Caviar & SpaceX collaborate over $6630 Luxury Watch with actual Starship Fragment inside it

That price tag shouldn’t surprise you, given that Caviar’s built its reputation on catering to the creme-de-la-creme of tech collectors. While most people know Caviar for its ornate smartphone cases, it turns out the company makes watches too – with the same luxury-forward philosophy. Their latest ‘Space Tornado’ collection features three watches that highlight the cosmos, but it’s the flagship watch in the series that has our eye. Priced at upwards of 6 grand (or roughly two Vision Pros), the Stargazer X-Edition watch comes with a 24k gold-plated body, a tourbillon at the 6 o’clock mark, and a relic of actual space travel at the 12 o’clock mark. Designed in collaboration with SpaceX, each watch comes with a fragment of the Starship spacecraft, carefully placed at the top of the watch as its crown jewel.

Designer: Caviar

The Stargazer’s dial takes inspiration from Jupiter’s moon Europa. The dial comes with an icy, striated finish, referencing the moon’s icy surface with a blue ocean underneath – possibly teeming with life. It’s rather poetic too, considering that the watch’s movement lies beneath this surface too. The watch sports a main dial that tells you the time of the day, accompanied by two subdials, one serving as a power indicator and the other, as a 24-hour clock. The subdials are flanked by a tourbillon at the 6 o’clock position that fervently beats like the watch’s heart… but if your eyes can tear away from its hypnotic movement, it should find itself at the 12 o’clock position.

Sitting right at the top of the watch face is a small, practically unrecognizable fragment. Taken from the Starship – the largest rocket ever flown – these fragments represent space travel, along with humankind’s indomitable spirit for touching the stars. The fragment finds itself encased within the watch’s face right at the top, and is one of three such fragments that will be found in the Stargazer’s limited edition series.

The rest of the watch boasts Caviar-style luxury too. The body is made from 316L stainless steel, plated with 24K gold. The straps are high-quality calfskin leather, and the clasp on the back is gold-plated as well. The watch also sports an exhibition back, letting you view the movement inside. Caviar doesn’t specify the watch movement, but given the presence of a power reserve, it’s probably automatic – using your wrist’s movements to harness energy that powers the watch.

The Stargazer X-Edition is limited to a mere 3 pieces, making the watch rarer than most luxury timepieces we usually see. At $6,630, it still might be one of the more affordable tourbillon timepieces on the market, and the inclusion of a Starship fragment definitely sets it apart – but then again, watches in this range can often be impregnated with moon dust, mars rocks, or even meteorites. The Stargazer X-Edition is definitely a conversation-starter if you’re a space enthusiast or find yourself among similar-minded folk. The watch, at least at the time of writing this, is still available – and if you’re looking for a discount, paying with cryptocurrency gets you a neat 15% knocked off the original price.

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Caviar’s Custom iPhone 15 Pro Has A Vision Pro-inspired Design And A Ridiculous $8060 Price Tag

You could buy two Vision Pros at that price and still have change to spare…

I’m not sure whether to call this prohibitive pricing or to just keep scrolling without reacting viscerally, but the folks at Caviar, in their infinite wisdom, have created a version of the iPhone 15 Pro that’s so ludicrously expensive it actually makes the $3500 Vision Pro look affordable. The ‘Vision’ is Caviar’s latest customized iPhone model, designed to pay homage to the Vision Pro. Its rear comes embellished with Vision Pro-inspired details, featuring a close-up of the nose-ridge, along with speaker and camera details along the edge, and a diamond-knurled surface on the top. The entire iPhone’s backplate is machined from Titanium (unlike the regular iPhone which has a glass back), and detailed with jewelry-grade enamel. The collection is limited to just 99 units, and Caviar says it’s perfect for people who want an iPhone that complements their Vision Pro. That’s if you’ve got any money left over from purchasing the spatial computing headset in the first place…

Designer: Caviar

The Vision’s overall appeal lies entirely in the design of its backplate. Under the hood, it’s still your standard 128Gb iPhone 15 Pro with all the features intact. Caviar just takes liberties with redesigning the exterior surface, sometimes embellishing it with rare materials like gold, diamonds, and other jewel-worthy accouterments. With the Vision, while you don’t get any gemstones per-se, you do get an edgy, futuristic-looking backplate that complements your spatial headset. The drawback, however, is the fact that it costs 80 Benjamins (and some more) and you can’t wirelessly charge the Vision because of the metal back.

