The magnetic levitating spheres of this abstract clock makes time-telling a futuristic experience!

Time is constantly moving forward and also never seems to move quickly enough. The time of day is the first thing we learn when we wake up in the morning and from that moment on, it guides us everywhere. The hour and second hands are the pillars that give our world structure to help make sense of it. It’s no wonder clocks are circular as, in many ways, time makes the world go ‘round. But what would happen if the way we read time changed entirely? What would it look like?

The designers, led by Alfredo Mendez with Bitshake Studio, behind O’clock took it upon themselves to find out. In 2020, O’clock recently received Red Dot’s Design Award for its meditative storytelling techniques and innovative re-interpretation of time through design. The timepiece connects to your WiFi router, recognizing your specific timezone, in order to provide accurate information regarding the time of day. Then, a built-in IMU, a tool that collects data regarding a device’s movement, measures its location around the timepiece’s circle and adjusts the clock’s indicators accordingly with each second. The indicators used are three separate, metallic spheres that move with the changing hours, minutes, and seconds of each day. The second-sphere rotates along the bottom perimeter of the timepiece, the minute-sphere travels the front-facing perimeter, and the hour-sphere slides along the inside of the clock. These indicators work thanks to 132 linear PCB motors that are embedded inside the clock’s metallic body, which support and connect a magnetic field that works around the clock, 24/7, 365! This provides an electromagnetic field that keeps the spheres rotating as long as time keeps moving.

Time is absolute, which is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as, “true, right, or the same in all situations and not depending on anything else.” Time is absolute because humans have made it so, but O’clock redefines the way we read it. Since time is a human-centered concept, it travels in an absolute forward motion, which in turn keeps each of us moving forward, but O’clock is distinct in its own construct of time, making the way O’clock presents time as an entirely centerless concept.

This Project is a 2020 Red Dot: Design Concept winner.

Designer: Alfredo Mendez x Bitshake Studio

This furniture design doubling as a home gym is the perfect fit for your home interiors!

Working out in your own home can get overwhelming. Crowded spaces and clunky machinery are eyesores in any space. It seems the only available workout equipment on the market today caters to those who already have space, money, and time for a separate home gym altogether, so putting a big treadmill in the middle of the living room isn’t even part of the question. Hannah Fink, a designer with Pratt Institute, constructed The Groove in order to make the benefits of working out possible while maintaining comfortable living spaces.

The Groove was conceptualized based around the efficiency of pilates reformers, resistance training, and gymnastics, integrating an entire gym into one piece of furniture. Fink reimagined working out at home by merging practicality with style. The Groove mounts three cushioned units onto quiet, rubber wheels and connects them with resistance bands, allowing for a catalog of possible exercises: heel raises, bicep curls, leg presses, sliding planks. Pulling on inspiration from pilates and gymnastics, The Groove incorporates the four pillars of fitness: aerobic, strengthening, stretching, and balance. Since most pieces of home gym equipment focus on only one pillar, users might unknowingly neglect other muscle groups, which can lead to an imbalance that contributes to overuse injuries.

Home gyms should provide versatility for bodily ambulation; miniature experimentation offered Fink insight as to how The Groove could deliver that. The three levels of resistance that connect the units emphasize that mutability. After working alongside fitness professionals, Fink conceptualized and manufactured a final product that implements resistance bands of varying strength levels, along with handles, and barbell attachments for seated rows, tricep extensions, and bicep curls. Solid, white oak wood with beveled edges enhance the furniture’s aesthetic value, and an upholstered cushion made from weatherproof, washable fabric can easily be removed for deep cleaning. The versatility and simplicity of The Groove remind us that taking care of our physical health can be as convenient as it is healthful, so long as we allow it to be.

Designer: Hannah Fink

This AI-operated villa in the Czech Republic comes with panoramic views and needs no keys!

