This personal security wearable uses voice recognition + pressure sensors to keep you safe in an emergency!

Mathilde Blondel, a student of France’s Université de Technologie de Compiègne created EVE, personal security and anti-aggression bracelet, after experiencing an assault on the streets of France. In collaboration with friend and colleague Romaric Delahaie, the duo followed EVE through a ten-month period to design the wearable personal security bracelet that’s encrypted with cutting-edge communication technology to provide efficient defense solutions in the face of street attacks.

Once activated, EVE launches a 10-second alarm meant to discourage the attacker from continuing their assault and instantly calls the local police station, sending operators the location and live audio recordings of the attack. EVE follows a two-step activation process to launch the wristband’s emergency features. First, to unlock EVE and prepare it for activation, the user simply shakes their wrist repeatedly three to five times. Embedded inside the wristband, an accelerometer and gyroscope detect the shaking and rotation of the wrist, awakening the device and gearing it up for activation. Then, either by announcing previously recorded voice triggers or by placing pressure on the wristband’s sensors, the 110dB alarm sounds, and the police are called, sending live recordings of the assault to an emergency operator, along with the GPS location of the EVE user.

Blondel and Delahaie designed EVE to be totally autonomous and independent from smartphones so that the functionality of EVE doesn’t depend on a smartphone’s proximity or battery levels. Over a ten-month long period, Blondel and Delahaie sketched and produced multiple prototypes to ultimately settle on a lightweight, small, and accessible wristband whose emergency triggers are easy to activate. Located in the palm of the hand, the sensors that activate emergency departments are easy to trigger and discreet by design.

Designers: Mathilde Blondel & Romaric Delahaie

Discreet by design, EVE is also easy to use and activate.

One charge of EVE can last up to a whole month.

Once activated, either through vocal recognition or sensor technology, EVE launches emergency help from local police officers.

EVE is encrypted with communication technology that functions to launch protective services in the face of street attacks.

The designers behind EVE ensured that the wristband was lightweight and small by design for a comfortable wear.

EVE can be activated by pressing the sensors located in the band that stretches across the palm of the user.

EVE can be activated either through voice triggers or pressure sensors.

Once the pressure sensors are activated, EVE sends out live audio recordings and GPS location to local police operators.

Wrist movement adaption allows EVE to band when the user chooses to unlock emergency services by shaking their wrist three to five times.

Following a ten-month long period of conceptualization and production, EVE ultimately assumed a lightweight body for accessible use.

EVE is equipped with smart technology for instant feedback.

Essential car accessories designed to help you escape the trickiest emergency situations safely!

We spend the majority of our time in our personal cars! We’re commuting from one location to another, from our home to office, office to home, home to our favorite restaurant and so much more. There’s always a risk of our car breaking down or encountering some issue or the other. In such scenarios, it’s critical to have a handy collection of tools that can come to our rescue. From EDCs to nifty accessories, these products will support your car in the best way possible. Nifty, portable, and highly functional, these designs deserve a spot in your car for sure!

The WYN Bullet is one of those rare examples of EDC that was designed to save lives. Smaller than your finger, the WYN Bullet is a spring-loaded glass-shattering tool that helps you make a quick escape/rescue by instantly breaking a car’s toughened glass. Whether you’re inside your car trying to get out, or outside the car trying to save someone on the inside, the WYN Bullet’s one-push system can instantly shatter toughened glass panels, giving you swift entry into a locked car in emergencies. Toughened glass is exceptionally difficult to break through, by design.

With a newly detailed base that features a wide cross-shaped design, increasing its stability, the CrossJack is the same old jack in a slightly new but noticeably safer design, thanks to its stable base. The CrossJack’s design prompts one to wonder why car-jacks don’t already have wide bases. Its redesign is simple but effective. A collapsible set of plates sit at the bottom of the CrossJack that opens up into a wide cross, giving the jack a spaced-apart, four-point base. This wider footprint prevents the car from being accidentally knocked off the jack and landing on the ground, injuring anyone who may be working on it. The CrossJack’s tweaked design sports a base that’s nearly half an inch thick, and made of stainless steel, giving it a rugged sturdiness that makes the jack safer than most. When you’re done, the jack folds up to occupy exactly the same amount of space as any regular jack would.