At this point, discussing the Vision any further becomes a moot point just because of that price tag. Strangely enough, the Vision is still cheaper than some of Caviar’s other custom iPhone models… but ultimately you’re paying for a luxury statement-piece more than anything. People who splurge on Caviar phones are pretty much the creme-de-la-creme of society, with yachts and private jets to their name.

The Caviar iPhone Vision starts at $8060 for the 128Gb model. If you want to upgrade to models with higher storage, the price goes up significantly (why, I don’t know since it isn’t like Caviar’s got anything to do with the storage). The 1TB iPhone Vision has an eye-watering price tag of $9060. Just for context, with that much money, you could buy high-end versions of every Apple product and probably still have enough money to spare for a top-tier iCloud+ and Apple Care subscription.

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Caviar’s Luxury iPhone 15 Pro model ditches the Titanium Chassis for 24 Karat Gold

If you thought a $1199 price tag was expensive, this $8630 special-edition gold-plated iPhone 15 Pro clearly isn’t for you!

The folks at Caviar, known for giving smartphones a highly blinged makeover, are back with their luxury-driven take on the latest Apple offering. With as many as 63 designs to choose from, Caviar decided to look at the iPhone 15 Pro’s titanium chassis and say “We can do better”. The various models showcase a variety of materials and finishes, including the use of gold, crystals, and even marbled carbon fiber. They start at a respectable $6,700, going up to an eye-watering half a million for a version made of white gold and actual diamond gemstones.

Designer: Caviar

Dubbed ‘Notorious’, this is one of Caviar’s more ornate pieces, paying homage to the Colt 1911 handgun. The phone comes with a top-to-bottom makeover, including a new aviation-grade titanium backplate to replace Apple’s own glass backplate. The titanium plate is PVD-coated with black and finished with 24k gold details. The frame around the side is electroplated with 24k gold too, as are the rings around the camera lenses. Finally, the phone is outfitted with a solid gold bas-relief gun, with a wooden insert on the handle. This bad-boy won’t shoot bullets, but it’ll shoot the best damn pictures on the planet.

The ‘Notorious’ iPhone 15 Pros are legitimate pieces of art. Every corner of the phone has some amount of detailing or graphic, replacing the otherwise bland iPhone canvas with something more than just an Apple logo. The pieces aren’t just put together on top of the iPhone either. Caviar makes custom backplates for each phone, factoring in tolerances, the MagSafe ring and charging coil, etc. while the frame around the side is also made to integrate into the phone, giving you a device that feels as sleek as possible. That 3D relief gun excluded, obviously.

Caviar’s pieces aren’t for tech aficionados, clearly. The phone’s made for true collectors, quite like people who indulge in Rolexes, Patek Philippes, Bugattis, and Rolls-Royces. These aren’t the kinds of phones you’d want to slap a case on (you couldn’t even if you tried), and they’re made to be surrounded by an elite team of bodyguards, not simply slipped into your pant pockets.

With a starting price of $8630 for the iPhone 15 Pro (128 Gb), the ‘Notorious’ phone isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, it’s limited to just 99 units, and also comes with a sim-tray unlike the ones available in the US. Each phone is made to order and takes roughly 1-5 days to complete, following which the phone comes shipped to you in, lets say, more than just an Apple iPhone box. Each of the 99 Notorious iPhone 15 Pros come in a decked-out briefcase with golden details, a certificate of authenticity, and the phone itself. No, I wouldn’t know if there’s a gold-plated USB-C cable included…

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Caviar’s bejeweled iPhone 14 Pro comes with a $133K price tag and an actual Rolex stuck on the back

Forget the Dynamic Island on the front… check out the Rolex Island on the back.

There’s a fine line between a good Medium Rare steak and a steak that’s pushed just over the edge into Rare/Well-Done territory. I’d argue Caviar’s Rolex Daytona iPhone 14 Pro sits rather firmly on the latter end of the spectrum. Designed to clearly be showcased on tabletops (because there’s no way this could comfortably fit into most pockets), the latest custom iPhone from Caviar comes with a massive Rolex Daytona timepiece stuck to its back, making the smartphone’s camera bump look like the sleekest design detail ever. The Rolex Daytona (functional, might I add) isn’t the only detail on the back of the iPhone – clearly doubling down on the racing-inspired theme, the phone also comes with decorative dashboard dials modeled to look like a speedometer and oil + fuel indicators, and actual functional flip switches, all crafted from 18K gold. The Rolex and gold details sit on a bespoke titanium case that wraps around the iPhone, with a black PVD finish and gold accents that match the ones on the Rolex Daytona timepiece. Is it elegant? I’ll leave that to you, the beholder, to decide. Is it ridiculously opulent? Well, given that the Caviar Daytona starts at $133,670, I’d probably say yes.

