AMD’s new Radeon software offers game streaming away from home

AMD is finishing 2019 with a big software update, particularly for gamers who'd rather not leave their PC games at home. It just released Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020, and the most eye-catching feature is support for game streaming to phones over...

Common product designs reimagined to create uncommon humor-filled results!

Do you remember how as kids (and me as an adult too!) you would lie down on the grass and looked at the sky to decipher shapes out of clouds? Designer Jose Navarro’s work brings the same childlike curiosity with some expert photo manipulation to make us see the other side of the objects we use in our everyday life! Mixing concepts, images, and colors, Jose is setting Instagram on fire with his handle @j.m.navarro with illustrations that bring us a touch of humor, inspiration and basically make you smile for seeing this fresh take on everything from your airpods, shoes to even a straw!

Shoes meet the tank in this conceptual render. Although, in hindsight, these would make quite cool roller-skating shoes!

This one made me actually laugh out loud! Titled, ‘Undercover Agent’ you can actually imagine the futuristic traffic camera or CCTV’s being disguised as pigeons!

The artwork titled Trashed People focuses on getting rid of the negativity in life by just trashing the people who are not healthy for us.

Addiction Sucks and this visual metaphor is an apt reminder of why you should keep away from it.

This artichoke grenade is quite literally the green bomb your system needs.

Take a bite out of this heart to literally just ‘Hurt a Heart’.

There is something sinister in this mix of leather gloves and the crow titles ‘Dark Feelings’.

Beautifully harmonious wooden lines form the rings of the vinly disc in this turntable evoked from the Flintstones age!

For the times when you want a literal break from your phone, just dip into this pool.

Simple, delicious and light, this cloudy sushi is the best dinner.

Final Cut Pro X gets a speed boost through Apple’s Metal

The latest Final Cut Pro X update, released today, takes advantage of Apple's Metal API to provide leaps in performance. With a new Metal-based engine, the updated Final Cut Pro X improves playback and accelerates tasks like rendering, real-time effe...

ASUS’ ProArt StudioBook One is a breathtakingly powerful laptop

You know a company is feeling confident when it has industry-standard benchmarking software pre-installed on its demo PCs. ASUS' new ProArt StudioBook One is the first to offer NVIDIA's class-leading Quadro RTX 6000 pro graphics. And it had Futur...

NVIDIA’s latest GPU drivers pack a speed boost for ‘Apex Legends’

It's common for graphics card drivers to provide optimizations for games, but the improvements aren't often this conspicuous. NVIDIA has released a Gamescom Game Ready Driver that offers significant speedups for multiple games, most notably Apex Leg...

‘StarCraft’ gets the cartoon makeover nobody asked for

When you think of kid-friendly video games, StarCraft might not top the list. But that could change. A new version, StarCraft: Cartooned, reimagines every unit, structure, map, menu and mission with art by CarBot Animations. The usually dark game is...

NVIDIA ‘Super’ GPU leaks hint at not-so-super speed boosts

There might not be much mystery left to NVIDIA's "Super" launch. VideoCardz claims to have detailed specs and release details for the company's GeForce RTX Super lineup, and they appear to be what you'd expect: souped-up versions of existing RTX chi...

Microsoft is selling a cut-back 15-inch Surface Book 2 for $1,999

When Microsoft introduced the Surface Book 2 in 2017, it added a 15-inch screen option. While that gave the Macbook Pro some serious competition, it still started at $2,499. Now, Microsoft is offering a 15-inch Surface Book 2 configuration for $1,999...

Apple’s big iMovie iOS update includes green screen and more

It looks like Apple is taking the casual filmmaker a little more seriously. Its latest update for iMovie for iOS -- out today -- comes with a new green screen effect, better still image support, 80 new soundtracks, graphic overlays and more.