Amazon Releasing an Alexa-Enabled Sticky Note Printer

As one of its first Amazon Day 1 Edition products (an initiative where Amazon introduces new conceptual products and if they meet their pre-order goal by a certain date, Amazon will manufacture them), the company is releasing the $90 Smart Sticky Note Printer (affiliate link). The unit is an Alexa-compatible inkless printer that can print sticky note to-do lists, reminders, recipes, shopping lists, and even sudoku puzzles.

That’s cool, but do you know what turns any piece of printed paper into a sticky note? A little wad of chewing gum. That’s what I’ve been doing for years and it’s been working out just – wait, where’s my grocery list? Oh please don’t be on my shoe again.

Do you think 3M is worried about their Post-It Note brand now that Amazon is trying to get into the sticky note market? Because I would be. I’d also send a spy to infiltrate the company and learn their secrets, and that’s why I’m not allowed to run businesses anymore.

My wife informed me she’s added the printer to her Amazon cart, so I guess we’re getting one. And when I catch her telling Alexa to add ‘sticky note printer paper’ to her sticky note shopping list, I’ll know this technology has finally reached its logical conclusion.

Alexa Guard Plus Can Bark at Home Intruders

This past week, Amazon revealed a slew of new gadgets to upgrade your smart home setup. Among them is Guard Plus, a premium version of its Guard security service that lets you use your Echo speakers and Echo displays as home security devices. The system can do lots to improve home security, including the ability to make burglars think you have a dog even if you don’t.

Guard Plus can work with outdoor cameras and smart doorbell cameras to detect motion outside of your home, and then to play the sound of dogs barking when someone approaches. I speak from personal experience that the sound of barking dogs makes strangers think twice before even coming up the stairs to my front door, so this could definitely be a useful crime deterrent. Guard Plus can also alert you to sounds like footsteps, glass breaking, doors closing, or a smoke alarm when you’re away from home and play back the sound on your smartphone so you can decide if it’s something to be worried about and to contact the service’s emergency helpline for assistance.

In addition, Guard Plus makes it easy to call for help in an emergency, even if you’re incapacitated. When you say  “Alexa, call for help!” it will automatically route you to an emergency response agent to help request an ambulance, police, or fire department, completely hands-free.

Guard Plus will launch later in 2020 at a price of $4.99 per month or $49 per year. If you’re interested, you can register to be notified when it launches over on the Amazon website.

[via Engadget]

This Stand Turns Your Amazon Echo Dot into Baby Yoda

It’s hard not to love Baby Yoda aka The Child from The Mandalorian. How can you not be gaga about this adorable and precocious little dude that also possesses the power of the Force? Just one look at those big eyes staring up at you, and your heart will melt.

If you love all things Baby Yoda, and happen to also have an Amazon Echo Dot, you’re in luck, because now you can turn your voice assistant into The Child.

This officially-licensed stand from OtterBox adds those endearing big green ears to your 3rd-generation Echo Dot, transforming the puck-shaped Alexa-enabled device into the cutest bounty in the galaxy far, far away. The stand is made out of sturdy plastic and has a non-slip base with cutouts to ensure optimal sound.

The Child Echo Dot stand is just $24.95 over on Amazon – though you’ll need to pick up an Echo Dot if you don’t already have one. I’m just not sure how I feel about Baby Yoda speaking in Alexa’s voice instead of making cute baby noises.

[via This Is Why I’m Broke]

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