Artificial-intelligence controls Villa Sophia, designed by Coll Coll, which blooms at the top of a hill above Prague, Czech Republic. Described as the “center of the universe,” by its creators, Michaela Pankova and Karel Panek, the architecture of Villa Sophia really does seem to present itself as a sort of nucleus, quietly blending the omnipresence of today’s technology with timeless values of connectedness and sustainability. The minds behind the hideout, the villa’s habitants, aimed to integrate robust AI technology into each nook and cranny of the home while also ensuring that the villa embodied warmth and intimacy for social gatherings or alone time. 

The home incorporates impressive artificial intelligence throughout such as musical instruments that play themselves, lights that turn on without switches, along with verbal and haptic sensors that track your footsteps, your hand motions, and spoken word. Oh, and did we mention, this smart-house needs no keys! On the home’s AI technology, one of its creators, Michaela Pankova says, “The house is like a brain,” and the home certainly is smart. Aware of where everyone is inside the house, Villa Sophia’s AI system listens and adapts to the growing needs of the home’s residents so that just by inhabiting the home, everyone can enjoy the benefits that come with technological living. Room temperatures will adjust as soon as someone makes note of the cold. Come sunset, blue lighting dissipates so that the house provides optimal lighting for sleep. Deliveries always make it inside as the smart home can unlock and open doors after assessing who’s knocking. The home has as many technological capabilities as the human has thoughts, in this way, artificial and human intelligence work in tandem. 

Considering the home’s catalog of intellectual technology, sustainability and interconnection still breathe inside and outside Villa Sophia. The home is just as eco-friendly as it is tech-savvy, with responsibly sourced wood material and polyurethane floor finishing, the interior design makes the overall home that much more efficient and eco-conscious. From the rich, walnut wood finishes to the living space’s accessible ramp that slithers through a sloped chunk of the staircase, a seamless fusion of distinguished technological innovation with an acute awareness of the human’s urge to control pervade this villa.

Designer: Michaela Pankova and Karel Panek of Coll Coll

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This shape-shifting cork furniture transforms to be a lounger, center table or even a side bench!

Modern design aesthetics demand functional furniture that takes less space and does more. The ability to quickly reconfigure the individual elements depending on the usage and the environment is highly rated in modern times. That’s why modular furniture is fancied by people who like minimalistic interiors without compromising on the multitude of uses that a thoughtful furniture piece can offer.

Architect, designer, and creative director – José Manuel Carvalho Araújo who Graduated in architecture from the architecture schools of Oporto and Lisbon, Carvalho Araújo, has a keen eye for product design, making him a well-renowned name in his spheres. His simple yet highly useful chair design christened Tumble is the perfect example of intuitive product design which is well-tailored for ultra-modern interiors. It is essentially a platform that serves as a chair, side table, bench seat, storage unit, bookshelf, center table, or a lounger. Depending on the nature of use and the available interior space, Tumble can be put to good use with a bit of creative thinking. The furniture piece is crafted out of natural agglomerated cork and natural oak, making it good for the environment too. The use of these biodegradable materials should not let you into believing that the modular platform lacks in structural strength. It can take the weight of an above-average weighing adult and the only thing you need to cautious of is to keep water away from it.

Tumble comes in two size configurations – Tumble 600 and Tumble 300. Both have a total width of 1200 mm and a height of 870 mm. The only difference is the depth which is 600 mm for the former and 300 mm for the latter. Also, the weight varies for them at 33 kg and 16.5 kg respectively.

Designger: José Manuel Carvalho Araújo

This Home Gardening Assistive Device Sticks Into Your Plant’s Soil To Keep It Healthy!

Activities like home gardening have held the attention of millennials and older generations alike for years, but with quarantine, they’ve risen exponentially in popularity. Taking care of houseplants not only amplifies the mood and intimacy of your home but also fills up your space in a way that other interior design options cannot replicate. Houseplants are so popular, sales are supposed to increase to $49.3 billion by 2023. Speaking to this, mostly thanks to social media, a quarter of that spending is attributed to houseplant owners between the ages of 18 and 34. Botanist, a gardening assistive device, was designed to make taking care of a plant more manageable for everyone. Sejin Park, based out of Seoul, designed Botanist because he saw the millennial generation’s love for houseplant culture and their preferred mode of communication: technology. 

