Top 10 Living Room Accessories gift guide to achieve your lifestyle goals along with your interior goals

Did you know the term “living room” dates back to the 1890s? The term was invented by Edward Bok, editor of the Ladies’ Home Journal to describe the primary space of a house. These rooms were originally called parlors, and were used as entertaining spaces for guests. Bok came up with the idea that these rooms were also for ‘living’ and not just for entertaining guests once a week. Thus, the idea of a personalized space was born. The Living Room, as Bok suggested, is supposed to be a place that reflects your personality and your sense of living. So we decided to curate products that are uniquely useful as well as aesthetic, making your home worth ‘living’ in! These include whimsical lamps shaped like the moon, minimalist furniture that can expand to accommodate more people, a wooden map to chart your wanderlust and some more surprises in this list. One thing is for sure, you will not be able to ignore these awesome pieces!

1. Briiv Air Filter

When we say air purifier, the first thing that comes to mind is a clunky box sitting in a corner that is hopefully improving the air we breathe. While that may be efficient, it is certainly not aesthetic which is why Briiv created a revolution with its launch. Briiv is a household terrarium that removes HEPA filters and UV lights for something more natural in its approach. The filter holds special, sustainable-grown dried moss that purifies your air by trapping harmful particles, killing microorganisms and in return releasing fresh clean air. Briiv is as powerful as 3,043 medium size houseplants and sitting underneath the moss are multiple bio-filters, including one made from loosely woven coconut fibers, another filter comprising carbon-infused hemp, and a woollen microfibre filter that together combines to filter particles as small as PM 0.3. This natural approach allows us to reduce wastage caused by discarded HEPA filters. Briiv is the future of sustainable design – merging natural components with technology to create products that help us lead a better life!

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2. Gingko Smart Moon Lamp

There’s something rather romantic about looking at the moon from your bedside window. I’d argue there’s something even more romantic about having the moon levitating on your table! Meet the Smart Moon Lamp from Gingko, a levitating orb designed to look exactly like the moon and glow like it too! 3D printed out of transparent PLA, the Smart Moon Lamp comes with a wonderfully textured design that resembles the moon’s cratered surface. Built-in LEDs shine to give the moon its signature glow, while it levitates and spins on its wooden base, suspended in place by a strong rare-earth magnet. Tapping on the base lets you cycle through the Smart Moon Lamp’s 3 glowing modes, warm yellow, warm white, and cool white, while a 12V-1A AD adapter powers the entire magical lighting experience. Turn to the moon for your pensive moments, or for faux lunar photography, or just as the perfect ambient light for your room at night!

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3. Transformer Table

It isn’t often that we get to feature a product so popular that it held the position of Instagram’s number 1 watched product video. Meet the Transformer Table – a table so unique, it can expand from a single-seater to a table long enough to seat 12 people (that’s the entire Last Supper sans Judas!) Designed for people in small apartments who occasionally like hosting guests, the Transformer Table’s one-of-a-kind stretching ability allows it to go from a mere 18 inches to up to 10 feet long! The table’s secret sauce lies in its design and its incredibly robust telescopic sliding mechanism that allows the table to expand up to 7 times in length, while still being able to hold well over 750 pounds of weight on top. The Transformer Table pairs along with the Transformer Bench, which expands to match the table’s width (and comes free along with the purchase of the Table as a special holiday combo). Both the table and bench expand rather easily (and can be operated by a single person) and come crafted from the highest quality hardwood with a waterproof AND flame-retardant finish.

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4. Teno Speaker & Light

Do you know what Kintsugi is? It’s the art of mending broken ceramics using gold to seal the cracks. The Teno by Lumio uses this crack as a design detail! The beautiful lamp + speaker is inspired by a cracked bowl and it uses a cracked exterior that gently separates into two. As the crack widens, you begin to see the signs of life underneath as the lamp below is revealed, shining through the cracks with its life-affirming message of hope. When shut, Teno functions as a beautifully crafted bowl sculpture, when partially cracked, it reveals a soft and warm light, and functions as a lamp. And when fully opened, it’s a powerful speaker, which releases a rich sound that you can control through touch. The bowl-shaped outer body comes cast in resin and sand, deviating entirely from the plastic, fabric, and metal you’d find in other lamps and speakers.

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5. Avril Shoe Rack

If your worst nightmare consists of organizing your footwear collection, then Avril is the product for you! And, no we’re not talking about the popular Canadian singer. This minimalist wall-mounted shoe rack sits on your wall at a convenient angle, subtly uplifting your shoes, when you dock them into it. Avril’s innovative angled design sets it apart from the conventional shoe racks found on the market. Its angled form ensures that it sits closer to the wall, and occupies less space, making it perfect for smaller homes where space constraint is a major issue. The angled shelf provides easy access to your shoes at all times, so you can pull them out, or place them inside within seconds. Crafted from powder-coated sheet metal, Avril can be mounted onto any kind of wall and can hold at least 3 shoes per shelf. It protrudes a mere 5.1 inches from the wall, and mounting it on a wall is super easy as well!

