This innovative 6-in-1 device takes the pain out of measuring anything you need to size up

They often say you should measure twice and cut once, but this handy gizmo helps make sure you don’t have to do it over and over again.

Everyone needs to measure something at one point in their lives or another. More often than not, we have multiple tools to do the same thing in different contexts. A ruler is fine for paper and straight lines, but you need a protractor to measure angles. For larger scales like rooms, you’ll most likely reach for a traditional tape measure, but you will have to switch to a level to make sure a frame isn’t titled. If your job or hobby depends on a lot of measuring, that already means at least four tools in your arsenal and juggling between them as needed. With the technologies that we have today, you don’t really need to, and this device combines not four but six tools in one and in a convenient handheld size to boot!

Designer: Tiancheng Liang of HOZO Design

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It is easy to take for granted the number and types of tools we need to measure things until it’s time to plan a house or study a product’s design. Making floor plans is even more cumbersome because you have to translate figures into some visual representation like diagrams or even 3D models. What if there was a single tool that covered almost all your measuring needs and could even draw those blueprints for you? That is exactly what the 2021 Good Design Award winner MEAZOR 3D brings to the table, and in a very impressive way.

Right off the bat, the laser-powered MEAZOR 3D replaces six measuring tools with a single device. Its point scanning function makes short work of creating floor plans, while the laser measure can give precise figures for objects up to 131ft or 40m away. It can scan curved objects without batting an eyelash, and it can also roll over both straight and curved surfaces to measure their dimension. An accelerometer lets the MEAZOR 3D replace your protractor as well as your liquid-filled spirit level in a flash. That’s six functions in a device that fits in the palm of your hand, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Point Scanner – Capture all reference points and instantly draw a 3D floorplan.

Laser Measure – The precise laser gives reliable measurements up to 131ft/40m.

Curve Scanner – Capture the outlines of curved objects with an accountable scan.

Scale/Rolling – Straight lines to curves, 4 Built-in Modes with 57 Scales.

Protractor – Position your angles in 360 degrees with accurate readings.

Level – Find out whether the surface is horizontal or vertical.

The MEAZOR 3D comes with a patented Ultra 3D adapter that makes creating floor plans a breeze by letting the device scan the room in all 360 degrees. The device is even smart enough to know where it is so that moving it to another room doesn’t require you to recalibrate it each and every time. This means that making a floor plan of the entire house is as easy as picking up the MEAZOR 3D and its stand and placing it in every single room. Even better, the MEAZOR APP 2.0 can easily convert those measurements into 2D drawings or even 3D models with a single tap.

Measuring rooms, floors, and objects needs precision, but that doesn’t mean you have to bend over backward just to get accurate figures. With creative and innovative use of technology, the MEAZOR 3D makes the work easier and gives correct and more consistent results compared to analog tools and sometimes inaccurate human judgment. For something that replaces six tools, the $249 Kickstarter Special price sounds like a steal. Fortunately, the MEAZOR 3D is the real deal and definitely measures up to expectations.

Click Here to Buy Now: $249 $349 ($100 off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left! Raised over $300,000.

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Wondlet graphics tablet concept is a design tool that actually looks the part

Anyone who has ever dabbled or worked with digital graphics will have come across the wonder known as a graphics tablet. Whether with a screen or an opaque surface, it is an indispensable creation tool that has saved many a wrist from irreparable injury. There was a time when Wacom was the only name in this biz, but new brands have come up to challenge the champion in features as well as in price. Despite the growth of that market, however, the design of graphics or drawing tablets seem to have been frozen in the past, set in stone by some unknown convention that dictated everything had to be black, boring, and, to be blunt, unappealing. It is a rather ironic state of affairs, but someone finally thought of designing a designer’s tool that looks like it was actually designed by a designer.

