Alienware-inspired portable Solid-State Drive to carry with you its sleek gaming aesthetics

Sometimes a brand represents itself so well, you don’t even have to own an item before knowing what it’ll do for you. That’s the case with Alienware, an American computer hardware subsidiary of Dell, and the reason Sidhant Patnaik noticed the potential in creating a portable flash storage harddrive with Alienware’s gaming brand identity charging its aesthetic.

Following the same design language as newer Alienware products, Patnaik felt inspired by the subtly futuristic appearance of them and conceptualized a portable solid-state drive that fits in with other Alienware companion pieces, such as their Gaming Laptop and Aurora R11. An SSD, which efficiently functions using flash-based memory for faster and smoother operation between it and the computer, would fit right into their easily identifiable, alien-themed product lineup. Primarily a gaming brand, Alienware users’ computers naturally hold a lot of information, so external hard drives are necessary. Speaking to a niche audience, such as Alienware’s gaming consumers, it’s important for a brand to notice what they might depend on in order to keep products like laptops and core processors operating smoothly.

SSDs are generally a rite of passage for any technology user, but often they’re regarded as a separate product entirely. For gamers, it is essential that each piece of hardware works cohesively in tandem with each other in order to keep games and additional software running without disruption. Patnaik’s product design certainly fits the bill with 2TB of storage, along with ports and electric connectors that fit into other Alienware products like they’re made for each other since in this case, they are.

Designer: Sidhant Patnaik

This Modular laptop/tablet’s hybrid design uses a unique hinge to unleash its versatility!

Nowadays, almost everyone is a self-identified creative, and rightfully so – the laptop or tablet is already buzzing at our fingertips, all we need is for inspiration to guide them. Whether it be cartoon illustrations, trendy graphic design, or EDM sets to DJ, all we need is the technology and we’re halfway there. But sometimes that’s the hardest part. In order to make it all a little easier and more attractive, Charley Bircumshaw designed a modular hybrid of a laptop-tablet so that creatives who feel inspired by more than one artistic outlet will always have their very own ‘one-stop-shop.’

By inserting bespoke hinges to the tablet, the purpose, structure, and facade of the overall design changes in order to provide alternative forms of usage. By simply removing the laptop’s keyboard and attaching a music-making unit, the product turns into your very own DJ module. Making up the design are some key components: two, fullscreen tablets, a music module, a computer keyboard, a couple of bespoke hinges, and electric grooves. Each part comes to comprise the mutability that transforms this particular design into something special. The varying modules click into one another, like chargers into phone ports, in order to transfer energy from one component to the next. The bespoke hinges bring this design to the next level by providing the electric current necessary for energy to run through the connected devices for operation. Once connected, all you’ll need is the itch to create.

Bircumshaw’s commitment to producing a hybrid laptop-tablet with a minimal and symmetric structure turns its modularity up a notch. Not only is the product impressive in its assembly of four different pieces of electronic hardware, but its slim finish reveals a dedication to today’s cool technological aesthetics. The modular laptop-tablet is a contemporary, elegantly modest design that works as a constant reminder of the endless potential behind creation.

Designer: Charley Bircumshaw

This Smart Robot Is The Perfect Quarantine Companion For Youngsters!

Quarantine has been an adjustment period for everyone, but especially for young children who only got a taste of what socializing and education could offer prior to the onset of today’s global pandemic. The world is most likely forever changed as a result, which true creatives embrace accordingly. Designers behind products like Xiaole, an educational company robot for young minds, adapt to today’s world while acknowledging the connective companionship that molded our world of yesterday. Xiaole offers a touch of sentimentality in its friendly accompaniment and an artful amount of respect for the young person of today in regard to their future world.

Companionship is essential for young children, so globally mandated quarantines might get in the way of fundamental growth. Jerry C, the designer behind Xiaole, created the smart companion prior to 2020, but it’s timelier than ever. Xiaole’s digital library is filled with high-quality content that helps inspire self-motivated education amongst youngsters. Reminiscent of robot characters from science-fiction films, this robot is also naturally comforting and familiar to young minds, so learning will always feel welcome and accessible. Speaking to the product’s accessibility, the digital library is stocked with integrated translators, encyclopedias, and entertainment components. This all-encompassing library provides thoughtful and leisurely entertainment for children of varying ages and backgrounds. Xiaole is warm in its shape, emotional in its digitized expressions, and dynamic is physical gestures. This smart robot is intuitive in its control buttons, so anyone, no matter how old or young, will be able to bring Xiaole to life With this merging of innovation and sensitivity, Jerry C notes that Xiaole is a “smart companion robot with a sense of technology and affinity.”