Click Here to Buy Now: $153 $178 ($25 off). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

6. yeedi Vac 2 Pro Robot Vacuum

Mimicry is indeed the greatest form of flattery, which is why the ‘yeedi vac 2 pro’ has a unique technique for cleaning up your spills. Its patented mopping action mimics how humans wipe surfaces with an up and down motion. Combine this with the robotic vacuum’s 3000Pa suction and the yeedi vac 2 pro can handle pretty much anything – on hard floors as well as carpets! The vacuum comes with a clever 3D obstacle detection and avoidance system, allowing it to just simply navigate around objects to clean parts of your house – which it creates a smart-map of to plot the most efficient cleaning path. When on floors, the vacuum uses a combination of sweeping and oscillating mopping to keep your floors spotless. For carpets, the yeedi vac 2 pro automatically switches its mopping function off and turns up the suction on the vacuum head to clean out dirt from in between fibers! An app lets you optimize your vacuum’s operations, and a 240-minute run-time is more than enough for the yeedi vac 2 pro to get the job done. When it’s done (or when it needs to charge), the vac heads to its docking station with a built-in 2.5L bin where the vacuum also self-empties its dust into. Pretty neat, eh?!

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7. 3D Wooden World Map

Meet the 3D Wooden World Map! Machined from certified sustainable birch plywood, the world map, is available in varied sizes and diverse colors to suit your personal preference. The 3D Wooden World Map comes meticulously detailed and labeled with every country and its capital marked onto its wooden pieces. Like a big geographical jigsaw puzzle for your wall, the pieces come together and the 3D pieces quite literally pop out of the wall, giving the art its depth. In fact, the map also holds magnets! So, you can display your best memories while traveling on the wooden map. If traveling the world is your dream, what better way to display it than with the 3D wooden Map – mark your visited locations, chart your bucket-list and manifest that dream by having this up on your wall!

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8. Moon Pod

The Moon Pod is a zero-gravity bean bag designed to alleviate the everyday stress we experience in this modern world! The premium lightweight bean bag facilitates all-day relaxation, cradling your body into a rare static state and relieving you from stress. The Moon Pod is a luxurious alternative to the old school beanbags which don’t always take your posture into consideration. The outer membrane is crafted from a fascinating blended material which holds thousands of high-friction EPS beads, that react and adapt to your body. The weightless sensation you experience while relaxing on the Moon Pod mimics Flotation Therapy, which is excellent for those who suffer from stress, anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, and PTSD. You can use the revamped bean bag as a chair, a recliner or even a nap pod! It’s a great space to work in, take a power nap, or simply unwind after a long day at work.

Click Here to Buy Now: $299 $399 ($100 off)

9. BOOKNITURE – Furniture Hidden in a Book

BOOKNITURE is furniture hidden in a book! BOOKNITURE quite literally unfolds from a book into a multifunctional piece of furniture. It ensures that you will never run out of tables and seats. Relying on folded paper’s ability to withstand large amounts of compressive stress against its thickness, the Bookniture literally comes as thick as a coffee-table book and as light as one too. It contains paper pages on the inside that are honeycombed together and opens up as a regular book would. Once you open up the book, you can use it as a stool, a footrest, a nightstand, a standing work desk, and much more. You can stack it up, and convert it into a table and chair set, or you can add a wooden board on top of 2 BOOKNITURE pieces and transform it into a bench. You can also stack a few more layers, and create a shelf.

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10. Wheel 2 turntable

Miniot modernizes and minimizes the turntable with the Wheel! It is pretty much what it sounds like – a simple wheel. All you need to do is place a record on the wheel, and it will begin to play the bottom. You can control the turntable using the center stick. You can switch on/off, play/pause, volume, even next or previous track using the center stick. You can position the wheel either horizontally or vertically, so you can slide it wherever you like, without it consuming the amount of a space a typical gramophone would. Amped with a beautiful AudioTechnica AT95E cartridge, and a tonearm that is micro machined out of a single laminated mahogany, the Wheel emits not only warm and clear harmonies, but also exudes a minimal and lux aesthetic. The Wheel doesn’t run on batteries, but is an analog record player that has to be wired to a great amplifier, speakers, or headphones.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1563

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This magical wreath carries the stars to bring some sparkle to your room

It’s that time of year again when many people start decorating their homes with sparkly stuff and an abundance of lights that are sure to make your electricity bill spike for a month or so. Of course, you don’t really need any excuse or occasion to spruce up your interiors, but there are admittedly some pieces of decor that are more appropriate for certain seasons than others. Conversely, some designs are also timeless, whether we associate them with certain holidays or not, and they add a certain flavor to your home no matter the time of year. This wreath, for example, might easily be associated with the Christmas season, but the almost magical experience of seeing heavenly bodies in your living room is something that will never grow old.