Designer: Bous Studio, Studio Alpeto

They say that the best tools are the ones that disappear, which is to say that they don’t get in your way by being in your face. The traditional design of graphics tablets seems to adhere to that philosophy by being nondescript and plain, but it actually gets in the way in some other sense. Most of them are designed to be ergonomic, that is true (though there are definitely some exceptions), but they also seem to be uninspired and downright banal as well. For designers that take great pride in how beautiful their pens and stationery look, it’s disappointing that a keyboard and mouse would look more attractive and better designed than a tool specifically aimed at artists, designers, and creators.

The Wondlet concept breaks out of the mold to present a graphics tablet that designers and artists would be proud to flaunt on their desks. Save for a few parts, the concept doesn’t seem to diverge too far from the typical materials used in graphics tablets. It will most likely still be made mostly from plastic, save for what looks like an aluminum knob, but it adds some splash of color and adds interesting shapes that would better appeal to a designer’s sense of aesthetics.

It doesn’t change any existing functionality or even add to them. Save for the dial, which still isn’t a staple in drawing tablets, everything is still there, including the buttons that can be mapped to shortcuts on the computer. Those buttons are flatter than traditional tablet designs, but they’re not completely flushed either, leaving room for haptic feedback and muscle memory.

The stylus looks different, though, and could prove to be the most divisive part of this design concept. That said, the faceted barrel design for a traditional pen isn’t exactly unfamiliar, and the second-gen Apple Pencil introduced that shape to many digital artists today. The absence of physical buttons on the pen, however, has always been controversial, but it might not actually be a critical deviation from the Wondlet’s design if it had one.

The design doesn’t explicitly say it, but it seems that the control panel, which also serves as a nest for the stylus, can be mixed and matched between different colors. In fact, it could very well be movable, which is critical for supporting left-handed people. One can only hope that Wacom or some other graphics tablet maker would create something like the Wondlet, offering a designer tool that designers could be proud of.

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This travel cutting board with a built-in knife cuts out the stress of food prep on the go

We love good food, and we love to travel but why are there so many tools for making food on the go that are inconvenient, difficult to use, and of such cheap quality. You can either get portable camping cooking tools that are compact but don’t last and suck to actually cook with, or you have to lug around a full-size cutting board, while safely carrying a chef’s knife while on the go. When adventuring and traveling, you want to have the best gear possible while still being easy and convenient to travel with. It would be great if you could safely tie a chef’s knife and a high-quality cutting board together, without it being hard to carry, awkward to use and a pain to maintain. AK Studios have elegantly solved this problem with their new high-quality tool for food prep on the go The BACA Board. Standing for Bring Anywhere and Cut Anything, The BACA Board shows how out-of-the-box thinking and acute attention to detail can go a long way in cutting through the problem of a sub-par cooking experience.

Designer: AK Studios Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $100 $149 (33% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!

In effect, the BACA Board acts as a knife holder like the ones you might have in the kitchen, except it’s portable and easy to carry around. The knife slots perfectly into the side of the board, and a strong magnetic retention system makes sure that the razor-sharp 440c stainless steel knife stays put and safe inside, no matter how much the board shakes and jiggles, whether it’s in your bag, on the boat or in the RV.

The cutting board itself is a work of engineering and art despite its unassuming appearance. Made from a staggered grain hard maple wood butcher block, the board is specially manufactured to resist warping and cracking. Its perfectly portable size makes it easy to stash quickly inside any bag or compartment, while its minimalist design will make you proud to have it hanging for everyone to see. This product would be a great fit for van life, boating, wilderness camping, or just those looking to enjoy a picnic or equip their city apartment kitchen.

Magnetic Retention System – Secures the knife in the board until you’re ready to use it.

440c Stainless Steel – The knife is honed to a razor-sharp edge.

Drainage Channel – This allows for deep cleaning and proper drying.

Juice Groove – Keep the juices where you want them and your work surface clear and clean.

Bottle Opener – Perfectly sized to pop tops.

