Amazon adds car insurance to its absurd list of services

Amazon is breaking into the insurance business. In India, the company is now offering auto insurance through Amazon Pay and the private firm Acko General Insurance. The insurance will cover cars and motorbikes, and Prime members will get extra benefi...

What if two car companies merged their design styles?


We’ve looked at a lot of design-semantic switches where we imagine one company designing a product out of their usual catalog (but with their design style)… cases in point, a lot of PDF Haus’s work.

Today we look at a design-language-fusion, if you will. Created by rendering firm NeoMam Studios, this series looks at cars that are a result of two companies coming together to fuse their styles. You’ve got a BMW + Lamborghini mashup right above that combines the Italian supercar manufacturer’s edgy style and signature yellow body-color with BMW’s signature kidney grille. At the end of the day, the car’s still a stunner!

Scroll down below and you’ll see, in order, a Bentley + Ferrari mashup that combines British class ant Italian fervor and passion. Followed by a Nissan + Porsche harmony that would truly be a feat of engineering. Next, we have a Volkswagen + Ford mashup that combines the strategic sensibility found in both companies. Following that is a strange combination of David and Goliath, Smart and Range Rover. This alliance gives smart-cars their much-needed rugged makeover, allowing them to look less puny and more dominating on the asphalt. Lastly, and a personal favorite is the combination of two classic American Muscle brands, Dodge and Chevrolet. Looking like a Charger and a Camaro had a beautiful love-child, the car is quite literally the ultimate mash-up automobile!

Designer: NeoMam Studios






A Garden Tractor on Steroids


Designed with a little biomimicry in mind, the Ifinity Valtra from vehicle takes inspiration from mother nature’s most famous worker, the ant. Using the insect’s segmented body as a starting point, the design is focused on adaptability in order to perform a variety of different tasks.

Previously, a myriad of task-specific vehicles would be required for everything from plowing to hauling. By using a modular system of functional attachments, its capabilities are extended beyond a single service. Operating with almost entire autonomy, it can change out parts independently to seamlessly transition between modes. Better yet, it can be equipped with a variety of drive systems to extend its uses beyond farmland.

Designer: Santiago Mendoza