Designer: SPARKLE

Click Here to Buy Now: $84 $99 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, sitewide Pre-Black Friday sale ends Nov 21st.

It might be puzzling for some people how starry lights are quickly associated with December holidays. After all, the stars shine all year round, and their timeless beauty captivates and inspires anyone who looks up at a clear night sky. Of course, not all night skies show the stars in their mystical majesty, so having them available in your home at any time could be a great idea to add not only light but also joy to the space.

Granted, just having small lights that resemble stars would probably be a bit boring, so the Sparkle Wreath adds a bit of artistic flair to the composition. On the one hand, you have large polystyrene balls that seemingly capture starlight inside their forms. On the other hand, you also have a lush fir tree branch that holds these magical spheres in place, as if suspending them in the air like luminous sprites resting on the branches of a tree.

These two elements provide an almost perfect harmony of complements, one earthbound, the other heavenward. The verdant branch, carefully arranged by a florist, provides an ideal backdrop that makes the yellowish stars really stand out. The starry globes, on the other hand, cast a gentle yet sublime glow on the greens, giving it an otherworldly appearance that will enchant you and your visitors at every glance.

As if that weren’t enough, the small LEDs that give each sphere its light creates a special hologram that changes the light inside. After all, stars flicker and glow in different ways, making them more mysterious and alluring. Likewise, this starry wreath offers a delightful display of light and foliage that will complement any motif you might have going, bringing enjoyment and perhaps even a little piece of happiness, no matter the time or season.

Click Here to Buy Now: $84 $99 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, sitewide Pre-Black Friday sale ends Nov 21st.

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This air purifier hangs from your ceiling to give light and a sense of calm

Thanks to the recent pandemic, air purifiers have become more popular and more common inside homes. Most of these come in tall boxes or cylinders that stand somewhere on the floor, a design that makes it easy to move it around where it’s needed. As they become a more common presence, however, it might make sense to start integrating them into room interiors or, at the very least, make them look like a natural part of the room’s design. There are, admittedly, quite a few new air purifiers that look a little more presentable than others, but this design concept really makes the air purifier an important part of the home, just like how lights are critical to a livable abode.

Designers: Hanyoung Lee, Eunji Ko

The standard design of air purifiers is based more on practical needs and technical considerations than anything else. But while they try to offer peace of mind regarding the air we breathe indoors, their presence also causes a bit of subconscious stress because they are conspicuous reminders that the air might not be that clean or safe after all. There are now a few air purifiers with more stylish appearances, but they still stand apart from the rest of your interior design, calling attention to themselves.

Abell, in contrast, is a little more discreet. In fact, if not for the dangling controller, you might not even notice its presence since it isn’t at eye level. Even when you do see it, you might easily mistake it for an odd-looking pendant lamp. In reality, it actually does function as one, but that’s only a secondary function. It is, first and foremost, an air purifier, just one that comes in the shape of a hanging lamp as well as a bell, hence the name.

Hanging an air purifier where you’d normally hang a lamp is both genius and practical. These are areas that often get a lot of foot traffic, which makes an air purifier more necessary. Its elevated position also lets it take in and blow out the air more easily without any obstructions. More importantly, it also doesn’t get in the way of people going about their daily lives.

Abell’s form is designed to also evoke some sense of calm and relaxation, at least depending on where you’re coming from. As mentioned, it’s shaped like a bell but closer to the temple bells used in many Asian cultures. These bells are rung as a prayer and wish for something good, often for good health and prosperity. It’s not by coincidence that these are the exact same things that this air purifier is intended to bring into your home.

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These beautiful tiles are actually made from fish scale waste

Humans eat a lot of food that comes from plants and animals, but not all the parts of these living creatures are deemed edible or appetizing. These parts include internal organs, bones, and even skin, parts that get discarded and thrown out during processing. Unsurprisingly, this waste starts to pile up and cause harm to the planet, especially since there doesn’t seem to be any decrease in human appetite and consumption. Fortunately, some people have started to get smarter and use that human ingenuity to either help reduce food waste or use them for something completely different. In fact, some people have even discovered how beautiful this waste can be, such as these stunning tiles that would shock you to learn are made from ignored and discarded fish scales.

Designer: Erik de Laurens

Animal skins have plenty of uses, some more wasteful than others. Some skin can be eaten, of course, but others are simply taken for their material value. Leather has always been a controversial material because of this, loved for its natural properties but criticized for its cruel source. Fortunately, there are now attempts to create more sustainable alternatives to leather that don’t involve harmful plastics either.

