles. Well, consider it added to my birthday list.

The WOWCube’s developers bill the system as “the first-in-class immersive-reality innovative console and gaming platform providing a unique experience of interacting with the digital world as if it’s a real object.” So basically the lovechild of a Rubik’s Cube and Bop-It that can play smartphone games.

In addition to 3-dimensional gaming, when placed on its charger the WOWCube also doubles as a widget display, connecting to your smartphone or smart home and being able to display their information, including social media posts, weather, photos, and more. But can it slice and dice and make Julienne fries?!

I’ll be honest: I’m not the world’s greatest puzzle solver. And if I can’t peel off the screens like the colored stickers on a Rubik’s and replace them on the correct sides, I don’t think I’ll be able to solve any of those puzzle games. At least not without my patent-pending Cube Puzzle Solver. Which, yes, is the 2-pound steel hammer I borrowed from a neighbor and never returned.

[via DudeIWantThat]

Gremlins Gizmo Chia Pet: Should I Water This or Not?

As we learned from the movie Gremlins, if you’re going to bring a mogwai into your house, there are three simple care instructions you must follow: “First of all, keep him out of the light, he hates bright light, especially sunlight, it’ll kill him. Second, don’t give him any water, not even to drink. But the most important rule, the rule you can never forget, no matter how much he cries, no matter how much he begs, never feed him after midnight.”

That all said, I’m not sure that this Gremlins Gizmo Chia Pet is a good idea. After all, you have to water it and give it sunlight if you want its greenery to grow.

Do the Chia Pet people want all hell to break loose? I mean all of a sudden, you’re gonna have tiny chia mogwai popping off of Gizmo’s back, and pretty soon you’ll have a hundred of these things taking over your kitchen. Perhaps it would be a better idea just to leave him sitting there looking cute and avoid the urge to use your green thumb. If you do by some chance decide to water your Gizmo Chia Pet, remember to keep him out of the direct sun or you’ll kill him in your efforts to make your plant grow. Did that rule ever make you wonder if mogwai were vampires? Can mogwai see their own reflections? Do they hate garlic?

And yes. Never, ever feed him after midnight, or your terracotta planter and its offspring will turn into evil gremlins and wreak havoc on your entire neighborhood. Though the idea of a striped gremlin with a chia plant mohawk does sound kind of cool.

Watch a 1978 X-Wing Toy Restored to New Condition (without Using The Force)

Proving there are few things more satisfying to watch than a job well done, YouTuber Rescue & Restore documents the process by which he carefully returns an original 1978 Star Wars X-Wing toy to its former glory. Of course, my parents never bought me any of these name-brand Star Wars toys growing up because they were too expensive, so all I got were the knock-offs, and I’m pretty sure my Z-wing was mostly made out of lead.

Using a process called retrobriting, which appears to involve submerging the pieces in a liquid solution and blasting them with UV lights, Rescue & Restore is able to bleach all the yellowing from the white plastic. He then replaces the electronics (responsible for the light and laser sounds), adds a new set of decals, and cleans the clear cockpit window with an ultra-fine polishing compound. Honestly, I feel like my car’s windshield could use some of that too.

Do you also own a vintage X-Wing toy that’s seen better days, but don’t feel like restoring it to its former glory before selling? No worries, don’t do anything and just tell everyone it’s actually an incredibly rare ‘submerged in a Dagobah swamp’ variation, but you’re willing to let it go for only double what the regular model is worth.

[via Laughing Squid]