Common product designs reimagined to create uncommon humor-filled results!

Do you remember how as kids (and me as an adult too!) you would lie down on the grass and looked at the sky to decipher shapes out of clouds? Designer Jose Navarro’s work brings the same childlike curiosity with some expert photo manipulation to make us see the other side of the objects we use in our everyday life! Mixing concepts, images, and colors, Jose is setting Instagram on fire with his handle @j.m.navarro with illustrations that bring us a touch of humor, inspiration and basically make you smile for seeing this fresh take on everything from your airpods, shoes to even a straw!

Shoes meet the tank in this conceptual render. Although, in hindsight, these would make quite cool roller-skating shoes!

This one made me actually laugh out loud! Titled, ‘Undercover Agent’ you can actually imagine the futuristic traffic camera or CCTV’s being disguised as pigeons!

The artwork titled Trashed People focuses on getting rid of the negativity in life by just trashing the people who are not healthy for us.

Addiction Sucks and this visual metaphor is an apt reminder of why you should keep away from it.

This artichoke grenade is quite literally the green bomb your system needs.

Take a bite out of this heart to literally just ‘Hurt a Heart’.

There is something sinister in this mix of leather gloves and the crow titles ‘Dark Feelings’.

Beautifully harmonious wooden lines form the rings of the vinly disc in this turntable evoked from the Flintstones age!

For the times when you want a literal break from your phone, just dip into this pool.

Simple, delicious and light, this cloudy sushi is the best dinner.

Most Buzzed Designs of August 2019

Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in August 2019.

The Cineorama by Erika Hock is an outdoor viewing space with projectors.

This Avengers-inspired Infinity Saucelet™ brings all your fast food dreams to life in one snap of your fingers. The gauntlet can wield the power of all of your favorite fast food sauces all at once.

This Mac Pro by Semin Jun challenges Jony Ive’s cheese-grater edition successfully.

The evaCHILL is a portable personal air conditioner without the release of Carbon Dioxide!

These earphones sit around your neck, magnetically attached to a chain, giving the earbuds a more fashion-forward approach.

Never seen before: A brand-new design combining the portable wireless charging with aromatherapy diffusion. Buy now!

Taking inspiration from the rounded bodies of F1 cars and cafe racer motorcycles, the Ducati è rossa comes with a carbon-fiber chassis on the inside and a wide, curvaceous body on the outside that gives the bike its temperamental demeanor.

Who needs a display when this keyboard projects your screen directly on your retina?

I have to hand it to designer Pei-Ju Wu, for the clever way he has integrated a planter, side table and lamp, into this amazing piece of furniture that you can place in your living room.

The Volvo PV has an adaptable seating position; the user has the option of how they would like to travel, they may find a standing position for short distances more comfortable than the more reclined position that’s advised for longer journeys.

This iMac integrates a wireless charging for your iPhone, AirPods, TouchPad… both from the top and the side of the stand, is simply clever.

Xbox Cloud’s controllers attach to your phone for a handheld Xbox-gameplay experience!

The PetNow is a first perspective camera for your pets!

Giving your pet some serious filmmaker chops, the PetNow turns your dog into a director of their very own film! The camera attaches to a harness, capturing your dog’s POV, while even filming the dog’s ears as they perk up every time the animal sees something interesting!

Made to be a GoPro for your dog, the PetNow captures video in 1080p and can take still pictures too! It comes with its own mobile app that lets you view and capture footage directly from the PetNow in realtime… both in the day and at night, thanks to the built-in night-vision. It packs two-way audio too, so not only can you hear your pet, you can talk to it too, watching as they animatedly dart around the house wondering where your voice is coming from! The camera can either be strapped on your dog’s vest as a POV cam, or can be placed anywhere around the house to serve as a security and pet-observation camera. Created to suit all breeds of dogs, the PetNow’s vest comes in multiple sizes, ranging from XS to XL, and the camera module can even be customized with tiny bespoke dog-ears to suit your pup’s persona! Designed ideally for wireless use, the PetNow packs a stunning 3 month battery life when kept on stand-by, and even comes with a fast-charging ability. The PetNow connects to your home Wi-Fi to stream audio and video to your phone, but comes with its own 2.4G Wi-Fi hotspot when outdoors, so you can directly connect to the PetNow camera at the beach or in the fields to capture the world through the unique perspective of your furry friend. “Dogs see the world in a different way than people and love to sniff out new adventures. With PetNow, users can see the world through the eyes of their pets and capture all the fun adventures that happen. PetNow keeps dogs safe and provides a totally new look at the world”, says Tony Huang, designer of the PetNow.

The purpose of the PetNow is multi-fold. Not only does it act as a camera that captures fun events from your pet’s perspective, it even works as a security device, allowing you to keep tabs on your pet and your home while you’re away, or even a device to know your animal’s whereabouts when it’s out of the house. You could even use it to populate your pet’s Instagram with funny/quirky videos and images, because let’s face it, your pet obviously has its Instagram presence!

Designer: Tony Huang

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $170 (53% off). Hurry, only 15/35 left!

PetNow: Wearable High Definition Smart Pet Camera for Dogs

The world’s first pet camera that monitors your dog with the first perspective. See what your dog is doing at home with a unique dog’s perspective through your phone anytime, anywhere.

Know Your Dog Better by Understanding Their Perspective

Record the funniest moments of their day and share it on social media. Understand your dog better by seeing the world through their perspective. You will feel closer to your pet than ever before. Share their adventures on Youtube or Instagram and make them a star!

Monitor your furry loved one through a variety of perspectives

Live Streaming HD Video

Keeping track of one’s pet can be difficult with energetic dogs. In a moment they can be out of sight and out of voice range. Having a way to monitor them is essential. We provide a 1080P HD live monitoring system that you control from your smartphone. Switch from 1st POV to 3rd POV by simply taking the camera off and placing it on the base to monitor a large area.

Capture the funniest moments

Photo and Video Storage

Using the PetNow app, you can instantly capture pictures and videos of your pup that can be saved directly to your smart devices or TF card on board. Whether you want to capture a cute moment or record evidence of some naughty puppy behaviors – you’ll never miss an important event.

Create a superstar with PetNow, your dog can be famous

Social Media Sharing

Your dog can be a superstar by going viral on social media. There are so many hilarious and funny moments of your dog’s life that you can capture and share with your friends and family. PetNow supports real-time social media sharing.

Communicate and pet them even if you have to work overtime

Night Vision

Built-in night vision makes seeing in the dark possible. Emergencies like sudden power outages won’t affect your ability to ensure your dog’s safety at night because PetNow has an on-board battery.

