Triumph is developing its first electric motorcycle

British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph has announced a new program that'll help speed up its development of electric motorbikes. The project, working title TE-1, aims to develop an electric motorcycle powertrain in just two years, and it's got some...

This Helmet is a Walkie-Talkie for Your Noggin


When it comes to climbing, communication is just as important as having the right gear. The Triumph helmet ensures enthusiasts are always prepared with both. Integrated into the strap is a 2-way radio system that bridges that gap between climber and belayer. Whereas many climbers today carry an additional radio kit that adds weight and requires a hand, this built-in unit works almost entirely hands free and can be activated with just a single push button. As for looks, it puts the “tri” in Triumph with a pattern of interconnected 3-point stars that allow breathability, stability and enhanced comfort.

Designer: Arun Kumar Singh








1,000 Horsepower Triumph Rocket Motorcycle Gunning for Land Speed Record

It looks like a rocket, but this thing is actually a motorcycle. The British brand is hoping that this sleek looking bike will nab the motorcycle land speed record. The company last held the record back in 1970 and they want it back.

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The standing world record is 376.363 mph. They aim to hit speeds of over 400 mph with this beast. This 25 foot-long motorcycle is powered by dual turbocharged Rocket III engines that have a total displacement of 2,970cc, and it produces upwards of 1,000 hp and 500 lb-ft. of torque. Pretty crazy right?

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Other features include a carbon Kevlar monocoque chassis, aluminum swingarm suspension both front and rear, Ohlins TTX36 shocks, Goodyear Land Speed Special tires, and carbon disc brakes.

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Here’s hoping they break the record with this impressive bike.

[via Triumph via Cool Things]