Daniel Radcliffe on Meeting Donald Trump

While recently appearing on the Graham Norton's celebrity talk show, The Graham Norton Show, British actor Daniel Radcliffe discussed the time he met Presidential candidate Donald Trump while promoting the first Harry Potter film on The Today Show...(Read...)

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The Pax Era aims to be the Keurig of vaporizers

Out of all the ways to ingest THC, oil concentrates are far and away the messiest, stickiest and most irritating method. Unlike shatter, crumble or even wax, all of which maintain their shape and texture to some degree, oils have a knack for getting...

What to expect to see from Google’s October 4th event

It's that time of the year when tech companies trout out their newest wares hoping to cash in on the holiday season buying spree and Google is no different. On October 4th the search giant is holding an event to show off, well something, but most lik...

US builds a $100 million African drone base to fight Boko Haram

The Department of Defense announced on Friday that it is investing $100 million in a drone base located in Agadez, in central Niger. The base will serve as a central surveillance hub in the fight against both Boko Haram and roaming militant groups li...

The Public Access Weekly: Spooooooon!

Yes, like some of you out there, I too am pretty excited about the news that The Tick is coming back. Between that and Space Ghost streaming for free, I'm getting a pretty heady dose of early 90's TV nostalgia. Can we just bring back all of Liquid...
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Rocking Horsepower!


Who rides horses anymore?? No one. Then why do little kids have to ride wooden ones? I mean, what are we preparing them for?! Nextofkin, or NOK Creatives designed this awesome rocking horse series that gives kids the taste of something slightly more contemporary. Built with amazing detail, comfortable seats, a mock headlight with handlebars, and even adorable little helmets (hey, we need to teach them road etiquette from the start), the NOK Rockin’ Moto is the perfect upgrade to the century old wooden rocking horse design!

Designer: Nextofkin