How ELEGOO’s new 3D printers let designers bring their creative ideas to life

3D printing opened wide the floodgates of creativity, allowing anyone that can afford a 3D printer to give physical form to their dreams. This freedom and wide availability are critical for an industry that has been under the thumbs of large manufacturing plants. More than just the convenience they offer, 3D printers also deliver faster innovation, improving processes and materials more quickly in order to enable even more objects to be produced with more efficiency and economy. This is where ELEGOO comes in, one of the most prolific brands in the 3D printing market, showing off its expertise by launching not one, not even two, but six new 3D printers to meet the varied needs of designers and creators of every level.

Designer: ELEGOO

ELEGOO FDM Neptune 4 and Neptune 4 Pro

When talking about 3D printers, most will probably be familiar with the kind that pushes filaments of material out of heated nozzles. These FDM 3D printers are known to be fast and convenient, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement, improvements that the new ELEGOO Neptune 4 siblings bring in droves. Thanks to a quiet Klipper motherboard and a faster processor, the Neptune 4 and Neptune 4 Pro can reach speeds of up to 500mm/s, rated to be 10 times faster than most desktop 3D printers.

Despite the speed bump, the Neptune 4 also brings more stability and accuracy, thanks to tensioning adjustment devices on both X and Y axes as well a wider Y-axis. The Neptune 4 Pro takes these upgrades even further with a more intelligent segmented heatbed with better over-temperature protection, making sure that things don’t get too hot for the filament to bond properly.

LCD Saturn 3 and Saturn 3 Ultra

LCD 3D printers have the advantage of printing out finer details, but that also depends on the resolution of the monochrome LCD screen that guides the light that treats the resin in the vat. Both the ELEGOO Saturn 3 and Saturn 3 Ultra reach for the stars with a revolutionary 12k 11,520×5120 screen, allowing designers to create ultra-high quality and clearer pieces for projects such as jewelry or life-like models. With speeds reaching 150mm per hour, these two additions to LCD 3D printer lineup even one-up their predecessors, offering three times faster output.

Even better, the printers look stunning on your desk or worktable. With a sleek black metal base and red or black protective glass, the 3D printers scream futuristic technology, which is exactly what they bring to your creative endeavors.

LCD Mars 4 and Mars 4 Ultra

Not all creators might be able to afford all the bells and whistles, however, so the ELEGOO Mars 4 and Mars 4 Ultra bring no-compromise entry-level options to the market. That said, the 9K 8520×4320 LCD screen is no joke, delivering sufficient details to make gaming miniatures spring to life. A plug-in air purifier creates a healthier and more pleasant environment, making these stylish LCD 3D printers suitable for use in a wide range of fields, including STEM education.

Whatever the need or budget, ELEGOO’s new range of 3D printers has got you covered. Whether you’re making accessories, printing figures, assembling parts, or creating art, these 3D printers will deliver fast, stable, and safe printing experiences to let your creativity fly.

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Curved ruler avoids smudging using a beautiful and elegant design

Rulers are one of the most ancient draftsmanship tools humans have come up with, serving both as a measuring device as well as a guide for drawing straight lines. Its design has barely changed over the centuries, still traditionally a long and flat stick of wood, metal, or plastic. There have recently been a few wild ideas on how to improve the experience, but many of those completely change the design to the point that the tool is unidentifiable as a ruler. Not all improvements have to be that drastic or revolutionary, however. Sometimes, you just need to think outside the box just a bit to produce a new design that is not only more usable than a regular ruler but also more attractive, like this ruler concept with sexy curves that make it double as a piece of decoration on your desk.

Designers: Chung Ping Lun, Kuo Kai Lei (Medium2 Studio)

On the one hand, there is no need for a ruler to be overly complex, and its simple design has proven to work for centuries. On the other hand, it’s neither the most efficient design nor the most beautiful unless you add so many elaborate embellishments that end up getting in the way of the tool’s usability. Traditional rulers, in particular, risk smearing or smudging the paper because its flat body is always in contact with the surface underneath.

Some more creative designs have the edges of the ruler raised so that you don’t drag the ink or graphite across the edge, which may lead to accidental smearing or bleeding. That, however, doesn’t solve the problem of the ruler itself smudging the marks beneath it. The Ruler_C concept tweaks the design just a little bit to minimize how much contact the ruler makes with the paper or surface beneath it, resulting in an unusual form that turns out to be pleasant to look at as well.

Instead of being completely flat, the Ruler_C’s body curves up toward one side so that only one long edge and both short edges are ever in contact with the drawing surface. This minimizes how much damage the ruler could cause while also improving the tool’s usability. It’s a small change that few would have probably considered but it is an effective one nonetheless.