Millennials seem to take some heat from older generations for how often we’re on our phones and how disconnected from the world we are because of it. In order to make some sense of that tension, Park bridged a connection between the natural and mobile worlds. Botanist consists of three divided parts: touchscreen, connector, and the probe stick. The probe stick scans and analyzes your houseplant’s soil in order to communicate what the plant might need, which is displayed on Botanist’s screen. Through a speaker and touchscreen, the user is informed of the houseplants’ soil, pH, light, temperature, and humidity levels on easy-to-read, circular, gauges. The touchscreen then provides additional information, relaying how the user can maintain the plant’s health levels or cater to them. The connecter is what allows the information gathered from the probe stick to travel to the touchscreen. On its touchscreen, Botanist also lets users file their houseplants so that they’re easy to find and take care of.

The device pairs with your phone so that you can receive the latest information from your houseplant no matter how far from home you may be. Taking inspiration from devices like speakers, reusable water bottles, and other sustainable products, Park was sure to design this assistive device so that its purpose to maintain health and plant life reflected not only how its materials were sourced, but also so that its structure and look fit in amongst your houseplants. Your plants will practically take care of themselves.

Designer: Sejin Park

This Storage System Operates With Suction And Can Be Used On Any Surface!

It can be extremely difficult to optimize kitchen storage space. Whether you’re in an efficient studio’s kitchenette or a spacious, open-plan chef’s playground, sometimes the hardest thing about interior design is finding the perfectly sized cranny for a bag of coffee beans or the spice rack that overflows until organizing feels like a chore. Plus, when you live in a smaller apartment space, drilling holes into drywall for spice racks isn’t always an option. Created by Jorge Álvarez, with NOS Design, Wholeder’s storage system uses suction so that it can optimize storage space in every room. (Plus it has a pretty clever-sounding name too)

The suctioned lid allows for the easy application on any wall or flat surface, making it functional in not just the kitchen, but practically any room. Whatever might need to be stowed away for later use can be stored with Wholeder. These minuscule storage bins also work for traveling as they come in varying sizes in order to store the ideal amount of anything you like. Something to keep in mind about storage systems is that they still have to be maintained. Silverware trays easily fill up with food crumbs and mason jars should be sanitized when used to store hygienic products. Unfortunately, reaching the bottom of a mason jar is no easy feat when your knuckles can’t even cram through the jar’s tapered opening. This makes it helpful that Wholeder’s storage suction containers can be well-maintained thanks to the rounded, easy-to-reach base and uniform sizing. The suction tubs are also aesthetically pleasing with their warm, muted tertiary toned tops. I’d like to believe the sizing and color scheme is really meant to pay homage to Alvin and the Chipmunks. 

As long as we have things, we’ll need more things with which to store them, and with Wholeder’s suctioned approach to optimizing storage space, that clutter can be a thing of the past. Since each container can adhere to any horizontal or vertical, flat surface, Wholeder’s storage system can be used anywhere. I can spend days consolidating and mixing spices to make room for a new one or reorganizing and cramming my knuckles into mason jars – it’s a sigh of relief to read, that those days could be over.

Designers: Jorge Álvarez x NOS Design

This James Dyson award-winning sleeping aid uses an OLED screen to help you destress + fall asleep

To fall asleep at night, I imagine my bed turning into a hammock, swinging somewhere on a sandy beach. It typically does the trick, but when it doesn’t, I can usually chalk it up to my anxiety or sleep apnea. Receiving 2020’s James Dyson Award, Nocturnal, designed by Alexander Braga, is an interactive sleeping aid that specifically aims to help insomnia sufferers. With user-defined technological and personalized features, this design solution makes restful sleep possible. On this point, Braga says, “Nocturnal combines both digital and beautiful design, language and form to improve sleep quality for insomniacs as a sustainable solution for the future.”