Designer: Caviar

This work of art (?) takes inspiration from Malcolm Campbell, professional racer and the first ambassador of Rolex’s Daytona series. The watch’s visuals pay homage to Campbell and his Blue Bird car, which broke the land speed record in 1928. The back of the Caviar Daytona is an artistic twist on the Blue Bird’s dashboard, showcasing the Rolex Daytona timepiece front and center. On the top, you’ve got artistic sub-dials representing the three main dials seen on a car’s dashboard, and below are 3 flip-switches that can be fidgeted with, but don’t actually do anything. The watch sits there in its entirety, sans the straps, and can be controlled/adjusted using the crown and buttons on the side.

There’s no wonder this limited-edition smartphone costs as much as it does. Sure, Caviar’s entire schtick is to make luxury phones, but the Daytona pushes the limits with 18K gold detailing (including the smartphone’s frame) covered with jewelry-grade enamel. The back panel of the phone uses PVD-coated titanium, arguably giving the iPhone a more happening rear than the front. Although with all those bells and whistles crammed onto the back of the phone, don’t expect it to be able to rest it rear-side-down on any table or flat surface.

As remarkable as the phone is to look at, the Caviar Daytona isn’t designed to be used and carried like your everyday smartphone. That side profile is chaotic at best, and will not easily slip into pockets or handbags. You can forget about cases or even MagSafe chargers/accessories, considering the Rolex Daytona timepiece sits exactly above the wireless charging coil and magnetic ring.

This Frankenstein-mashup of phone and watch from Caviar is limited to just 3 units per variant. There are a total of 8 variants to choose from – 4 storage tiers for the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max respectively. The starting price for this limited-edition series begins at $133,670, going up to a whopping $135,420 for the highest tier.

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Galaxy S22 Ultra Caviar editions let you choose how you want to burn your money

If the Galaxy S22 Ultra still feels too light for your wallet, then you can throw more money at these gold-plated luxury editions instead.

Smartphones have become incredibly pricey these days, at least compared to figures from even just four years ago. In some cases, the price bump feels justified, while at other times, they feel exorbitant. That doesn’t stop people from still buying the most feature-rich and most expensive smartphone models every year, and that definitely hasn’t stopped a certain class of people from aiming even higher. That’s the clientele that luxury brand Caviar serves, and it has just announced a new set of limited edition Galaxy S22 Ultra phones that could make you the envy of your socialite circles.

Designer: Caviar

The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s price tag is already quite hefty on its own, starting at $1,200 for the lowest configuration all the way up to $1,600 for maxed-out specs. That’s not unusual for Samsung and honestly expected for this particular model. It replaces the Galaxy Note line to some extent with an S Pen that you can stow inside the phone. That’s on top of the high-end specs you’d come to expect from Samsung’s latest and greatest, which includes one of the best phone screens available in the market today.

That won’t be the full price that most people will pay for the phone anyway. In addition to the typical carrier subsidies that US buyers often grab, Samsung and retail partners often throw in deals or freebies to make it feel like you’re getting more for that price. As far as looks go, however, the Galaxy S22 Ultra doesn’t exactly look its price. It’s not ugly, mind, but its aesthetic is more utilitarian and technical than luxurious.

That’s where Caviar’s limited edition runs come in, offering those with the money to burn a way to have a luxurious phone that matches how much it costs. Almost every notable premium phone has had its turn being added to Caviar’s collection, but the Galaxy S22 Ultra is getting something a bit more special. There isn’t just one, not even just two, but six possible designs to choose from, each with a unique nod to art styles or pop culture.

The Ocelot, for example, is an homage to the Art Deco era, as Caviar explains. The camera area is covered with a gold-plated jeweled steel inlay, while the bottom showcases golden geometric patterns engraved on black PVC titanium. The combination of black and gold has always been a hallmark of many luxury products, reinforcing this Caviar edition phone’s expensive tastes.

