This Mouse Measures Your Heart Rate

These days, most of us are glued to our computers, staring at our screens for hours at a time. This can have terrible effect on our health. This new wireless mouse from Japan’s Sanwa industries aims to help with our sedentary lifestyles. This three-button wireless mouse has a sensor on the left side that measures your heart rate.

All you have to do is sit still, place your thumb on the sensor, and in a few seconds the mouse records your heart rate. You can even assign a preset heart rate and if you cross that threshold, it will sound a warning and flash. That isn’t all it does. It also measures the clicks and distance the mouse has traveled, though you can already do that with several 3rd-party apps and any mouse.

Right now the mouse will store its data with a PC application, but a smartphone app is coming soon. I’m not sure if it will really help you with your health, but it may make you more aware for about $71 (USD).

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SMS Audio Unveils Heart Rate Tracking BioSport Earbuds

If you like to run or workout and need to keep track of your heart rate, you might have used a chest strap before. Those chest straps work fine, but they are uncomfortable. Other sorts of wearable sensors for heart rate can be difficult to get to work accurately at times. SMS Audio has unveiled a new set of earbuds that use optical heart rate tracking tech unveiled by Intel at CES 2014.

sms audio biosport earbuds 1 620x578magnify

The earbuds are called BioSport and have a special hook design to keep them in your ears while exercising. They connect to devices via a 3.5mm headphone port and get power for the sensor from that port as well.

sms audio biosport earbuds 2 620x344magnify

BioSport earbuds are IPX4 certified to resist water and sweat. There is no indication of how much the earbuds will cost right now, but they are expected to hit stores in Q4.

[via Engadget]

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