Bethesda hopes you’ll pay $100 a year for private ‘Fallout 76’ worlds

Bethesda is betting that Fallout 76 fans are willing to pay extra for creature comforts -- so much so that they'll pay more than they did for the base game. The developer has launched a Fallout 1st subscription that offers a few exclusive convenienc...

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‘Fallout 76’ is about to be a lot more like ‘Fallout’

Back in February, Bethesda detailed its plan to revitalize Fallout 76 in 2019. After all, it's no secret that the developer's shared-world action RPG is in desperate need of improvement, having been plagued by a number of serious issues since it laun...

Everyone Needs A Little Fallout Pick-R-Up

So at this point, we all know the last Fallout game, Fallout 76, wasn’t exactly all it was cracked up to be. That doesn’t mean you can’t collect some cool stuff that you might see in the Fallout franchise games while we wait for Bethesda to do better. Perhaps you’d like to add The Wand Company’s 1/18-scale die-cast replica of the Pick-R-Up to your toy shelf.

It almost looks like a ’50s era Chevy truck to me, but it’s unique with its over-the-top proportions and tiny one-person cab. It’s got a big bed in back for carrying around the goodies you collect in the wasteland, and its hood opens to remove a glowing blue, removable nuclear core in the engine. It also comes with an enamel pin to celebrate 5-years of service to Chryslus, as well as a technical guide pamphlet. It’s decked out in a sweet red metallic paint and rides on old school whitewall tires.


It’s not a cheap collectible at $99.99, but it is cool. You can order yours now at ThinkGeek.

‘Doom Eternal’ and other Bethesda games are coming to Steam

The rise of proprietary game launchers appears to be getting worse, but there's at least one company headed in the opposite direction. Bethesda has announced that its upcoming games will be available through Steam, including Doom Eternal, Rage 2, Wo...

Bethesda Will Ship Canvas Bags For Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition

Last month, when fans purchased Bethesda’s Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition they felt cheated when they ended up getting a cheap nylon bag instead of the canvas bag that was initially promised. Eventually, the company responded and apologized, offering to give 500 Atoms for consumers. The problem is 500 Atoms doesn’t get you squat in the game. But now apparently, the company is going to take care of these customers.

Bethesda sent out a tweet announcing that they would be sending canvas bags to those who purchased the special edition of Fallout 76. Just visit this link and you can log in to your Bethesda account. After that just fill out information regarding your purchase so you can get your better bag.

It sounds like the nicer bags will be shipping in early 2019. It’s nice to see Bethesda taking care of their customers finally because the bag people got was super cheap compared to what they were promised.

[via Comic Book]

Fallout 76 Gets Its First Post-Launch Update with Lots of Bug Fixes

Fallout 76 is here, but there’s a big divide among fans. Some like this new take on the franchise, while others feel disappointed, even betrayed. Many wanted a simple new Fallout game, not a new version that does something different. Well, Bethesda can always improve it with updates. Speaking of which, the first post-launch update is here, and it’s massive. The patched game weighs in at a whopping 47GB, which is nearly as big as the entire game. You’ll need plenty of bandwidth to grab this update, so if you plan on playing over Thanksgiving, you’d better start downloading today.

Bethesda says that future patches will vary in size, but they should not be as big as this one is. They made a few changes to fix in-game freezes and performance issues, and to bolster the stability of the servers and the game client. Other fixes address a wide range of things, from enemies and crafting to quests and more. Respawning after being killed in PVP combat will now clear your hostile status. There are also fixes to PVP’s Seek Revenge mechanic, regarding displaying accurate Cap rewards when either hunting down a player who killed you or killing a player who is seeking revenge.

There have also been some changes to crafting and workshops like preventing blueprints from breaking into smaller parts when you log out. A bug that would return items to a broken state after they had been fixed has also been addressed. You can read the full list of patch notes on the Bethesda website.

So no matter what you think of the game, it’s good to hear that Bethesda is already working to make it better.

[via Slashgear]