Communicate with your dog anytime anywhere

Two-way Audio

Convenient 2-way audio lets you easily communicate with your dog and hear what is going on around them. With PetNow, you are never far away.

Stress-free and comfortable camera harness

Ultra Comfortable

The secure fit PetNow camera harness is made of material with soft padding underneath and breathable lightweight mesh lining for a comfortable fit for your dog. The customized mount holds the camera in place and won’t slip even on active dogs. It’s easy to put on and take off with fast-release buckles. Select an appropriate size for your furry loved ones and adjust the strap to get a perfect fit.

Buy one get three styles!

Playful Styling

Replaceable camera ears come with three cute styles to fit your dog’s personality and look: little demon, hamster or bear. Easily change by swapping out camera ears.

What’s In The Box

Their Story

Our story started years ago, when I had my first Shiba dog. He was great, but also very energetic and a bit naughty! I always wondered what his day had been like while I was away. So I decided to buy him a pet camera as a birthday gift. Unfortunately, pet cameras at that time didn’t work too well and gave disappointing results. So I decided to create a better one, which would let me see through his perspective and communicate to my dog directly from my smartphone.

The results were incredible and I finally learned about the unique way that my pet sees and interacts with the world. Now, I can share this special camera with the world and help to bring pets and their owners closer together.

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $170 (53% off). Hurry, only 15/35 left!

The LavvieBot S cleans up after your cat does its business

Our relationship with our cats is quite different from that with dogs. Dogs are like children that need constant care, love, and affection, while cats are like your chilled out roommates who can live their lives pretty independently, with an occasional helping hand from you. Whether it’s feeding, sleeping, playing, or visiting the loo, cats don’t necessarily need much from the humans. They can often feed themselves, entertain themselves, and even relieve themselves without you needing to take them for a walk. The only bit where humans need to intervene is in filling the cat’s food bowl, and emptying out the litter.

LavvieBot S helps bring autonomy to one of those two activities. You can, to a good extent, regulate meal-times for a cat, but there isn’t really a way to regulate when you need to clean the litterbox out… and that’s where the LavvieBot S comes in. Designed to be smart-litterbox for your cat, LavvieBox S cleans up after your feline friend does its business. Shaped like a private cabin for your cat, the LavvieBox S encloses the litter space giving your cat privacy, while keeping your space free of litter and odor. The smart-litterbox even cleans out your cat’s waste for you, filtering it through the sand and discarding it in a separate compartment that you can clean out every few days. You can pre-load the LavvieBot S with sand too, so the bot fills up its litter tray autonomously, giving you and your cat the freedom to go about your day.

Designed as a much more decor-friendly solution to your litterbox, the LavvieBot S sits in any household looking more like a stylish white basket rather than a tray full of sand. It auto-cleans itself after your cat’s visited it, while keeping track of your cat’s visits and overall health. Created around your cat’s lifestyle, the LavvieBot’s even working to communicate with your smart treat-dispenser and water dispenser, creating a holistic map of your cat’s health. Compatible with the PurrSong app, the smart-litterbox lets you monitor your cat in real time, checking its weight, frequency, while even getting notifications when the litterbox runs out of sand.

Whether you’re a cat owner with an active lifestyle, or a cat owner that’s overly affectionate and loves giving your pet the best facilities, LavvieBot S helps your furry feline friend go about its life independently, while giving you more time on your hands and and your giving your house a much better alternative to those pedestrian litter-trays that leave sand around your floor and an odor in your living room. Purrrr-fection!

Designer: Tae-Gu Noh of PurrSong

Click Here to Buy Now: $399 $899 (55% off). Hurry, for a limited time only!

LavvieBot S: The Most Intelligent Litter Box

LavvieBot S is the smartest litter box with IoT functions that automatically cleans your cat’s excrements and refills cat litter from own storage, as well as check the status of your cat in real-time from the App called ‘PurrSong’.

Auto Clean

LavvieBot S is able to efficiently get rid of the excreta just through a patented rotating rake mechanism. When the cat’s done its business in LavvieBot S, it automatically starts cleaning. The time can be set by users from 15 to 90 minutes and this gives enough time for excrements to get harden so even diarrhea can be perfectly taken care of.

LavvieBot’s waste drawer is designed large enough to collect waste for up to 3 weeks.


LavvieBot S automatically refills litter from its 6.5L extra storage after cleaning so it keeps the inside of LavvieBot S in top shape for your cats at all times.

Compatible with ‘PurrSong’ App

LavvieBot S App, ‘PurrSong’ enables you to monitor your cat in real-time and provide you other information needed.

Through the App ‘PurrSong’, users are able to check the status of LavvieBot.

The app keeps track of how often and how long your cat uses LavvieBot S so you can always stay on top of your cat’s health. LavvieBot S also recognize each cat in a multi-cat household if their weights differ by more than 1.5 lb.

LavvieBot S keeps itself clean for up to 21 days per cat.

Below: Highlights

Prevent Cat Litter Tracking

The footrest is properly placed inside of LavvieBot S to prevent cat litter tracking.

Prevent Odor

LavvieBot S effectively neutralizes odor through its activated coconut carbon deodorizer. The deodorizer absorbs up to 93.3% of ammonia and also functions as a dehumidifier.


LavvieBot S’s noise level is only 26.5dB (Decibels), which is less than the noise level of an average residential bedroom, so the noise wouldn’t bother your cat.

20% Less Space

Compared to other litter boxes on the market, LavvieBot S takes up more than 20% less space. Furthermore, it is designed considering the optimal size and shape that can go very well with the house.

Comfy Enough for Privacy

Due to its inner dimensions (12.5 x 17 x 14.2), LavvieBot S can be fitted comfortably for most of the cats. Besides, the tray contains up to 6L of the litter, which is 50% more than other automatic litter boxes.

Easy Control

The LED display enables the users to easily see the internal and operation states of Lavviebot S. Plus, the operation buttons associated with the indicator lights are placed directly on the lower part so that the users can recognize the functions of the buttons.

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Meet the ZENLET Coil, an unusual device that charges your phone, as well as your senses

Now here’s a wireless charger that’s guaranteed to make you do a double-take. The ZENLET Coil, quite unlike anything I’ve seen before, is a wireless power-bank, but is also an aromatherapy device. Why would you need the two experiences bundled into one device? The guys behind the ZENLET Coil see the device as a holistic charger, that doesn’t just power up your phone’s batteries, it powers up your internal batteries too, through aromatherapy! Designed to add value in more ways than one, the ZENLET Coil can be used indoors as a wireless charger that also works as an air-freshener, or on the go, as a portable wireless power-bank that extends its use as an aromatherapy device.