Surrounding the bed is an OLED, a film of an organic compound, emitting light, which bridges digital solutions with the human experience. The OLED screen is the sleeping aid’s primary charm and uses rollable, flexible technology in order to envelop the top half of your body and project images from the depths of your most peaceful, relaxing imagination. By promoting the beneficial and curated use of Artificial Intelligence, stressors such as anxiety and depression can be managed. Through research and conducted interviews, Alexander Braga concluded, “Dreams have always fascinated me and I wanted to add this celestial component, in combination with beautiful aesthetics to completely change the way we as humans sleep. I had looked into current bed sizes, ergonomic considerations through interaction and resting positions, and sustainable material selections. Once I achieved a better understanding of traditional sleeping habits, I looked into accessible technology that could stimulate our senses to fall asleep and provide the user with a dreamland sensation.”

Each component of the bed and its features are made up of entirely natural materials, enhancing the design’s appeal to sustainability. Additionally, the bed frame mimics the shape of a sailboat which will only enrich the user’s imagination. While these aspects certainly augment Nocturnal’s commitment to optimal rest, the defining feature is the design’s interactive programming. Nocturnal integrates haptic sensors and voice recognition technology in order to help maintain an intimate relationship with sleep, through visual, touch, and verbal feedback. Furthering that relationship, the underlying haptic sensors, inside Nocturnal’s mattress, adjusts to your body’s distinct contour, providing you with ideal comfort levels before falling asleep. Living with anxiety himself, Braga designed Nocturnal in order to supply those of us who suffer from varying mental stressors with a good night’s rest because sleeping’s for everyone, Nocturnal makes sure of it.

Designer: Alexander Braga

This $65,000 tiny house on wheels is made with eco-friendly materials for sustainable home owners!

Back with yet another tiny home I am currently dreaming about – the Natura by The Tiny Housing Co! The tiny house movement promotes living sustainably, you use only what you need in terms of resources and space which doesn’t hinder your quality of life and also allows enough time for nature to complete its replenishing cycle. Natura is a wonderful example of the best to come out of the tiny house movement, it is an environmentally friendly home on wheels! “As negative as pandemic has been throughout the world, a positive thing that’s come from it is people have really come to realize that nature is important to people’s lives,” says Smith-Burchnell, Founder and Director of The Tiny Housing Co.

One of my favorite things about tiny homes is the loft-style beds because they give you a little private cozy corner and that is exactly how the bedroom in Natura is set up. It has a multifunctional king-sized bed with plenty of storage under the frame. The bedroom also has a single large window that makes it more spacious and allows for a lot of natural light to flood your top floor. The space optimization goes beyond the bedroom, there are many built-in spaces for you to put the things you own like under the stairs as well as in the walls! The choice of materials for exterior and interior has been kept in line with the eco-friendly mission – there is wood paneling on the exterior, a thick corkboard layer on the front to add a defining feature that doubles as a breathable, fire-retardant area by the bedroom. The house is well insulated because of the natural materials chosen. Natura also features 1000W pre-installed solar panels as well as an Energy Recovery Ventilator which helps to remove excess humidity, filters the air, and removes stale air while keeping your home warm. Like a modern house, it includes an elegant glass double door which doubles up as a glass wall that keeps the living area well lit and house plant-friendly. To add to the spaciousness, it also includes an outdoor deck – since the house is on wheels you can always change the view!

Natura is ready to move in as soon as you receive it and comes fitted with A++ energy-efficient appliances like a 2-hob induction cooker, fridge freezer, electric oven, extractor fan, under-sink water filter plus a bathroom with a large shower. “Small space, less waste, high-thermal efficient insulation & ERV system and super energy-efficient appliances means you’ll spend a fraction on bills if any. Use of corkboard reduces harmful VOCs, formaldehyde or other chemicals to be required in your home,” elaborates the team. While luxurious tiny homes are nothing new, not many combine luxury with sustainability like Natura.

Designer: The Tiny Housing Co

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Furniture meets cat lovers for modern designs that help you perfect your work-pet balance!