The BACA Board’s story doesn’t end there, though, and it’s the little details that really make this cooking tool shine. For example, the groove near the edges of the board isn’t just a random design detail but actually functions as a canal for juices to drain out of and keep your work area clean. There’s also a drainage channel that makes cleaning and maintaining both the board and knife easy and painless. The knife itself also has a secret talent in the form of a bottle opener on the dull edge, removing the need to have another tool you might forget at home.

From the simple design choices to the high quality of the manufacturing, the attention even to the smallest detail makes The BACA Board the sharpest knife in the drawer. Or rather the sharpest drawer for the sharpest knife. AK Studios has a focus on making high-quality products that last. That perfectionism even extends to the maintenance kit, which includes a dual-sided diamond sharpening plate, a 100% heavyweight cotton maintenance cloth, a 2oz amber glass bottle of food-safe mineral oil for re-oiling the board on the go, and even some black paracord for hanging your board if you so choose. The BACA Board come with everything you need for a worry-free outdoor cooking experience as well as the tools to keep the board and knife in top shape. The preorder pricing of $120 is a steal given the quality of these tools, which have a retail price of $150.00. Life is too short to deal with and is an adventurous journey, and it always helps to have top-quality tools that you’ll be able to enjoy for the full trip. Buy once. cry once. Cooking on the go doesn’t have to be a disaster when you have the right tools for the job, especially with The BACA travel cutting board and its built-in razor-sharp knife.

Click Here to Buy Now: $100 $149 (33% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!

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Tool Handle Beer Mugs Are Perfect For Tipsy DIY Projects

Beer and DIY home projects: they go together like peanut butter and bread. Toss in accidentally hurting yourself, and you’ve got yourself a peanut butter and banana sandwich! Created by JoyJolt and available on Amazon (affiliate link), these hand tool beer mugs are the perfect accompaniment to any home project.

The 17-ounce mugs are available in multiple tool handle styles, including a screwdriver, hammer, pipe wrench, crescent wrench, and combination wrench, that way, you can match your beer mug to your current project. Tackling a project that involves all five tools? Then you’ve got a lot of beer to drink!

Alternatively, just do what I do when undertaking a home improvement project and invest in a beer helmet. That way, you can drink hands-free and don’t have to take a break to drink; just suck on the straw! Unfortunately, if the quality of my repair jobs is any indication, this is probably not a great idea and might explain why I keep finding my beer helmet hidden in the bottom of the kitchen trash.

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Dotti cleaning tools use inspired designs to make cleaning feel less like a chore

Cleaning might sound like a drag, but there’s no reason your cleaning tools have to be as well.

As if the chore of cleaning up, even after yourself, wasn’t already an uninspiring idea, the thought of using tools designed more for mass-production than actual cleaning doesn’t help lighten the load either. Sure, you could think of expensive designer products that look beautiful or interesting, but what are the chances that you’d actually use them without feeling guilty for having sullied their immaculate surfaces. Good product design doesn’t mean something has to be artistic or lavish, just that they actually get the job done in the best way possible, all while looking good, too. That’s pretty much what these cleaning tools promise, improving your cleaning mood and efficiency by looking good and cleaning well.

Designers: Will Soper and Martyn Long

Click Here to Buy Now: $89 $119 ($30 off). Hurry, only 2/10 left!

Meet the Dotti Super Scrubber™ and Dotti Best Broom & Dustpan™ – Engineered for ultimate comfort, performance and style.

You probably take your cleaning tools like brooms and sponges for granted, brushing them off as disposable items that can become too disgusting to keep around after a while. It might have never occurred to you, however, that it might be that attitude and outlook that actually worsen your mood when cleaning, making it feel even more burdensome and undesirable. That is why Dotti tries to reimagine what it would be like if you had good and beautiful cleaning tools that delight and work well. You might not want to throw them away so quickly, and, fortunately, you won’t have to because Dotti is made to last.

The Dotti Best Broom & Dustpan™ – Carefully engineered with an antibacterial silicone bristle broom that effectively traps small and large debris.