Resembling an iPod without a screen, the ZENLET Coil is a fashionable looking, anodized-aluminum slab with a black disc at its center. The disc houses the wireless-charging coil underneath it, while also acting as a pivot for when you slide the ZENLET Coil’s upper panel, to reveal its aroma-stones in the corner. As unusual as the ZENLET Coil is in its function, using it is pretty simple. The device houses a 4000 mAh battery that can be used to wirelessly charge your phone, watch (except Apple), or earphones by simply resting it against the charging surface. However, when you plug the ZENLET Coil into its own charging base to top off its battery, the aroma diffuser kicks in, giving the product a secondary use when it’s technically not in use. There are two air outlets and they are at the upper sides of the ZENLET Coil, and they emit an aromatic waft of air, bringing a certain tranquility to your space while your power-bank is charging. Want to use the ZENLET Coil’s aromatherapy feature while on the go? Just add a drop of a fragrance-oil of your choice on the aroma stones and the ZENLET Coil becomes your personal, portable aromatherapy device… which also happens to charge your phone!

Available in a range of colors, the ZENLET Coil pairs well with your smartphone, thanks to its microtexture matte aluminum finish that’s reminiscent of the MacBook’s texture. The ZENLET Coil can be used while traveling, giving you the ability to juice up your phone anywhere, although one of its most fitting areas of use is indoors, or even in your car (using the ZENLET Coil air-vent clip)… effectively energizing not just your phone, but you as well!

Designer: ZENLET

Click Here to Buy Now: $85 $129 (29% Off).

About ZENLET Coil

Never seen before: A brand-new design combining the portable wireless charging with aromatherapy diffusion.

According to the research, aromatherapy can suppress negative emotions such as anger, irritability, & stress, and can induce positive emotions such as happiness, relaxation, and efficiency, etc.

With that in mind, they have come up with ZENLET Coil. It keeps our phone batteries and also our spiritual batteries fully charged anytime and anywhere that we can finally have a peace of mind in the hustle and bustle of modern life.

With ZENLET Coil in your hand, it keeps you refresh and your mobile phone recharged at all times.

Connect your ZENLET Coil to the Base Holder and instantly, the aroma is dispersed to the room while it is recharging.

Connect ZENLET Coil to the Air Vent Clip and within a few seconds, the car is diffused with aroma. Simultaneously, the mobile phone placed on top of it will be recharged.

Below: ZENLET Coil Wireless Power Features

1. The World’s Thinnest Wireless Charger

With the size of 100 x 63.5 x 9.5mm and weighs only 85g, ZENLET Coil has the power capacity up to 4,000mAh. In order to achieve this effect, they developed the breakthrough technology to compress the volume of 4000mAh in the high-density battery module to make it fit into the case body of only 9.5 mm thin.

2. Highly Compatible

Foreign Object Detection(FOD) is a safety mechanism which automatically interrupts power delivery if there is interference caused by a foreign objects such as coins, keys, paper clips etc.

3. Fast Wireless Charging

When using alone, ZENLET Coil generates the output of 5W. The charging capacity will be up to 10W if it works with the adapter of either QC (Quick Charge) or PD (Power Delivery).

4. Charging Through Cases

ZENLET Coil can charge through phone cases up to 5mm thick. No need to pull your case on and off every time you need to charge.

5. USB-C Port

USB-C INPUT: Recharges ZENLET Coil 67% faster than micro-USB port.

USB-C OUTPUT : Allows for wireless and wired charging. Achieves up to 2.4A output power.

6. Charging Two Devices At Once

While ZENLET Coil itself is charging wirelessly, it can also charge the other device with the USB-C cable at the same time.

7. Automatic Power On

No need to press any buttons to start charging or diffusing as ZENLET Coil will automatically return to a power on state upon connection.

8. One-stop Charging

While charging your mobile phone, ZENLET Coil will recharge itself synchronously to allow you get double the result with just half the effort.

With the help of Magnetic Gel Pad, a unique positioning tool created by ZENLET Team, your mobile phone is firmly fixed to ZENLET Coil and will not slip when auto-positioning. It is included in the package and is washable & reusable.

To get auto positioning by simply stick the unique Magnetic Gel Pad on the back of your phone. Then place your mobile phone on ZENLET Coil with the display facing up.

Magnetic Gel Pad ensures your phone a secure hold against ZENLET Coil for a fast and sufficient charging in your pocket or in your bag.

In addition, Magnetic Gel Pad works well with Air Vent Clip. By connecting Magnetic Gel Pad to the Air Vent Clip, it enables several functions provided by the phone mount, wireless charging pad, and air vent diffuser. While you are enjoying the fresh air in the car, your mobile phone and ZENLET Coil are being recharged simultaneously.

Below: Aroma Diffusion Features

1. Portable Diffuser

ZENLET Coil utilizes two methods of diffusion. To passively diffuse the essential oil, simply add a few drops of oil on the aroma stones inserted on ZENLET Coil. The essential oil on the stones will be absorbed and the aroma will be released into the air.

Through the help of the waste heat created when ZENLET Coil is charging wireless, the effects of aroma diffusion is greatly optimized.

1. Area Diffusing

Contrary to the passive diffusion, ZENLET Coil can diffuse aroma proactively. When ZENLET Coil is connected to the base holder, the micro mute fan inside the base holder will self-start and pump air to blow the aroma through the slot on ZENLET Coil for quick and spacious diffusion.

Create your own moment of peace and feel relaxed anywhere at home.

Aromatherapy relieve stress, relax the body, and promote quality sleep.

After connecting ZENLET Coil to the Air Vent Clip, the air pumped by the car cooling system will be blown and dispersed through the slots on ZENLET Coil for a quick and spacious diffusion.

3. Aroma Stone

Easy to refill: Swivel open ZENLET Coil single-handedly and pour a few drops of essential oil to the Aroma Stones.

Replaceable: The Aroma Stones can be easily pulled out with the regular magnets and replaced.

They choose the quality ceramics that have been through the bisque firing at 2,012 degrees F. The resulting piece after the firing process is porous and the pores are ideal to absorb drops of essential oil and fast diffusion. Easy to clean;simply dab it with an alcohol pad or wash it with water and let dry. Reusable.

Below: Design Details

Intuitive Design: Easy swivel turn open with single hand for quick access.

Screwless design: Screwless appearance design represents aesthetics of industrial design.

