This fully automated bionic coffee maker is just like a robot straight from The Jetsons!

If you sometimes feel like a robot before your first cup of coffee, you’re in good company. Without even fully opening my eyes, I get my first cup of coffee going for the morning, and while it brews I get myself ready. On good days, I turn my stove off on time, and on other days, I gulp down a burnt cup of coffee. Coffee is a necessary part of the day for a lot of us and having that perfect cup in the morning might be all we need to get our day off on the right foot. To save us from those ‘other days,’ Beijing’s Orion Star Technology Co. Ltd. recently designed a robotic coffeemaking system, the Zhi Ka Master that was shortlisted at 2021’s iF Design Awards.

Zhi Ka Master is a coffee-making system that employs the use of twin-arm robotics to perform traditional coffee and tea brewing for hand-poured, automated cups of coffee. The entire system comprises a twin-arm, six-axis robot and accompanying work table. Twin-arm robotic systems are typically chosen for their efficient and automated execution of more involved assembly operations. Through bi-manual manipulation, twin-arm robots can perform complicated tasks in a human-like manner. The incorporation of twin-arm robotics for Zhi Ka Master and a bionic profile design equips the robot with enough know-how to stimulate masterful coffee or tea-making methods with the push of a button. A pre-sized and programmed worktable is used to keep all the machines and tools necessary to make any drink on a typical coffee menu.

You’re like me if your coffee order comes with some conditions: an extra shot of espresso please and not too much ice. Rest assured, Zhi Ka Master knows how to receive special input for specific coffee orders that veer from the menu. Through integrated software, Zhi Ka Master can make coffee and tea drinks for specific tastes all without human intervention. So maybe, don’t push that button.

Designer: Orion Star Technology Co. Ltd.

Zhi Ka Master is a six-axis, twin-arm robot coffeemaker.

Integrated software adjusts the robot’s mechanical grip to fit whatever item it grasps.

Through a built-in RGB camera, the robot performs duties and responds to feedback in real-time to ensure safe operation.

Equipped with an emergency stop button, Zhi Ka Master prioritizes safety even before coffee.

Zhi Ka Master occupies a total of only three square meters.

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The Acer Predator Thronos is the prequel to ‘Ready Player One’ gaming equipment

While this isn’t as immersive as snapping on a VR headset and walking on an omni-directional treadmill while wearing a haptic feedback suit, the Acer Predator Thronos is halfway there at the least. This behemoth of a chair is designed for the most comfortable gaming experience, with a racecar-style seat with controls that allow you to lean forward, backward, adjust the seat’s height, recliner angle, and leg-rest angle… you know, like a dentist’s chair, but one that gives you a different sort of adrenaline rush.

The futuristic scorpion-inspired gaming throne comes with a swiveling keyboard tray, and a moving rear arm that holds three high-resolution curved displays practically giving you the power of panoramic vision while gaming. The chair even comes with haptic feedback that jolts you to the left or right while you’re racing, or vibrates to the recoil of a gun. RGB lighting on the outside allows you to customize the look of the chair, but only to a certain degree because there’s little you can do to take away the Predator Thronos’ badboy demeanor from it. The Thronos comes with Acer’s top-of-the-line Orion 9000 desktop, giving you the latest Intel processors and NVIDIA graphics, so you can quite literally game like a god. Just promise us you won’t play Angry Birds on this bad-boy.

Designer: Acer

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