Mystery Karaoke Singing Pills Help You Belt Out Your Favorite Tunes

Presumably sold alongside the plethora of sexual enhancement pills at gas station checkouts, Mystery Karaoke Singing Pills allegedly help their swallower sing better karaoke by “loosening your vocal cords and relaxing you so you can sing for longer periods of time.” Unfortunately, singing for long periods of my time isn’t my issue; it’s being able to sing well, even for very short periods of time. Or at all.

Available to those living outside of Japan through the Sugoi Mart by Japan Crate, $10 will get you four pills. Are you supposed to take all four at once? No clue, but I’d double up and take eight just to be on the safe side and make sure you win that talent show you entered.


kareyokey in jpn ft main ingredient: magnesium 🎤 #kareoke #sing #japanlife #japanthings #foryoupage #fyp #traveltiktok #tokyo #japan #sugoimart

♬ original sound – sugoimart

What are the ingredients in Mystery Karaoke Singing Pills? Your guess is as good as mine unless you guessed “probably nothing approved by the FDA,” in which case your guess was better. I just took a handful for research purposes, and now I can’t tell if I’m about to breathe fire or pass out. Recommended!

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