Stunning BMW R nineT custom with a curved aluminum body looks like something out of an alternate reality

Designed to look like the kind of motorcycle Robocop could ride, this custom BMR R nineT comes with a bespoke hand-crafted curved metal fairing.

This majestic curvilinear beauty is courtesy of Wayne Buys, better known by his internet moniker FabMan Creations. Wayne, who works out of his home and garage in South Africa, designed this piece for a client who commissioned the project and even supplied him with an R nineT to work with. The final build, which he refers to as ‘Storm’ takes inspiration from the aerodynamic forms seen on aircrafts. While the Storm can’t fly like its inspiration, it evokes a feeling of weightlessness in whoever rides it, thanks to its form that slices through the air the way an airplane would. The custom R nineT even sports two massive air scoops on its base that keep the motorcycle’s boxer engine cool and breezy.

Designer: Wayne Buys (FabMan Creations)

Wayne’s build has an undeniable organic appeal, akin to something from the mind of iconic designer Luigi Colani. There isn’t a single straight line on this bike and that’s honestly refreshing after the Cybertruck copycats we’ve been seeing for the past 3 years. It’s worth noting that the bike’s aluminum fairing was built entirely by hand, but more importantly, it was built freeform, without any prior sketching, modeling, or template-building. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Wayne’s metal-forming skills are also entirely self-taught.

Designing and building the bike was an eight-month-long endeavor from start to finish. The client provided Wayne with a low-mileage R nineT, and for the most part, the entire motorcycle uses pretty much all the original stock parts on the inside, although Wayne had to make a few customizations and rearrangements to bring his design to life.

In keeping with the Storm’s aeronautical theme, Wayne built the entire bike out of aluminum sheeting, with multiple parts coming together and screwing on to look like panels on an airplane. The various body panels interlock with one another, connected via small Allen head fasteners that resemble the rivets you’d find on aircraft. A silver coat of paint gives the Storm its raw appeal, looking like an aircraft sans the aerospace paint.

The custom R nineT has a rather interesting front and side profile, and chances are you’d never guess that there’s a BMW underneath that Iron Giant-esque aluminum fairing. The bike’s front boasts a dome-ish cover that is only punctuated by a single headlight located at the center, almost like a plane’s nose. In keeping with the airplane-inspired enclosed design, Wayne also covered both the front and rear wheels, and also modified the exhaust to make it less prominent. The exhaust now sits right below the boxer engine, with three holes to eliminate hot air instead of having it trapped inside the aluminum body. That scooped air intake on the back? Well, Wayne added that (along with an inner fan) to keep the repositioned oil cooler at a lower temperature.

The Storm also boasts of a unique dashboard, with buttons to control specific functions of the bike, and a central speedometer, looking a lot like something you’d see in a vintage cockpit. There’s also a stealthy seven-segment display hidden under the mesh panels below the dashboard. The Storm also boasts of a keyless ignition, with a remote-controlled start.

While it seems like Wayne has a talent for building custom motorcycles (make no mistake, he definitely does), his original training is as a millwright (designing/building/maintaining grain mills). After spending 15 years in Canada, Wayne moved back to his homeland in South Africa, but found himself without a job. It was around that time that he took to custom bike-building, carrying his prior skills in welding, machining, fabrication, and electrical and mechanical work to his new hobby. The one skill Wayne found himself without was shaping aluminum sheets – something he picked up with relentless practice, hammering the panels out on a tree stump and then finishing them by hand.

Wayne now is the founder and sole proprietor of FabMan Creations, with an upgraded garage and workshop that he uses to build custom bikes and fabricate parts like fuel tanks, fenders, and exhaust systems.

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The BMW R1250 R gets a bespoke makeover, transforming the motorcycle into a chunky, futuristic urban roadster!

Renard Speed Shop gave BMW’s R1250 R roadster a city glow-up, with a custom-made, handcrafted aluminum body and chassis to carry the iconic twin-cylinder boxer engine from BMW, known for its control and speed.

BMW’s twin-cylinder boxer engines are known for dynamic control and power. Over the years, many bespoke motorcycle designers have taken to interpreting one-off chassis to match the boxer engine’s force, delivering some top-notch street racers and cruisers alike. Giving some personality to the punchy engine, Renard Speed Shop, a motorcycle design shop based in Estonia, recently constructed their own luxury city cruiser for the BMW R1250 R, calling it ‘Reimagined.’

The R1250 R motorcycle from BMW comes equipped with twin-cylinder boxer engines and keeps a spunky roadster profile with a more industrial edge. Renard Speed Shop built Reimagined to appear like R1250 R’s more mature, suave older cousin who just graduated from college and moved to Manhattan. Described by Renard as a “luxurious city cruiser,” Reimagined is handmade from aluminum with a front grille and triple tree CNC-milled from a solid aluminum block. Most of the bike’s engine is concealed in a round, optic-white aluminum frame that leaves room for some parts of the bike to poke out and bring out the details. Showcasing the motorcycle’s centerpiece, the heads of BMW’s twin-cylinder boxer engine burst from the bike’s core and provide some weight to its frame.

The Reimagined bike’s front suspension covers and lattice were 3D-printed so they could later be “detailed to perfection,” as Renard puts it. Outfitted with a bobber-style floating seat, making precision turns and revving up the engine to pick up some speed will be as smooth as ever, considering the boxer engine’s maximum torque of 105 lb-ft. While most of the motorcycle’s frame was handcrafted by designers at Renard Speed Shop, the wheels are custom-built from JoNich Wheels, a bespoke wheels supplier based in Italy. Additionally, the Akrapovich titanium mufflers come from Ducati Panigale Superleggera, Ducati’s 2015 sportbike.