Fish scales, on the other hand, are simply discarded because they aren’t exactly edible. They are thrown out by both food and aquaculture industries and add to the growing amount of waste in our environment. It turns out, however, that these seemingly useless scales have the components that make them as hard as stone yet as beautiful as marble. And thus, Scalelite was born. Using a sustainable process and no harmful ingredients, Scalelite transforms wasted and ugly fish scales into beautiful materials that can cover walls or floors and even become parts of furniture.

Scalelite also has other admirable properties beyond being 100% natural and attractive. It has natural fire resistance and is dirt-repellent, making it suitable for use in hospitality and retail applications. It’s easier to clean, too, even without using harmful detergents. And, of course, it’s completely recyclable, so you won’t have to fill guilty when you do have to throw the tiles away after probably decades of use.

It’s definitely encouraging to see such efforts to salvage what most of us have considered garbage and turn them into something not only useful but actually appealing as well. It gives credence to the expression that one man’s trash might be another one’s treasure. Sadly, Scalelite is just a small fish in a gigantic industry trying to make a difference, and we need a lot more of these sustainable materials to stop the planet from hurting.

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These marvelous fire extinguishers will make you feel like a superhero

Very few of us probably think about being ready for fires. We might have emergency go-bags prepared for disasters like earthquakes and floods, but most of us will still be caught unprepared if a fire breaks out. Fire extinguishers are, or at least should be, a necessity in any home, but that’s hardly the case. Even those that do have one or two keep them out of sight, rendering them inaccessible in an emergency. A major reason for that might be the unsightly appearance of these cylindrical tanks that create an eyesore that makes our minds averse to their presence. Unfortunately, that may come at a price of human lives, so this new breed of fire extinguishers rethink that design and turn it into an almost literal shield that you’d actually be proud to display anywhere in your house.

Designer: Premysl Kokes

The problem with emergencies and accidents is that you never know when they will happen, which is why they’re called emergencies and accidents. That’s why we need to be prepared for any eventuality and have the tools ready to aid us. Fire extinguishers are supposed to be easy to access and easy to use, but the reality is quite the opposite. They’re often placed in hard-to-reach corners and are cumbersome to operate, adding to the panic and stress that people would have already been suffering.

Designed by architect and fire survivor Přemysl Kokeš, the Hussechuck and Shield fire extinguishers completely redefine what you thought fire extinguishers should look like. While there’s very little to be done for the weight, simply changing its shape and manner of use can drastically improve its usability. In this case, turning the device into a circle like a giant steering wheel or shield frees one hand for other things and offers some protection for your body as well.

Whether it’s the basic Hussechuck or the covered Shield, the way you use it is the same. You slip your left arm into the strap and use a trigger to release the fire retardant from the front opening hole. There’s also a short hose for those times when you really need to use it like a traditional extinguisher. Otherwise, it can all be used with a single arm, freeing your other arm to support it or hold something else. It also makes you look cool, like a firefighting superhero donning a veritable shield.

Although the Hussechuck itself is already more presentable than a conventional tank, the Shield and Shield Plus add even more reasons for you to show it off on your walls. These two offer a variety of stylish covers, including some with a self-extinguishing textile surface, that turn them into decorative pieces for your interiors. With this redesign, you have fewer reasons to forget where you placed that life-saving device and even get to look a little cool under literal fire.

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Minimalist wall-mounted shoe rack helps store footwear while decluttering your space

If you don’t have space for a shoe rack and you cringe at the idea of just leaving your shoes in a cluttered heap inside or outside your house, Avril has you sorted. No, not the Canadian rock singer, the wall-mounted shoe-rack. Designed to uplift your space by uplifting your shoes, the Avril shoe rack by Ylisse sits on your wall, providing a nice angled shelf to dock your shoes when not worn. Unlike conventional racks with horizontal shelves, the Avril’s angled design sits closer to the wall and occupies less real estate space, making it perfect for small homes, houses with narrow entrances, and even hotel rooms. Plus, the shoes are easy to access at all times, giving Avril the upper hand over your floor-based shoe rack that requires you to hunch over to find your shoes!

Designer: Hubert Therrien

Click Here to Buy Now: $153. Exclusively for YD readers.

“We bought a house, and despite the space we were gaining, the entrance hall was still filled with shoes”, said Avril’s designer, Hubert Therrien. “Jogging shoes, walking shoes, work shoes… all of them were cluttering up the doorway and piling up really quickly.” The idea of coming home to a living room or doorway cluttered with piles of shoes didn’t appeal to Therrien (and why should it?!), so he designed the Avril as a much more elegant, space-saving, minimalist, and easy-to-maintain alternative.

