8-in-1 EDC multitool scissors are the perfect sidekick for your urban and outdoor adventures

All of us are probably familiar with the feeling of helplessness when we encounter a problem that we can’t solve without some equipment. Even worse, we’re often caught unprepared when we do bring along some tools and, much to our exasperation, discover that we are actually missing the right tool for the job. It’s nearly impossible to bring along all possible tools you can think of, not unless you’re actually a handyman carrying a toolbox with you all the time. That’s why multi-functional tools have become quite popular these days, and this rather ingenious take on that design crams no less than eight functions in a pair of handsome scissors small enough to fit on your palm.

Designer: Eiger Design

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Having scissors in your EDC kit is nothing new, especially in places where you can legally stash sharp tools to be ready for any eventuality. Most of these scissors often come in foldable forms to save up space, but this design often sacrifices power for the sake of size. These are also single-purpose tools that offer nothing beyond cutting and snipping objects, presuming they’re thin and weak enough for that.

The Eiger Tool 8-in-1 Multi-functional Scissors proves that you don’t have to make sacrifices just to keep something small. Even without resorting to a foldable mechanism, these tiny shears reach only 13cm or 5.1 inches, enough to fit in your hand, pocket, and definitely any bag. Even with that size, however, the scissors’ cutting ability isn’t compromised and it can even cut through food ingredients, including pieces of meat.

As the name suggests, cutting is just one of the small scissors’ eight functions. Almost every side and part of the scissors’ body is used efficiently to provide a critical function that you’ll need when you’re on the go. One of the handles, for example, can be used to open lids, while both handles can crush nut shells or hold caps for easier twisting. One of the blades has cutouts for a bottle opener, a can opener, and a degasser, while the other blade also functions as a small knife. Those are 8 distinct use cases that this tool can handle without taking up any additional space in your bag or pocket.

Even with all the features crammed into a single tool, these palm-sized scissors are still made with aesthetics, usability, and durability in mind. An oxidation coating technique not only increases the stainless steel’s rust resistance, it also gives the scissors an elegant black appearance that easily stands out among other EDC tools. The two halves are also easy to detach and reattach, making cleaning a trivial task. Whether you’re crafting crafts indoors or having a stress-free day outdoors, these multi-functional palm-sized scissors will always stay with you, ready to cut through any problem with style.

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This rapid-deploy tactical folding knife combines sharpness and style in a handy package

EDCs or Everyday Carries have become the common person’s version of Batman’s utility belt, cramming as many essential tools as possible in a small bag. Of course, what is “essential” can be different from person to person, with some prioritizing gadgets and electronics, while others have a complete set of handyman tools at their disposal. Whatever your use case might be, there will always come a time when you need to cut or slice something and pocket-sized scissors just won’t do. That’s where the Tekto F2 Bravo folding knife comes in, delivering a sharp and powerful blade that quickly deploys for whatever task you need it. Best of all, its small size and handsome looks make it a perfect addition to any EDC kit.

Designer: Tekto Design

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Folding knives, even the tactical kind, are a dime a dozen these days, but that doesn’t mean they’re all equal in ability and design. Some look and feel like large weapons for battle, while others are small yet so flimsy that they can barely cut anything worthwhile. Striking the perfect balance between size, strength, ease of use, and aesthetics, is no easy feat, and yet Tekto manages to pull it off again and again, as proven by the F2 Bravo, a handsome tool whose simple beauty belies the cutting power that lies within.

Titanium Accents – With its custom pivot, machined clip, and milled spacer, the F2 Bravo exemplifies a premium, high-end feel that uniquely matches the look and feel of the knife.

Lightweight – The F2 Bravo weighs only 2.4oz (68g) and comes in two different handle materials best known for their lightness and extreme durability, Forged Carbon and G10.

It may have “tactical” in its name, but the Tekto F2 Bravo looks and feels more like a premium tool than a rugged knife. The handle, which comes in Forged Carbon or G10 variants, feels light yet solid, providing confidence in your grip, while titanium accents put it a level above your common folding knives. Recessed liners also give it a rather clean appearance, cementing its image as a high-end product that won’t look out of place in your carry.

Ceramic Ball Bearings – The state-of-the-art ceramic ball bearing mechanism allows the F2 Bravo to deploy the blade rapidly and smoothly with the utmost ease.