The Dotti Best Broom and Dustpan are a dynamic duo that keeps your home spick and span, literally. The Best Broom’s antibacterial silicone bristles are like death traps for debris, big and small alike, while the ergonomic Dustpan is designed so that you won’t have to break your back while cleaning. Set your foot down on dirt and never bend to its level ever again. The minimalist design of these tools easily sets them apart from their mass-produced cousins so that you might not even want to hide this pair inside some closet, leaving them out in the open for everyone to see and admire.

The Dotti Super Scrubber™ – Long-lasting, non-scratch, odor-free and does not change shape or discolor.

The Dotti Super Scrubber is similarly appealing in its appearance but rough on grime. Antibacterial silicone makes short work of dishes and table crumbs while making sure their odors don’t stick around to ruin your day. The ergonomic design of the dish not only makes it a pleasure to hold but also to behold as well. Forget all you know about disgusting, soggy, and stinky sponges when you grasp the Super Scrubber and take cleaning problems into your own hands.

Cleaning tools aren’t exactly what many would consider attractive objects, but Dotti throws all conventions out the window. In addition to their beautiful minimalist designs, they also come in different color options to match your home, your kitchen, or your style. These are definitely tools you’ll want to keep around for as long as you possibly can, so it’s a good thing that you actually can. Dotti tools are meant to last a lot longer than their common counterparts, which helps reduce the compounding effects of disposable products on the environment.

Cleaning is already a chore, so why subject yourself to the pain of using tools that don’t inspire or even do their jobs well. With Dotti, you can feel good not only after the job is done but also while cleaning with a stylish and effective tool in your hand. And it all starts at around $89 for a complete kit of the Best Broom and Dustpan tag team and the Super Scrubber sponge.

Click Here to Buy Now: $89 $119 ($30 off). Hurry, only 2/10 left!

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This titanium stick transforms into the tool you wished you always in your pocket

Cutting through your tasks has never looked better.

There always comes a time in everyone’s life where they’re left shaking their heads, wishing they had a cutting tool right at that very moment. That usually happens when we receive mail or a package that needs to be opened right then and there, but it can also happen when we’re faced with tasks that require cutting, snipping, or even slicing. Carrying a box cutter or a pair of shears all the time is definitely out of the question, and even the most pocketable scissors or blades can still be inconvenient to stow. What if you had such a tool that’s small enough to share space with your keys? That’s exactly the proposition that the Titanium Transforming Pocket Blade is making, and it’s doing a grand job of convincing people with its dashing good looks as well.

Designers: Mahir Orak and Smart&Savior Designs

Click Here to Buy Now: $49. Hurry, only 31/50 left!

Pocket blades are one of those tools where you need to hit a sweet spot in size, or else things go south quickly. It has to be small, naturally, so that it would even fit in your pocket. At the same time, however, it has to also be big enough to give you a proper grip to avoid unsightly mishaps. There’s no size that fits all, at least not unless you can actually change the size of the object to check both boxes.

Building upon the success of six transforming pen campaigns, the Titanium Transforming Pocket Blade puts a slight twist on the story, both literally and figuratively. This cutting tool is laser-focused on delivering the precision, quality, and safety required for something that could cut both ways while still hiding a few tricks up its sleeves for good measure. And like all other multi-functional tools from Smart & Savior Designs, it still boasts of that hardened titanium body that will stand the test of time.

Open up shipping boxes.

Easily cut paper.

Peel vegetables.

Instead of the typical strong magnets, the Transform Pocket Blade uses a threaded locking mechanism and double o-rings to transform the small blade into a longer blade that you can handle with more ease and comfort. The machined spiral pattern on the handle’s surface doesn’t just make it visually interesting but also provides grooves that the skin on our fingers can bite into, improving the grip. Despite its small size, its construction and quality materials make short work of any cutting job, even slicing cucumbers. When titanium surfaces are subjected to light, it becomes more effective in repelling bacteria, so you don’t need to shy away from getting down and dirty in cutting tasks down to size.