It also gives the Ruler_C an interesting shape that immediately calls attention to itself without being loud and showy. The gentle slope and anodized aluminum material give it a touch of elegance that you might not expect from such a mundane tool. Even the packaging, which comes as a sliding box, has been modified to visually mimic the way light bounces off the Ruler_C’s curved body. This, in turn, makes the ruler more than just a tool but also a designer product worth showing off on your desk.

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This modular smart ruler removes the headaches of measuring with different units and scales

You’ve probably heard of the advice to measure twice and cut once, which is both metaphorical and literal. It’s not easy to get a measure right the first time, especially if you’re using an analog tool. Things get even more complicated when you have to juggle different units, scales, and other factors that make a plain, old ruler clearly inadequate. There is a new breed of digital measuring devices that try to remedy the situation, but these are mostly useless when you need to measure something that’s already on paper or on your desk. For these tasks, a flat and long ruler is still the best tool for the job, but this innovative smart ruler takes that age-old tool to the next level, providing precision, convenience, and customization right at your fingertips.

Designer: Tiancheng Liang

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The typical long, rectangular ruler serves two primary purposes. One is to measure something in a straight line, and the other is to draw one, sometimes with an exact length. Common rulers might be enough for most people, but professionals need more than just seeing things in metric and inches. NeoRuler turns the idea of what a ruler can do on its head, giving designers, architects, engineers, and everyone in between a tool that adapts to their needs rather than forcing users to adapt to the tool’s limitations.

Switch between Metric and Imperial in one swipe without multiple calculations.

Get 90 Built-in scales for maximum versatilities.

Equal divide space quickly in any length without any calculation.

A typical ruler would have marks for inches and centimeters or millimeters, but those aren’t the only units you need to consider when measuring or drawing lines. Sometimes you have to measure things in both feet and inches, or you might need only fractional figures. The NeoRuler can show all these variations on a single tool and can change the ticks to the appropriate unit. The bright 1.14-inch LCD display clearly shows not only the unit you’re using but also 90 built-in scales. No more guessing or calculating by hand how you’ll make the house floor plan fit on paper!

NeoRuler’s impressive feat is made possible by a tiny computer embedded in its durable aluminum alloy frame. There is also a dynamic array of 300 LED lights lined up on the edge of the ruler, changing ticks and marks in a snap. Need to only measure a small segment? Simply slide the Neo Pointer and watch the ticks light up its trail. You no longer have to juggle numbers in your head just to divide a line into equal parts. Simply decide how many sections you need, and NeoRuler will show exactly where you need to draw the line.

Neo Pointer – Excel measuring detail.

Neo PenHolder – Empower drawing precisions.

Neo Magnifier – Magnify reading accuracy.

Neo Caliper – Enhance object measurement.

Even with these core functions, the NeoRuler is already a major evolution of the ruler, but it doesn’t stop there. This creative invention embraces a modular design that extends its capabilities without making the device more complicated. Don’t trust your shaky hand to draw a straight line even with a ruler? The Neo PenHolder allows you to just glide across the paper without worry. Can’t see the super fine details of a blueprint? The Neo Magnifier helps you make more accurate readings and better assessments. Need to measure something that’s not on paper or a flat surface? The Neo Caliper removes the need for yet another tool to clutter your desk.

Many of the analog tools we already have today work well enough, but that doesn’t mean there is no room for improvement. When flexibility and accuracy are critical to success, a simple ruler just won’t cut it. For only $89, the NeoRuler brings not only a precise measuring tool but also a multifunctional device that makes sure you will be able to measure and draw with complete confidence, even if you only measure once.

Click Here to Buy Now: $89 $129 ($40 off). Less than 72 hours left! Raised over $500,000.

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Top 10 EDC designs all multitool lovers need in their toolbox

EDCs are the living embodiment of “big things come in small packages”. EDCs are the kind of smart little tools that are always great to have in your backpack or tool kit. You never know when one of them could come to your rescue, helping you out of the trickiest situation, or to even pop open a bottle of beer, when you need to unwind after work.  These little superheroes can make a world of difference while completing tasks – whether big or small. And, we’ve curated the best EDC designs we’ve seen in a while! From a fully-functioning balisong-style pocket knife to a titanium magnetic screwdriver that puts all the bits you need in your pocket – these are the EDC designs you definitely need by your side.

1. The Titanium Multi-Function Pry Bar

I know the term ‘forever’ can get thrown around a little loosely while discussing EDC durability, but it’s precisely what designer EDC Monster had in mind while designing the Titanium Multi-Function Pry Bar. Crafted from Gr5 Titanium, this pocket-friendly tool is lightweight, versatile, and ridiculously durable.

Why is it noteworthy?

It sports 10 different tools that cover every scenario from fixing your bicycle to escaping your car, and from cracking open a bottle of beer to writing a letter… all of which encapsulate that ‘forever’ aspect, including the last bit, thanks to the fact that the Titanium Multi-Function Pry Bar comes with its own Forever Pen – a special metallic writing instrument that can write forever, without using ink or graphite.