The Tekto F2 Bravo is more than just a pretty face, of course. The titanium-coated D2 steel blade offers sharp and precise cuts every time, while its black appearance gives it a more elegant character compared to the typical silver blades of other knives. More importantly, getting access to this powerful blade is quick and easy thanks to a state-of-the-art ceramic ball bearing mechanism that can deploy the blade swiftly and smoothly. And with a discreet liner lock with a strategically placed jimping, you always have a secure hold on the knife, regardless of the difficulty of the task at hand.

Why settle for bulky, unattractive, or ineffective folding knives when you can have the best of all worlds? With a smooth and swift deployment thanks to innovative ceramic ball bearings, and a handsome minimalist design, the Tekto F2 Bravo tactical folding knife is more than just a tool. It is also a timeless and well-thought-out design that would be a welcome addition to your EDC team.

Click Here to Buy Now: $127.50 $149.99 ($22.49 off with coupon code “F2YANKO”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

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Curved ruler avoids smudging using a beautiful and elegant design

Rulers are one of the most ancient draftsmanship tools humans have come up with, serving both as a measuring device as well as a guide for drawing straight lines. Its design has barely changed over the centuries, still traditionally a long and flat stick of wood, metal, or plastic. There have recently been a few wild ideas on how to improve the experience, but many of those completely change the design to the point that the tool is unidentifiable as a ruler. Not all improvements have to be that drastic or revolutionary, however. Sometimes, you just need to think outside the box just a bit to produce a new design that is not only more usable than a regular ruler but also more attractive, like this ruler concept with sexy curves that make it double as a piece of decoration on your desk.

Designers: Chung Ping Lun, Kuo Kai Lei (Medium2 Studio)

On the one hand, there is no need for a ruler to be overly complex, and its simple design has proven to work for centuries. On the other hand, it’s neither the most efficient design nor the most beautiful unless you add so many elaborate embellishments that end up getting in the way of the tool’s usability. Traditional rulers, in particular, risk smearing or smudging the paper because its flat body is always in contact with the surface underneath.

Some more creative designs have the edges of the ruler raised so that you don’t drag the ink or graphite across the edge, which may lead to accidental smearing or bleeding. That, however, doesn’t solve the problem of the ruler itself smudging the marks beneath it. The Ruler_C concept tweaks the design just a little bit to minimize how much contact the ruler makes with the paper or surface beneath it, resulting in an unusual form that turns out to be pleasant to look at as well.

Instead of being completely flat, the Ruler_C’s body curves up toward one side so that only one long edge and both short edges are ever in contact with the drawing surface. This minimizes how much damage the ruler could cause while also improving the tool’s usability. It’s a small change that few would have probably considered but it is an effective one nonetheless.

It also gives the Ruler_C an interesting shape that immediately calls attention to itself without being loud and showy. The gentle slope and anodized aluminum material give it a touch of elegance that you might not expect from such a mundane tool. Even the packaging, which comes as a sliding box, has been modified to visually mimic the way light bounces off the Ruler_C’s curved body. This, in turn, makes the ruler more than just a tool but also a designer product worth showing off on your desk.

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This modular smart ruler removes the headaches of measuring with different units and scales

You’ve probably heard of the advice to measure twice and cut once, which is both metaphorical and literal. It’s not easy to get a measure right the first time, especially if you’re using an analog tool. Things get even more complicated when you have to juggle different units, scales, and other factors that make a plain, old ruler clearly inadequate. There is a new breed of digital measuring devices that try to remedy the situation, but these are mostly useless when you need to measure something that’s already on paper or on your desk. For these tasks, a flat and long ruler is still the best tool for the job, but this innovative smart ruler takes that age-old tool to the next level, providing precision, convenience, and customization right at your fingertips.

Designer: Tiancheng Liang

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The typical long, rectangular ruler serves two primary purposes. One is to measure something in a straight line, and the other is to draw one, sometimes with an exact length. Common rulers might be enough for most people, but professionals need more than just seeing things in metric and inches. NeoRuler turns the idea of what a ruler can do on its head, giving designers, architects, engineers, and everyone in between a tool that adapts to their needs rather than forcing users to adapt to the tool’s limitations.

Switch between Metric and Imperial in one swipe without multiple calculations.

Get 90 Built-in scales for maximum versatilities.

Equal divide space quickly in any length without any calculation.