An optional stylus nib turns the Transforming Pocket Blade into a useful tool even when not cutting things up. The fiber mesh material of that tip is more effective than the rubbery ones that cheap stylus offer. Even without the stylus tip, the titanium rod can still perform other tasks, like pushing buttons when you’re not sure if the surface is clean enough to touch with a bare finger.

The Titanium Transforming Pocket Blade’s innocent yet handsome appearance belies the powerful tool inside that’s just a twist away. Its durable titanium body, plus the fact that the blade can be removed and replaced, means that it’s going to be at your service for years to come. Designed to easily attach to carabiners, there is almost no reason why this shouldn’t be part of your EDC kit, ready to open up those surprise packages or slice up a quick snack, whenever and wherever.

Click Here to Buy Now: $49. Hurry, only 31/50 left!

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The Blue Spruce Jeweled Try Square is a thing of beauty

You may not have a use for a Try Square, but you may want to have a Jeweled Try Square for yourself. There are no jewels, diamonds, or crystals, but this product’s finish gives that illusion of a rare jewel waiting to be discovered.

Blue Spruce Toolworks is in the business of making quality hand tools you can use to create the finest products. It is more famous for its woodworking tools, chisels, and other related materials. The try square is one of the company’s many products, and it is literally sprucing up the device with the best finishes.

Designer: Dave Jeske

Blue Spruce Jeweled Try Square

The try square remains an essential piece of equipment in woodworking and carpentry. It is often used to check the assemblies, layout work, and the squareness of a material. The try square has been used for thousands of years and has probably reached its peak. Most try squares are now perfectly manufactured, but there is no reason why they can’t be improved.

There is no limit to innovation that is why Blue Spruce Toolworks was able to come up with the Blue Spruce Jeweled Try Square. Combining basic design and modern materials, the new Jeweled Try Square from the brand is CNC-machined from cast and ground tools. It doesn’t use wood, just aluminum with a stainless steel blade with more high-quality stainless steel. The stainless steel blade is held with three precision-machined custom-designed binding barrels to the stock.

Blue Spruce Jeweled Try Square 5

Blue Spruce Jeweled Try Square 4

You can get either the 6-inch or 12-inch version in different colors and finishes: clear anodized, blue, black, or Green Cerakote. You can also choose the infill: Figured Maple, African Blackwood, or Cocobolo. Genuine leather is a new choice for the infill.

Jeweled Try Square 1

Jeweled Try Square

The Blue Spruce Jeweled Try Square can last a lifetime. It’s a reliable tool as it is a perfect fit for the holes in the blade and stock. It’s not just helpful but is also beautiful with the design. The look and feel of the try square may remind you of those classic sports cars and fine watches because of the excellent craftsmanship. Each try square is a work of art that you can customize.

We have previously seen beautifully-designed tools we never imagined would be introduced. In the design world, you can expect anything to be spruced up. The design makes things more exciting to use like in the case of the Auto Hammer and the Lever Sander. We also remember the Rhino Hammer and the Screw Pocket Drill.

Blue Spruce Jeweled Try Square 2

Jeweled Try Square

Jeweled Try Square

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MetMo Driver recreates the ratchet screwdriver in a beautifully stunning and brilliantly satisfying way

This handsome screwdriver isn’t just an engineering masterpiece, it’s also a tool that helps relieve the stress of work in more ways than one.

Hardware tools aren’t exactly the kind you’d call “fun,” even if you’re the type to be knee-deep in carpentry, engineering, design, or even crafts. Every one of these people will have their favorite tools, but most of them follow a standard design that is stuck from decades or even centuries ago. They get the job done for sure but leave both our minds and our hands tired most of the time. Power tools only alleviate some of the pain but transfer it to others, like our ears and electricity bills. Sometimes, we need to look back to the past to find an answer to our present and future problems, and that is exactly what the MetMo Driver has done to bring the ratchet screwdriver to the 21st century and beyond.