Ahead of its time, Xiaole’s design was conceived before the age of COVID-19, but its early arrival speaks to the young human’s inevitable need for connection and stimulation. With or without quarantine, we all need some good friends in today’s world, especially young kids, and if there ever was a time to implement lighthearted respect for our unstoppable future world through design, the time is now.

Designer: Jerry C

This award-winning soldering iron’s smoke purifying design is the modern avatar of this age-old tool!

For DIY welding aficionados, the details are key with soldering tools. The welder has to be an appropriate size, the time it takes for the iron to heat up could make or break the experience, and the amount of heat generated has to make sense for each job. That’s why Red Dot gave their 2020 Design Award to an electric soldering iron with smoke purification capabilities – it managed to check all the boxes.

The lead designer behind this safety welder, Wang Guoqiang, implemented a built-in air purifier in order to filter toxic fumes that are inevitably inhaled when using other soldering tools on the market. The main body of the tool is comprised of an internal purification system that incorporates an exhaust and suction mechanism in order to filter harmful fumes that come from soldering. At the head of the tool, a tube of glass contains the flow of heat and air so burns that could result from touching hot, exposed iron are entirely avoided. The electric soldering iron works on built-in, rechargeable, lithium batteries so that it functions wirelessly and you don’t have to worry about messy wires while you’re getting a job done. This electric soldering iron with smoke purification features is the size of a pen for easy clean-up and storage, making it the perfect portable or household tool.

Designer: Wang Guoqiang x Ningbo Fonu

This furniture design doubling as a home gym is the perfect fit for your home interiors!

Working out in your own home can get overwhelming. Crowded spaces and clunky machinery are eyesores in any space. It seems the only available workout equipment on the market today caters to those who already have space, money, and time for a separate home gym altogether, so putting a big treadmill in the middle of the living room isn’t even part of the question. Hannah Fink, a designer with Pratt Institute, constructed The Groove in order to make the benefits of working out possible while maintaining comfortable living spaces.

The Groove was conceptualized based around the efficiency of pilates reformers, resistance training, and gymnastics, integrating an entire gym into one piece of furniture. Fink reimagined working out at home by merging practicality with style. The Groove mounts three cushioned units onto quiet, rubber wheels and connects them with resistance bands, allowing for a catalog of possible exercises: heel raises, bicep curls, leg presses, sliding planks. Pulling on inspiration from pilates and gymnastics, The Groove incorporates the four pillars of fitness: aerobic, strengthening, stretching, and balance. Since most pieces of home gym equipment focus on only one pillar, users might unknowingly neglect other muscle groups, which can lead to an imbalance that contributes to overuse injuries.

Home gyms should provide versatility for bodily ambulation; miniature experimentation offered Fink insight as to how The Groove could deliver that. The three levels of resistance that connect the units emphasize that mutability. After working alongside fitness professionals, Fink conceptualized and manufactured a final product that implements resistance bands of varying strength levels, along with handles, and barbell attachments for seated rows, tricep extensions, and bicep curls. Solid, white oak wood with beveled edges enhance the furniture’s aesthetic value, and an upholstered cushion made from weatherproof, washable fabric can easily be removed for deep cleaning. The versatility and simplicity of The Groove remind us that taking care of our physical health can be as convenient as it is healthful, so long as we allow it to be.

Designer: Hannah Fink

This sleek wearable microphone with real-time audio backup is the need of the hour!

With virtual work in full swing thanks to COVID-19,  practically half of our workdays depend on functional audio systems. Treating patients on Zoom can get difficult when a laptop’s built-in microphone doesn’t quite catch the diagnosis. Teachers sometimes have no other choice but to raise their voices when addressing a full classroom on Zoom since everyone’s using the same quality mic and the louder you speak, the more likely you’ll be heard. Fortunately, Anthony Mattana, the designer behind Hooke Lav, a wireless, wearable microphone that transmits professional-grade sound, has a solution.

In our world, where content is money, professionals of all ages need a microphone with which we can always rely upon. Hooke Lav, from Hooke audio, is a wearable microphone that has a 24-bit-depth, records in 48kHz with low latency, and is compatible with iPhones, Androids, DSLR’s, GoPro’s, various field recorders, and Mac/PC. Through Bluetooth 5.0, this mic allows users to record anything, anywhere, but since Bluetooth isn’t always reliable, Hooke Lav has 8GB worth of internal storage so that each and every audio recording is backed up in real-time, making capturing audio seamlessly foolproof.