CNC Unibody: CNC process after fording enables ZENLET Coil with higher strength than normal aluminum products.

Below Color Option: Silver, Space Grey and Rose Gold


Space Grey

Rose Gold



Prior to the product development stage, based on the background of their respective professional fields, each team member is encouraged to come up with thoughts and ideas during the brainstorming sessions. Through the discussion, some of the thoughts were crafted into creative ideas that defines the model of this new product.

After going through several trial and errors on the sample-making, iterative identification, material testing for the case body, circuit design scheme, wireless charger coil & micro mute fan, we have finally confirmed the whole electromechanical system of this new product is feasible and have outlined its framework.

While we were developing the molds for the test-run, thanks to our team of the seasoned designers, we were able to consolidate the manufacturing capability of our supporting factories specialized in the circuit design module, aluminum alloy products, and high-density plastic products. Thanks to them, we were able to troubleshoot any issues and thus to optimize the appearance, functionality, and the overall quality of our new product to the fullest.

Click Here to Buy Now: $85 $129 (29% Off).

This portable 8.5 foot basketball hoop lets you play ball anywhere… even on the beach!

Basketball is one of those rare sports that is bound to the court. Unless you’ve got two hoop poles cemented into the ground, or mounted on a wall, you’re not really playing basketball, you’re just dribbling away… which is quite a limitation, given how popular basketball is. You can play soccer, cricket, or even volleyball anywhere with just the right equipment, but basketball doesn’t have that freedom of movement. You’re restricted to wherever the hoops are. Tim Shields and his invention, the Uball, are hoping to break that shackle that’s holding basketball back. Much like being able to set up a volleyball net anywhere and begin playing, Uball lets you carry around and set up an 8.5 foot pole and hoop anywhere, giving you the ability to engage in a game of basketball anywhere you go, in the fields, at the beach, or even in your backyard.

What Uball does for basketball is similar to what ice did for hockey. It dramatically changes the way the game is played, while also catering to your obsession for the sport. The 8.5 foot hoop comes with Tim’s new version of being able to play basketball on sand or even on grass, where you can’t really dribble or bounce the ball (much like how you can’t roll an ice-hockey puck the way you’d roll a hockey ball). With Uball, there’s no dribbling and no out-of-bound areas. You can hold the ball for the duration of two steps, before passing it to a teammate, who can literally dunk or shoot from anywhere on the field… even behind the hoop! Uball’s hoop, however, conforms to the design of a standard basketball hoop, so as to not drastically change the gameplay. The only difference is that this eight and a half foot hoop folds up into a backpack-sized package that you can carry on your shoulders, along with the basketball.

The Uball’s design is optimized for portability, with a simple multiple-part assembly that weighs roughly 30 pounds. Its base firmly screws into the ground like a beach umbrella does, allowing the hoop to take the strains of the game without collapsing. Assembly takes minutes too, as you put the poles together, fix the hoop and backboard in place, and prop it all up on the firmly secured base. The poles can be height-adjusted too, if you’ve got children playing, and Uball conveniently comes with not one, but two basketballs that you can carry along with you. You can easily play a game with just one Uball hoop (Tim’s modified version accommodates for it too), or if you’d like something that’s more on the traditional side of the spectrum, you can have two people carry their own respective Uball kits for a more conventional game of basketball. Designed to finally make basketball as nomadic a game as soccer, Uball represents a dream where people can shoot hoops at the beach too!

Designer: Timothy Shields

Click Here to Buy Now: $149 $240 ($100 off). Hurry, only 5/90 Left!

Uball: World’s First Backpackable Hoop Set

Uball is a new version of basketball that you can play on a beach or at a field. The basketball hoop set can be packed up, carried on your back, and secured into the ground like a beach umbrella. Its reduced height of 8.5 ft. (adjustable down to 5.5 ft.) and smaller basketball allows everyone to experience one of the greatest plays in basketball: the slam dunk.

Uball is a movement that is reinventing the way people play and think about basketball. Check out the basic rules of Uball above. They also have an in-depth rule book you can view here.

Below: How It Works

Step 1: Similar to a beach umbrella, secure ground screw into ground by turning it.

Step 2: Attach rim to pole and backboard with two knobs.

Step 3: Join poles together with two pins at your desired height.

Step 4: Lift backboard, rim, and pole and place it on the ground screw.

Step 5: Tighten three knobs on ground screw to pole.

Uball basketballs are at a slightly reduced size (25.5″ circumference instead of 29.5″ circumference), so the average person can now palm the ball. The basketballs are still large enough where you can shoot it normally.

Uball Engineering

No detail was too small for their engineering experts. Through multiple rounds of development, testing and redesign, they are bringing to the world a product built for optimal portability and durability.

Portability: Your Uball set is converted into a backpack so that everything can be carried on your back on any adventure.

1. The ground screw, the rim, and the balls are easily attached to the backboard.
2. The backboard can be converted into a backpack with adjustable straps.
3. The pole and its pad come with a strap that you can sling over your shoulder for easy transport.

Durability: A high-quality product created to keep up with you.

Rim: custom-designed to withstand the force of slam dunks through its steel-faceted curve. We have developed a rim that can handle powerful dunks from athletes in the NFL, NBA, and elite college basketball programs, as well as the hundreds of students from 12-23 years old that have tested the strength of the rim over the past six months.

Backboard: structured with a steel frame so that it will maintain its integrity and rigidity in travel and play.

Pole: made of steel in order to handle the strength and stress of any type of shot.

Ground Screw: screws into the ground 12-15 inches deep, and is what makes the system stable.

Uball Story

Tim Shields, CEO, and Molly Shields, Vice President, are co-founders of Uball. Tim left the University of Virginia to pursue Uball full-time, while Molly is entering her senior year at UVA. Their love of sports and their entrepreneurial spirit helped them see an opportunity to create something completely new – revolutionizing the way people play basketball.

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These luminous maps show what your favorite city looks like at night!

NiteLanding’s lamp looks like the view from your airplane as you’re flying over a city at night! Taking topographical data of cities and adding light to them, NiteLanding isn’t really a decorative map as much as it’s an interactive lighting device. In the day, it looks like a bird’s eye view of your favorite city, but as night falls, the NiteLanding lights up, just like the city does, mimicking streetlights and building lights as seen from above! It truly resembles looking down upon your city from the skies!