Art Deco is also credited to be one of the influences of The Great Gatsby, and Caviar pays tribute to that literary work with its own limited edition design. Reversing the gold and black motif, the cameras are enclosed in black PVC titanium, while the rest of the phone’s back is decked with Art Deco patterns made of gold-plated jewelry alloy. Caviar’s crown logo in gold adorns the black camera block, making you feel like royalty, especially since you can afford this luxury. That gold isn’t just any other gold, either, and is proud to flaunt 7mk 24K double gold electroplated jewelry alloy.

Caviar also has something for automotive enthusiasts. Drive’s dark, carbon-fiber armor, for example, calls to mind sports cars and speedsters, while the Titanium’s blend of silver and black is reminiscent of luxury cars. The brand also has two models utilizing crocodile leather in black and beige hues, one themed after a bird of prey and another on a former rival. Caviar doesn’t really talk much about the leather, though that might not sit well with animal lovers and advocates. Both designs portray the marque’s V-shaped “tick”, which it has associated with the feeling of victory and the Vertu brand, one of the first to dare make expensive luxury smartphones.

These limited edition spins of the Galaxy S22 Ultra easily cost four times as much as the highest configuration, ranging from $6,520 to $7,140. There are options for the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ as well, but these phones don’t exactly have the same features. And in true limited edition fashion, Caviar will create only 99 of each luxurious finish, ensuring that you will have something more to boast beyond the price tag.

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A limited edition iPhone 13 Pro made from a melted Tesla Model 3 is an exercise in extravagance

Apple and Tesla lovers have got themselves a match made in heaven – an exclusive iPhone 13 Pro made from the melted parts of the Tesla Model 3 EV. If that’s not enough, Caviar has one more surprise for you!

Russian luxury brand Caviar is no stranger to creating exorbitantly priced unique creations made from unexpected materials. Things like iPhone 13 Pro made from Dinosaur tooth or gold-plated versions of PlayStation 5 gaming console. And yes, who can forget the Steve Jobs and Jack Ma commemorative phones from the Visionaries collection. The lifestyle luxury brand has shown us how any accessory or gadget can be turned into the most valued possession money can buy.

The latest addition to their Visionaries collection presented earlier this year is the iPhone 13 Pro made partly from the melted Tesla Model 3 parts. Yes, that’s true – if Caviar touches something it is destined to be extravagant. They call it the iPhone 13 Pro Electro which is dedicated to the future visionary Elon Musk. The final creation here oozes with the spirit of the Tesla brand and its values. It has got a robust frame made out of titanium mixed with black PVD coating – a method typically used in Swiss watchmaking. The stand-out bit of this limited-edition iPhone 13 Pro is the shock-resistant steel-colored metal insert which is salvaged out of a remelted Model 3 electric car.

The amazement doesn’t end there as the phone gets aluminum panels from the EV’s body, and it has the engravings of Elon Musk and the Tesla logo etched in amazing detail. To keep reminding the proud owners of the legacy, there is a copper insert (with Caviar branding) on the rear as a tribute to electric motor coils that are eventually responsible for eco-friendly commuting in the most economical way. This iPhone 13 Pro is going to be quite rare, as only 99 units will be handcrafted in total with the base variant carrying a steep price tag of $6,760.

If your Elon obsession is no match for the fat bank account of yours, then the Visionaries collection has got one more surprise for you. This new creation is announced alongside the Elon Musk bust which proudly sits on top of a black marble base having a double gold-plated plaque for the serial number. The bust is made completely out of Tesla Model 3 parts like the hood, doors and other metal panels. This one is even more exclusive as only 27 busts will be made in total and cost you back $3,220!

Designer: Caviar

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Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Electro

Caviar Elon Musk Tesla Bust

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An iPhone 11 Pro in a Cybertruck’s skin

Call it a match made in heaven, or call it an unholy union. The guys at Caviar, famous for their custom-made iPhones, have launched the Cyberphone, an iPhone 11 Pro’s soul in the body of a Cybertruck.

Quite inspired by Jonas Daehnert’s Cyberphone, this pimped-out iPhone 11 Pro comes with a PVD-coated titanium body featuring a polygonal edgy design reminiscent of the ‘polarizing vehicle’. The body extends all the way to the front, entirely covering the screen like a clamshell phone (so there’s never a repeat of the ‘shattered-glass’ incident), but with the hinge located at the bottom edge. The unique hinging mechanism allows the phone to immediately have a kickstand that you can use anywhere to prop the phone up on a table as you show it off… because with a price tag north of $5,000, you GOTTA show this phone off.

Designer: Caviar

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