Facebook reveals the AI tool it used to ban 6.6 billion fake accounts

Today, Facebook unveiled a machine learning tool that, in the last year, has removed more than six billion fake accounts. That's in addition to the millions of new fake accounts that Facebook blocks from being created daily. According to Facebook, th...

Twitter will let you report posts aimed at suppressing voters

Twitter is rolling out another tool meant to protect the 2020 US election. Today, it announced that during "key moments" of the election users will be able to report misleading information about how to participate in an election or other civic event....

Grovemade’s Task Knife turns a humble design tool into an incredibly desirable instrument

Bringing aspects of design to the very tool you’d use for designing purposes, the Grovemade Task Knife is to cutters and scalpels what Moleskine is to notebooks, or Muji is to stationery. It transforms a humble design tool into a well-designed instrument that every creative worth their salt would absolutely love to own, use, and put on display on their Insta-worthy workspaces.

The Grovemade Task Knife comes with a pristine monolithic design that combines handle and blade into one perfect package. The handle features the Grovemade logo machined onto one end, as it seamlessly transitions into a sheepsfoot blade at the other end, perfect for cutting anything from paper to foam or even leather. Machined from a single metal billet, the Task Knife comes in stainless steel with a matte black ceramic coating, or regular stainless steel and brass variants that showcase the true colors of the respective metals, complete with the CNC machine lines for that extra bit of raw beauty. The knives are available as standalone instruments but are best paired with Grovemade’s distinctive wooden stands that showcase the Task Knife in all its glory, keeping the instrument mounted vertically in a way that’s both gorgeous to look at and also easy to grasp and use, so you’re never rifling through stationery kits or rummaging through cabinets for your tools. Each Task Knife is made to absolute perfection in Grovemade’s headquarters in Portland Oregon with the utmost respect for form, function, detail, and quality… by designers, for designers.

Designer: Grovemade

Adobe previews expanded controls for Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill

Adobe's next Photoshop release will give users more control over the Content-Aware Fill feature. If you've used the tool, you know that it lets you remove objects from a photo -- like people, signs or equipment. Photoshop then generates pixels to fil...

Phone companies and state attorneys general join forces to fight robocalls

US consumers receive as many as 350,000 unwanted calls every three minutes, according to the FCC. Despite multiple efforts to end the onslaught, an estimated 4.7 billion robocalls hit American phones in July alone. Now, attorneys general from all 50...

Reddit experiments with livesteaming

Over the weekend, rumors and speculation began circulating on Reddit. Users were wondering what cryptic messages on r/pan, a new Reddit community, could mean. Today, Reddit pulled back the curtain. It announced Reddit Public Access Network (r/pan), a...

Instagram users can now flag false content

Beginning today, Instagram users can report content that they believe to be false. Instagram will use those flags to better understand misinformation on the platform and to train its AI to spot false content. In time, Instagram will use the feedback,...

Fenix PD36R Flashlight Review: A Pocket Powerhouse

If you’re looking for a super-bright and well built flashlight that’s up to about any task, look no further. Measuring in at just 5.4″ long, the Fenix PD36R may be small, but it is also mighty. This compact flashlight is capable of pushing out an insane amount of brightness despite its size, and manages to offer impressive runtimes as well.

Its incredibly powerful LED is capable of cranking out 1600 lumens, with a reach of up to 928 feet. Plus, it can run for significantly longer than other compact flashlights thanks to its 21700 lithium-ion battery.

Everything about this little flashlight exudes quality. It’s built from high-strength, oxidation-resistant aluminum, and its case has been hard-anodized in an abrasion-resistant black finish. It feels great in the hand, and is just the right size for carrying in your backpack, on a belt loop or molle strap, and even fits in your pocket. Plus, its case is designed to prevent rolling if you set it down on a tabletop. It’s also IPX 68 waterproof and dustproof.

Flipping on the flashlight simply requires the press of a rubber-covered button on its tail end. Changing modes is achieved with a gentle push on the copper thumb button on the side. While I don’t have a way of measuring actual light output levels, I can attest to the fact that this flashlight is one of the brightest I’ve ever seen in person. In its highest output mode, I was able to light up an entire room in my darkened basement, and in the outdoors, it was able to provide visibility for hundreds of feet.

The PD36R offers five different brightness levels: 30, 150, 350, 800, and 1600 lumens, with runtimes of 115 hours, 26 hours, 8 hours 24 minutes, 5 hours 49 minutes, and 2 hours 50 minutes, respectively. Yes, even in at maximum brightness, this bad boy will run for nearly 3 hours! In addition to its static light modes, it has a strobe mode which operates at the highest brightness. This is great for signaling in emergencies, and drawing attention from quite a distance.

Its voluminous 5000 mAh battery is quite impressive in its ability to not only run for a long time, but it charges quickly too. A full charge takes just 4 hours, while 10 minutes of charge via its USB-C port will give you up to 5 hours of runtime at the 150 lumen setting. One thing I did notice while charging is that the flashlight does get quite warm, so be sure not to set it on anything flammable or that can be damaged from heat while charging.

I’m really impressed with this little flashlight, and it’s going straight into my everyday carry bag. It blasts out an amazing amount of light for something so small, plus, it can run for enough time to make it truly useful, regardless of the brightness setting you use. Currently priced at $99.95, it’s not exactly the cheapest flashlight, but you get what you pay for, and the Fenix PD36R won’t let you down.