NiteLanding was born out of a passion for travel, and a need to capture the beauty of a city, not just during the day but also at night. NiteLanding comes to life in the dark, as small pores and dots light up on its surface to resemble the city’s lights. Each city’s map is crafted to perfection, sometimes with details that are as much as half a millimeter thin. The maps use highly accurate and open-source data from OpenStreetMap, capturing the finest and smallest of details to create a relief map that’s as accurate as it gets. Right behind the map sits a piece of acrylic glass with thousands of dots etched into it. LEDs around the edges of the map help illuminate these etched dots, making them look like thousands upon thousands of street lamps and building lights. The lights even come with a dimmer switch to control the brightness and intensity of your city’s sparkle!

Each NiteLanding comes with a frame that allows you to hang it on a wall, and a cover that lets you use it as an interactive installation, placing miniature objects and figurines on it to bring out the map’s interactive element. You could put that Eiffel Tower keychain to much better use, resting it right across the Trocadero on your miniature map of Paris, or add souvenirs from your travel on top of the map to give it a more personalized, more interactive touch. The NiteLanding lamps come in two sizes, and can even be customized to carve a special message or your holiday hashtag into its bottom right corner, near the city’s name. Who knew maps could look this mesmerizing at night too!?

Designers: Azmi J & Kittichai Reawsanguanwong

Click Here to Buy Now: $92 $154 (40% off). Hurry, only 41/50 left!

NiteLanding Lamp – City Light View from 30,000 Feet

NiteLanding is an evocative lamp, crafted to bring back the moment of looking down at a bustling metropolis city view from your window airplane seat at 30,000 ft in the air. A decoration lamp display famous city maps from around the world. Style your home in the day, and experience the city light at night.

A look of London City Map in the day & Night

2-in1 Decorative Art Display

NiteLanding is the world’s first lamp that let you experience the hybrid nature of showcasing it’s ART in 2 different versions. During the day, it gives the visual impression of a detailed 3D city map. At night, the lamp comes to life, illuminating a fabulous city light view.

City Art by Day

City Light by Night

NiteLanding Lamp Story

“We all love to travel and our goal is to run out of pages in our passports. Our story began from one night flight, when we were approaching our destination’s airport for landing. We was captivated by the mesmerizing views of the city skyline with golden lights peppering the city. The warm, ambient glow emanated from buildings, roads, and streetlights, all forming the modern-day city we know so well. That’s how the NiteLanding Lamp came to be. We created this lamp so that we could pause time and stay in that moment forever,” Reawsanguanwong told Yanko Design.

Below: The Art of City Day Street in 3 Dimensional

A close up look of Satin-White city street details, created the look of white canvas painting in 3D ART.

Each artwork of the city map is crafted with precise clean cut and contours with micro details (some lines as thin as 0.6 mm). We remain all the actual map accuracy (OpenStreetMap data), and restyle the streets, roads and rivers in the form of 3D ART. Our Satin-White finishing of the city street layer resemble a minimal purity of white canvas painting. Each city map is accompanied by the city’s name with its respective time zone (UTC).

Below: Glowing Sreet Night Light

They created the “Glowing Street Light Effect” (patent pending) to simulate the city night view. By implementing lighting depth illusion on the transparent plexiglass layer (underneath the city street map) to replicate more than a thousand illuminated lighting effect of buildings and street lights.

The basic theory is when the light travels into the edge of a clear polymer or glass, the light will bounce around inside until it finds a way out at the far edges with the effect of no light being lost (similar to the basis of fiber optics). But an interesting twist happens when the surface between the edges is disrupted. By etching and carving pattern on each surface of the material one by one, we control where the light escapes and create the effect of more than thousand street lamps.

More than thousand lighting effect underneath city street layer.

A comparison of Nitelanding’s city light with the actual Paris map (photo reference from NASA earth observatory)

Tell Your Travel Stories

Each city you visited has your own unique encounters and experiences, share and inspire others with your own city stories. Time flies but our memories on that city last forever!

Get Creative

Not only the NiteLanding Lamp is a great gift or display but doubles out as a creative avenue for the young one to explore their imagination. Encourage them to create their own adventure in the big city. Have them spark their imagination with toy planes roaming above the city or the boat gliding through the river.

Creative builders & hobbyists will love how their iconic landmarks comes to life when placed next to the NiteLanding Lamp. Creating their own mini cities in their favorite space. They may choose to display standing or having it displayed flat on the surface.

Low Heat Lighting: Safe to touch

LEDs are cool to touch because they generally don’t produce heat in the form of IR. We designed the “Glowing Street Light Effect” by having the LEDs conceal along the side of the frame, a similar technique to the edge-light system for light guide panel (ELS-LGP).

With the city street layer placed on top, the heat is placed further from light source making the lamp surface low in heat and safe to touch even for playing.

Touch & hold to control the brightness level

Touch Sensor Dimmer Switch

Take control of your lamp with a smart light dimmer. A simple touch on the logo to turn the lamp ON/OFF. Touch and hold to dim the light up/down. Adjust your city light brightness to your preference with the step-less dimmer.

Touch Sensor Dimmer Switch

With built in smart memory chipset, the lamp intelligently recognized your last brightness when turned OFF. Perfect for your preferred preset brightness to your bed light level before sleep!

The feature of the rotatable touch button connector making running of the wire convenient when mounting on walls

Below: Design Meets Art

With the compact M size, it stand perfectly on the bookshelf

Style your living room with the L size, wall hang or put them in the bigger space

Attach the interchangeable plug according to your local socket with a simple twist click

Universal Power Adaptor

Each NiteLanding Lamp comes with Universal power adaptor. We will also provide FREE 4 additional changeable plugs attachment consist of US, UK, EU, AU sockets for every set. The new locking system makes it easy to change the plug according to the different country electrical socket. Perfect gift for your family and friends who lives in different country!

Below: Available Sizes

The M size come in perfect square shape, while the L size come in rectangular shape and displays a larger city area

– NiteLanding Lamp – M size (10”x10”), 25 x 25 x 5 cm
– NiteLanding Lamp – L size (16.5”x12.5”), 42 x 33 x 5 cm

A comparison look of the M & L size during the day and night

Style your room with the wall mounted NiteLanding L size

Special Edition: Custom Light Up Message

Personalize your NiteLanding Lamp with a special light up message. Add your special story about your trip. Bring back your wonderful memory and make it last forever! You may delight your love ones with the memorable time you had in Paris or could be a fun secret code only you and your buddy knew of that crazy trip.You can put anything you want – it’s the perfect personalized gift for the whole family!

You can add your own text message up to 30 characters (for NiteLanding M size), and 40 characters (for NiteLanding L size) for example;

– “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”

– “London is calling, Smith’s family”

– “Our honeymoon trip, Justin & Alice 14.02.19”

What’s In The Box

Each NiteLanding Lamp come with inline touch dimmer button and universal adaptor. We also provide FREE additional 4 plugs (US, UK, EU, AU) for every set. What a perfect gift to send to your friends or family around the world.