Designer: Renard Speed Shop x BMW

Renard Speed Shop paid close attention to the details, equipping the bike with K&N air filters concealed by winglet-styled canards.

Renard Speed Shop fitted the Reimagined bike with a TFT display screen for easy access to bodywork maintenance information.

Gleaning silver studs give the bike an air of mystery. 

Integrated taillights and safety features near the handlebars ensure a smooth ride. 

This custom BMW R nineT has 3D printed bodywork that opens with a remote control. Watch the video!

Austria-based Vagabund Moto is one custom motorcycle shop that keeps pushing the envelope of design, materials, and processes. Their 15th build based around the BMW R nineT justifies the fact, as founders, Paul Brauchart and Philipp Rabl spray their creative magic over the two-wheeler for a facelift that’s so desirable for a speed junkie. The amount of metalwork is owed to craftsman Bernard Naumann!

The client asked the team to make this the best ever two-wheeler they’ve ever worked on and the final result is called “Tin Man.” It has an extensive shell of bodywork highlighted by the monocoque tank cover and the seating configuration. It also has an underlying monocoque part that doubles as the under-seat storage. This is the most exciting bit of the bike is the 3D printed remote control that opens up the upper layer moving on hydraulic shocks. When open, the Motogadget dash is visible through the acrylic window in the cover.

All the electronics are packed inside the bodywork to make the aesthetics clean and sleek. Other design details include the headlight nacelle wrapped around the Koso Thunderbolt LED headlights, the organic-looking front fender having automotive LED turn signals, and the rear lights having an array of LED lights in the tail. The full-carbon wheels are made by Rotobox embedded in Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tires and the outer layer of bodywork is encapsulated with Mercedes ‘Selenite Grey Magno’ by the paint shop Grundmann. They really did deliver the best custom bike!

Designer: Vagabund Moto

Modified Yamaha XS 650 concept ditches the Cafe Racer’s classic appeal for a modern, punkish design

If your first reaction was “That looks nothing like a Yamaha cafe racer”, believe me, you’re not alone. Alex Casabo’s reinterpretation of the classic mid-size Yamaha XS 650 motorcycle is far from conventional. Bordering into an edgy, almost KTM territory, Casabo’s Concept 13 R looks less like the seasoned, mature, classic Yamaha cafe racer and more like its aggressive late-teenage son… and I personally can’t get enough of it!

The Concept 13 R’s f***boi vibe is deliberate and difficult to ignore. Look past its edgy, armor-like design and you’ll notice that tramp-stamp on its tires that reads “Love You, Fvck You”, sending mixed signals that make you even more curious about the bike. The modified concept ditches Yamaha’s iconic fuel-tank design for a low-poly fairing that is complemented by the unusual windshield plate on the front within which sits the bike’s tiny, yet powerful projector headlight. The Concept 13 R has two additional headlights too, in the form of LED strips mounted on the front spring forks. The taillight sits on the back of the seat, with the same thin LED-strip design.

Designer Alex Casabo uses panel-work to bring the bike’s design to life, resulting in edgy forms with little volume. Even the seat itself has little mass, and is just about an inch thick. The seat, however, sits on rather visible shock absorbers, providing some cushioning as you drive down on bumpy terrain. The nude, zinc-coated galvanized steel finish on the fuel tank further reinforces the bike’s raw attitude, making it look unusual, to say the least.

What makes the Concept 13 R so interesting is that it isn’t like the other mass-produced bikes from Yamaha’s factory. It has its own complex, wolf-like personality that helps it stand out against the sheep. Perhaps the only Yamaha symbol can be seen on the bike’s clutch cover. That itself gets undercut by the smiling emoji beside it and the blue-burnt steel exhausts.

The bike’s tire treats have smileys and X’s on them too, almost like tattoos on a bike-loving gear-head. If, however, the Concept 13 R’s bad-boy attitude is a little too much for you, Alex Casabo’s even made a slightly more mature and respectable-looking white and black variant… although if you personally ask me, where’s the fun in that??

Designer: Alex Casabo

This sleek Royal Enfield GT 650’s custom design has a badass futuristic vibe to it!

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 basks in the laurels of being on the lightest and fastest motorcycle powered by the 650cc engine. While it carries a classic masculine charm, the motorcycle just got better, courtesy of Bandit9, the acclaimed custom motorcycle shop based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This being the latest collaboration between Royal Enfield and Bandit9 as they came together before too, for some stunning creations – the result this time around is “Jaeger”. A hand-crafted custom kit for the motorcycle virtually transforms it from a classic ride to one that has landed straight from an action movie scene – an alien movie to be subtle!

This year is the tenth anniversary of the custom motorcycle shop, and the captain aboard the ship, Daryl Villanueva choose Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 as the canvas to mark this special occasion for passionate motorheads. The ultra-limited edition bolt-on kit for the motorcycle handcrafted from surgical-grade stainless steel comprises half-fairing, and the neo-retro tank flowing low into the front tail cowl. The same steel is used to craft the monobloc mirrors, switchgear, and levers to lend a very unibody kind of feel to the machine. The whole character of the motorcycle is transformed with the bespoke swing-arm extension, custom build flowing one-into-one exhaust having slash-cut pipes, clip-on handlebars with alloy grips, and a brand new set of sawtooth-tread tires.

Other than these major changes, the motorcycle also gets custom LED lighting on the front and back, an all-weather suede seat, and a unique speedometer. While the visual modifications make the bike look dramatic to be modest, the custom shop also managed to shave-off 35lbs of the Continental 650 GT’s weight in the process. If you thought getting your hands on this one would be easy, it’ll be limited to only nine special edition units. Jaeger motorcycle will come as a Jaeger kit a la carte or completed finished motorcycle.

Designer: Bandit9

Click Here to Buy Now: $28,000

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