The SOUL Power comes with a rugged, portable design that weighs a mere 3.3 pounds, making it perfect for outdoor use. Armed with multiple outlets and SOUL’s unique Hypercharge technology, the SOUL Power can literally become your own renegade power-grid outdoors, allowing you to run everything from your phone to your laptop, drone, Nintendo Switch, and even a mini-fridge. The SOUL Power station is capable of charging your e-bike’s or electric skateboard battery too, and that 12V output can even jump-start your car. The SOUL Power can recharge to 100% in just 2.5 hrs with the 90W adapter, but if you are out and about can also recharge it via USB-C, car lighter adapter, or if you’re far from any of those.

Designed by a team of engineers and innovators, The Norshire Mini has some very compelling reasons to make it your must-have gear in the car. The cylinder shape earns it the required brownie points, as this is what makes it easily stow-able It hosts a tiny OLED display and capacitive touch, to make it easy to operate. The display showcases the current tire pressure and then the setting to which you want to inflate the tire with. Some of the intuitive features include a built-in microcomputer that measures the tire pressure when hooked to a tire.

The return of MagSafe has unleashed the creatives and accessory companies are racing to make the most of this feature. At the front of the race is Belkin’s MagSafe Car Vent Mount PRO for iPhone 12 that lets you safely mount your iPhone 12 and keep it in your view – be it landscape or portrait mode. Best of all, the powerful magnet offers a seamless, one-handed use that keeps you driving stress-free!

The ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini consistently monitors the health and condition of your car! You can plug the device into the OBD II port of your car. It connects to your smartphone, allowing you to keep a check on your car and all its systems from the gadget’s accompanying app. It instantly alerts you if there is any issue with your car, so you can fix it straight away! The device also informs you about any future problems your car may encounter.

The Inflate-R is a wireless air pump that can inflate anything within minutes! It can provide up to 150 PSI of air, allowing you to fill up a variety of objects. It can inflate a car tire in under eight minutes, and can fit conveniently in your backpack or glove box! Equipped with a built-in flashlight, it can light up any dark space. So you can inflate your car tire even if you’re stranded in some dark location!

The Luno Vehicle Air Mattress 2.0 allows two people to sleep peacefully in a car! It lets you camp within your car during all your outdoor adventures. You can customize the mattress according to the make and size of your car! Created using a durable 300-denier Oxford fabric, the mattress can withstand pet claws, pine needles, and other harsh objects. It’s perfect for your glamping plans.

The Yakima EXO System gear transport is a modular system that includes two levels – SwingBase and TopShelf. It also offers five extra mounts, so you can easily store all your luggage. This accessory range lets you store almost anything during road trips and outdoor adventures. It’s especially useful for those trips with your family and other large groups. You don’t have to worry about extra supplies and baggage with the Yakima EXO System.

The SUNGZU SKA2500 is a safe and portable power station that can power 10 devices at one time! Equipped with wheels on the bottom and a sturdy aluminum alloy shell, the power station is completely portable. The battery boasts 6000+ life cycles! You can use it to charge your Tesla and other electric cars. Not to mention it can also charge your power tools, refrigerator, grills, and much more!

Camping products designed to glam up your rustic millennial camping adventure!

After a tiring week at work, with the weekend joyfully looming ahead of me, I often find myself fantasizing about a short sweet getaway! Just a few days away from my hectic life, and this hectic world, in a bubble of my own, where all my worries are nowhere to be seen. The pandemic may restrict my actual traveling plans, but it definitely cannot restrict my daydreams about vacations! Jetsetting on a flight may not be a practical option right now, but I do think Camping is a plausible plan! Although camping does have a few downsides too! I mean, you have to get down and dirty, live life on the road, and tackle the moodiness of the elements. In such a scenario, having a set of trustworthy and handy camping products can make a world of difference! Having the right products by your side can make your life much easier during those crucial moments. From an avocado-shaped tent to a portable bbq grill that folds into a suitcase, we’ve curated some fun and functional camping product designs for you! Enjoy.