Available Cities: Top 30 world’s most-visited cities

The Team

We’re a group of passionate designers and always dream of creating our very own product that could benefit people from all walks of life. We truly believed with the simple touch of design could make a big impact on society and let them enjoy life to the fullest. NiteLanding Lamp is a clean & simple art that contains the spirit of our design. This project is all about helping people travel back to a particular moment in an instant, and relive it all over again.

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The MiniFalcon E-Scooter fits in a backpack and is high on power

Walking down the streets of Stockholm, I was amazed to see the number of people opting to use e-scooters instead of walking. The saying goes, if you can’t break them – join them, and this holds true with alternative means of commuting.

Keeping the eco-factor aside, today, most urban areas are so congested that we are left with no other choice than to adopt transportation options that can get us to our destination faster and more economically. The MiniFalcon E-Scooter fills the gap by being an e-scooter that is fast, powerful and importantly – compact enough to fit in a backpack.

I see where this design solution is stemming from – my hosts in Stockholm told me that it was not safe to park bikes and cycles on the street, even if you secured them with locks. Hence, packing your bike in a backpack and carrying them for your meeting – if that’s where you’re headed – is an easy solution.

MiniFalcon is the first packable high-performance electric scooter – its folds down to almost 23-inches and can fits snugly in the backpack that comes with it. Powerful torque, adjustable gears, shock absorption and a long-lasting battery are some of its key features.

Designer: Kinson Chen

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MiniFalcon: The E-Scooter That Fits In A Backpack

Fast, powerful, and compact – MiniFalcon is the first packable high-performance electric scooter.

MiniFalcon Scooter was created to be taken with you anywhere. Folding up to less than two feet long while maintaining extremely high performance, long battery life, and tons of safety features.

MiniFalcon Ride Demo

Opening The MiniFalcon

High Performance Scooter in Your Bag

Fast, powerful, and completely compact – MiniFalcon is the first full-size high-performance electric scooter that folds up into a 23 inch long package and fits in a backpack.

Powerful torque, adjustable gears, shock absorption, a long-lasting battery, and many more features make MiniFalcon not just the most portable, but also the most dependable e-scooter in the market.

Small Body Full of Technology

The MiniFalcon Features

– 1st Portable High-Performance E-scooter.
– 50W Noiseless Motor.Max Speed 16mph.
– 2H Fast Charging. Long lasting Battery
– Kinetic Energy Recovery System
– High-Efficiency Shock Absorber
– Dual Rear Brake Technology
– Aerospace Grade Aluminum
– Puncture-Proof Tires
– Quick-View Digital Display

Three Easy Steps to Fold

Take MiniFalcon from Full-size scooter to your backpack in seconds with 3 easy steps.

What Makes The MiniFalcon Innovative

The Best Way to Transit

250W Brushless Noiseless Motor

Our thickened steel magnet gives MiniFalcon 1.5x more torque than other e-scooters! This means you’ll get faster starts, stronger accelerations, and better hill climbs.

3 Speed Adjustable Gears

MiniFalcon is one of the first e-scooters to introduce adjustable speed gears. Change up gears for optimal power distribution in different road conditions. Get into high-torque low-speed gear for hills and switch to a high-speed gear to fly through open roads.

MiniFalcon has a digital display that clearly and easily shows all your essential information in real-time. No more checking your phones! See your live speed, battery life, gear position, and mileage in a single glance while you ride.

Long Lasting Battery

MiniFalcon’s Ternary 5C Strong Electric Discharge Battery is both powerful and long-lasting. It provides an even power distribution so your speeds stay consistent over the charge. Get top speeds for up to 9 miles on a single charge. Plus, it only takes 2 hours to recharge!

Kinetic Energy Recovery System

Our Kinetic Energy Recovery System recycles excess energy and recharges your battery when you go downhill or brake – allowing you to fly even longer!

Concealed High-efficiency Shock Absorber

MiniFalcon is equipped with Dual high-efficiency shock absorber in the front and back wheel. The shock absorber is a special spring specifically designed to effectively absorb bumps and smooth out your ride. Reduce vibrations, glide over bumps, and experience a more comfortable ride!

Dual Rear Brake Technology

MiniFalcon utilizes both an electric brake AND a manual brake so you gain the benefits and assurance of both. Enjoy the immediate quick stop with the manual brakes or electric brakes while maintaining full control for ultimate safety. No more skidding or close calls. Stop on a dime without losing control.

An ABS anti-locking system prevents your wheels from locking up and allows you to maintain steering control even if you suddenly slam on your brakes.

Power Protection

Super Durable

MiniFalcon is made of aerospace grade anodized aluminum, which makes it extremely strong and lightweight. The lighter weight lets it quickly accelerate and quickly stop in a notice, while the material strength lets MiniFalcon hold up to 220 lbs with zero deformity.

We chose polyurethane for MiniFalcon tires to make them 4x more wear resistant and chemical resistant compared to ordinary rubber tires. No more worries about glass, nails, or sharp pebbles. Go smoothly!

In making MiniFalcon, we only use high quality original parts and follow strict quality inspection procedures with detailed workmanship to ensure the absolute highest quality construction.

Super Savings

MiniFalcon will help you to save money in the long run! MiniFalcon can pay for itself in less than 2.5 months! So stop wasting cash on gas and rideshares, MiniFalcon will get you through your commute quickly, efficiently, and easily with zero hassle and zero fees.

Tech Specs

What’s Included

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This extensive 14-bit mini toolkit turns your belt into a utility belt

Chijoff+Co set out one day to make the most beautiful, convenient, and versatile toolkit ever. That distinction doesn’t come easily, but the M250 toolkit just sits in the sweet spot. It’s small but isn’t flimsy. It’s portable but also versatile. Can strap to your belt or attach to the fridge. The tiny toolbox comes with 12 of its own hex-bits but can dock 14 bits, giving you the ability to store two of your own bits too.

Designed to fix everything from cameras to skateboards, and from cabinets to bicycles, the M250 is tiny yet covers a an extremely wide range. Armed with the most popular hex bits, the M250 lets you tinker and fix anything anywhere. The bits dock right into the M250’s frame, turning the case itself into a high-torsion handle that’s easy to maneuver and twist, screwing or unscrewing the toughest bolts and screws with relative ease. Magnetic retention within the case allows the bits to snap into place and stay there, while also making it easier to work with tiny metal screws too. The M250 packs a 2-inch extender rod, for accessibility, so no screw’s left behind!

