Elon Musk Successfully Tweets via SpaceX’s Starlink Satellites

Embed from Getty Images How do SpaceX’s Starlink satellites work? SpaceX’s Starlink satellites will bring cheap and fast internet connections to areas that are currently underserved. As more countries are implementing laws that make the internet a basic human right, the demand for connecting millions of people will increase too. As many places are not […]

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Musk: Powerpacks are coming to northern California Superchargers

As Pacific Gas and Electric blacks out power across wide swaths of northern California, Tesla CEO Elon Musk mentioned plans in place that could help Tesla owners during power outages. During past emergencies like hurricanes Irma and Florence, Tesla h...

Elon Musk painted as ‘thin-skinned billionaire’ in court documents

The fallout from Elon Musk's ill-advised "pedo guy" comments -- made last year about British cave rescuer Vernon Unsworth -- is not going away. In new court documents, Unsworth didn't hold back when it came to his opinion of the South African tech bi...

After Math: When your goose cooks

While many of us were channeling our inner jerks through a troublemaking goose avatar, companies throughout the tech industry were conducting dastardly shenanigans of their own. Here are a few of the week's highlights.