You can find these unique tents in the Borgloon forest in Belgium if you are looking for a safer alternative to the usual touristy destinations post the pandemic. In fact, it has gained attention only now when people are looking to camp outdoors because it is safer, won’t require you to fly, budget-friendly and avoids the crowds. Designed by the Dutch artist Dre Wapenaar, these ‘Tranendreef’ tree tents blend architecture and sculpture into one functional structure. The tent is suspended above the ground and basically hangs on the tree like fruit. The guests use a ladder to get inside/outside. It can host two adults and two small children. Originally installed as part of a public art project called ‘Pit’ (hence the avocado shape we assume) organized by Z33, it brought art into the public space of Borgloon.

The Z-Triton Electric Houseboat was created as a vehicle that could serve as an alternative to the traditional camper. It is comfortable enough to house two adults for a weekend getaway and the choice of land or water is up to the travelers. The amphibious nature of the modern camper fits into the flexible lifestyle we lead today, especially since air travel is not on the cards anytime soon it is opening up a lot of avenues for local trips in less popular/offbeat locations. The durable houseboat measures 3.6 meters in length, 1.2 meters in width, and 1.55 meters in height.

The Nomad Grill and smoker doesn’t come with any smart buttons or functionality but the intuitive industrial design makes it better than any smart options out there. It’s ultra-portable, has a cool modern design, and packs down to the size of a small briefcase. To make sure the heat stays inside and not radiate to the outside of the unibody case measuring 2×2 feet, it is crafted from anodized aluminum. The inside cooking area gives you 212 square inches of space for smoking or you can opt to double the space with open-grill mode. That’ll give you enough cooking area to barbeque steaks, ribs, or burgers – or even two racks of ribs or 30 burger patties.

Modern lifestyle has created a new genre of digital nomads – people who love the outdoors while balancing their work/ tech life. After all, while we crave a digital detox, we can’t really completely cut off from our smartphones. How can the humble trailer designs be adapted to meet their new-age camping needs while maintaining that sacred indoor-outdoor balance? The answer to that is the “NoMad” – a light and resistant vehicle that is presented as a fusion between a traditional tent and a futuristic-looking van designed by the ABIBOO Studio. Each NoMad creates this balance by designing 3 unique compartments – a wet area that holds the kitchen and bathroom, a living room/guest room/workroom, and thirdly a master bedroom that separates from to living room to help you disconnect at the end of the day. The layout of the trailer holds the wet area at the center of the design, automatically creating a barrier/ separation between the living room and the bedroom. Given the space constraints, every bit in the vehicle design holds storage space and hidden seating space. Smart use of terraces means we can leverage the outside space once the trailer is settled in.

The TACTICA M.020 Camping Tool Card is the novelty you want to always have in your wallet for the multitude of uses it brings to the fore. Ideal for adventure seekers who want to carry as little gear as possible, the multitool has a surprisingly great combo of minimal size (about that of a credit card) and more than 15 functions that come really handy for people who hike, camp, or go for an unexpected adventure quite often. TACTICA M.020 is made from a single piece of super-tough Grade-5 titanium or 420 stainless steel (depending on the one you choose). Well suited for any tasks at home or in the outdoors this tool includes functions like – a sundial, screwdriver, rope tensioner with finger pulls, saw blade for cutting, pry bar, metric ruler for measuring, fire starter courtesy the removable ferrocerium striker rod, tent peg puller for camping in a jiffy, can opener for home use, and bottle opener for times when you desperately need one!

For the good of every camper, Pyro Camp Fire and Grill presents a portable alternative to setting up the fire under the night sky and grill to prepare a sumptuous meal in the wilderness. Pyro Camp Fire is a portable fire pit constructed chiefly of American steel. It is provided with a grill/griddle extension for enthusiasts who want to create an inviting ambiance by burning wood or charcoal in a safe and clean manner. And when the stomach calls, the top extension can be swapped and you are good to prepare a meal or heat up the precook food on you. Designed by a team of camping and overloading enthusiasts themselves, this portable fire pit has an 18-inch long and 14-inch wide combustion chamber, while the contraption measure 9-inch tall.