I was a certified dog person, till I got married to the ultimate cat lover and was subjected to hours of their family cat and more fluffy cat videos which helped me appreciate the whimsical humor cat owners love (given how witty sarcasm is my go-to style, this tells me something about my husband’s type). Okay, I may be downplaying my affection for cats, which reveals itself anytime I see one walking by and if I do get one home, this is exactly the kind of furniture I need to give myself the exact work-pet balance. Given our work-from-home scenario, it is imperative that our home be designed for all it’s inhabitants and the designs here respect your home and space as well as let you and your cat spend quality time – together as well as away!


In all the desk designs I’ve seen over the years, this is a first for me! It’s called ‘Ascend’ and it’s been created by Dan Devine for all the cat ladies and fellas out there. Like any cat person will tell you, the moment you give attention to anything but your furry friend, they’ll find a way to lounge on your keyboard or knock over your utensils until it’s back on them! Designed with this in mind, the wood desk has been crafted with multiple ramps and landings for cats to perch up and play. If you can’t fight ’em, invite ’em!

The Cat Flat has been carefully designed based on the advice of Sweden’s first cat psychologist, Susanne Hellman Holmström, who brought to light the 10 necessities apart from basic essentials that cats need for the best emotional and physical health. The needs range from scratching, cleaning fur, playing, discovering, being social, etc. and Cat Flat takes care of them all keeping in mind they spend most of their time indoors. Think of it as a hybrid of a home and a jungle gym for your cat. Based on the cat psychologist’s advice, Hellman Holmström collaborated with interior designer Eleonor Moschevitz created the details, aesthetics, and functionality of the Cat Flat.

People in small living spaces use low furniture (such as rugs, floor chairs) to build intimate relaxing areas while cats prefer covert spaces, but due to the limited space, there are not many places to hide or play. CatYou in a Circle by Jack Dogson (ironic huh!)didn’t want to separate the pets from their owners so it is designed to cleverly bring them together while also maintaining boundaries. The hollow armrests and backrest offer cats a playground and hiding territory while the coffee table provides a place to sleep. The woven bamboo texture makes it possible for owners to see their cats even when they are hiding and play with through its holes. The size of holes is different in different parts of the furniture to adapt to the needs of the pet as well as humans. The backrest holes are smaller to make the cats feel more secure. But holes above are bigger so that when people lean on the sofa, they can see through the backrest and find their cats underneath.

Are you a cat person? Well, I am, and if you are a cat person or a cat owner like me, you know the amount of attention and care that goes into looking after them. They’re fussy and prissy, worthy of all the luxuries the world has to offer! But what about the pet-owners? While our cats hold the center of our attention, we don’t want to compromise the aesthetic value of our homes as well. To please our feline friends and their owners, product designer Yoh Komiyama collaborated with Tokyo-based Rinn to create the NEKO Cat Tree, and to be honest, it’s pretty modern and fancy!



Forget those ugly carpet-covered cat towers! Give your furry friend a place to perch up and keep an eye on things with the Spaceship Gamma Clear Cat Perch by MYZOO. Feline tested and approved, the easy-to-mount design provides an elevated sanctuary for your cat to nap and hang out. A see-through dome provides your pet with panoramic views of your room while well-placed vents keep the inside fresh. Crafted from a combination of transparent acrylic and wood in light and dark finishes, it’s also designed to accent your interior.

Your pet is also your co-worker now so it is important to keep them occupied while you focus on work and since most of us live in shared apartments or small flats, it is important that we don’t buy a cat palace but invest in a more space-saving structure like Studio RYTE’s Catssup. This particular piece of cat furniture is extremely easy to set-up and seamlessly integrates with your current home setting minus the bulkiness of a conventional cat tree. In 2020, it is all about how modular the product is and that applies to pet furniture too. With Catssup you can create a DIY jungle gym by simply clamping the different parts onto existing furniture and changing the set-up whenever ‘you’ (read: your cat) need. The best part is that it doesn’t require any floor space so if you want to lie down and WFH – you absolutely can with the extra room!