Designer: MetMo

Click Here to Shop Now: $125. Hurry, only 50/5500 left! Hurry, less than 48 hours left. Raised over $1,300,000.

The first ratchet screwdriver arrived in the 50s, but its design dates back even farther. Regardless of the origin, the tool became a staple in many workers’ toolboxes, but modern renditions ditched much of the spirit and the beauty that the original had in favor of mass-produced plastic and metal versions. It was time to give the ratchet screwdriver an upgrade, and who better to do that than the people who enthrone metalwork in designs that are both aesthetic and functional.

The MetMo Driver isn’t just a replica of the 1950 ratchet screwdriver. It upgrades the materials with an all-metal construction, from hard, anodized aerospace aluminum for the handle, to hard tensile brass for the trigger. The choice of materials doesn’t only make the tool durable, it also makes it long-lasting and environment-friendly. It also gives the screwdriver a sharp and distinctive look that will make you want to always put it on display rather than hidden in a toolbox or drawer.

Made for designers, engineers, and thinkers who want to just take a moment to focus, relieve stress or just play around.

Each component interlocks perfectly so you can enjoy the endless motion of MetMo Driver’s moving parts.

Features Autopilot Tech, you can drive screws in without the need of a pilot hole.

Works in the same way as a manual brace, but pocket-sized.

With its arm lowered into wrench mode, MetMo driver can deliver over 70Nm of torque.

Compatible with all standard removable Hex drive bits.

The upgrades go beyond looks, of course. There is, for example, an arm that can be lowered to provide more torque to each twist, effectively around 76Nm that matches a 1982 Volkswagen Polo. You don’t have to stress your wrist, either, because you can use your own weight to drive the tool rather than forcing your wrist. You can even drill a hole into wood because its magnetic, hardened chuck can fit any standard 1/4 hex drive bits, including those used for drilling.

Beyond its obvious utility, the MetMo Driver also has another role for those times when you need to let your mind wander a bit by keeping your hands busy. The brass trigger that can alternate the direction of the ratchet mechanism with a simple flick also functions as a fidget toy. Even the simple back and forth twisting motion that is accompanied by a satisfying clicking sound can help you get lost in your thoughts and possibly lead to a “Eureka!” moment. All the more reason to keep this tool always at hand, be it on your desk or even in your bag. It probably helps that it looks almost like a mini lightsaber, another tool that is often associated with a familiar and almost hypnotizing whooshing sound.

Beautifully complex yet simply powerful, the MetMo Driver gives a classic tool more than just a facelift. Designed and built to last for generations, this all-metal modern ratchet screwdriver promises to be not only a talented work partner but also a relaxing fidget toy that will have you mindlessly flicking and twisting for minutes or even hours, perhaps thinking of the next project where you’ll be using it to great satisfaction.

Click Here to Shop Now: $125. Hurry, only 50/5500 left! Hurry, less than 48 hours left. Raised over $1,300,000.

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A compass and ruler hybrid concept is the perfect upgrade for designers

Just because you can’t draw a perfect circle doesn’t mean your paper needs to be filled with holes.

No one can actually draw a perfect circle, at least not without tools. Sure, there might be exceptions that come once in a lifetime, but most designers, artists, architects, and engineers have to contend with less than perfect circles or, if necessary, tools that let you draw perfect ones. The compass, not to be confused with the navigation tool, is the most-used tool for that purpose, but it is also the worst one because of how it damages the material underneath. There have been a few attempts at redesigning this centuries-old drafting tool, and one of the latest extends an existing product with an ingenious feature that really changes the game even more.

Designer: Ilya Evtushenko

Not too long ago, a budding startup sought to do what very few in multiple disciplines even bothered to think about. The venerable compass has been around for centuries, but it was still the go-to solution for drawing circles, even if that meant putting holes in your paper. The Rotio was born out of the need to protect paper and other materials while still offering the flexibility and convenience of a compass.