A typical ruler would have marks for inches and centimeters or millimeters, but those aren’t the only units you need to consider when measuring or drawing lines. Sometimes you have to measure things in both feet and inches, or you might need only fractional figures. The NeoRuler can show all these variations on a single tool and can change the ticks to the appropriate unit. The bright 1.14-inch LCD display clearly shows not only the unit you’re using but also 90 built-in scales. No more guessing or calculating by hand how you’ll make the house floor plan fit on paper!

NeoRuler’s impressive feat is made possible by a tiny computer embedded in its durable aluminum alloy frame. There is also a dynamic array of 300 LED lights lined up on the edge of the ruler, changing ticks and marks in a snap. Need to only measure a small segment? Simply slide the Neo Pointer and watch the ticks light up its trail. You no longer have to juggle numbers in your head just to divide a line into equal parts. Simply decide how many sections you need, and NeoRuler will show exactly where you need to draw the line.

Neo Pointer – Excel measuring detail.

Neo PenHolder – Empower drawing precisions.

Neo Magnifier – Magnify reading accuracy.

Neo Caliper – Enhance object measurement.

Even with these core functions, the NeoRuler is already a major evolution of the ruler, but it doesn’t stop there. This creative invention embraces a modular design that extends its capabilities without making the device more complicated. Don’t trust your shaky hand to draw a straight line even with a ruler? The Neo PenHolder allows you to just glide across the paper without worry. Can’t see the super fine details of a blueprint? The Neo Magnifier helps you make more accurate readings and better assessments. Need to measure something that’s not on paper or a flat surface? The Neo Caliper removes the need for yet another tool to clutter your desk.

Many of the analog tools we already have today work well enough, but that doesn’t mean there is no room for improvement. When flexibility and accuracy are critical to success, a simple ruler just won’t cut it. For only $89, the NeoRuler brings not only a precise measuring tool but also a multifunctional device that makes sure you will be able to measure and draw with complete confidence, even if you only measure once.

Click Here to Buy Now: $89 $129 ($40 off). Less than 72 hours left! Raised over $500,000.

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Mini automatic OTF knife is loaded with satisfying features in a pocket-sized package

Whether you fancy yourself as an outdoors person or not, there will always come a time when you wish you had something sharp with you to cut or pierce things. Foldable scissors are a dime a dozen, and most of them are terrible for what they’re meant to do. That’s not even considering how they’re not exactly useful in instances where you need a knife to get the job done. Just like many tools that you can put in your bag or even your pocket, you often have to make a choice between power and size, settling for compromises to hit the right spot. Fortunately, that’s now a thing of the past with this mini automatic knife that cuts through your problems like a miniature sword that’s small enough to fit on your keyring.

Designer: Tekto Design

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You’d be forgiven if you mistook the Tekto A2 Badger for a toy at first glance. Its small body is only 3.3 inches long when the blade is retracted and is still a short 5.26 inches when the Out-The-Front (OTF) blade is out. It only weighs 62g (2.18oz), and the way the blade swiftly ejects and retracts gives such a satisfying feeling that you might want to always have it in your hand. Make no mistake, this is no plaything, and it’s designed to be a powerful weapon against any and all outdoor or DIY troubles. Small but terrible definitely comes to mind, but in a very good way.

Compact & Lightweight – The A2 Badger is both easy to store and transport, making it a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts and those with limited space.

The short 1.85-inch blade is not only made from durable and anti-corrosive Titanium-Coated D2 steel, it is also designed with an American Tanto edge. This sword-like design means there are two cutting planes, one horizontal and one vertical, at an angle, giving you more versatility than a single curved edge that most pocket knives use. It has a distinctive black matte coating, so you never get blinded by reflections. It also makes the blade look handsome, perfectly complimenting its equally distinctive handle. The size also makes it “California Legal” for those who need to take or use the A2 Badger there.

Oversized Lanyard Hole – The design accommodates larger cords and paracords. This enhances convenience and accessibility, especially in low-light conditions or when wearing gloves, making it an ideal tool for any situation.

Contoured Button – Its precisely contoured button allows for fast and effortless ejection and retraction of the blade.

That handle has grooves running across almost all of its body, delivering a better grip no matter how you hold the knife. The asymmetrical button isn’t just for show either, making it easier to eject and retract the blade thanks to its larger surface area and steeper slope for the finger to land on. The handle is made from 6061-T6 Aluminum, making it durable yet lightweight, perfect for taking it anywhere and being prepared for any situation.