Simply put, the Avril is a powder-coated sheet metal rack that mounts onto any wall. Designed at a precise angle, the rack just protrudes a mere 5.1 inches from the wall, but holds at least 3 pairs of shoes per shelf. Mounting is rather easy, and maintaining the rack is simple too. Just place your shoes into the rack’s angled shelf when you need to store them… and if the shelf ever gets dirty over time (and it probably will), simply unhook it off the wall and wipe it down or rinse it under a gardening hose before drying it and mounting it back!

The Avril Shoe Rack comes in textured black or matte white finishes, and is designed to last for years!

Click Here to Buy Now: $153. Exclusively for YD readers.

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This $49 smart robot can automatically open and close blinds, making it a pretty neat gift this Holiday Season

Coming from the folks at SwitchBot, the SwitchBot Blind Tilt is a uniquely designed home accessory that can automate your blinds, letting you open or close them remotely or even by voice. It hooks onto your existing horizontal blinds and can be configured to run on solar power, which means it works reliably every day without you worrying about charging it.

Designer: SwitchBot

Click Here to Buy Now: $49 $69 (29% off). Hurry, only 30/300 left!

SwitchBot carved a solid niche for themselves with their flagship product, the SwitchBot Curtain – an autonomous robot that could open and close curtains simply by rolling up and down the rods/rails while carrying the curtain along with it. This award-winning product led the company to build one of the most solid smart-home ecosystems, with products ranging from cameras and sensors to even an attachment for your bolt-lock that could turn it into a smart lock.

The company is returning to its curtain-based roots with the Blind Tilt, an autonomous robot built for horizontal blinds. The Blind Tilt is a tiny contraption that universally fits onto almost any horizontal blind. Armed with built-in sensors and an AI-powered algorithm, the Blind Tilt can detect how open or closed your blinds are, as well as sense the amount of light entering your room. When combined together, these allow the Blind Tilt to autonomously adjust your blinds to ensure your room is lit exactly to the brightness you want, when you want!

Setting up your SwitchBot Blind Tilt is easy, and requires no technical expertise, or even tools for that matter. It retrofits onto most horizontal blinds with a twisting wand mechanism (it won’t work with the ball-chain ones), working with blinds up to 3 meters wide. Once set up, it can be controlled via SwitchBot’s smartphone app, or integrated into your smart home to operate based on shortcuts, routines, or voice commands.

For instance, the Blind Tilt can automatically shut the blinds when it’s too hot outside, saving on your air conditioning bills (and vice versa), or can automatically start opening in the morning to sync with your alarm clock. You can even connect it with SwitchBot’s ecosystem of products to turn your regular home into a smart home. Besides, with solar panel support, your smart blinds will even run on renewable energy! Perfect for upgrading your own home/office or gifting a friend or family member, the SwitchBot Blind Tilt starts at $49.

Click Here to Buy Now: $49 $69 (29% off). Hurry, only 30/300 left! Raised over $150,000.

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These smart devices will feel at home in your minimalist living space

Thanks to the events of the past two or three years, people have become more conscious of how their homes can be expressions of their personalities as well as a way to set certain moods. Homeowners have started to pay closer attention to the designs of their homes, especially living rooms that act as a hub for families and visitors. Although there are countless design trends and styles, minimalism continues to be the most popular, especially because of how clean it looks by default. Appearances can sometimes be deceiving, though, and it might ironically be more difficult to pull off because of the choices you have to make to get that effect. A minimalist room doesn’t have to be barren, though, and it definitely doesn’t mean it has to be low-tech. To help get you started in upgrading your living room, here are a few gadgets and devices that will deliver a hi-tech lifestyle without clashing with your space’s minimalist aesthetics.

IKEA Dirigera Smart Home Hub

As the number of smart devices at home grows, the need to have them communicate well with each other also becomes more important. Smart home hubs are on their way to becoming essential pieces of any setup, and they will soon have to also be more conscious of how they look against their surroundings. The IKEA Dirigera not only communicates with almost all smart home devices and platforms in the market, but it also communicates well with the rest of your living room decor with its more refined and less conspicuous design.

Designer: IKEA

Maximum Minimalist Appeal

As the king of minimalist furniture and decor, you can never really go wrong with an IKEA. Compared to its predecessor, the IKEA Dirigera comes in a shorter form, almost resembling a low bowl. It still has the same white and gray dual-tone color scheme, but its stature makes it more discreet and more space efficient. Whether you prefer to place it inconspicuously on a shelf or put it near your Hi-Fi entertainment system, this central gateway to your smart home quietly stands as part of your minimalist decorations.

