The Madillo helmet’s design allows it to work as an indicator and distress beacon

Disruptive in both form and function, the Madillo helmet is quite unlike any helmet you may have seen. For starters, it ditches the regular hard-hat shell you’d expect from a helmet, for something Lukas calls an auxetic material, or a material capable of stretching in a given direction. This material and unusual pattern gives the Madillo the ability to comfortably take the shape of your head, embracing its shape. Connecting cords hold the helmet together and can be stretched through the earpiece (image above), to adjust the Madillo helmet’s shape.

Its hollow, grille-like design also allows light to pass through its crevasses, giving the Madillo the ability to work as an indicator. A thin lighting module sits under the outer material, shining to indicate when you’re turning left or right. Visible to the people beside and behind you, this feature helps fellow drivers know where you’re headed… but that’s not all. The Madillo comes with a life-saving beacon too that lights the helmet up to attract the attention of passers-by. Additionally, it even sends an SOS signal out to the nearest hospital and summons for an ambulance, while transmitting your location to make sure you’re escorted to safety.

The Madillo Helmet is a winner of the iF Design Talent Award for the year 2018.

Designer: Lukas Franz (University of Applied Sciences)

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Water-powered Lighting for All


It’s hard to imagine what life would be like without light, but the reality is that this precious thing we take for granted is something many people around the world can only dream of. For them, Beacon is a new conceptual device that provides illumination using the power of salt water.

Ideal for areas close to the sea, the design utilizes a galvanic cell battery system and only requires refilling with salt water. Unlike kerosene or oil lamps which pollute the air and are dangerous, this design is so safe to use that even kids can operate it.

Designer: Carmen Cumming


Light Project (yanko)

Light Project (yanko)

Light Project (yanko)

Never Get Lost at Sea


Time is the plain and simple difference between life and death at sea. This is especially true for water sports enthusiasts like surfers and skiers who put themselves at peril for the activities they love. The Coastal Beacon and Buoyancy Aid offers a streamlined solution that jumps into action in the event of an emergency.

The wearable device fits comfortably on the arm and can be triggered by the wearer in seconds after an accident, being caught in a riptide, or finding themselves stranded. Once triggered, a flotation aid is released and a GPS location alert is sent directly to the Coast Guard for immediate rescue.

Designer: Mike George for DCA Design