Samsung’s faster, smaller DRAM chips are coming to your next PC

Samsung has built the smallest 8-gigabit DDR4 RAM chip ever using its second-generation 10-nanometer manufacturing tech, it said in a news release. The chips are 15 percent more energy efficient and run 10 percent faster than the last generation, lau...

World’s Smallest Electronic Baseball Game

electronic baseball
Remember playing that electronic baseball game as kid? The “ball” was a tiny light up dot that moved along the screen. The players were tiny light up dots. Everything was tiny lights. It was simple to learn, difficult to master. That’s actually the hallmark of a good game- all the classics have a short learning curve but are hard to become great at- think Pac-Man, Space Invaders, even modern games like Angry Birds. It was everything like baseball and nothing like baseball. Just tiny lights.

Back then handheld meant something the size of a small paperback novel (remember books? that’s a whole different post I guess) and a bunch of AAA batteries or a 9 volt or two. Now thanks to the wonders of technology they’ve miniaturized the classics. This electronic baseball game is a faithful reproduction of the original but shrunken down to keychain size. Like the original it’s made by Mattel. And yes, it really works.

World’s Smallest Electronic Baseball Game
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