Google Pixel Tablet

Although it has confirmed that it will be launching its own tablet next year, Google is bucking the trend and giving the Pixel Tablet a different focus. Designed mostly to be a homebody, the tablet will behave as a smart home hub and video calling device when docked or a more portable entertainment slate that you can carry around inside the house. Sure, you can use it as a regular tablet as well for work or even games, but its mission is to keep you company at home and be the nexus of your Google-centric life.

Designer: Google

Maximum Minimalist Appeal

The Pixel Tablet is a good example of how minimalism can have different flavors as well. It might be less visually interesting compared to an iPad Pro, but its plain design is meant to make it blend better with your home decor. It is unassuming and almost nondescript so that your eyes are immediately drawn to its screen instead. That said, Google is pouring resources into special materials that will make the tablet’s body feel good in your hands, while the Charging Speaker Dock has the typical fabric wrapping common among smart speakers. As something that should be easily visible and accessible, the Pixel Tablet won’t make you feel ashamed about having a piece of tech become the virtual and perhaps literal center of your house.

Small Transparent Speaker

Next to smart bulbs, the smart speaker market is easy to get into because of their ubiquity and a wide variety of designs to choose from. Thanks to the Amazon Echo, most wireless speakers take on a cylindrical design or something close to it. Not all of these are a good fit for minimalist styles, though, especially those that look like miniature tanks or rubber capsules. Fortunately, there is also a good selection of fine-looking audio equipment, and the Small Transparent Speaker that we reviewed earlier this year is one of the bolder designs our eyes have feasted on.

Designer: Transparent

Maximum Minimalist Appeal

Nothing is probably more minimal than naked speakers enclosed in a metal frame. A glass enclosure not only protects the delicate electronics inside but adds both visual appeal and class to a barebones piece of audio equipment. The Transparent Speaker’s unique charm is its simplicity and honesty, hiding no tricks up its sleeves to stand in between you and your listening experience. While some speakers stand in corners or hide below TVs, this is one that you’ll want to prominently and proudly put on display, even when you’re not using it.

IKEA Symfonisk Picture Frame Speaker

If two heads are better than one, then furniture or devices that perform two or more functions will definitely be more desirable. Of course, those multiple functions need not be directly related, only that they can co-exist in the same body in a harmonious fashion. Using the principle of hiding in plain sight, the IKEA Symfonisk collaboration with Sonos offers a speaker that looks good by default because it is a speaker hiding in an art piece you will really want to hang on your wall.

Designer: IKEA

Maximum Minimalist Appeal

Less of a picture frame and more like framed art, the IKEA Symfonisk challenges the preconceived notions of how speakers should look like. Blending technology and art in a simple yet ingenious way, the smart speaker brings your living room to life by letting sound emanate from locations you least expect. Although you can’t exactly change the art, the geometric patterns on contrasting black or white canvases are typical of minimalist decor, especially those that distill the colors of the world down to black and white.

LG Objet Collection Easel TV

Television sets have traditionally served the purpose of being an entertainment hub where families and friends would gather around and bond over shared interests. While they still function similarly, today’s TVs have started to change shape in order to avoid wasting space when not in use. Even the thinnest panel, however, will leave a black box in the middle of your wall, so some manufacturers have gotten a bit more creative in solving that problem. As part of its Object Collection, the LG Easel TV becomes an attractive art canvas that adds a little to any wall it leans on.

Designer: LG

Maximum Minimalist Appeal

Unlike colorful artwork that could become a source of visual distraction, this TV, as its name implies, brings a more subdued space that uses pastel hues to blend or pop out from its backdrop when the TV is not in use. Even when the canvas is rolled up, a small part of the screen remains visible to show not only some information like the time but also to complement the room’s motif with your own choice of appropriate artwork. And since it’s not mounted to your wall, you can even change the LG Easel TV’s location to better match your ever-changing design tastes.

Samsung The Frame TV

While some modern TVs try to masquerade as artwork, Samsung The Frame TV becomes the artwork itself. Who says an unused TV has to be turned off (maybe your electricity bill does), especially when you can use it for other things? Whether you’re showing off family photos or boasting your familiarity with the masters, the Frame TV will always give your family and visitors something to talk about aside from the latest TV shows or news.

Designer: Samsung

Maximum Minimalist Appeal

Rather than spending money on art or wall decorations that might change later on along with your interests and preferences, why not turn the TV into a dynamic and customizable digital canvas instead. With custom bezels that truly make it look like frame art, The Frame TV lets you pick and choose the art that matches your style, which may change depending on the day or mood. Or why settle for just one when you can go through different photos, bringing a pinch of anticipation and excitement to your living room.

NOMVDIC X300 Portable Project Speaker

Although some TVs have started to become more sophisticated in their appearance, some people have decided to just do away with them altogether. Choosing wall space and flexibility, these people have espoused projectors of all kinds to deliver their movie-watching fix when and where they want to. A lot of these home projectors come in large, bulky boxes, but the NOMVDIC X300 project and speaker sets itself apart not only with its dual functions but also with its rather distinctive appearance.