Despite all that power, the Tekto A2 Badger is also designed for convenience. An oversized lanyard lets you attach it to almost anything, from cords to paracords to keyrings. The ambidextrous pocket clip can be mounted on either side to accommodate right-handed and left-handed people. There’s even a glass breaker for emergencies. A mini automatic knife that packs power and handsome good looks in a small size is the perfect partner for all your adventures and missions, and the Tekto A2 Badger can be yours with a sweet 15% discount off its standard $139.99 price for Yanko Design readers.

Click Here to Buy Now: $119 $139.99 (15% off and free FedEx 2 day shipping with Coupon Code “YANKO15”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

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Titanium Magnetic Screwdriver puts all the bits you need right in your pocket

Nothing breaks momentum more than starting a task only to realize you don’t have the proper tool at hand. That’s even more frustrating when you’re dealing with screws, which can be one of a dozen or so types. Even if you’re the type to carry around tools in your pocket or bag, carrying around even half a dozen screwdrivers is pretty much out of the question unless you work as a handyman. Fortunately, there is now a class of screwdrivers ingeniously designed to fit in your Everyday Carry or even in your pocket. Most of these, however, still doesn’t cover the wide range of screws in use, but this 9-in-1 magnetic screwdriver makes sure you always have the most important ones in your pocket, ready to let you do your magic whenever and wherever your skills are needed.

Designer: Vans Z. H. Lan

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $139 (50% off). Hurry, only 10/65 left!

Screwdrivers are perhaps the most frustrating tools to have in your arsenal. There are just too many types of screws to have a “one size fits all” design, and physics requires that their handles be wide enough to produce a decent amount of torque. That makes it almost impossible to have one that could fit in a small pouch, let alone your tight jeans pocket. Not unless you have a creative design like the M-20 Titanium Magnetic Screwdriver that lets you carry not just one, not even just two, but nine bits that can take care of the most common repair and crafting tasks.

Uncompromising Durability with Pure Titanium – The M-20 offers superior titanium engineering and rock-solid level of strength and revolutionary resistance to corrosion.

9-Bits-in-1 – Nine bits that are magnetically secured to the tool itself, providing a hassle-free and easy-to-use solution to using your tool.

At first glance, the M-20 looks nothing like a screwdriver and more like a robust carrying case for screwdriver bits. In some sense, that is also correct, as the uniquely shaped tool has slots for up to nine bits, holding them in place using very strong magnets. That means they won’t get loose and get lost even if you quickly slip the M-20 into your pocket. Those same strong magnets can hold a bit at the edge or side of the screwdriver, giving you a firm and precise grip when turning the handle to tighten or loosen screws.

Carry Convenience in your Pocket – Easily carry it in your pocket, put it in your car or attach it to your keys using the built-in bucket hoop.

Make Precision Easy – A strong magnetic mechanism makes the M-20 easier to hold onto screws, while its smaller profile makes it easier to work within tight spaces.

Handy Bottle Opener – M-20 makes it easy to crack open your favorite brew.

The M-20 screwdriver’s distinctive body is made from titanium, making it lightweight yet also durable and resilient against corrosion. The bits themselves are constructed from high-quality German S2 tool steel alloy, promising a tool that will last for years of use. The M-20 is also a multifunctional tool, with markings for inches and centimeters, as well as a bottle opener that’s perfect for cooling off after a hard day’s work.

For the sweet price of $69, you get a multifunctional titanium tool and nine durable S2 tool steel alloy bits that you can take with you anywhere, whether it’s in your EDC, your pocket, or even hanging on your keychain, ready to jump into action in no time flat. Whether you’re making quick repairs or doing precision work on delicate parts, the M-20 Titanium Magnetic Screwdriver will be your trusted partner that gets the job done quickly and efficiently, and it looks great for showing off, too.

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $139 (50% off). Hurry, only 10/65 left!

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This cute gadget is the physical manifestation of checking off a task

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, and each of these devices has some form of a to-do list app or another. That said, not everyone uses these apps to keep track of things they need to get done, and some don’t even have such a list of tasks at all. There are, however, many proponents of keeping even the simplest of task lists, not just for the sake of writing down those to-dos. There is evidence of a subtle yet effective psychological benefit to checking off boxes or striking out tasks, something that doesn’t translate cleanly to their digital counterparts. That’s the kind of mind trick that this simplistic-looking device uses, offering a distraction-free way of getting addicted to getting your to-dos done.