What we like

  • The Titanium Multi-Function Pry Bar has the unique distinction of having tools that can be used indoors and outdoors, and in casual settings or emergencies

What we dislike

  • The Pry Bar and Tritium capsules are shipped differently

2. M-20 Titanium Magnetic Screwdriver

There is now a class of screwdrivers ingeniously designed to fit in your Everyday Carry or even in your pocket. Most of these, however, still don’t cover the wide range of screws in use, but this 9-in-1 magnetic screwdriver makes sure you always have the most important ones in your pocket, ready to let you do your magic whenever and wherever your skills are needed.

Why is it noteworthy?

At first glance, the M-20 looks nothing like a screwdriver and more like a robust carrying case for screwdriver bits. In some sense, that is also correct, as the uniquely shaped tool has slots for up to nine bits, holding them in place using very strong magnets. That means they won’t get loose and get lost even if you quickly slip the M-20 into your pocket.

What we like

  • Gives you a firm and precise grip when turning the handle to tighten or loosen the screw
  • Made from titanium, making it lightweight yet also durable and resilient against corrosion

What we dislike

  • The flat design of the screwdriver makes it an ergonomically different experience/adds a learning curve for inexperienced users

3. The AirTag Holder

Most AirTag holders don’t make claims of also being able to hold your keys, open bottles, dock your smartphone, or maneuver hex bolts… the Atech Innovation AirTag Holder does. Crafted from solid stainless steel (with an ABS plastic enclosure for the AirTag), this nifty little multitool from Atech gives you seven features in its compact design.

Why is it noteworthy?

Shaped like a carabiner, the multitool has an enclosure that lets you dock a single AirTag, giving you a piece of EDC you can track easily using your Apple devices. A hole in the top lets you secure a keychain to your AirTag Holder, and cleverly oriented design details let you open screws and bottles, as well as use your AirTag Holder as a stand for your smartphone.

What we like

  • Two ABS plastic discs hold the tracking device in place without causing any interference in its signal

What we dislike

  • You can’t really control what angle your phone will stand at, and it’ll depend mostly on how slim your smartphone is, and whether it has a case or not

4. The Bali-T

The fully-functional Invictus Bali-Ti is a knife that deserves to be a part of your EDC arsenal! What makes this knife distinctive are its Terrain 365 branding and of course its construction. The sleek pocket knife features 6AL-4V titanium handles & a pocket clip and has a blade made from rustproof Terravantium. The Invictus Bali-Ti is a beautifully crafted, high-performance tool built to last in the wilderness!

Why is it noteworthy?

A Balisong aka a butterfly knife is a type of folding knife that originated in the Philippines. It has penetrated into other markets, including the US, where Terrain 365 is perfecting its design for everyday use. The Balisong has the potential to be used as a threatening weapon, which means its use is illegal in certain countries. Thankfully, there is nothing so illegal about the Invictus Bali-Ti, which draws its design cues from the Invictus folder. It measures 8.125 inches when fully deployed and folds down to roughly half that size to 4.125 inches when closed.

What we like

  • Made from rustproof terravantium blade

What we dislike

  • Hefty price tag

5. The CRKT Septimo Multi-Tool

It looks like your average pocket knife, but the CRKT Septimo Multi-Tool cleverly gives you much more than just a flipper blade. Designed to be a combination of compact, ergonomic, and feature-rich, this handy little critter was designed by Jeremy Valdez, a veteran of the 7th Special Forces Group.

Why is it noteworthy?

Modeled after his vision of the ideal EDC multitool, the Septimo (Spanish for ‘Seventh’) has a fold-out 2.86-inch long American Tanto blade with a liner-lock mechanism, a bottle opener, a flathead + Phillips head screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, and finally a glass-breaker tip for getting out of sticky situations.

What we like

A pocket clip lets you carry your Septimo Multi-Tool around, keeping it always at arm’s length

What we dislike

6. The Microtech Exocet Dagger

With a tiny 1.94-inch blade, the Microtech Exocet Dagger is actually legal to carry in most states, making it the perfect EDC to have on you at all times. The dagger features an OTF-style (out-the-front) drop-point blade made from CTS 204P steel that’s perfect for piercing and carving outdoors and doing things like opening boxes indoors.

Why is it noteworthy?

The blade retracts into the Exocet’s rather comfortably compact aircraft-grade aluminum handle, which also has a pocket clip on one side that doubles up as a money clip, letting you carry your cards and cash with you. I imagine taking out your money for a mugger would be a pretty interesting event, given that your de facto wallet also doubles as a blade!

What we like

  • It’s also the relatively wide pocket clip on its side, which Microtech designed to also double as a money clip, giving you a safe and secure place to store your Benjamins

What we dislike

  • We wish it had at least one additional function to make an outdoor-friendly or urban-friendly EDC

7. The Mbacco Wallet

In a world that’s still somehow stuck to the boring bifold or the cramped MagSafe wallet, the Mbacco Wallet offers a fun alternative. It’s compact, but still has enough space to store cards, cash, and keys… and comes with a lively accordion-inspired design that does a great job of organizing your cards and other belongings by priority or category.