Designer: Leo of NOMVDIC

Maximum Minimalist Appeal

The old never really gets old and sometimes becomes new again. With the rise in interest in retro designs, the NOMVDIC X300’s vintage looks will charm its way into many people’s hearts. Looking like a transistor radio of old, the portable projector that carries its own speaker isn’t just a great fit for the home but also an attention-grabbing companion outdoors. It doesn’t hurt that the audio experience is tuned by Harman Kardon, so you won’t have to worry about that aspect of the 2-in-1 device.

LG Aero Air Purifier Side Table

Multi-functional furniture is becoming quite the fad these days, but there’s another way to go about upgrading your home life. Furniture that merges with electronics is starting to rise, even if it’s simply embedding a wireless charging coil on a part of its surface. Conversely, some consumer electronics are also trying to masquerade as works of art or pieces of furniture, like LG’s new air purifier that adds a tabletop so that it can be used in more ways than one. And yes, it can charge your phone, too.

Designer: LG

Maximum Minimalist Appeal

Not all will be fans of LG’s color choices, but the idea of turning an air purifier into a piece of furniture is admittedly interesting. Since the air purifier has to stand in some part of the room anyway, why not give it another task it can easily accomplish as well. Whether it’s holding a book or a mug or charging your phone, the LG PuriCare Aero Furniture won’t be wasting space, especially when that space is at a premium.

Bissell air320 Max Smart Air Purifier

Air Purifiers have become hot items in the past two years or so, in no small thanks to a certain deadly virus that almost made the world grind to a halt. The large majority of these devices come in the form of large boxes or cans, which are admittedly the easiest to produce and probably the most efficient way to suck up air from all directions and blow it out again. Most of these look like your typical home appliance, but fortunately, some manufacturers have started getting better design sense, like Bissell’s air320 Max that looks stylish in any part of the room or with any kind of decor.

Designer: Bissell

Maximum Minimalist Appeal

The size and shape of a small suitcase, the air320 Max’s compact and flat body makes it easier to place it in the edges of the room where it won’t get in the way of foot traffic. Its white frame blends nicely with any kind of background or wall color, while the gray filter in front is made of fabric that goes in line with the design conventions of many smart home devices today, particularly smart speakers. In fact, this air purifier can easily be mistaken for a large speaker. The stubby wooden legs add a little charm to it, making it look more like a part of your furniture rather than some appliance.

Fiture Fitness Mirror

Personal health and fitness have become another widespread obsession lately, and people have started scrambling for ways to stay in shape, even at home. One can always just use whatever furniture and tools are available at hand, but a new breed of hi-tech devices and programs was born from this need to get guided training even without an instructor dropping by. Of all the new equipment that popped up recently, fitness mirrors like Fiture are perhaps the most novel and have the most potential to become part of your room’s decor.

Designer: Fiture

Maximum Minimalist Appeal

Having a sleek and stylish mirror always adds a special flavor to any room. One that functions as an advanced piece of technology definitely deserves mad props. You definitely wouldn’t have guessed that this tall apparatus was actually a display intended for exercise, especially since it doesn’t look like any piece of fitness equipment or device. It might be a bit pricey for now, especially with a subscription fee, but this could very well be the future of home fitness lessons.

LAYER Home Harmony Collection

Admittedly, this one might remain on the level of “concept,” but Layer Design’s collaboration with Deutsche Telekom gives us a preview of what is possible in the very near future. A roster of devices you might already be familiar with is given a facelift, transforming them into products that not only hide their technological underpinnings but also offer a calming atmosphere you wouldn’t associate with these kinds of devices.

Designer: Benjamin Hubert (LAYER Design)

Maximum Minimalist Appeal

It’s not hard to see how these designs will easily find their way into homes if they ever become available. A router that functions both as a table mirror and a minimalist display will definitely be a sight for sore eyes on desks or even shelves. A Wi-Fi mesh repeater in the form of a decorative wooden bowl can easily be placed inconspicuously anywhere, even on walls. It’s a delightful twist on the devices that have become part and parcel of every modern home, and hopefully, someone will take these designs or something similar to upgrade the aesthetics of these common smart devices.

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This gorgeous floor mirror transports a lake shoreline into your room

Mirrors are great ways to add some accents to a room. Whether they’re actually functional or just decorative, their reflective surfaces alone are enough to bring some life to a space through a play of light, colors, and shapes. Even better, however, if a mirror is both useful and beautiful, which calls for some creative thinking and design. Most of the time, furniture makers focus on embellishing mirrors with rather fanciful frames, but some have also dabbled in changing the very shape of the mirror itself. This floor mirror, for example, might be a tight fit for some body types because of its irregular shape, but its play on forms creates an almost magical illusion of looking down at a lake’s shore from high above.