To get started, just slip the mic on wherever with the light facing inside and press record – simple as that, no bulky hardware necessary. The designers with Hooke Audio know that sound matters above all else. With built-in microphones, our voices are constantly challenged to compete against background noises, spotty service, and far distances, but with Hooke Lav, pro-grade audio can be recorded from any distance to any device. Since the need for microphones changes from day to day, Hooke Lav incorporates some mutable features. In solo mode, only one mic records audio and transmits it to your device. In duet mode, two microphones can capture two separate streams of audio so that every voice is heard crystal clear, which makes it the perfect microphone for podcasts, interviews, or YouTube videos.

Young content creators know which equipment works best for their channels so, in addition to Hooke Lav’s compatibility with several different operating systems, when the mic is set to receiver mode, audio is transmitted from the mic onto a smartphone or other content-creating hardware, overriding any built-in microphone in the process. This means that you can live stream from Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube without the worry of your mic picking up on any other voice but your own. Alternatively, when Hooke Lav is set to island mode, the mic works like a recorder, so any sound you record can be stored for later use.

With an app to pair with its hardware and seven hours of continuous battery life, Hooke Audio seems to have considered any potential roadblock. Thanks to its wireless capabilities, the absolute commitment to zero-bulk hardware, and its user-friendliness, Hooke Lav beats out the competition and rises to every occasion, exactly how it will record your voice.

Designer: Hooke Audio

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Hooke Lav: A Sleek Wireless Mic With Pro-Grade Sound

A wearable microphone with studio-quality sound that captures dropout-free audio with one click.

Hooke Lav is a wireless microphone that captures pro-grade sound with no wires, no dropouts, and no hassle. The Bluetooth lav has 8GB of internal storage and connects to any device with the click of a button. This slick, minimalist microphone maximizes your freedom to record with no setup necessary!

It’s the first truly wireless device to send high-quality audio over Bluetooth at low latency. The stylish, clip-on gives you professional quality audio recording in the studio, on the go, and out in the wild. It eliminates wind noise, cuts the cord and, thanks to its internal storage, picks up every second of audio even if Bluetooth cuts out.

Give your phone or camera a mega upgrade

Smartphone cameras have been upgraded year after year, but their mics still don’t measure up, leaving you with subpar sound on crystal-clear videos. The same goes for mics on DSLR cameras and laptops—the quality isn’t there!

The only way to improve sound quality is upgrading to a better microphone, but that often requires sizable funds, technical know-how, and a learning curve. And on top of that, most “quality” lavalier microphones on the market have messy cords or bulky design.

Click Here To Buy Now: $115 $179 ($64 off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left! Raised over $568,945.

This portable Coffee Maker’s nesting design is the ultimate travel companion!

As I prepared for my first camping trip, coffee was the only thing on my mind. I thought my worries were solved once I packed my stovetop coffeemaker and portable propane stove, but then the propane ran out, so my first cup of coffee had to wait. Situations like these are exactly why the Nesting Cafe, designed by Songhwa Park, was created. Whether you’re at a sporting event or on a camping trip, the Nesting Cafe will make sure you stay caffeinated no matter what.

Nesting Cafe’s design reinterprets the iconic Matryoshka doll by attaching a capsule coffee maker to the inside of its steel tumbler and removable wooden cup. The bottom of the wooden cup utilizes a magnet in order to securely attach to the coffee maker so that you can bring it everywhere you go. Once the coffee is finished brewing, then the user can decide whether they’d like to sip it straight from the tumbler, where the coffee from the capsule is poured into, or drink some out of the accompanying wooden mug. The product is comprised of three main parts: its carrying case, which includes a leather strap for easy transportation and the compartment for pods to brew your coffee, a tumbler, which fills up with coffee once brewed, and lastly, the removable wooden mug which provides an additional option from which to drink. Nesting Cafe was also designed in an assortment of different tones and shades so that no matter where you might find yourself, coffee will always follow.

Upon first glance, Nesting Cafe might look like a really slick, modern take on the Russian doll we’ve come to cherish. While that would be an accurate assumption, it’s also so much more. Opening the product’s front door, the user sees all that comprises the portable coffee maker. Just like the beloved Russian doll, Nesting Cafe brings new life to an otherwise timeless appliance.

Designer: Songhwa Park

This self-sustaining compost system turns your food scraps into a thriving indoor garden!

The world as we once knew it is changing. While the list of changes seems too long to share – gardening would be considered one of them. The environment and sustainable living have been hot topics for some time now, but in 2020, they’ve turned into personal commitments for people across the globe. Composting is one way to promote sustainability in your own living space, as proved by AQUA, a sustainable, contained gardening system. AQUA was created by OG Design so that environmentally conscious people can curate their very own self-sustaining indoor garden no matter where they live.