Thomas Hoffman, a design student at the University of Colorado, managed to work at EarthRoamer (famous overland camper builder) as part of his senior design project after graduation. This polished his overlander skills, and he finally had the confidence to create something of his own – in the process, creating a teardrop trailer startup that now can be deemed as the best camper trailer out there money can buy. The NS-1 (Nomadic Systems 1) was in the works ever since his design project at the university, and once Hoffman was confident about his skills, the project finally saw fruition. This all-electric rugged camper runs solely on solar power with the ability to power the onboard electronics and appliances, including cabin heater, kitchen, lights, and more.

The Muzen Wild Mini Rugged Outdoor Speaker lets you listen to music anywhere! Portable and compact, it’s perfect to carry on all your camping and outdoor adventures. Equipped with a built-in outdoor flashlight that comes in three modes – high, low, and SOS, the speaker can light up those dark areas you encounter while camping. Boasting a six-hour battery life, the speaker is durable and water-resistant as well, so you can carry it to the beach without fear of spoiling it. Listening to your favorite tunes, without damaging the speaker playing it, is now possible with Muzen’s Outdoor Speaker!

The BioLite Headlamp 750 is a wearable light that helps you see in the dark without having to hold a torch in your hand! Perfect for camping and other outdoor adventures, you can wrap the lamp around your head and make use of its eight lighting modes. You can adjust the settings and the brightness according to your need and the need of the environment. The headlamp’s 3D SlimFit construction ensures it stays tightly fitted on your head, so you can carry out your tasks without the fear of it slipping off!

Lee’s induction dual stovetop was constructed to make those tiring, family trips a little bit more relaxing and easygoing because that’s what camping’s all about if you’re doing it right. Eating is a necessary part of any family trip and cooking for the whole family can sometimes take up that prime golden hour time that should be spent fireside. The design for the induction dual stovetop provides two induction surfaces suited for various kinds of cookware and less time spent actually cooking. Since the family was at the center of this design, Lee incorporated a safety sensor that must alert users of surfaces that might be too hot to touch and an intuitive interface that younger folks can understand just as well as the adults.

This jelly-inspired jackhammer cushions workers abdomen + wrist from machine’s vibration hazards

While we are mesmerized by the architectural marvels of our race, so much effort goes into erecting a structure that leaves its mark for decades to come. One vital element of the construction industry is the use of a jackhammer to break tough rocks or any other tough construction material. Surprisingly, a jackhammer’s basic design hasn’t changed much because it does what’s needed without much fuzz. But the toll it takes on the construction workers’ body is something needing attention, and industrial designer Shin Youngjin has been considerate enough to offer the ignored solution to this predicament.

The young graduate from the Department of Industrial Design at Hanseo University has won quite a few awards for his mindful creations to solve everyday life’s hassles. The Jelly Breaker jackhammer is one of his designs aimed at keeping in mind the health hazards of working with the breaking tool which can damage the worker’s wrist and abdomen due to vibrating pressure generated by the machine. Since a construction worker has to press down the jackhammer with the wrist and abdomen’s power to get the task done efficiently, there is always a risk of instant injury or long-term injury when done for a considerable length of time. Shin has proposed the blueprint for a jackhammer that’s safe for the workers as it has an air pump and cushion inside the soft jelly-like material that absorbs the machine’s vibration from reaching the worker’s body.

Shin’s solution is very simple, one not many seemed to have given much thought over these years – right from the time when jackhammer was first commissioned into in the late 1800s. The very idea of designing a jackhammer in a way keeping in mind the worker’s long-term health without any compromise in the effectiveness of the tool is something XtremepowerUS and Mophorn can learn from.

Designer: Shin Youngjin

Boston Dynamics’ latest robot moves away from biomimicry to design a practical warehouse solution!

