Turkey Dinner Candy Corn Is Like Willy Wonka’s 3-Course Dinner Gum

Remember that scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when Violet Beauregard chomps down on the 3-course dinner chewing gum? Well, this is kind of like that, though it’s not going to turn you blue when you get to dessert. Honestly, when I first saw that Brach’s had come out with Turkey Dinner, Apple Pie, and Coffee Candy Corn, I had to double-check that it wasn’t April 1st. But nope, It’s October 3rd, and this stuff is real.

Apparently, they also worked in the flavors of green beans, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. I’m assuming that each candy is a different flavor, and they didn’t manage to cram them all into a single piece of candy corn. I think that would result in the same sort of grey mush that you get when you mix all the paint colors together, only with flavors instead of colors.

I know lots of people hate candy corn, so I’m doubtful that changing them to taste like a complete Thanksgiving meal will change their minds. On the other hand, if candy corn is a guilty pleasure for you this time of year, then maybe you’ll want to try a bag of these. They’re available for $2.49 a bag from Walgreens. I wonder if these make you sleepy after you eat them too.

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This Skull-Shaped Toilet Wants You to Sit on Its Head

When is a toilet not just a toilet? When it’s the best toilet ever! An eagle-eyed shopper spotted this skull-shaped toilet at a hardware store somewhere in Europe, and now I must have one for my bathroom. Only I need it in time for Halloween, so I’m not sure that’s going to happen. But where can one buy a skull toilet? Well, upon further investigation, it looks like this is sold by a French company called WaterThrone, and it’s not just a skull toilet, but it’s also a Bluetooth speaker and has light-up eyes! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

The WaterThrone is available in other colors, like gold, black, and grey, along with custom colors, but I think the original off-white is the best since, um, our bones are that color. At least I think mine are, but I haven’t been able to check. The product listing doesn’t say how much it costs to sit on this head, but it does let us know that it can support up to 400 kilograms or 881.85 pounds, so that’s good news.

Ramen-Flavored Sodas: Yuck or Yum?

Ramen is delicious. While I much prefer the taste of fresh-cooked noodles and meats at a Japanese restaurant, instant ramen will do in a pinch. Nissin Cup Noodles are a staple among college kids, bachelors, and lazy cooks everywhere. Now you can enjoy the taste of Cup Noodles without even boiling water or eating noodles for that matter.

To celebrate 50 years of Cup Noodles, Nissin is selling a collection of four carbonated beverages in ramen broth flavors Cup Noodle, Seafood, Curry, and Chili Tomato. I’m assuming I can’t drink the seafood soda because of my shellfish allergy. Also, it sounds disgusting. That said, I’m sure somebody out there thinks it sounds yummy.

If you’re feeling adventurous and have a friend in Japan who can order for you, they’re available as part of a special bundle over on Amazon Japan, where you can also find recipes for cocktails made with Cup Noodles sodas.

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Alien Cookbook Has Edible Xenomorph Eggs, Facehuggers, Chestbursters, and Queens

Thanks in large part to the genius designs of the late H.R. Giger, the Alien universe is filled with some of the creepiest creatures and environments in the history of science fiction. You wouldn’t want to encounter a xenomorph at any of its life stages, let alone have one staring you in the face on your dinner plate. But here we are, it’s 2021, and we have an Alien Cookbook.

Chris-Rachael Oseland (aka the Kitchen Overlord), who also wrote an unofficial Doctor Who cookbook and an unofficial Hobbit cookbook, has gone 100% legit with this officially licensed Alien Cookbook. The book is filled with 50 Alien-inspired recipes, each based on a phase of the creature’s lifecycle. Inside its pages, you’ll find ideas for tasty but gory egg dishes, like avocado and bacon stuffed deviled Alien tea eggs, disturbing party snacks like a Facehugger cheeseball with a pull-apart body, and a red pepper quiche with a sausage Chestburster. Finish your evening with Alien Queens made from eggplant, blackened chicken wings, or chocolate-coated bananas for dessert.

The Official Alien Cookbook is available from Amazon (affiliate link) for about $29. If you were looking for ideas for your Halloween dinner party, look no further.

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If Animals Were Made from Bread

Bread was meant to be eaten, right? Well, what if your bread had four legs and was kind of adorable? Would you become gluten-free right then and there? I might think twice, but probably not. These wacky toys are based on the concept of “Living bread.” The design for the quadruped bread started as a collection of handmade wool-felted creations by Atelier Hatena.

Apparently, the idea was so popular that they decided to make a series of less expensive bread “Gashopon” – which are the kinds of cheap collectibles you might find in toy capsule vending machines in Japan. The plastic toy series includes toast, pretzel, croissant, dinner roll, French, and pineapple bread, and every single one of them looks good enough to spread butter and jam on right now. They’re going to be available this November for ¥300 each – that’s about $2.75 a piece. But I’m hungry right now! Fortunately for the living bread, I’m on a low-carb diet, or else these things would be toast.

