Disney’s ‘Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance’ ride opens December 5th

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Disneyland Star Wars Cantina Will Serve Booze, Not Droids

Disney is a family-friendly company. At least they try to be. They don’t tolerate people in Donald Duck costumes cursing at theme park visitors or trying to feel them up. Just like they don’t tolerate their movie directors making nasty “jokes” online. But the company isn’t afraid to get you good and drunk so that you part with your money more easily. That seems to be the plan for Disney’s upcoming Star Wars Cantina.

The Oga Cantina in their Star Wars: Edge of the Galaxy park expansion will serve alcoholic cocktails. It opens in 2019 in Disneyland and Disney World. Apparently, they’re going to serve non-alcoholic drinks for kids too. So feel free to take your child to a bar I guess. This is going to be way more overpriced than the movie cantina, but on the upside, it should a hive of scum and villainy with all of that booze flowing.

Disney World has been serving alcoholic drinks inside the park since 2012, so this is nothing new. They also had their failed Pleasure Island project which was getting adults drunk all the way back in 1989.

I hope they have that fat guy behind the bar, and nobody gets their arms chopped off by an old hermit with a lightsaber. Just don’t bring your droid. They don’t serve their kind.

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Disneyland Testing New Interactive Droids for Star Wars Lands

Disney’s plans for Star Wars extend much further than just milking the property for all it’s worth in movie theaters. The company is also working on converting parts of Disneyland and Walt Disney World into epic Star Wars-themed lands, and now we have word that it’s testing some of the new characters that are designed to interact with guests. Look sir! Droids!

droid_disney_1zoom in

The new Star Wars lands are at least two years away, but they are hard at work as seen in this video. Disney fanatic DAPs Magic spotted this new interactive droid called Jake being tested at the Star Wars Launch Bay at Disneyland. Jake looks pretty cool, even if he does have a lame droid name. We aren’t sure if someone is controlling it, if it just follows a track in the floor, or if it is doing it’s thing independently.

Jake can apparently interact with the exhibits, like how he rolls up to a control panel and beeps at the computer and shake his head. Let’s just hope he doesn’t crash into people or knock over any kids.

[WDW News Today via Gizmodo]

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