Thirty years ago, starting out as a tightknit research company, Boston Dynamics began its quest to create robots that could go where people go, do what people do, and move as people move. Today, a leading engineering and robotics design company, the team behind Boston Dynamics continues to produce and deliver commercial robotics equipped with dynamic control, cutting-edge electronics, and next-generation software. Designed for easy rollout servicing in existing warehouses, Stretch is Boston Dynamics’ latest mobile, automated case-handling robot.

In appearance, Stretch resembles an excavator or backhoe construction truck, with a solid, bottom-heavy base and tensile robotic arm. Filled out with four small wheels for tight turning and lots of movement, Stretch’s mobile base is capable of sliding in every direction and designed to allow the fuller robot to fit anywhere a pallet fits. The long robotic arm provides plenty of reach and height with seven degrees-of-freedom, granting Stretch access to cases and shipping goods throughout any freight space or pallet.

At the end of Stretch’s robotic arm, a smart gripper embedded with sensors and active controls grants Stretch with handling mechanisms to grasp a wide array of different types of packages. Keeping the whole operation going throughout the workday are high-capacity batteries and an advanced perception mast for long-lasting, precise, and stable power. Speaking of how Stretch differentiates the currently saturated truck unloading robots, palletizing and depalletizing robots, and mobile bases with arms, Kevin Blankespoor, Boston Dynamics’ VP of Product Engineering and chief engineer for both Handle and Stretch says “Stretch is built with pieces from Spot and Atlas and that gave us a big head start. For example, if you look at Stretch’s vision system, it’s 2D cameras, depth sensors, and software that allows it to do obstacle detection, box detection, and localization. Those are all the same sensors and software that we’ve been using for years on our legged robots. And if you look closely at Stretch’s wrist joints, they’re actually the same as Spot’s hips. They use the same electric motors, the same gearboxes, the same sensors, and they even have the same closed-loop controller controlling the joints.”

While Stretch is still a prototype, the wheeled robot is the commercial version of a smaller, earlier model from Boston Dynamics called Handle. Stretch currently enacts unloading and building applications for trucks and warehouses, with future plans for truck loading in the works for Boston Dynamics. While the team behind Stretch has yet to name a price, Boston Dynamics is working to make the case-handling robot compatible with other warehouse systems.

Designer: Boston Dynamics

Four wheels fill out Stetch’s mobile base, allowing it to fit anywhere a shipping pallet fits.

Smart gripping technology allows Stretch to reach for and take hold of a multitude of varying package types.

Stretch’s lengthy robotic arm grants the robot access to packages throughout the warehouse and full extension for easy rollout.

The team at Boston Dynamic equipped Stretch with seven degrees-of-freedom, providing plenty of reach and height.

Stretch was designed for warehouse case-handling and truck unloading.

This Popsocket transforms into a 5-in-1 functional EDC, making your smartphone adventure ready!

We’ve got used to the simple yet useful EDC’s that come in a multitude of designs and the inherent functionality, lending them a unique USP that anyone out there would fancy. In the countless options for an everyday tool that we have, there’s yet another made for form, function, and double utility. Renowned knife-crafter SOG has teamed up with PopSockets (well known for their smartphone accessories) to create a pop-out grip that doubles as a basic EDC multitool – bringing five different utilities to the picture. Just for the records, PopSockets have been crafting PopGrips stand for smartphones since 2014, having sold more than 100 million of them, and now this collaboration brings something extra for the outdoorsy users.

SOG’s compact PopGrip Multi-tool is the final product that users will for sure fancy, as the PopGrip has a little slot to pop-in the removable stainless steel multitool for anything that it can be put use to. It has the bottle opener functionality, a mini pry bar and slotted screwdriver for random occasions, a small blade to cut through anything when required, and the one-fourth inch hex bit driver for any screwing tasks. The notches can fit in any 4mm hex bit driver, so you’re covered for most of your screwing tasks in a jiffy. When not in use the accessory stays in place for use as a grip handle or a stand for your smartphone while viewing multimedia content.

The 5-in-1 PopGrip Multi-tool is surely a very convenient way to solve common daily problems as the phone is there with you at all times. And don’t worry, it won’t fall off from the slot – it’s secured magnetically courtesy of the SOG’s TwistMag design. The accessory is compatible with wireless chargers, so that covers most modern-day devices. PopGrip Multi-tool is available in Blackout, Civic Cyan, and Moss Green colors and is up for grabs on PopSockets for keen buyers!

