The handheld device that’s replacing the AR/VR headset

Designed to look like an innocuous little flashlight for emergency blackouts, the Lumen is tonnes more advanced than it would have you believe. Yes, it is, in the most basic of terms, a flashlight, but it does more than throw photons on an un-illuminated surface. The Lumen is more than a flashlight… it’s a handheld AR projector that detects objects, projects onto them after determining what they are, and lets you interact with the projections in a manner that combines multiple separate experiences into a singular one so futuristic, it would have you pinching yourself.

Much like the Lightform, a smart device that connects with an external projector to aid in object detection and creation of a projected augmented reality experience, the Lumen works on similar lines, but it just doesn’t detect objects by detecting the boundaries between two surfaces/objects, the Lumen actually identifies objects and the angle they’re placed at in relation to the projector, playing relevant animations over the objects.

In a lot of ways, the Lumen’s true competitor is (or was) the VR Headset. Not designed to be an exhibition/entertainment machine like the Lightform, the Lumen is like a flashlight that replaces a VR headset that covers your eyes, and layers images onto reality just for the wearer. Lumen’s projection mapping technology means that the VR/AR experience is as portable as lifting and pointing the device on a surface, and the projections that emanate from it are a public experience, rather than a private one. In fact, Lumen’s projections can be interacted with too, via touch! Armed with a camera, a depth sensor, a projector, and artificial intelligence that’s definitely capable of some heavy-lifting, the Lumen is a flashlight shaped product that replaces the chained, headset experience of AR/VR and makes it more unbridled, intuitive, and life-changing!

Designer: Arvind Sanjeev








An Alternative to a Television?


Projectors are usually used as a temporary ‘screen’ for sharing memories with family or immersing yourself in a film, but the Lumo projector does things a little differently…

Aimed at single-person households where space may be limited and moving abodes frequently is common, Lumo is designed to replace the television altogether; research showed that the occupants of this type of household rely on their phone, laptop and desktop as opposed to a TV, but their limited size can make things uncomfortable or unenjoyable.

Thanks to its considered design and lamp-like form, it’s not a projector that needs to be hidden when it’s not being used, and this makes Lumo’s party trick possible, the display is always on even if the television is not; based on lifestyle patterns and personal interests, daily information and personalised contents is always displayed on the wall!

Designers: Jinju Choo, Soyoung Lee, Seonghyeok Youn & Sooyoung Choi




The power indicator lights up when activated to provide the experience of turning on the lamp.


Lumo is capable of 360-degree projection with a vertically rotatable stand and horizontally rotatable upper part. You can also easily position the screen on the wall with voice command.


Lumo has a hidden ventilation designed to prevent the heat by efficiently circulating the air up and down.

Daily information and personalized contents are always on the wall or the ceiling. This not only considers the multi-content consumption experience, but also breaks the boundary between the wall and screen thus considering the interior effect of the home projector.

When you enter the Lumo Launcher by mobile, Music, Video, and Photo screen changes to smartphone homescreen. This allows users to access daily information and personalized contents seamlessly.

Lumo recommends customized contents in three categories: schedule, history, and usage pattern. Therefore, Lumo allows users to consume a variety of content seamlessly and makes a better content consumption life.


This is the world’s first Augmented Reality Drone

The Space Creator Drone is quite unlike any drone you’ll ever see. It doesn’t fly around capturing pictures, but rather projects pictures onto surfaces, turning walls and floors into windows showcasing alternative realities on the other side.

Mounted with a projector lens where you’d expect a camera, the Space Creator drone flies around casting images onto surfaces, turning them into points of storytelling. The drone creates environments instead of capturing them, being refreshingly different. I for one love the way it makes it look like there’s a blue whale floating around the house. Working on a principle that’s pretty much the same as AR, the Space Creator is technically an AR drone. It projects virtual elements on your wall in a way that makes them appear above your reality, adding a bit of magic and mystery to it. The drone is capable of spatial tracking too, making sure that the projected image changes as the drone moves around. A stunning concept that’s backed by technology we can definitely expect in a year from now. Fingers crossed!

Designer: Seohee Lee







The Cutest Projector I’ve Ever Seen!

Watching a video on your phone is not only extremely uncomfortable, but it can also be seriously damaging to your retinas. Avoiding such harm to your eyes isn’t at all difficult, but ‘Milk’ makes it even simpler.

Milk is a portable projector that carries a design that is so cute, you’ll want to show it off everywhere! It very conveniently connects wirelessly to the user’s phone, allowing them to project the video they are watching onto any wall and therefore making the activity far more sociable.

The form of Milk composes of two main bodies that seamlessly join using magnets; this method of connecting the two bodies together allows for unlimited adjustment of the viewing angle, making the perfect viewing angle easy to achieve! A singular button is located on the main body to turn the projector on, a surrounding light gently glows while the user becomes immersed in their video.

Designer: Ludwig Rensch





Making of ‘Milk’

Turn your Ceiling into a Screen!


Have you ever been lying in bed mindlessly scrolling through your phone or attempting to watch a movie on your iPad, all while struggling to find a position that is even remotely comfortable? This is the problem that designer Wei Ying Luo identified, and his solution came in the form of Helion.

Helion is an ultrashort-through projector that takes the place of the ceiling light usually found above the bed. It projects the screen of the user’s device directly onto the ceiling, allowing for a comfortable viewing position. Using gesture controls the user is able to message friends, mindlessly scroll through social media or operate video controls.

The 100 inch, full HD screen combined with the inbuilt stereo surround sound ensures for an immersive and engaging experience for the user, all while they avoid the retina damage that can come with staring at smartphone screens. That sounds like a perfect set up, to us!

Designer: Wei Ying Luo












A Prettier Projector, Period


Before I decided to ditch having a TV altogether, I started exploring projector options thinking I could at least avoid having a giant screen in my living room. On my search, I inquired as to why each unit was surprisingly bulky and the salesman explained that the inner workings and largely unchanged projection tech simply didn’t allow for a slim, unobtrusive form. I sighed and left empty handed. If I had seen the Rollin projector, however, I might be telling a different story.

It’s thoughtfully designed around the existing tech and doesn’t try to unrealistically squeeze all the necessary components into a slimmer body. Instead, it takes on a modern, almost robotic appearance that looks more sculptural than electronic. Even though it’s not any smaller than a standard projector (in fact, it’s probably larger), it’s certainly more welcome in my home than many of the current clunky designs!

Designer: Angie Kim




Take your Performance to the Streets

Each time a busker performs, it’s like a small scale and intermate concert in the street. They rely solely on their talent to capture an audience and engage passers-by, so what if there was a product to assist in this?

This is exactly what this compact device aims to do, ‘Busker’ is a portable projector that creates an event right on the side of the street! By projecting images or videos of the Street Musicians previous, larger scale, performances onto the floor it adds another element of interest to the activity and draws passers-by in.

Due to the nature of the environment it’s in it needed to be portable and hardwearing, but the designers didn’t want to compromise on the aesthetic of it. This led to a practical product with a carefully considered, intuitive and minimal design.

Designer: Minho Lee