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4-Foot Inflatable Zombie Baby Yard Decoration Is a Real Product That Exists

Because what’s Halloween if not an opportunity for neighbors to question your taste and decency, this is the four-foot-long ‘Halloween Inflatable Outdoor Zombie Baby Blow Up Yard Decoration’ created by GOOSH and available on Amazon (affiliate link). I can already sense my neighborhood’s collective property value plummeting.

The inflatable baby has LEDs inside to illuminate the abomination at night and includes stakes for anchoring, or killing vampires. According to the product description, “Beside Halloween, it can be used as any other holiday decoration. Installed in the courtyard to enjoy Holiday with your family and spreading a happiness atmosphere to your neighborhoods.” Um, are they talking about the same inflatable zombie baby I’m looking at?

Obviously, this is the perfect Halloween yard decoration to encourage parents of would-be trick-or-treaters to pass your house on their way through the neighborhood. “They’re probably just handing out licorice anyways,” I imagine telling my children while hurrying them down the sidewalk.

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The EXO Giga Bike is a Custom PC in a Bicycle: BMX On

If you’re a PC enthusiast, you might have noticed that boutique manufacturers are actually making open-air chassis that are not meant to be test benches, but for showcase builds. Well, how’s this for an open-air chassis? Russian-based shop Yolenzo worked with Red Bull, Intel, and Gigabyte to create the Exo Giga Bike, a rocker bicycle that’s equipped with serious gaming horsepower.

It’s a bit sad that most of us can’t even get our hands on any current-gen GPU, yet these guys slapped one on a bike. But the project’s cool factor does soothe the sting. The Exo has an Intel Core i5 11600K CPU, an RTX 3070, 32GB of RAM, 2TB NVME SSD, and a Z590 motherboard.

Here’s the Exo in action… as a bike:

Open-air, small form factor, portable. What more could you want?

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Giant Dinosaur Bone Lawn Ornaments: Jurassic Park at Home

Because who doesn’t like pretending they’re a weekend paleontologist, purveyor of eccentric home and garden decor Design Toscano has created these giant dinosaur bone lawn sculptures. I can already imagine myself brushing some dirt off in front of guests and telling them I unearthed it this morning. “I think it’s a Brachiosaurus femur,” I’ll casually mention like I have any clue what I’m talking about.

Available on Amazon (affiliate link), each bone is handmade using crushed stone set in resin for an authentic fossilized look. They measure 43″ long, 17″ wide, 16″ tall, and weigh approximately 20 pounds. Obviously I’m going to bicep curl one in each hand as part of a new prehistoric workout fad I’m developing called Fit as a Caveman.

My dog is going to lose her mind when sees what’s in the box. Granted she only weighs 13 pounds, but her eyes have always been bigger than her stomach. One time she ripped a hole in her dog food bag and tried to eat what was left in it. Tried to – and succeeded. She’s a true testament to trying hard and believing in yourself.

miTail Animatronic USB-C Clip-on Tail: Furrly Modern

The Tail Company is running a successful Kickstarter campaign for its latest animatronic accessory, the miTail. This is their third animatronic tail, and as such comes with several major improvements, such as USB-C charging, a clip that makes the tail equally easy to attach and detach, and a no-phone mode, which lets the tail resort to random movements if you don’t have its companion app.

Like The Tail Company’s previous tail products, the miTail has a removable cover, so you can choose from various covers or even make your own. The tail’s battery lets it wag, curl, and wave for up to 5h per charge, but thanks to its USB-C charging port, you can charge it on the go with a power bank.

I’ve seen far crazier things than people with tails and people not reacting to people with tails just this past 2 years, so I say whatever floats your boat. Wear nine tails if you want. It’s your butt. Pledge at least £145 (about $200 USD) on Kickstarter to receive a miTail with a cover of your choice.

A Clear Cylindrical Capsule for Carrying Live Fish

Because Japan takes its sushi and sashimi seriously, the Ma Corporation has developed the Katsugyo Bag, a clear cylindrical briefcase designed for transporting live fish that you caught or bought from the market to your home so you know you’re preparing a meal with the freshest fish possible. Me? I still miss the previously frozen fish sticks from the middle school cafeteria.

The Katsugyo Bag (roughly translated: ‘live fish’ bag), which is still in the prototype and development phase, includes a gauge for monitoring oxygen saturation, as well as what I believe to be a pump for keeping the water circulating through the device. It’s hard to tell from the photos, but the cylinder is actually split in half with water only in the clear front half, with some electronics in the rear. Honestly, it kind of looks like a homemade fish bomb to me.

Could you also use a Katsugyo Bag to take a pet fish for a walk around the neighborhood? I guess, but why would you want to separate your fish from its old pal the bubble-powered rum drinking pirate skeleton? The stories that guy can tell!

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