Why is it noteworthy?

Although designed to hold cards, the Mbacco Wallet doesn’t have any strict rules – it’ll hold cash, keys, memory cards, and pretty much anything that’s up to 2.6mm thick and about the size of a credit card. The wallet’s fun accordion-inspired design holds anywhere from 5 to 9 cards, although it can be pushed to the limit to store as many as 12 cards without really breaking a sweat or becoming bulky like the kind of wallet George Costanza carries around.

What we like

  • A perfect blend of tradition and modernity
  • It stores them the way a book ‘stores’ pages
  • Has a secret hidden compartment

What we dislike

  • Even when lightly filled, the wallet looks thicker than many modern wallets

8. The Provoke EDC

Inspired by the hinge detail on their popular Provoke Karambit line, the Provoke EDC by Joe Caswell for CRKT brings the same opening mechanism to the traditional spear-point pocket knife. The knife features an aluminum handle with an anodized finish, a D2 steel blade, and CRKT’s signature Kinematic™ opening style that makes the Provoke such an object of beauty.

Why is it noteworthy?

The Provoke’s all-metal design instantly gives it a sense of rugged reliability. Hold it in your hand and play around with it for a bit and you soon realize it’s a highly-capable serious piece of EDC that’s designed to function really well under even demanding conditions. The Kinematic™ mechanism lets you deploy the knife with a single thumb, revealing the 2.5-inch satin-finish D2 blade that has remarkably high resistance to wear and tear.

What we like

  • Perfect for both indoors and outdoors
  • The pointed tip makes it great for piercing bags, tearing through sealed boxes, or cutting into harder materials like wood

What we dislike

  • Not economically priced

9. The Transform Pocket Blade

The Titanium Transforming Pocket Blade is a fully functional pocket blade through and through, in a sleek and compact form! In fact, it’s small enough to share space with your keys and has been blessed with some dashing good looks.

Why is it noteworthy?

This cutting tool is laser-focused on delivering the precision, quality, and safety required for something that could cut both ways while still hiding a few tricks up its sleeves for good measure. And like all other multi-functional tools from Smart & Savior Designs, it still boasts of that hardened titanium body that will stand the test of time.

What we like

  • The Transform Pocket Blade uses a threaded locking mechanism and double o-rings to transform the small blade into a longer blade that you can handle with more ease and comfort

What we dislike

  • Might be difficult to use on larger items

10. The Gerber Stake Out

The Gerber Stake Out is a nifty multitool that’s perfect for all the outdoor adventures you undertake! It measures just 4.5 inches in the closed position and a maximum of 6.6 inches when the knife is being used. The super cool multi-tool conceals 11 tools and helps you with almost everything – from setting up a campfire to cooking a meal in the wilderness. The Scandi grind blade features a bottle opener, awl, Ferro rod striker, saw, file, and a pair of scissors.

Why is it noteworthy?

There’s a tent stake puller for packing and getting the gear ready after setting camp during the nighttime. This is a very useful tool for campers as they can pack up tents in a way quicker time than normal. So, in a way, this utility is the USP of this multitool without any question. Add to the mix a ruler and pop-out tweezers, and you’ve got an all-purpose multitool convenient enough to carry with you all the time.

What we like

  • 11 tools concealed in 1 multi-tool
  • Economically priced

What we dislike

  • Made from Graphite, we would love to see more material options in this multitool

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Mini automatic OTF knife is loaded with satisfying features in a pocket-sized package

Whether you fancy yourself as an outdoors person or not, there will always come a time when you wish you had something sharp with you to cut or pierce things. Foldable scissors are a dime a dozen, and most of them are terrible for what they’re meant to do. That’s not even considering how they’re not exactly useful in instances where you need a knife to get the job done. Just like many tools that you can put in your bag or even your pocket, you often have to make a choice between power and size, settling for compromises to hit the right spot. Fortunately, that’s now a thing of the past with this mini automatic knife that cuts through your problems like a miniature sword that’s small enough to fit on your keyring.

Designer: Tekto Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $119 $139.99 (15% off and free FedEx 2 day shipping with Coupon Code “YANKO15”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

You’d be forgiven if you mistook the Tekto A2 Badger for a toy at first glance. Its small body is only 3.3 inches long when the blade is retracted and is still a short 5.26 inches when the Out-The-Front (OTF) blade is out. It only weighs 62g (2.18oz), and the way the blade swiftly ejects and retracts gives such a satisfying feeling that you might want to always have it in your hand. Make no mistake, this is no plaything, and it’s designed to be a powerful weapon against any and all outdoor or DIY troubles. Small but terrible definitely comes to mind, but in a very good way.