Designers: Go Eunseo, janchi

There is definitely something satisfying in the physical act of marking a task as completed. Sure, you can tap on your phone’s screen to do the same, but it requires almost no effort to make that action really meaningful. Perhaps it is the physical activity paired with the sense of accomplishment that gives us that dose of dopamine, which means that it might not require pen and paper to pull that same trick off in other forms.

PRESS is a concept for a device that brings a bit of that phenomenon in a new way that bridges the physical and digital worlds. It has a minimalist design that leaves no room for guesswork on what it does, especially with a big orange button that simply says “Press” on it. Of course, its actual implementation might not be so simplistic, and the theories behind it are quite profound as well.

In a nutshell, this device shows a single line of text displayed in an almost retro LCD-like font. There is a small part above the text for a 2×2 matrix of numbers representing the time in 24-hour format. All these displays are “hidden” beneath the surface so that the gadget looks completely clean when there is nothing to show.

The idea is for PRESS to show a single task at a time and the time when it needs to be done. Ideally, it could be a recurring task that happens at the same time daily, like writing or reading at night. When the time for doing the task nears, it will display that data. And when the task is done, you simply press on the orange button to mark it as completed, almost like those buzzers that contestants smash on TV game shows.

It is a pair of triggers and actions that can help develop a habit over time. The design does leave plenty of room for possible features, like automatically syncing data with a phone or computer. Those, however, can just be icing on the cake since PRESS really focuses on delivering that little bit of euphoria whenever you complete a task and press that big, orange button.

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Building a Massive 2-Ton, $100,000 Thor’s Hammer

Because dream it, and, with enough funding, you can achieve it, the gang at the Hacksmith channel on YouTube went and constructed a massive 2-ton version of Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir. Admittedly, that is probably the largest Thor’s hammer I have ever seen. The whole project cost around $100,000, which, I think we can all agree, was money well spent.

Because the individual metal pieces needed were so large, Hacksmith had to outsource their production to a steel company instead of cutting the pieces themselves since they were limited by the size of their machinery. The whole hammer was galvanized to prevent rusting, and the team plans to release a video of it being lifted via crane and dropped on various objects in the near future, although there’s a preview video (the second clip below) of it crushing a homemade robot. This looks promising!

Could I lift it? Of course, I could lift it, but I’m also the king of severely overestimating my abilities. Take, for instance, when I thought I could cut it as a blogger. ‘How hard could it really be?’ I asked myself before you had to read this.

[via TechEBlog]

This hand-cranked screwdriver’s mechanical action is the most satisfying thing you’ll see today

With the kind of rotating barrels and clicking pins that you’d find in a finely engineered workshop instrument or even a bolt-action pen, MetMo Driver was designed to turn your versatile, age-old screwdriver into an intriguingly powerful high-torque tool that’s a whole lot of fun to use too. Equipped with a ratchet drive that gives you satisfying tactile and audio feedback as you rotate the screw, MetMo Driver has a nifty way of making manual labor and physical effort fun. Chances are you’d probably pick this little gadget over your power drill just because it’s so engaging!

Designer: MetMo

Click Here to Buy Now: $129. Hurry, only 97/2000 left! Raised over $400,000.

Working on a mechanism that’s quite similar to the one found in your bicycle’s wheel, MetMo Driver is actually based on the design of the ‘Ratchet Screwdriver’ an invention patented by Conrad Baumann back in 1949.

Twisting it one way allows you to tighten/loosen a screw, twisting it in the opposite direction creates that familiar clicking sound that you hear when you pedal backward on a bicycle. MetMo Driver’s reinforced ratchet works smoothly no matter how hard the job, and you can easily flip the direction of the mechanism to alternate between the famed ‘rightey tightey, lefty loosey’ adage.

MetMo Driver builds on the 1949 Ratchet Screwdriver design with a few significant upgrades that truly make this tool an absolute beast of versatility. A magnetic hardened chuck sports a standard 1/4 hex drive on the front, letting you mount any regular hex bits you’ve got onto the driver, although where the device really shines is in its ability to mount drill bits too! Turning the rotary action of a screwdriver into the rotary action of a drill, the MetMo lets you easily drill holes into soft woods with your bare hands. The body of MetMo Driver features a flip-out stainless steel grip that turns the screwdriver into a high-torque twisting device, letting you drill woods and even work with incredibly tough/tight screws, lugs, and nuts (like the one on the wheels of your car). In fact, MetMo Driver has a max torque output of 76 Nm… or about as much as the torque on a 1982 Volkswagen Polo.

