Binge watch on the Big Screen


Your mobile fits into your pocket. It has a 5-6 inch screen. The FastFox DLP projector also fits into your pocket. It projects a screen anywhere from 30 to a 100 inches.

This slick little device has the footprint of an external hard disk and can connect to your devices via USB or HDMI (or just plug that Chromecast in). It uses DLP technology to provide an image that’s better in quality than an LCD and even heats up less. Weighing just over 200 grams, the FastFox comes with a tripod mount and even a remote control that lets you set it up and use it with a great degree of freedom. While the 2 hours of battery life may not be enough for your “The Crown” binge-watching sessions, the FastFox comes with a MicroUSB charging input that lets you plug your mobile charger (or even a power bank) into it. It comes with in-built speakers, but we highly recommend using the audio jack on the back to hook it up to a nice sound system that does full justice to the 100 inches of high-contrast visual glory the FastFox will provide!

Designer: Ezapor

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Designer: Ezapor

Check Out This Affordable Mini LCD Projector From Xiange

Xiange Mini LCD Projector

Enhance your multimedia experience with this mini LCD projector from Xiange. Great for movies, this affordable projector supports a native resolution of 800 x 480 pixels (80- to 130-inch image size) and provides 4:3/16:9 aspect ratio, 200 ANSI lumens brightness, 1000:1 contrast ratio and up to 30,000 hours of LED lamp life.

Supporting most media formats such as MPEG4, MOV, DivX, MKV, MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, BMP, JPEG and PNG, this mini LCD projector comes equipped with an SD card slot (up to 32GB), 2x USB ports, 1x HDMI port, 1x 3.5mm audio jack and a built-in 3W speaker.

The Xiange mini LCD projector is available now for just $79 (remote control included). [Product Page]

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LG’s new Jack-in-the-box 4K projector!


Turn the hand crank on a jack-in-the-box and the lid bursts open to reveal the human-shaped toy inside. LG’s projector was designed pretty much the same way, except the lid opens to reveal one of the world’s best 4K Ultra High Definition projectors on the inside.

The HU80KA Projector, as it’s called, is groundbreaking not only because it massively shrinks the footprint of 4K projectors, but it does so in a format that looks completely a class apart. This isn’t a projector you’d mount on a ceiling to mask its ugliness. You’d want it to adorn your living room floor because the HU80KA sits majestically like a beautiful black block capable of projecting over 8 million pixels (at 150 inches) of awesomeness on any wall. The projector comes with USB, Ethernet and HDMI ports, along with wireless connectivity and even packs two 7W speakers for stunning audio to accompany the stunning video. What’s more, unlike most projectors that aren’t designed to be moved or shifted, lest the intricate parts inside get displaced, the HU80KA comes built with a handle that lets you carry your 4K from room to room, or even to parties because with this gorgeous piece of tech and its eye-poppingly incredible and immersive video projection, you’re sure to be invited to a lot of parties…

Designer: LG Electronics


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