Compact & Lightweight – The A2 Badger is both easy to store and transport, making it a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts and those with limited space.

The short 1.85-inch blade is not only made from durable and anti-corrosive Titanium-Coated D2 steel, it is also designed with an American Tanto edge. This sword-like design means there are two cutting planes, one horizontal and one vertical, at an angle, giving you more versatility than a single curved edge that most pocket knives use. It has a distinctive black matte coating, so you never get blinded by reflections. It also makes the blade look handsome, perfectly complimenting its equally distinctive handle. The size also makes it “California Legal” for those who need to take or use the A2 Badger there.

Oversized Lanyard Hole – The design accommodates larger cords and paracords. This enhances convenience and accessibility, especially in low-light conditions or when wearing gloves, making it an ideal tool for any situation.

Contoured Button – Its precisely contoured button allows for fast and effortless ejection and retraction of the blade.

That handle has grooves running across almost all of its body, delivering a better grip no matter how you hold the knife. The asymmetrical button isn’t just for show either, making it easier to eject and retract the blade thanks to its larger surface area and steeper slope for the finger to land on. The handle is made from 6061-T6 Aluminum, making it durable yet lightweight, perfect for taking it anywhere and being prepared for any situation.

Despite all that power, the Tekto A2 Badger is also designed for convenience. An oversized lanyard lets you attach it to almost anything, from cords to paracords to keyrings. The ambidextrous pocket clip can be mounted on either side to accommodate right-handed and left-handed people. There’s even a glass breaker for emergencies. A mini automatic knife that packs power and handsome good looks in a small size is the perfect partner for all your adventures and missions, and the Tekto A2 Badger can be yours with a sweet 15% discount off its standard $139.99 price for Yanko Design readers.

Click Here to Buy Now: $119 $139.99 (15% off and free FedEx 2 day shipping with Coupon Code “YANKO15”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

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Titanium Magnetic Screwdriver puts all the bits you need right in your pocket

Nothing breaks momentum more than starting a task only to realize you don’t have the proper tool at hand. That’s even more frustrating when you’re dealing with screws, which can be one of a dozen or so types. Even if you’re the type to carry around tools in your pocket or bag, carrying around even half a dozen screwdrivers is pretty much out of the question unless you work as a handyman. Fortunately, there is now a class of screwdrivers ingeniously designed to fit in your Everyday Carry or even in your pocket. Most of these, however, still doesn’t cover the wide range of screws in use, but this 9-in-1 magnetic screwdriver makes sure you always have the most important ones in your pocket, ready to let you do your magic whenever and wherever your skills are needed.

Designer: Vans Z. H. Lan

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $139 (50% off). Hurry, only 10/65 left!

Screwdrivers are perhaps the most frustrating tools to have in your arsenal. There are just too many types of screws to have a “one size fits all” design, and physics requires that their handles be wide enough to produce a decent amount of torque. That makes it almost impossible to have one that could fit in a small pouch, let alone your tight jeans pocket. Not unless you have a creative design like the M-20 Titanium Magnetic Screwdriver that lets you carry not just one, not even just two, but nine bits that can take care of the most common repair and crafting tasks.

Uncompromising Durability with Pure Titanium – The M-20 offers superior titanium engineering and rock-solid level of strength and revolutionary resistance to corrosion.

9-Bits-in-1 – Nine bits that are magnetically secured to the tool itself, providing a hassle-free and easy-to-use solution to using your tool.

At first glance, the M-20 looks nothing like a screwdriver and more like a robust carrying case for screwdriver bits. In some sense, that is also correct, as the uniquely shaped tool has slots for up to nine bits, holding them in place using very strong magnets. That means they won’t get loose and get lost even if you quickly slip the M-20 into your pocket. Those same strong magnets can hold a bit at the edge or side of the screwdriver, giving you a firm and precise grip when turning the handle to tighten or loosen screws.

Carry Convenience in your Pocket – Easily carry it in your pocket, put it in your car or attach it to your keys using the built-in bucket hoop.

Make Precision Easy – A strong magnetic mechanism makes the M-20 easier to hold onto screws, while its smaller profile makes it easier to work within tight spaces.

Handy Bottle Opener – M-20 makes it easy to crack open your favorite brew.

The M-20 screwdriver’s distinctive body is made from titanium, making it lightweight yet also durable and resilient against corrosion. The bits themselves are constructed from high-quality German S2 tool steel alloy, promising a tool that will last for years of use. The M-20 is also a multifunctional tool, with markings for inches and centimeters, as well as a bottle opener that’s perfect for cooling off after a hard day’s work.

For the sweet price of $69, you get a multifunctional titanium tool and nine durable S2 tool steel alloy bits that you can take with you anywhere, whether it’s in your EDC, your pocket, or even hanging on your keychain, ready to jump into action in no time flat. Whether you’re making quick repairs or doing precision work on delicate parts, the M-20 Titanium Magnetic Screwdriver will be your trusted partner that gets the job done quickly and efficiently, and it looks great for showing off, too.