The M250 comes with 12 robust S2 tool-steel bits with a titanium oxide coating for shine as well as unparalleled strength. The casing and even the outer cover come crafted from a military-grade composite that’s both incredibly strong but also extremely lightweight, and isn’t abrasive either, so you could easily chuck the M250 into your laptop bag without worrying about it scratching anything. The entire toolkit is no bigger than a lighter, making it incredibly handy and ergonomic. The M250’s holster comes with a nifty pocket-clip, so you can carry the power of an entire tool-box with you on your belt, while a magnetic plate allows you to easily snap the M250 to your fridge or the magnetic tool-rack in your shed. Made to fix practically anything, and to go practically anywhere, the M250 really does fit in the sweet spot. At just over a 100 grams, it’s perhaps one of the lightest tool-kits ever, and with as many as 14 hex-bits inside it, it’s literally built for any scenario. Oh, did I also mention, the M250 is TSA-approved to carry on flights too?

Designer: Michael Chijoff

Click Here to Buy Now: $32 $45 (30% off). Raised over $147,000.

M250 Hex Drive Toolkit by TACTICA

A lightweight, compact, TSA compliant toolkit for everyday carry. Made of advanced military-grade composite material.

The M250 has been designed from the ground up to deliver you the tools and features you need without weighing you down.

Less than the size of a credit card.

A Toolkit in Your Hands

How many times did you find out that you were missing the right screwdriver? With the M250 we wanted to make sure you had the ones you needed. That’s why each toolkit comes with 12 of the most common hex bits that you might need & 2 spare slots to add your own.

Each toolkit comes with:

1. Complete screwdriver set – 12 of the most common hex bits you might need.

Phillips hex drive – 1.8mm*, #0, #2 (* 1.8mm suitable for most eye glasses)
Flat hex drive – 1.8mm*, #3, #5 (* 1.8mm suitable for most eye glasses)
Allen hex drives – 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
Torx Hex Drives – T10, T15, T25

2. M250 magazine – holds your hex bits and includes heavy duty driver

3. Extended reach – 2″/ 50mm hex bit extender

4. M250 holster – Pocket, belt or on the fridge, the choice is yours

Loading and Unloading is Easy

The patent pending storage system allows you to take your hex bits in and out with ease. The TPU retention elastomer ensures your bits stay in place securely. So no need to worry about pieces falling out in your bag or pocket.

High Torque Socket

The M250 features a hardened stainless steel insert to ensure you have the necessary strength to budge even the toughest of screws*. Combined with the wider body, the M250 also gives you the leverage you need.

Extend Your Reach

Each M250 comes with an integrated 50mm/ 2″ hex bit extender. Perfect for getting to those hard to reach places or when you can’t get your tool in the right spot. The extender features a magnetic tip to ensure your bits stay in place when in use.

Carry it Your Way

What would a toolkit be without an easy way to carry it. Each M250 comes with its own holster that keeps the toolkit magazine in place and allows you to carry it wherever you want. A clip on the side of the holster allows for pocket or belt carry…

… And a magnetic plate lets you attach it to the fridge at home, the office or the workshop. Just attach it to any metal surface and you’re away.

The M250 holster also comes with an attachment point to loop into your bags. Seen here with the latest Peak Design backpack.

TSA Approved

Traveling interstate or to another country? No need to worry as the M250 complies with current TSA regulations for air travel.

Tech Friendly

The M250 uses an engineering grade composite that makes it not only 40% lighter than titanium but also doesn’t scratch your technology. So now your iPad, iPhones and other technology are safe from scratches next to your M250.

Below: What’s Included

Specs and Materials

A feature of the M250 is the use of an advanced engineering grade composite in the Magazine. This provides both an ultra lightweight structure (~40% lighter than titanium) with the necessary strength. The composite is typically used as a metal replacement and perfect for our requirements for the high torque socket.


Over the course of of 2018-2019 we have been busy developing and refining the M250. Some 50+ prototypes we created over the course of this period. In addition we have further developed our existing M100 multitool that uses a lot of the manufacturing + material technology. As such we are confident in the final design that we have pushed to production.

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The Respio integrates an in-depth sleep-tracker right into your bed

Physically and metaphorically, the Respio is like a bookmark. Just like a bookmark helps you keep track of which page you are on, Respio was designed to help you track your sleep. The device comes with a long fabric belt that rests horizontally across your bed, and a hardware unit at the end that hangs off the side of your bed, monitoring your sleep. Just through clever design and the use of some rather remarkable sensors, Respio measures the quality of your sleep. It can track your breathing, measuring any irregularities in it, while also keeping tabs on how you sleep at night, recording if you’re a restless or sound sleeper.

The sheer brilliance of Respio is the fact that it isn’t a wearable sleep tracker. Realizing that most people aren’t comfortable sleeping with clunky bracelets or smartwatches on their wrist, Respio is much more discreet, yet just as effective. It gently rests on your bed, and the sensor fabric at just a millimeter thin, practically merges with your bedsheet, so you don’t even realize it’s there in the first place. Its hardware end hangs off the side of your bed, reading and analyzing how you sleep, capturing everything from your sleep cycle and duration to recording your breathing patterns and even going the distance to measure your room’s temperature and humidity. It crunches all this data and displays it to you through its easy-to-understand interface on the smartphone app, giving you a full breakdown of your night’s sleep so you’re never struggling to stifle yawns during the day because you’re facing a sleep deficit.

Respio is, in every regard a health device. Because a lack of sleep can result in a higher likelihood of fatigue, stress, and physical problems down the line, Respio’s ability to tell you whether you’re sleeping right or wrong makes a world of a difference to your overall health. If it detects snoring or irregularities in your breathing during sleep, Respio begins recording audio to allow you to understand whether you’re suffering from sleep apnea or an airway obstruction, resulting in snores. The device relays movement data to the app too, letting you know if you’re a light sleeper, and its extended IFTTT compatibility even lets you calibrate your alarms to ring after a sleep cycle ends, when you’re more likely to feel well rested. Conversely, if you’re an insomniac, Respio can help coach or guide you into sleep through various breathing exercises designed especially for you.

Respio, by design, is a much more discreet and effective way to track your sleep. Rather than manifesting as a plastic and metal band around your wrist, Respio integrates right into your bed, and can be oriented both above or below your bedsheet… and who knows, we may as well end up seeing beds with Respio-like hardware integrated right into the mattress in the future!