Instead of a pin that will puncture a hole on a sheet of paper, Rotio has an “eye” that lets you see the center of the circle you want to draw. You simply press down on it to secure it on the paper, fit the tip of the pen or pencil into one of its holes, and then swivel away to your perfect circle. The minimalist metal design of the Rotio also ensured that it would outlive the often flimsy compasses produced for mass consumption.



This concept builds on the foundation that Rotio laid with a feature that is critical for engineers, architects, and industrial designers. These often need more than just the ability to draw perfect circles, they also need to be able to draw precise circles based on a certain measurement. The Rotio offered only fixed holes with very few markings, which is why this version uses a slider instead.


The body of the compass, which has been changed to a stadium shape, now has ticks marking different distances, just like a ruler. The biggest change, however, is the slider that will let you adjust where your pen goes, which, in turn, determines the diameter of the circle. You don’t have to settle for fixed points and even draw sizes in between those marks.

The concept even upgrades the materials that would be used for such a compass, giving it a spring-loaded brass button for its centering and similar materials for the slider and its knob. It is presumably still made of metal to help prolong the life and usefulness of the tool, not to mention making it more sustainable when it does reach the end of its days.

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Rider RX flashlight is an excellent gift idea for EDC lovers and fidgeters

Most don’t appreciate the importance of an emergency flashlight until they can’t find one when they need it, so this stylish flashlight makes it easy and fun to have it wherever you go.

Everyone needs a flashlight for almost any situation, from emergency blackouts to looking for lost things under the bed. Just like the batteries that power them, we often find ourselves with flashlights with not enough juice or, worse, no batteries inside them. Having to scramble for the right battery in an emergency just adds to the stress you’re already feeling. Thankfully, Acebeam’s Rider RX tries to cut down on that by delivering a flashlight that not only works with almost any type of battery, it also helps relieve stress by giving your fingers something to play with.

Designer: Acebeam

Click Here to Buy Now: $40 $50 (20% off with Coupon Code: YK20). Hurry, sale ends on April 18th.

Some flashlights work with typical alkaline batteries. Others use rechargeable NiMH batteries. Still, others use the same kind of lithium-ion type that smartphones use. The Rider RX embraces them all so you can grab whatever’s readily available, which is often an AA battery, without making compromises. While the included Li-ion battery does offer the brightest output, even an AA battery can deliver a decent brightness so you won’t trip in the dark. The optical lens makes sure that the 219F LED shines a soft and balanced beam instead of blinding your eyes or spreading the light too thin.

The Rider RX flashlight is flexible in more ways than just the battery it uses. Its small size, which is just big enough to fit a single AA battery, makes it extremely portable and convenient to use. The two-way stainless steel clip makes it easy to clip it onto any strap or pocket and in any direction you prefer. The durable stainless steel and titanium outer tube should relieve worries about accidentally dropping the small flashlight, while the variety of color options, which include “Rainbow PVD” and “Sophisto Grey,” make the Rider RX a cool and practical gift or party favor.

But wait, there’s more! The situations when you’d need a flashlight or even need to hold one are often situations with some amount of stress or tension. These are times when we tend to uneasily fidget or grab onto something for our hands and fingers to play with. Fortunately, the Rider RX itself is a fidget toy, and you can slide, push, and twist that clip without fear in order to give your worried mind a distraction.

Rider RX in Titanium.

With its ability to use any type of battery, its portable and lightweight design, and its hidden fidget toy feature, the Acebeam Rider RX EDC AA flashlight is something you’ll want to always have in your bag, emergency kit, glove compartment, and more. Its clean, stylish design, colorful variants, and accessible price tag also make it a great gift for family and friends, especially those who tend to lose things under couches and beds.

Click Here to Buy Now: $40 $50 (20% off with Coupon Code: YK20). Hurry, sale ends on April 18th.

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