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $139 (50% off). Hurry, only 10/65 left!

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This smart laser distance meter measures and documents in the most intelligent way

Whether you want to measure the dimensions of a table, know the perimeter of a room, or detail the angular height of a staircase, you’d ideally require a range of equipment: measure tape, level, notebook, pen and more. Putting technology to laser precision, Chinese designer has envisioned HOTO: Smart Laser Measure Pro. The idea of this distance-measuring device is very simple: measure and document it in the most intelligent way.

HOTO is a convenient, accurate, and least cumbersome way to measure and document just using a device and dedicated mobile app. A small rectangular form factor makes HOTO really convenient to carry, in fact you can hang it by the wrist courtesy of a carrying string. The gadget is a worthy upgrade to the HOTO laser measure first edition.

Designer: Lu Zheng and HOTO

The smart gadget features a single-button operation, which is the biggest distinguishing aspect of the device in the market saturated with laser distance meters which have a host of onboard buttons and functions to carry out different tasks.

Just point HOTO laser at what you want to measure and double-press the solitary button on the device. The device will instantly vibrate to notify that measurement is ready. The data is displayed on the built-in LCD screen, it is clear and uncomplicated.

Connect HOTO to your mobile device over Bluetooth and you can store the information in the dedicated app for future reference. According to the designer, HOTO is precise to the last millimeter.

No object is too small or placed too big for the HOTO; it can display measurements ranging from 0.05m to 50m. So, draw blueprints and mark measurements directly on them right on your phone, or click a picture, measure dimensions and tap to share the memo. It’s never been easier!

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This mini electric drill pen and benchtop press make crafts easier and more enjoyable

Back in the day, bringing your creative visions to life was mostly a pipe dream that could only become a reality if you had resources or connections with people in the industry. Fortunately, it’s much easier to get started today, and while you do still need to save up for the right tools, those won’t require taking out huge loans anymore. 3D printing has made creation a lot easier, but it isn’t the only tool you’ll need for crafts and projects. There will be times when you’ll need to bore holes into materials and objects, and that’s where this drill and press duo comes in, providing a portable yet powerful tool to make your designs come alive in the real world in a simple yet effective way.

Designers: Yin Liu, Shi Teng Yuan & Chun Hiu Tseung

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $220 (41% off). Hurry, only 104/500 left! Raised over $160,000.

You might think you need something like a bulky power tool just to put holes in parts and materials, and that may be true for larger or thicker pieces, especially metal, but not all crafts actually use those. For smaller or thinner materials, especially those that need finer precision, a smaller drill will be more efficient. Fortunately, that’s exactly what the SDS ULTRA brings to the table, almost literally, providing an electric drill that can easily fit in your pocket if you really need it to.

The SDS ULTRA PLUS comes in two parts. The most important is, of course, the pen-sized mini drill that you can use any time you need to put a hole into something. Its rounded rectangular shape makes it easy to hold in your hand and ensures that it won’t roll off tables when you put it down. Despite its small size, it houses a 500mAh battery that lets you work cable-free for up to three hours. And when that time is up, charging via a USB-C cable means you can top off even using your phone’s charger or a power bank.

The drill pen is the epitome of “small but powerful,” possessing much-needed features to make drilling a breeze. Compared to previous models, it boasts a top speed of 600RPM, but you can actually set different modes to lower the speed as needed down to 300RPM. An easy-to-use switch lets you switch modes, which you can clearly see thanks to the built-in LCD screen on the pen’s body. And unlike any mini drill, the SDS ULTRA has four shadow-less LED lights that let you see your target more clearly. The drill bits are made from titanium-coated steel for high wear resistance and low friction coefficient, making them ideal for working with wood, aluminum, plastic, or even circuit boards.

Users can freely adjust the gap between the drill bit to the bottom plate from 33mm to 83mm.

Holding the electric drill pen in your hand might be fine for some processes or materials, but if you need a more stable surface to work on, the SDS ULTRA PLUS also has you covered. It comes with a Hedgehog Benchtop Drill Press when you need more control and accuracy in where to put those holes. Made from aviation aluminum alloy for durability and corrosion resistance.

Precise Multi-angle Adjustment – The holder rotates up to 180° to drill, polish, sand, and more at any angle.

Users can switch the drill angle to +/- 15, 30, 45, 90, or 180 degrees are used for tasks such as polishing metal objects, sanding different shapes, and sanding metal pieces.

Drill Bit Placement – Has dedicated slots for ten drill bits so that you can easily pick and swap the bit you need right then and there.

The drill press isn’t just a place to hold your drill, though. It also has dedicated slots for ten drill bits so that you can easily pick and swap the bit you need right then and there. The press’s adjustable height and 360-degree rotating head offer the utmost convenience to crafters and makers.