Designer: SOG and PopSockets

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This discreet VPN connects to your device to establish a secure connection and keep your data safe!

Since most of our workdays take place online, the use of VPNs for secure web surfing has steadily risen in popularity. Some of us may use VPNs to freely access the internet via a secure connection and to ensure that our data is encrypted and inaccessible by cyber intruders. They come in handy when working on hush-hush jobs such as upcoming campaigns or classified projects. Adding his VPN design to the mix, Ian Redcay conceptualized Black, a virtual private network and hardware solution for data protection and unrestricted internet access for the everyday user.

Traditionally, VPNs have operated as online services or expensive hardware systems bought by companies to protect their data, while remaining mostly unavailable to the average consumer. To create a more accessible solution for consumers who’d like to freely interact with the web through an established secure connection, Redcay designed Black. All but for the transparent compartment that encases Black’s internal PCB, the portable VPN device dons a jet black exterior. The subtle and contrasting combination of transparency and opacity expresses Black’s dual purpose of data encryption and open internet access.

While Black’s exterior might be a focal point in and of itself, the hardware’s exterior works with its internal function to merge aesthetics with practicality. Once a user connects to Black through their personal device, whether a laptop or smartphone, then integrated VPN processing encrypts the user’s data while managing network access to protect the user’s anonymity. In addition to Black’s main function of data encryption, features such as silent air vents and LED indicators further drive home Black’s commitment to obscurity. Through minimal branding and understated design elements, Redcay conceptualized a VPN device that is as inconspicuous and guarded in appearance as it is slick and efficient in function.

Designer: Ian Redcay

Black’s exposed PCB allows users to witness the internal processes within VPN hardware.

Black was inspired by classic and contemporary tech design solutions.

Black is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet stealthy enough to protect your data from anywhere.

Air vents are located above and beneath the PCB to allow cold air to passively cool components during extended use.

“The exposed internal circuit board provides visual context to data encryption as it occurs within the device through a winding array of circuits and internal components,” remarks Redcay.

Maintaining its cohesive brand identity, everything from Black’s purpose to its packaging remains sleek in obscurity and aesthetic.

The small nature of Black provides it with a portability feature that lets you bring data protection anywhere you go.

On the overall look of Black, Redcay says, “Black’s branding is minimal at most; a small monogram that is hardly discernible from afar, unifying the identity of the brand and function of the device through a consistent visual language.”

This nifty multitool EDC fits 18 different tools into its singular portable design

Sure, the Fishface multitool doesn’t have the most awe-inspiring cool-sounding name, but it makes up for that with absolute unmatched functionality. The entire device is no bigger than your thumb, but comes with not 5, not 10, but 18 different tools integrated into it. It’ll open practically anything from boxes to boxes, and from hex-nuts to Phillips-head screws. It’s even got its own wire-cutter, pry-tool, and gritty sanding surface for sanding down the screws you can’t open… although that’s always the last measure.

The name Fishface comes from its abstract fish-skeleton design, complete with an eye hole, an open mouth, and even fins and a tail! These details, however, are simply tools that sit within the Fishface’s utilitarian-yet-nature-inspired form. The device comes made from black titanium-coated stainless steel, giving it the strength it needs to pull off the multiple tasks you give it. Among its many tools are Phillips and flat screwdrivers, wrenches, hex drives as well as a bicycle spanner, pry bar, file, nail cleaner, bottle opener, box opener, and a rope cutter. All said and done, the entire multitool weighs a mere 20 grams (0.04 lbs) and comes with its own carabiner clip too, making it perfect to strap to your backpack or even around your keychain… and yes, it’s TSA-approved for flying too!

Designer: True Utility

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Inspired by origami, this collapsible syringe provides an eco-friendly alternative to reduce biomedical waste!