AQUA’s system is comprised of three main working parts: a container for food waste, an elevated light structure, and three soil pots. The food waste container is located on one side of the indoor planter and turns your leftover food scraps into compost for fertilizer. Composting is a method used to decompose organic solid waste and fertilize the soil for gardening. The slim, attractive light fixture is situated directly above AQUA’s garden pots and provides the mini garden with nourishing light-energy. The indoor, gardening system is completely self-sustaining and conveniently sized in order to fit into any kitchen or living space. The system itself works after food waste is dumped into the container on the left-hand side, fertilizing the soil contained in the trio of modestly sized pots, each of which provides energy for plants to then grow and thrive.

OG Design conceptualized AQUA in order to “[keep] food from entering landfills” and for users “to cultivate their own small vegetable garden,” because food accounts for 46.2% of combustible waste. The interest in gardening, especially indoor gardening, and sustainable living is rising with younger generations as city living becomes more popular. In urban spaces, ecologically conscious living is tricky as there’s less yard space and community gardens can be hard to come by. AQUA makes sustainable living possible for any city home, from the small efficiency studio to the three-story townhouse. As long as you’ve got a kitchen counter or windowsill, your personal vegetable garden awaits.

Designer: OG Design

This folding partition works as tables to transform your food truck dining experience!

From Los Angeles to Tokyo, food trucks are staples in cities across the globe. Whether you’re attending a smorgasbord or just grabbing a bite on your lunch break, food trucks are known for providing customers with quick and tasty meals, but not so much for dining space. When eating out at a food truck, searching for a spot to eat your meal is usually expected. However, Grutergi, an adjustable, folding partition that can transform into a dining area, attaches to food trucks so that customers can eat their food while it’s still hot. Jeongho Oh designed Grutergi to make the food truck and market experience cleaner and more convenient.

Grutergi allows food truck customers to enjoy their meals right away with its paneled fence that folds down to meet your height. The double-sided partition allows for dining space on one side and garbage disposal on the other as Jeongho Oh also designed Grutergi in order to combat the messy aspect of food truck dining. Whether you’re stumbling your way towards a food truck after leaving the bars, or you’re running a tight work schedule and can’t waste any more time, tidiness is usually compromised for the sake of enjoying your meal. After finishing your meal, it can be a long time before finding garbage to dispose of the takeout containers. By attaching trash bins to Grutergi, customers will be able to enjoy their food while also upholding the truck’s cleanliness. The multiple folding lines on Grutergi make it easy to bend the partition to your preferred height (find us a dining table that can do the same!) or keep it standing to create a divider – the possibilities are endless.

In many cities, food trucks are sometimes even more popular than dine-ins thanks to their speedy, fresh preparation, and their accessibility. Even with their ever-growing popularity, food trucks are known for their convenience and not so much for their dining areas. But sometimes finding a spot to eat your food peacefully can sometimes take longer than eating your actual food. Thankfully, Grutergi can do that work for you.

Designer: Jeongho Oh

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A turntable that doubles as an analog clock is a space-saving way to evoke nostalgia!

Nostalgia permeates throughout any room with a turntable or analog clock. But nowadays, any song from any artist can be played with the touch of a button. Hardly anyone who owns an analog clock looks at it before looking at their iPhone. Turntables and wall clocks seem to be technologies of the past, but still, we savor the crackly, crisp sound that comes from spinning records and we adorn our walls with mounted clocks because they bring us back to a time from our younger years. While all of this is true, turntables and analog clocks are a type of technological hardware that is just as reliably functional as it is sentimental. Joonho Sung designed the Vinyl Clock in order to bridge the constant functionality of a clock with the retro sound and lure of a turntable.

When turntables aren’t in use, they have a tendency to just take up space. They have no purpose other than to play music, so by turning it into a dual-functioning house product, the machine operates on a round-the-clock basis, pun intended. The final product is a stand-up record player whose cartridge doubles as a second-hand for its other purpose of telling and keeping track of time. By incorporating a removable axial cap, the design’s clock can be deconstructed in order to transform into a turntable. Once you select the record you’d like to play, it’s easy to reconstruct the clock back to its practical display. Manually-automated control dials for both volume and time are positioned just above the Vinyl Clock’s speaker for easy, fine-tuning. Through a simple transference of duties, the product’s epitomic function is to play your favorite records, using the clock’s second hand as a cartridge, while also providing you with the time of day – no longer will your turntable not be in use.

Just like the time, music is always around us, and with the popularity of turntables only increasing, a music player, that doubles as a multi-functioning design piece, makes for the perfect marriage of yesteryear’s appreciation for music with today’s innovative design energy. Joonho Sung created the Vinyl Clock in order to remind users of how precious parlor music once was, while also acknowledging the expectations of today’s vinyl listeners. The Vinyl Clock bridges value and manual labor with innovation and contemporary design so that the records can keep on spinning.

Designer: Joonho Sung