And when the work is done, you can easily stash the SDS ULTRA drill pen and its bits inside a CNC Alloy Storage Box that you can slip into your bag or even your pocket. You never have to be limited to doing work in a sequestered workshop or room, waiting for the perfect opportunity to start drilling. For only $129, the SDS ULTRA PLUS Mini Electric Drill Pen and Hedgehog Benchtop Press offer a convenient and portable tool that lets you work on your crafts and projects almost anywhere the inspiration strikes.

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All-in-One Screwdriver Review: Putting a Beautiful Twist on a Classic Tool


  • Beautifully crafted for usability and designed to last

  • Unique Spinner Wheel mechanism provides additional torque without switching tools

  • Built-in ball bearing provides buttery smooth spinning

  • Removable bit holder can be used with standard electric screwdrivers


  • Repeatedly attaching and removing the Spinner Wheel can be a bit inconvenient

  • Display stand only has room for nine bits




This All-in-One Screwdriver makes short work of any screwing task with its smooth ball bearing and unique torque-maximized Spinner Wheel while also looking fabulous on your work table.

Click Here to Buy Now. 10% off with coupon code: design10

Next to a hammer, a screwdriver is one of the most common tools you’ll want to have around the house. In fact, you might even want to have a screwdriver with you most of the time, which can’t be said for a hammer. A screwdriver is, after all, easy to pop into an Everyday Carry or bag, and they can even be a bit more stylish than your average tool. In fact, there are plenty of such unusual screwdrivers popping up here and there. Some try to be different for difference’s sake, while others aim to reduce the tool’s size or improving its efficiency. While those ideals might be praiseworthy on their own, it’s hard to find a design that embraces all of the above. Mininch (“mini-inch”) was one of those that dared to dream the impossible and, even better, turned it into a reality, so we decided to give the Spinner Drive a literal spin to see if it is able to deliver.


This innovative screwdriver looks deceptively simple. The palm-sized barrel is reminiscent of a short pen, but the groves around it is a telltale sign of its real nature as a power tool. Behind its seemingly basic appearance, however, lies a design that pays a great deal of attention to every inch of the product to address the most common pain points of such a tool. Those CNC Machined slip-resistant grooves, for example, not only give a better grip but also prevent the screwdriver from rolling off tables.

We’ll get to the ergonomic gains of this revitalized common work tool in a bit, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that this screwdriver looks almost too stylish to be a tool. The aluminum barrel sand-blasted finish looks just as refined as it is durable, whether in silver or black. The titanium nitride coating of the stainless steel bits for the Tough Editions gives it a lustrous golden sheen that almost makes it feel like a jeweler’s tool.

All-in-all, the Spinner Drive’s handsome looks give it another feature completely unrelated to its use. Propped up on a table or shelf using the included stand, the tool easily becomes a piece of decoration, something that any craftsman would be proud to put on display. With its headlining Spinner Wheel attached, it even takes on a sci-fi flavor, looking like a futuristic tower or space station that hints at its advanced features.


Many might argue that the screwdriver design isn’t broken enough to need fixing, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved, either. One area where the common screwdriver design is actually lacking is ergonomics. The core design of the screwdriver hasn’t changed in centuries, though there were additions like grooves on the handles for better grip. It is designed for utility and mechanical efficiency, getting the job done but not always in the smoothest way possible.

In contrast, this all-in-one screwdriver is all about ergonomics and lets you exert less physical effort to accomplish the exact same things. The ball bearing in the top piece of the drive makes twisting the body smooth as butter, needing nothing more than finger strength to tighten screws. This also makes small, precise movements even easier, which is critical when working on smaller pieces like watches. Simply rest your index finger on the dimple on the top and spin the drive with two other fingers without breaking a sweat.

The drive’s special sauce is where it gets its name from, the Spinner Wheel that can be easily attached to the barrel to increase the available torque by increasing the diameter of the drive without actually increasing its size. Looking like a beautiful cog, the grooves on the wheel’s periphery provide the same strong grip when you need to exert more force than usual. With the wheel, the Spinner Drive becomes the equivalent of a T-handle screwdriver without forcing you to change tools or even how you hold the tool. This screwdriver is really the only one you’ll ever need, not just because of all the bits it includes but also because of how it makes screwing something feel so enjoyable.


A beautiful and ergonomic tool, however, would be a complete waste if it didn’t get the job done, especially not in the improved way it advertises. After all, any old screwdriver would work just as well, so why would you bother with something that looks almost too pretty to get dirty? Fortunately, the Spinner Drive isn’t all looks or talk and actually delivers on its promises.

The drive is indeed easy to use and spins so smoothly that you almost feel like you’re using a toy instead of a tool. In fact, you might even be tempted to use it as a fidget toy, spinning the barrel mindlessly to get your creative juices running. You can hold the handle like a traditional screwdriver, using the force of your wrist and forearm to do the work. Its magic, however, shines best when you rest the end of the barrel in your palm to utilize that ball bearing and let your fingers do the talking instead.