Billions of needles and syringes are used each year, including needles used for injections made by those who are healthcare professionals and those who are not. When improperly disposed of, needle and syringe waste can create a serious biohazard since the inner tubing’s infected blood cannot be broken down or processed through recycling. This mass accumulation of waste might reach a peak with the global rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, but one designer has already taken to the drawing board for solutions. Helix, a collapsible syringe, was designed by Daniel López Velasco & Ithzel Libertad Cerón López as a green alternative to the disposable devices used in today’s health sector.

A conventional syringe, those plastic tubes with the string-thin steel needle, requires the use of five different materials for construction including steel, polyethylene, rubber, resin, glue, and thermal dye. To make the construction process less laborious and costly, Helix is constructed from a single material: FlexiOH UV, a heat-curable type of silicone. To maintain Helix’s collapsible parts’ flexibility and the needle’s rigidity, the designers employed thermal-curing, a temperature-induced hardening process.

Inspired by the ability to compact lots of volume and space through the paper-folding art of origami, Helix’s crystalline, silicone structure is able to carry liquids for vaccines and be emptied once collapsed. Medication can be poured into Helix through a vacuum loading inlet located above the needle’s rigid plunger. Then, when ready for use, the rigid plunger sinks down and compresses the collapsible plunger, successfully and safely administering the medication to the patient through the rigid silicone needle.

In constructing Helix from a single material and giving it a compact, collapsible structure, the designers created a green alternative to the conventional syringe and needle, reducing its size by 30%. The issue of biomedical waste might be reaching a peak with the onset of 2020’s global pandemic and the upcoming vaccine rollout, but designs like Helix help streamline safe healthcare practices while maintaining World Health Organization and environmental standards.

Designers: Daniel López Velasco & Ithzel Libertad Cerón López

Entirely constructed from a single material, each Helix syringe is made from FlexiOH UV, a heat-curable type of silicone.

Inspired by the paper-folding art of origami, Helix employs a collapsible method for giving safe doses of medication.

The rigid needle of Helix is made from the same material as the rest of the collapsible syringe.

The silicone needle is strong enough to substitute the steel needle.

The rigidity of Helix’s needle and the flexibility of the syringe was achieved through a process called Thermal-curing.

Medication is loaded into Helix through a vacuum loading inlet located at the top of the syringe.

When in use, the collapsible syringe administers medication to the patient through a double hollow, allowing the medication to flow freely.

Without the need to remove the needle from the syringe before disposal, Helix can be disposed of completely.

This foldable dog water bottle creates a comfortable water bowl for your dog, anytime, anywhere!

A dog’s gotta drink. We each have our own reusable water bottle that we can take with us on the go– your dog needs one too. For those long hikes that end up being way hotter than expected or the car rides spent stuck in traffic, dogs need their own means of quenching their thirst. With a foldable design, the Redminut dog water bottle, designed by Marco Chen & Archer Guan, is a portable travel accessory for dogs and their owners that ensures your doggo won’t ever go thirsty.

Redminut relies on a hinged folding mechanism that allows the dog water bottle to easily close for storage and expand for use. Once the dog bottle’s lid is fully expanded to 180°, water is released with the push of the bottle’s only button. Since Redminut’s folding mechanism is so easy to use and carry on-the-go, it’s the ideal travel companion for outdoor activities like afternoons spent at the dog park or long walks around you and your pup’s favorite lake. Redminut can also be fully extended and put into use with one hand, so you can always hold the leash in the other.

In constructing Redminut, the designers were sure to source building materials that were safe for dogs, so the water trough was built from ABS plastic and the product’s body was built from PC plastic. The water trough itself is also long and wide enough for even the biggest, thirstiest tongues, and the full capacity of Redminut measures at 14 oz. Redminut is leakproof as well, so when it’s time to store the bottle, users can rest assured their belongings won’t turn out to be soaked next pit stop.

Designers: Marco Chen & Archer Guan

Simply unfold Redminut and with the press of a button, pour water into its trough for your dog.

When closed, redminut can easily fit into handbags or backpockets.

Redminut comes in either optic white or lavender.

Using a hinged folding mechanism, Redminut expands 180 degrees.

The water trough of redminut is long and wide to accommodate bigger dogs.