Designer: ChanYong Park

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Respio Sleep Coach: Reveal What is Sabotaging Your Sleep

Free yourself from Sleep Debt with Repsio Sleep Coach that helps improve your sleep quality, breathing patterns and sleep environment.

Improve your sleep quality by identifying any factors that may affect your sleep quality. Respio Sleep Tracker 2.0 is a non-invasive biometric sleep tracker.

With Respio Sleep Monitor, you can finally UNLOCK the mystery of sleep quality with accurate sleep tracking. Follow its Insights & tips to improve your sleep immediately.

Sleep affects every part of life—your health, your mood and more. It can help you perform at your best, stay productive, and fight weight gain and depression. So if you’re ready to make the most of your day, start by improving your night.

That’s why we developed Respio, the smart sleep coach that works as an accurate non-invasive bio-metric tracker that will effortlessly monitor everything about your sleep, allowing you to effectively improve the quality of your sleep.

What is The Respio Sleep Monitor

The Respio Sleep Monitor uses tracked data and analytics to measure, manage, and improve your sleep, right from your phone. Leveraging an extremely thin sensor strip that you’ll never even notice, wake up, open your iPhone or Android app, and learn everything you need to know about your sleep habits.

Enjoy automatic tracking that provides you with information related to sleeping times, breathing, snoring, bedroom temperature, and humidity. Plus, with personalized sleep coaches, find a new motivation in your life to improve your sleep quality. A better life starts with more restful sleep. Who doesn’t want to sleep better?

The best part is that Respio works almost as if it was not there. This is a 1mm thin highly accurate sensor strip that picks up your sleeping patterns as you rest and sleep on it (literally). It works with any mattress, you can perfectly put your bedsheets on top of it and forget about it. Unlike other devices on the market, Respio is not a wearable, so you won’t need to do anything other than sleeping on it!

Key Features of The Respio Sleep Monitor

Did You Know?

Respio Demo

The Respio Sleep Monitor App

Understand Causes of Bad Sleep

Respio App analyzes your sleep and life patterns to find the most likely cause with machine learning techniques. Respio App collects the physical information and the daily activities of the user when measuring sleep. By analyzing sleep and activities for more than two weeks, we find the factors that have the greatest effect on sleep. Users will be able to manage the factors that have the greatest effect on sleep and gradually reduce symptoms.

Respio accurately analyzes your personal sleep data and calculate your sleep debt. Check your sleep debt just like checking the balance on your bank account.

Sleep debt is a fancy term, but it perfectly describes the problem. Every time you do not sleep well, your body and mind accumulate a sleep deficit that keeps on mounting and making you feel exhausted and unproductive, no matter how many cups of coffee you take. If you consecutively abuse your sleep cycle, sleeping for only a few hours each night without any REM sleep or a sleeping environment that is right for you, the abuse is going to add up.

For sleep debt analysis, Respio collects the following physical information, gender, age, BMI. Daily activity factors include; alcohol, caffeine, smoking, fever, workout, medicine, stuffy nose, shower, sunlight exposure, stress, change of sleep environment and so on.

Respio would never force you to enter your personal information and daily activities to analyze sleep apnea if you are concerned about your privacy.

Repsio App optimizes your bedtime and wake time to reduce the sleep debt in the most natural way possible. Besides, it will monitors the sleep environment-humidity, brightness, and temperature and provides suggestions to improve your overall sleep quality.

Our goals are simple: we want to accurately detect your sleeping patterns and habits to reduce your sleep debt accumulation. Along the way, we want to make falling sleeping easier for everyone, with an affordable and accessible sleep coach that was made just for you.

Fully Relaxed Before Falling Asleep

Respio App analyzes and personally trains you so you can breath better and relax better. After using the Respio breath exercises you will reap the benefits of relaxation, improved concentration, stress reduction, normalization of blood pressure, and an increased lung capacity that will help you beat your insomnia.

After using the Respio breath exercises you will reap the benefits of relaxation, improved concentration, stress reduction, normalization of blood pressure, and an increased lung capacity that will help you beat your insomnia.

Respio is Easy to Use – Make it Personal

Respio app works both on iOS and Android systems and both the Respio sensor strip and app are only for individual use- which means that Respio can only be used by one person at any given time and that the cumulative data collected by Respio can only help the person whose sleeping data has been collected. That’s one of the beauties of Respio: It’s a truly highly personalized sleeping coach!

The Next Generation of Sleep Tracking

How does Respio compare to other sleep trackers? Sleep trackers are not a new thing, so what makes Respio so special? In traditional medical communities, sleep tracking is very expensive and takes a full night at their clinic. What’s the point of tracking just one night? Plus, when you sleep at a different place, you sleep differently because you need to be more aware of and get used to the different sleep environment. It’s a basic evolution mechanism.


Respio is a unique sensor with integrated breathing-measurement technology. The interior features a pressure sensor and the exterior is made of 100% cotton. Respio’s sensor transmits breathing signals to the Respio app via Bluetooth 4.0. The data-collecting function of Respio offers more detailed results, scores and suggested tips and exercises over time: the more you use it, the best it performs.

The Respio app will be available for iOS and Android systems.

Behind The Scenes

Evolution of The Respio

Respio Sensor

Respio Sensor operates at 3.3v. 3.3 V is not dangerous because it is as low as two typical batteries(1.5v x 2). We had an experiment to pour water into the sensor to check electrical safety. The sensor worked normally and there was no electrical leakage. Don’t worry about the effect of electromagnetic radiation, we have already tested Respio in an anechoic chamber with EMI Tester. Electromagnetic waves are released at a safe level from 9 dBuV/m to 18 dBuV/m.

Respio Sensor’s Tech

Respio sensor measures subtle pressure changes caused by chest and abdomen movement. This is why Respio sensor strip should be placed at the level of the chest. The chest cavity and abdomen expand and deflate during respiration. Respio measures the movement of the chest and abdomen to collect data and translate into something that regular customers could understand: sleep score.

When you breathe in, both chest and abdomen expand at the same time. The sensor detects this movement. So when you breathe in, the sensor graph shows a sudden spike.

When you breathe out, both chest and abdomen deflate to a neutral state. Respio sensor detects this change, and the sensor graph shows accordingly as shown in the pictures.

This video shows the change of the data values. When I apply force onto a sensor, the sensor value increases, and when I release, the sensor value decreases. The oscilloscope next to the laptop also shows the same results. Check it out!

Our Real World Testing: In unforced breathing, Respio detects the breathing cycle accurately during the inhalation and exhalation cycles. During the phase of sleep apnea, the graph flattens out.

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