Adobe offers schools Creative Cloud licenses for $5/year

Adobe has been slowly moving its apps and services to the cloud since 2013. If you use any of the company's creative products — like Photoshop, Illustrator or Lightroom — you probably already purchase them via a subscription, which can ru...

Launch a Creative Career with This Comprehensive Design & Multimedia Training Bundle

If you’ve always been artistic and dreamed of pursuing a creative career, now’s the time to take the leap. This extensive series of online courses will get you headed down the right path, right now. With the courses in this bundle, you’ll practice, grow, and enhance your design skills so that any creative job can be at your fingertips.

You’ll receive guidance and training in Adobe Photoshop, Flash, InDesign, AutoDesk Maya, Unity, and so many more tools that you’ll regularly use in a career as a graphic designer and digital artist. In addition to graphic design training, there are courses in 3D modeling and animation, compositing, game development, video editing, visual effects, and more. Thanks to lifetime access, you’ll be able to experience 200+ courses as many times as you want, and earn certificates to prove your mastery at the end of every course.

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The best desktop photo-editing apps

Last month we covered the best mobile photo-editing apps, but if you're serious about photography you'll need more than the tools a phone or tablet can provide. Professionals rely on software from Adobe and others because of the power these programs...

Photoshop uses AI to make selecting people less of a hassle

Masking a human or other subject out of a scene is a pretty common trick nowadays, but it's is still arguably one of the hardest and lowest-tech parts of Photoshop. Adobe's about to make that a lot easier, thanks to an upcoming AI-powered feature cal...

HP ZBook X2 hands-on: A hulking tablet for a niche audience

HP claims to have made the "world's most powerful detachable." The company is unveiling its ZBook X2 convertible at the Adobe Max conference today, which is appropriate since this device is designed for people who use Adobe's pro software suite. Spec...

Palette’s Lego-like controls made me a faster video editor

Until robots take over video editing, you'll still have to fiddle with cuts, colors and sound levels. A keyboard is not always the best tool for that, and many control surfaces, like Loupedeck, are strictly targeted at Lightroom users. So what's a vi...

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