The kit includes a wide variety of bits, covering almost every kind of screw in existence, at least the standardized ones. The Tough Edition Plus even includes 20 of these! Switching bits is easy thanks to the use of strong magnets, and you might even be able to do it all with one hand only. And when muscle power just isn’t enough, you can use those very same bits with an electric screwdriver by removing the quarter-inch hexagon bit holder and attaching it to a standard power tool.

Attaching and removing the Spinner Wheel is just as simple but isn’t as seamless as with the bits. Therein lies the only compromise you’ll have to make with this design. You won’t have to reach for another tool to get that needed torque, but you do need to have the wheel on hand. You will then have to remove it as well if you need to switch to a more regular grip. Some might find themselves either ignoring the wheel completely or even keeping it on permanently. Either way, the drive will still look attractive, whichever path you take.


With an all-metal construction and no plastic in sight, this all-in-one screwdriver is easily one of the most sustainable purchases you can make for your toolbox. Its story, however, doesn’t start and stop at its composition, though. Like any other product, its value increases the longer you’re able to use it, and this is one drive you are unlikely to throw away or retire in just a few years.

Despite looking rather luxurious, this is a tool that was designed for rough use and built to last. Of course, the drive itself and the wheel can survive plenty of falls and bumps, but the bits are also meant to withstand wear and tear over long periods of time. The SUS420 Stainless Steel and Titanium Nitride coating on the Tough Edition bits also gives it increased resistance to rust and corrosion, making them usable even in high-humidity settings.

Since you don’t need to have a different screwdriver for different screws and won’t even need a T-handle driver just for added torque, the Spinner Drive significantly reduced the number of such tools that need to be produced. And since it lasts a lot longer than common off-the-shelf screwdrivers, you will be keeping it far longer, delaying its fate in landfills or even in recycling plants. If you consider how many screwdrivers are mass-produced, an all-in-one, all-metal design like these could have massive savings in resources if only it became a more common design.


It’s really not that hard to see the great value in a product such as the Spinner Drive. It hits all the right aspects of performance, usability, and design, all in a package that can be easily slipped into a pocket or bag. The genius of adding a ball bearing for smoother spins and a wide wheel for more torque cannot be stated enough. Those alone already set the screwdriver apart, and the universality of its screw bits put it leagues ahead of the competition.

The price is nothing to scoff at, either. At $99, it will admittedly be a lot more than a typical screwdriver with a plastic handle, but it easily pays for itself when you consider that it replaces ten or more such screwdrivers in your toolbox. And you won’t even want to keep it stored away in that toolbox when not in use. It looks so refined and so attractive that you’ll probably set it on top of your desk or workbench when not in use, perhaps to serve as a testament to great product design.


Just because something “Just Works” doesn’t mean it is actually working at its best possible performance. The screwdriver is probably something that few people will consider to be in need of significant improvement, but if you find yourself regularly dealing with different screws and ending up with sore hands and wrists, then you’ll definitely beg to differ. With an easy-switch bit system, a buttery-smooth ball bearing, and an innovative torque-increasing wheel, this All-in-One Screwdriver clearly delivers all that you need to work on any screw, making work a little less tedious and perhaps even more enjoyable.

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Telescoping Magnetic Pick Up Tool

The Magnetic Pickup Tool with a Telescoping Stick is a handy tool that can be used in a variety of situations. It is a must-have for anyone who needs to pick up small metal objects without bending down or reaching into tight spaces. This tool is perfect for mechanics, electricians, proctologists, plumbers, and anyone else who needs to reach into hard-to-reach places.

The magnetic pickup tool is a long, thin rod with a strong magnet at the end. The rod is made of durable aluminum and is lightweight, making it easy to maneuver. The telescoping feature allows the rod to extend from 10 inches to 32 inches, making it perfect for reaching into tight spaces or high places. The magnet at the end is strong enough to pick up small metal objects such as screws, nails, and even keys (but not the key to your heart, that’s made of steel).

Lost your keys or phone or other useless junk under the seat of your car or in the crack? No problem, with the magnetic pickup tool, you can easily retrieve the keys from under the car seat or from the floor of the car. Just click buy, wait a day or two for it to arrive and boom, now you can go somewhere, thanks for waiting.

The magnetic pickup tool is also great for retrieving lost jewelry. If you drop a ring or earring in a hard-to-reach place, you can use the tool to retrieve it without having to dig through a pile of debris.

The Magnetic Pickup Tool with a Telescoping Stick is a versatile and handy tool that can be used in a variety of situations. Whether you’re a mechanic, electrician, plumber, or just someone who needs to reach into hard-to-reach places, this tool is a must-have. It is lightweight, durable, and easy to use. Plus, it can make retrieving lost items a lot more fun.

Telescoping Magnetic Pick Up Tool