The Circle Zero from PLUTO is a smart litter box that takes care of your cat’s business. Designed to be fully automated, fully enclosed, and exceptionally silent, the litter box comes with a completely enclosed design to provide a private experience. Sensors on the box detect the presence of the cat, and wait for a full 7 minutes after they’re done to automatically (and silently) scoop the waste from the litter and store it separately while completely containing and eliminating any odor too. Once the waste compartment is full, you can use any bag or liner to collect it and throw it away

The latest piece to catch our eye has been the Kyali cat climber by MADE for its almost human furniture-like design because usually, a cat climber would stick out but this one just blends in like a cozy stool! The climber has a warm inviting vibe because of the woody tones and the soft fabric cushioning that will instantly draw your cats in for a nap. It is a blend of a bed and a dynamic game for your pets. Featuring three shelves or levels, Kyali’s goal was to provide plenty of fun for your feline friends without taking up too much room. It has a modular structure that lets you adjust the shape to create more space for cats to explore or to make it more compact to store.

The designer He Yuhui has imagined everything your pet needs to live their best life possible and included it in the details of this modular cat house. Every traditional shape and element has been reimagined to add a fresh perspective. The scratching board, for example, has been created to evoke an emotional response from the cat and make it a pleasant experience not bound by the stereotypical forms but still meeting the behavioral need to dig/scratch. Play around with the shape and structure, create something that works for you and your pet and if your pet gets bored easily, just switch up the arrangement and voila, a whole new apartment! The scratch pads can be set up in various different ways to increase the playing area while still being a practical element.

Made from individual felt panels, the Catzz kitty-bed by Mirko Vujicic is a flat-packed bed that can easily be assembled in minutes. When put together, it forms the perfect haven for your kitten, being a combination of robust and sturdy yet fuzzy and comfortable. The Catzz bed even comes with a dangling toy that you can suspend from the bed’s ear (for the cat to periodically play with), and when the bed does get dirty, it can easily be disassembled and machine-washed. Paw-sitively delightful isn’t it?!


These foldable, modular furniture designs are the space-saving solution every home needs!

I have ordered the white plastic chairs off of IKEA and Amazon and while they look great in the patio, it’s only going to last a couple of months because it can’t withstand weather changes, kids, or dogs. And you can’t keep those indoors – they just look ODD. We finally have an alternative to it – wooden foldable chairs with an upgraded minimal aesthetic and a longer life! Even though they might look visually similar to the IKEA ones at first glance, these wooden chairs actually work with indoor settings too unlike the usual patio seating. They are classier and can be used in any room/interior setting.

The first wooden chair has strings that form the seat and the backrest, it may make you doubtful of comfort but the strings act like fabric and contour around your body for maximum comfort. The string tension also makes sure that you are well supported. The second chair is like a classic window transformed into a chair with one swivel motion. Because it is a smooth, singular vertical plank when closed, it is easier to stack/store. Another favorite from this furniture range is the fold-out table with storage, it is ideal for small urban apartments or for a kid-friendly room to keep things tidy and packed away. Speaking of kids’ rooms, there is another piece which is a shelf with a chalkboard panel that transforms into a small bed – this is a wonderful way to encourage children to own and take care of their space in a playful manner. Now when it comes to adults, we all know there is never enough storage so instead of shoving plastic or cardboard boxes under our beds, there is a simple box frame that has multiple drawers and when closed it seamlessly turns into a base for your mattress. It keeps things neat and reduces the storage bins you have to buy.

I have always had a personal library, but having lived in crowded cities like Manhattan, you have to choose between a bookshelf and a table to eat your food. I wish I had this ladder-shelf table piece at the time, it saves space and ‘serves’ food as well as food for thought! Given our population growth and the crowding up of cities, millennials will need these furniture designs to add fun and functional element to their home. Afterall, wooden furniture is timeless and one can never go wrong with these minimal multifunctional pieces.

Designer: Jon 117 SP