How child-security apps lengthen the reach of parents

My son recently turned 3 years old. Now that he's a "big boy," he wants to explore and run ahead of me, even though he lacks the wherewithal and caution to do so. My instincts, as a first-time father, are to hold onto him for dear life. I can't hold...

Water-powered Lighting for All


It’s hard to imagine what life would be like without light, but the reality is that this precious thing we take for granted is something many people around the world can only dream of. For them, Beacon is a new conceptual device that provides illumination using the power of salt water.

Ideal for areas close to the sea, the design utilizes a galvanic cell battery system and only requires refilling with salt water. Unlike kerosene or oil lamps which pollute the air and are dangerous, this design is so safe to use that even kids can operate it.

Designer: Carmen Cumming


Light Project (yanko)

Light Project (yanko)

Light Project (yanko)

Never Get Lost at Sea


Time is the plain and simple difference between life and death at sea. This is especially true for water sports enthusiasts like surfers and skiers who put themselves at peril for the activities they love. The Coastal Beacon and Buoyancy Aid offers a streamlined solution that jumps into action in the event of an emergency.

The wearable device fits comfortably on the arm and can be triggered by the wearer in seconds after an accident, being caught in a riptide, or finding themselves stranded. Once triggered, a flotation aid is released and a GPS location alert is sent directly to the Coast Guard for immediate rescue.

Designer: Mike George for DCA Design












Construction with caution


Construction workers are pretty brave. Being able to perform the kind of tasks they perform, especially at those heights. It’s not an art, it’s sheer courage. I’ve shuddered at the thought of standing under scaffolding, I can only imagine what it feels like actually standing on top of it, balancing gingerly a hundred feet from the ground on a frail looking pipe structure. Scaffolding, as it is called, can be quite unpredictable. One weak link, or one gust of wind, and the entire thing can fall apart like dominoes. The Scaffolding Alert beacon is a pressure sensitive device that sits between pipes in a scaffolding structure. What it does is that it provides alerts when any part of the grid starts becoming weak. An alarm is instantly initiated when evacuation must be begun, so that no human life is lost in the eventuality of a mishap.

Designers: Chen Yu-Sheng & Liao Mei-Chih.