Those heavy-duty high-torque chops are all courtesy MetMo’s all-metal design. The screwdriver uses a predominantly aluminum body for a lightweight design, but relies on grade 440 hardened martensitic stainless steel and tool steel for the parts of the screwdriver that see the most action. The ratchet pin is made from brass and comes with a knurled grip that can be adjusted as and when needed, and moves up and down quite like the pin on a bolt-action pen while you rotate the screwdriver.

MetMo Driver is both a powerful and versatile tool and amazingly fun to fiddle with.

Each component interlocks perfectly so you can enjoy the endless motion of MetMo Driver’s moving parts.

Features Autopilot Tech, you can drive screws in without the need of a pilot hole.

Works in the same way as a manual brace, but pocket-sized.

With its arm lowered into wrench mode, MetMo driver can deliver over 70Nm of torque.

Compatible with all standard removable Hex drive bits.

Just from a ‘good design’ point of view, MetMo Driver really ticks all the boxes. It’s compact, versatile, powerful, intuitive, and rugged to an absolute fault. As an added bonus, it has the aesthetic of a Dr. Who sonic screwdriver, and it’s immensely fun to use as the screwdriver’s ratchet action engages your eyes, ears, and your hands, giving you an almost fidget-like experience as you work with your tools!

MetMo Driver weighs 0.7 lbs (320 grams), quite respectable for an all-metal instrument, and measures 6.5 inches vertically. Designed with a steampunk-ish aesthetic, the high-torque screwdriver comes with a black anodized aluminum body as well as a metallic finish. If you’ve got a bit of cash to spare, there’s a 24-carat gold-plated version too, although that’s clearly for social flexing and not muscular flexing! The standard MetMo Driver goes for £99 ($129) which isn’t unusual for a device that’s engineered the way it is. MetMo Driver ships globally, and for an extra $30, you can even snag yourself a leather sleeve to safely store and carry your MetMo Driver in.

Click Here to Buy Now: $129. Hurry, only 97/2000 left! Raised over $400,000.

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Give your DIY + IKEA furniture a longer life using tools that guides users to drill the perfect holes

Cam & Dowel Jig is a collection of preset jigs and various tools that are designed to help guide users through designing and constructing their own bespoke furniture.

If you didn’t pick up woodworking as a hobby during the quarantine, chances are you at least tried. In a perfect world, we’d have the know-how to pick up some tools, some pieces of wood, and design our living rooms with our own collection of bespoke furniture. Alas, this is no perfect world so we’ll need some shortcuts. Luckily, David Needham of Kingfisher Design Studio has us covered with an intuitive tool kit designed to streamline bespoke, DIY furniture-building projects.

Designer: Kingfisher Design Studio

Dubbed Cam & Dowel Jig, Kingfisher designed the tool kit to help families and young couples build space-saving pieces of furniture that fit their home’s style and available floor space. Without the proper knowledge over where and how to acquire quality timber, the best means for measuring that timber, or even how to slice it, there’s no way we can design and construct our own furniture. That’s where Cam & Dowel Jig steps in.

The different jigs that comprise Cam & Dowel’s tool kit have been designed to streamline the process of constructing specific furniture pieces. For instance, the Shelf Jig keeps a T-shape that indicates accurate hole positions and depths for each piece to come together in the shape of a shelf. Describing the preset nature of each jig, the designers at Kingfisher note, “Numbered hole positions on the jig correspond to the relevant drill bit, ensuring precise hole positions are achieved for the supplied cam and dowel hardware.”

Comprised of a tool kit that has everything one might need to measure, cut, and create furniture out of timber, the Cam & Dowel Jig guides users through a step-by-step, furniture-building process. The jigs that are included in Cam & Dowel’s tool kit cater to spring-loaded construction, providing “accurate drilling guidance and precise hole positions.” The tools that are included in the kit are also familiar so users of varying competencies will feel prepared when constructing their bespoke furniture.

Cam & Dowel Jig comes with all the hardware, tools, and jigs for proper furniture building. 

The holes created by the preset jigs make connecting pieces of wood a lot easier. 

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