Designers: Maryna Dague Nathan Baraness

Very few things in nature have straight lines to the point that one famous architect was even quoted to associate curves with the divine. Even some natural things that one would think to be straight would have a few bumps and waves that make them look and feel more, well, natural. Despite their name, shorelines are, of course, never straight, and it’s that natural irregularity that this beautiful mirror uses to create a captivating visual inside any room.

The shape of the mirror defies definition. Despite its irregularity, there is nothing jarring or disconcerting about its lack of corners and straight lines. Just like water in its natural state, it seems to have no discernible pattern to its curves. And just like water, it causes our minds to associate the loose shape with feelings of calm and mellowness.

And then there’s the base, which is a solid block with sharp edges and a well-defined form. It contrasts with the mirror’s fluid form and is almost as if the mirror simply cut through a chunk of the base. Many shores look like this when viewed from the skies above, and it’s a reminder of how water can also be a destructive force, even when it’s slowly eroding stone and ground over time.

The “Lakes” collection of sculptural mirrors also includes other mirror shapes and sizes, some representing small ponds while others are like long gulfs. The bases can be made of different materials as well, from wood to metal to marble. One design even looks like a body of water to fit with the theme. No matter the shape or the material used, the Lakes mirrors successfully take a page from Mother Nature’s design book to create a piece of furniture that has a natural grandeur that instantly fills the room.

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This cleanroom grade air purifier functions as a headboard, allowing you to sleep in a completely pure bubble of air

Sitting at the intersection of ingenious design and complex engineering, the AirTulip is an air purifier that’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The AirTulip Sleep is a high-powered air purifier that’s designed as a headboard, fitting seamlessly into the decor of your home. It comes with a soft, cushiony exterior that’s comfortable to rest against, but underneath its surface is a medical-grade laminar flow purifier that purifies the air you breathe in a way that your regular air purifier cannot. This type of airflow has only ever been used in clinical and laboratory settings – until now. The AirTulip Sleep brings revolutionary technology into the home for the very first time, enveloping you in an invisible cocoon of completely clean air as you sleep.

Designer: Arjen de Jong

Click Here to Buy Now: $999 $1470 (32% off). Hurry, only 3/5 left! Raised over $115,000.

To understand the AirTulip Sleep, it’s essential to first understand the technology behind it, a unique type of airflow called laminar flow. Imagine your regular air purifier. It sucks dirty air in through its rear and pushes out clean air through the front. The clean air mixes with the air in your room, and gradually over time, the dirty air is replaced with clean air. The key word here is ‘gradually’. Laminar air flow works differently. It creates a chamber of clean air that doesn’t mix with the dirty air. Sort of like two layers of atmosphere laminated over each other, laminar flow systems create instant clean air pockets that can exist on their own, without mixing with the contaminated or dust-filled air. This works rather well in cleanrooms in medical labs, operating rooms, hospitals, and even scientific facilities that require a sterile environment. AirTulip brings that technology to the bedroom.

By integrating laminar flow into its slim, retrofittable headboard design, the AirTulip Sleep effectively creates a bubble of clean air around you as you sleep. It doesn’t ‘blow’ air, as one would suspect, but rather simply outputs clean air without creating a breeze that affects your ambient room temperature or your ability to sleep. The clean air hovers around you, preventing ‘unclean’ air around the room from even reaching you. Meanwhile, the AirTulip Sleep works silently, purifying the air in your room up to 99.9997% (thanks to its medical-grade ULPA filters), indicating absolute air purity.

Everything You Need – Built-in wireless charging for your smartphone, ambient lighting, reading lamps, power outlets, USB charging, and convenient storage.

Ambient Lighting – The AirTulip Sleep offers beautiful lighting and fully adjustable reading lights.

As impressive as the laminar air purifier is, what really makes the AirTulip Sleep worthy of praise in a design magazine is its sheer creative implementation. The AirTulip Sleep is designed to look and function exactly like a padded headboard. It fits on all standard bed sizes, and comes in a variety of colors to match your room’s decor. In a world where purifiers are just about trying to shake their image as industrial-looking appliances by opting for sleeker designs, the AirTulip Sleep practically disappears into your room’s decor, serving its main purpose in an invisible manner while making your bed look infinitely classy. It also comes with add-on specifications including ambient lighting, storage, reading lamps, and charging ports. Depending on where you are, the AirTulip Sleep comes with its own plug to match your country’s socket shape and power requirements, and starts at a low early-bird price of $999.

Click Here to Buy Now: $999 $1470 (32% off). Hurry, only 3/5 left! Raised over $115,000.

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