Soap Beam: So Fresh and So Clean


The aptly named Soap Beam might take inspiration from the shape of a soap bar, but it has next to nothing to do with getting fresh and clean. The device is actually a portable projector designed to be used with a smartphone. No larger than a phone itself, the design is easy to tote, carry, and pack. Better yet, it features a simplistic and intuitive interface that makes it possible to plug and play in seconds. Simply hook it up to your smartphone and instantly share your favorite movies, music videos, and photo albums with friends.

Designer: BKID Co for Samsung





Evolution of the Wall Clock


Designer Daeun Joung’s latest concept looks like nothing more than a three-dimensional piece of wall art… but it’s that and more. The sculptural design actually triples as a short throw projector and wireless speaker.

Disguised as art on your wall, it frees up the surface real estate that most wireless speakers occupy. Working in tandem with the COZY app on your phone, the design can stream your favorite tunes and display a variety of customized notifications on your wall. Sync it up to preview a live stream of the news or make it display the weather, time, and stocks.

Designer: Daeun Joung




A Truly Compact Projector


This little projector takes ‘compact’ to a whole new level! Clever, space-saving design matched with a minimalistic approach, gives us a device that takes up limited space. Simply pop it into your bag and carry it with you!

The rectangular design is interrupted when the remote-control is removed from a recess in the top surface. And once the remote is out, it makes room for the device to expend heat more efficiently. An aspect of the design that we love is how the angle of the projector is adjusted; by gently pressing down on the top surface, one side of the projector automatically lifts, the angle of which can then be adjusted.

This is truly a wonderfully simple device, that is free from unnecessary frills and un-wanted bulk!

Designer: Wanheng Chen








LG’s Laser 4K beams a 120-inch picture from seven inches away

Just as surely as CES comes around, LG shows up with a laser projector to hopefully tempt you into ditching that TV. This year's attempt is another CineBeam model, and the Laser 4K is ready to compete with the likes of Hisense's home-theater-in-a-box...