NHTSA sent Tesla cease-and-desist over Model 3 safety claims

Documents obtained by nonprofit advocacy group PlainSite show that the United States National Highway Traffic Administration sent automaker Tesla a cease-and-desist letter urging the company to stop making certain claims about the safety of the Model...

YouTuber known for ‘shitty robots’ turns Tesla Model 3 into pickup truck

Why wait on Elon Musk to deliver your perfect vehicle when you can just make one yourself? YouTuber and inventor Simone Giertz needed a truck to carry materials for her creations, but didn't want a gas-guzzling pickup. So the 28-year-old robotics ent...

Tesla adjusts Autopilot to comply with new EU regulations

Tesla will push an updated Autopilot in Europe that scales back on a couple of functions in order to comply with new regulations. The changes will require faster lane changes and limit how far you can turn the steering wheel on Autosteer. Electrek re...

NTSB says Tesla’s Autopilot was active during fatal Model 3 crash

The National Transportation Safety Board said in a preliminary report that Tesla's Autopilot system was active at the time of a fatal Model 3 crash in Delray Beach, Florida. Data showed the car's driver, who died in the March 1st incident, activated...

Tesla Model 3 loses Consumer Reports recommendation

The long-simmering tussle between Tesla and Consumer Reports over car reviews took a fresh turn Thursday, after the publication said it could no longer recommend the Model 3. Tesla had finally claimed the distinction last May after it was able to red...

10 Incredible Futuristic Cars Designs

Like other things, cars have evolved with time, thanks to manufacturers who always keep an eye on cutting edge technologies for transport vehicles. A typical four-wheeled car’s main purpose is to transport, but we have moved farther from that.

As we move towards the future, car makers are also preparing more advanced cars to enable comfort for people and, well, for car geeks, it’s more than that, of course. We’re already talking about electric vehicles and self-driving vehicles here. We’ll give you a preview of some of them here:

Toyota FCV Plus self-driving car

Image via: Autoblog

Toyota proves that they’re a company that’s way more than the typical sedans. In 2015, the car maker has unveiled a futuristic and spaceship-looking car called FCV Plus. This concept car is from Toyota is more than just style; it runs on hydrogen fuel, which means, it’s eco-friendly too. FCV Plus is one of those potential cars for the future, but as the car maker continues to work on perfecting the vehicle, we can just wait for now.

Mercedes Benz’ F 015 Luxury in Motion self-driving car

Image via: Entrepreneur.com

Mercedez Benz is also not allowing itself to get left behind and is also working on its own self-driving car. As a matter of fact, on top of wowing the audience at the Consumer Electronics Show, the some lucky pedestrians in San Francisco were also lucky to spot the amusing capsule-looking vehicle on the streets as Benz began to test drive it beginning some two years ago. Aiming for class and luxury, Benz envisions a lounge looking four seater design for its interior.

GAC WitStar Concept autonomous vehicle in China

Image via: cleantechnica

China, which seems to have answers in every commodity, has this WitStar concept that looks somehow similar with the Benz self-driving concept. The difference is, this vehicle has a gull wing door and an option to drive of to autopilot. I bet this would be much cheaper than the Benz as well.

Tata ConnectNext electric car

Image via: Ibtimes


Even Indian car maker Tata is in the loop with futuristic cars. As early as 2014, it has already made a prototype of its expected modern vehicle. This five-seater electric car boasts design and functionality: it has floating seats and highly-technological features, such as the steering wheel active indicators, augmented navigation and infotainment.

Tesla’s Model 3 electric self-driving car

Image via: Business Insider

An autonomous vehicles list will not be complete without Tesla, of course. it’s not only an autonomous vehicle, it’s also eco-friendly as it would run on electricity and can travel at least 215 miles on a single charge.  It’s rumored to begin production this year, so start pre-ordering for this modern vehicle because it already has more than 400,000 pre-orders to date!

LeEco’s LeSEE self-driving car in China

Image via: lesee

Meanwhile, China’s LeEco has also made its own self-driving car concept in an attempt to compete with Tesla. But what sets it differently from Tesla, is its goal to change the taxi industry in China, compared to Tesla, which is generally marketing for the general public.

Electric RoboBuses in Finland

Image via: inhabitat

Self-driving technology is not only focused in sedans. Just like this cute-looking self-driving bus which is set to roam around the streets of Finland this year!

Harry, the driverless pod in Greenwich, England

Image via: The Guardian

U.K. does not want to get left behind and created their own driverless pod, 100 of which is set to roam in the city, is set to launch in July.

Lutz Pathfinder self-driving car in the UK

Image via: Redbull

Meanwhile, this vehicle doesn’t look like an actual car, but it is. The makers of Lutz Pathfinder is already testing the vehicle out in the streets to understand how it will react to the city environment such as pedestrians. Indeed, the company seems to be preparing for a safer and smarter community. Cheers!

General Motor’s Electronic Networked-Vehicle

Image via: NY Daily News

Similar to Lutz Pathfinder is this cutesy concept self-driving vehicle from General Motors. Apart from typical technologies like GPS, it also has the capability to “communicate” to other similar vehicles as means to maneuver the traffic.

Tesla’s market value surpasses Ford

Ford is currently valued at about $45.1 billion. Tesla is now worth $47.8 billion, reports Bloomberg. Last year, Tesla delivered less than 80,000 cars. Ford, America's second largest automaker, sold 6.7 million vehicles.